Zen Pictures’ “Steel Angel”

Steel Angel, a classic release from from Zen Pictures / Akiba Heroine, shows once again how much the Japanese have perfected the art of heroine movies.  These Giga Freeks and Zen Pictures guys really know what they’re doing, constantly churning out one heroine movie after another with consistently high quality.  This time, our lovely heroine is a beautiful Supergirl-type character played by Yuu Saeki (in her only performance for this, or as far as I can tell, any other company).

The film begins with Caren (that’s her name, according to the web site) running in a quite revealing outfit.  She stops to take a breather, and spots a bunch of thugs attacking an innocent man.  She transforms into her Supergirl — I mean, Steel Angel — outfit and takes out the thugs one by one, tossing them onto each other into a pile.  The only super powers we see in this scene are super speed and super strength.  When one thug in particular tries to punch the heroine’s stomach, she grabs his hand, and we can hear the bones in his arm crunching, which gives the scene a real touch of class.

So far, this is all very good because the heroine is really sexy in this outfit, and her demeanor is cute and innocent as well.  Steel Angel flies away after dispatching the thugs.

Meanwhile, an androgynous villain (or villainess?) reads the newspaper, and in classic comic book villain style, becomes extremely jealous of the attention Steel Angel is getting in the press.  The villain lures Steel Angel into a trap in which the heroine is presented with some sort of amulet that appears to affect her like kryptonite.

The heroine is weakened by the kryptonite and falls to her knees while the villain laughs approvingly.  This is a very good scene, and should please fans who are into scenes where the heroine is weakened by kryptonite.  The amulet is placed around Steel Angel’s neck (Superman: The Movie style) as the kryptonite continues to weaken her.

Next, the weakened heroine is tied up, arms-over-head, and wrapped with a kryptonite chain (I think), which continues to sap her powers.  She is helpless as the man/woman villain approaches, carrying a long amber-colored stick, which I assume is more kryptonite, which appears to cause extreme pain when pressed against the skin of Steel Angel.

The villain(ess) tortures Steel Angel with the kryptonite stick for several minutes.  This scene works pretty well, but at this point, I’m pretty much ready to move on from the kryptonite.  The heroine looks great (as always in this video), but the torture itself isn’t that thrilling.

In the next scene, the heroine lies on her back, restrained on a table that appears to be full of krypto-goo.  The villain pours the painful goo onto the heroine’s body as she squirms and cries out.  Yuu Saeki is so hot that this scene works even though it’s completely silly.  I suspect there’s a kryptonite/goo fetish out there (as this appears to be somewhat of a recurring theme in several superheroine videos), and I would think this is a pretty good scene for that type of thing.  Steel Angel gets turned over and has the goo poured on her backside for several minutes, providing nice shots of the heroine’s body.

The weakened heroine, having been freed from the table, is approached by a sympathetic lab assistant, who removes the kryptonite necklace.  The heroine engages in a pretty boring hand-to-hand battle with the villain, who runs away into a large warehouse.  The villain calls out a couple of super-powered henchman to do battle with Steel Angel, and the best sequence of the video begins.

Steel Angel is forced to do battle with two bad guys who are more powerful than she is.  The battle basically consists of hand-to-hand combat (no superpowers, probably disappointing a lot of fans), and eventually the heroine is worn down and overpowered.  The bad guys torture her — one pins her arms behind her back while the other punches and kicks her stomach, and then kicks her legs.  The bad guys slowly beat and kick our poor heroine to the ground.

Overall this is a very sexy battle, with the heroine unable to overcome her more powerful opponents.  Since this is basically a PG-13 style Zen Pictures movie, there’s no sexual abuse, and the fighting doesn’t ever reach the intensity of some other heroine films, but it’s pretty good for fans of this particular genre.

Finally, after the bad guys have beaten, bruised, and dirtied Steel Angel, the androgynous villain comes along and, apparently feeling sympathy towards our heroine, verbally admonishes the bad guys.  For some reason, this causes henchman #1 to fall to the ground, apparently dead.  I have no idea why this is the case since I don’t speak Japanese.  Even if I did, I suspect it still might not make a lot of sense.

Steel Angel chases henchman #2 and has a rooftop battle with him.  It’s a pretty boring battle, which ends with the henchman apparently having a spontaneous heart attack.  Steel Angel punches him in the chest, finishing him off.

All in all, while there are some silly action scenes and some fights that drag out a bit long and don’t offer much in the way of variety, I really enjoyed this heroine film.  Steel Angel isn’t the most innovative heroine movie, and it isn’t the best by any means.  But it demonstrates how good the Zen/Giga company is at making these films.  Even a fairly middle-of-the-road effort from Zen Pictures (like this one) has several attributes that make it worthwhile.  Yuu Saeki looks great as the heroine, the costume is really sexy (and doesn’t look like it was purchased at a nearby Halloween store), and there’s enough action and peril to satisfy most viewers.  I give Steel Angel a B.

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If you want to check out, just look up the YouTubes, there are couple non-explicit cuts available for free. It came up with ‘Super lady superheroine’ search.
The problem with the Japanese stuff is I have to guess what they are saying. I mean, with all the budget, I would think they should provide some subtitles.


You mentioned ‘Giga’, but I don’t see any Giga reviews here. Is it because too ‘explicit’?
I was blown away by Giga’s “Super Lady.” I didn’t care too much of the near the end where it turned into hard core, but otherwise their production quality was superb. Great acting, great costume, great special effects and storyline. Above all, great actress. I couldn’t believe they would put so much effort into ‘lowly’ superheroine genre films. It is not like they are going to win an Oscar award or something. It must be big business $$ in Japan. In any case, the Japanese keeps raising the bar…