3 Beatdown Videos from FightGirlz2000

3 Beatdown Videos from FightGirlz2000Beatdowns. The visitors to this site have an almost endless variety of tastes and likes, and we try to cover as many as possible, but one-sided beatdowns seem to have a special place in the hearts of many. Here are three such videos from FightGirlz2000.

Since we last checked in on FightGirlz, they have released several videos which feature some rather severe F/F beatdowns. Instead of doing a big review for one episode, we thought we would give you a little beatdown buffet. We’re going to do short capsules of three recent episodes and let you decide if there is anything that fits your personal tastes.

Bounty Hunter – Available here

3 Beatdown Videos from FightGirlz2000

This was an interesting episode for FightGirlz because for the longest time, Zoe Hammar has acted as the unstoppable enforcer in their series. For those unfamiliar with Zoe, she is a tall, fit, and attractive Amazon type, who generally towers over the other girls. However, in this film, Zoe takes on newcomer Gia Diablo, who is absolutely ripped and she completely flips the script on Zoe. Gia is just covered in muscles and is easily the most physically imposing cast member that FightGirlz has ever had.

In the episode, Zoe plays a bounty hunter and Gia is her target. When Zoe arrives with gun in hand, Gia is able to get the drop on Zoe with a gun of her own. However, wanting to have a little fun, Gia sets her gun aside and decides to use her fists. She destroys Zoe for the better part of ten minutes. Zoe only has a few seconds of offense and her efforts are altogether ineffective. Gia delivers multiple punches to the face and stomach. There is a bearhug, a throatlift, a scissor hold, a full nelson, choke holds, and plenty of blood and bruising. Basically a complete dismantling of Zoe, a character were used to seeing dismantle others. For those of you who like heavily muscled women dominating a fight, this may be worth a look.

Championship Series Bout 7 – Available here

3 Beatdown Videos from FightGirlz2000

We’ve covered several episodes of this ongoing series which FightGirlz fans have a great affinity for. For the uninitiated, the Championship Series is a tournament where one girl takes on another in a three round bout. This particular fight featured two newcomers, Marissa Mayhem and Aria Martinez. Marissa is a dark haired, brick house of a girl. Aria is a stunning young woman who’s been featured in several recent FightGirlz films.

The fight itself is a bit of a slow build as the girls feel each other out for a while. There are plenty of dodges and occasionally some glancing blows do land. Then about three minutes in, Marissa absorbs two stomach punches from Aria that have absolutely no effect. And that’s when this stops being a fight and becomes a beatdown. Marissa knocks down Aria again and again and the few punches that Aria lands in return barely make Marissa blink. My personal favorite part of the film is when Marissa invites Aria to punch her in the stomach as hard as she can. Aria lands punches for a good thirty seconds and Marissa just mocks her opponent and smiles through the entire assault.

The second round doesn’t go any better for Aria as she takes dozens of punches. She is also bearhugged and shaken like a ragdoll, throatlifted, choked, and completely dominated. The fight was scheduled for three rounds but it only takes two as Aria is mercifully knocked out with a huge right hand.

Demolition – Available here

3 Beatdown Videos from FightGirlz2000

This episode features the Zoe Hammar that FightGirlz fans are used to seeing. Strong, imposing, basically indestructible. Zoe takes on another newcomer, Meeka Green. The much smaller Meeka lands dozens of shots on Zoe which don’t do any damage. Zoe keeps stalking Meeka, continually absorbs ineffectual blows, and eventually decides to take the offensive. The episode is punch and kick heavy but there is a long and well executed throat lift and a devastating knockout punch at the end.

Remember that FightGirlz adopted blood and bruising effects into most of their fight scenes and that’s true for all three movies we just covered. Some people like it, others don’t. Again these reviews are just to give you an idea of what you’ll find. In my opinion the best of the above was Championship Series Bout 7. I just thought it was the best executed of the three and was a great entry to the ongoing series.

Since we can’t cover every episode, we asked the producer John to give us the titles of some of his favorites that fit the beatdown theme. In no particular order… BOUNTY HUNTER II, CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES 8, THE ASSASSIN GAMES, THE CHALLENGE
DRESSED TO KILL (both 1 and 2).

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