Zen Pictures’ “Sailor Ninja – Last Part”

Sailor Ninja – Last Part is a great heroine movie from Zen Pictures, featuring the same actresses from the original (Rika Kawamura and Yuu Akiyama) in what I assume is a continuation of the storyline.  It’s sometimes hard to tell with the language barrier.  But most of these movies aren’t limited by language.  Does it really matter what the villains and heroines are saying to each other?  Instead, the focus is on the action, hot heroines, sexy outfits, etc.  Sailor Ninja – Last Part, like its predecessor, gets all of these elements right and features what is, in my opinion, possibly the best AOH electro torture scene in the history of heroine movies.  This one is definitely worth downloading from Zen Pictures’ web site.

The film begins with a torture scene of the skirt-wearing female ninja from the first film.  I didn’t really mention her in my review of Sailor Ninja – First Part because it’s virtually impossible for me to understand who she is or how she fits into the story.   Nevertheless, the bad guys have captured her and are torturing/interrogating her.  She is tied in an arms-over-head position and the bad guys give her a few stomach punches.

Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - Last Part"Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - Last Part"Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - Last Part"

Meanwhile, Yuu Akiyama and Rika Kawamura, rivals from the first episode, independently sneak into the bad guys’ base.  they confront one another, and in typical buddy movie fashion, reluctantly decide to team up to take on the bad guys, who are now keeping the female ninja character locked up in a cage.  They attack the bad guys, killing them, and then rescue the ninja, who escapes with Akiyama.  Rika Kawamura stays behind and soon finds herself surrounded by bad guys.

She is forced to fight all of them at once and is eventually overpowered by them.  They gradually beat her down and toy with her, as she is vastly outnumbered.  This is a good many-vs-one fight scene.  Eventually, Kawamura is overpowered and loses consciousness.

Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - Last Part"Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - Last Part"Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - Last Part"

The next scene is the highlight of the video.  Kawamura, wearing a very revealing outfit, is tied up by the wrists.  Water pours down on her as she is interrogated by a villain.  She refuses to answer his questions (of course) so the bad guys apply electricity to her body via two metal rods.  The scene goes on for a long time, with the bad guys torturing her with electric shocks  and Kawamura continually growing weaker.  When they get tired of that, the bad guys simply punch her in the stomach several times.  Kawamura tries to retaliate, which angers the bad guys, who increase the voltage, causing her to pass out.  I think this is one of the best torture scenes from Zen Pictures.

Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - Last Part"Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - Last Part"Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - Last Part"

Eventually, Kaawamura is free, and the three lead characters fight the bad guys.  They win, the bad guys lose, the two lead heroines discover a mutual respect for one another, and they all lived happily ever after.

Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - Last Part"Zen Pictures' "Sailor Ninja - Last Part"

If you’ve never seen a Zen Pictures film before, I think this would be a good introduction.  If you’re a fan of Zen Pictures but haven’t seen Sailor Ninja – Last Part, you should definitely check it out.  I think it’s one of the best.  I give it an A-.

Download Sailor Ninja – Last Part from Zen Pictures



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