Zen Pictures’ “Sailor Ninja – First Part”

Zen Pictures’ “Sailor Ninja” series features two beautiful heroines teaming up to do battle against the bad guys.  Rika Kawamura and Yuu Akiyama play the heroines, and both are excellent in their roles.  This episode, the first of two, features all of the usual conventions you expect from Zen Pictures, including an extended beat-down torture scene of Yuu Akiyama that lasts about ten minutes.  Overall, this is a solid effort from Zen Pictures and is definitely worth the download price. 

The film begins with Rika Kawamura, clad in little more than a bikini, pursuing a shaggy haired guy carrying a briefcase.  The man soon enters an alley and finds himself surrounded by ninjas (I hate it when that happens).  Fortunately, the beautiful Kawamura is there to fight off the attacking ninjas.  This fight scene features the usual awesome fight choreography and editing that signifies Zen Pictures’ superb films.

Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - First Part"Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - First Part"Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - First Part"

Kawamura then encounters Yuu Akiyama’s character, and the two start fighting.  Presumably, they don’t know each other yet, but I have a feeling by the end of the film, they will have learned to mutually respect one another.  For now, though, they just fight.  It’s a short fight scene, and it ends with Akiyama disappearing.  We learn later, in a couple of exposition scenes, that Akiyama is also pursuing the mysterious briefcase.  The briefcase carrying man shows up at Akiyama’s apartment with the briefcase.  In a very long dialogue scene, none of which I understand, we learn that the briefcase is full of lots of money.  Obviously, none of this matters, especially to American viewers (or other non-Japanese speakers).  Not to worry, though, as we’re soon back to the action.

Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - First Part"Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - First Part"Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - First Part"

I’ve tried to understand what happens here, but after repeated viewings, I do not understand how the bad guys capture Akiyama.  Nevertheless, they have her tied up back at their base.  She’s bound to a metal cage-like thing and gagged.  The bad guys torture her by beating her with metal pipes, mostly in the stomach.  This is an awesome scene.  Akiyama’s reactions are great, and it goes on for a long time.  The bad guys eventually take out her gag and continue beating her some more.  Eventually, she loses consciousness.

Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - First Part"Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - First Part"Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - First Part"

The movie concludes with a climactic fight between Akiyama and a group of ninjas.  (Basically, it’s as if the filmmakers forgot that Rika Kawamura was also in the movie, but not to worry as she’s featured prominently in the sequel).  The fight scene is okay. Nothing spectacular, but better than the vast majority of fight scenes from other films in the heroine peril genre.  The movie ends as Kawamura sneaks into the bad guys base.  A title card informs us, “It continues to next time.”

So, this is your basic Zen Pictures film, and it’s a good one.  The heroines are beautiful, the costumes are hot, there’s fighting, there’s a long torture scene, and, best of all, “it continues to next time.”  While the sequel is a little better than this one, I give “Sailor Ninja – First Part” a B+.

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