OUT NOW! “Villain Network: Freedom Fighter” from Next Global Crisis

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  1. Andrew Ryan says:

    Anyone knows who is this lovely Actress?

    • Dr_Mabuse says:

      Next Global Crisis used to reveal the names of their performers, but after some of the actresses reportedly received a bit of unwanted attention, they stopped doing so. Since then, long time fans have (in my experience) refrained from referring to them by name in forums like this.

      According to accounts, at least one actress stopped working with NGC as a result of such attention, so we’re just acting in our own interest. If we want a better chance that our favorites will keep making these videos, we’re better off not putting their names out there.

      • Andrew Ryan says:


      • Dr_Mabuse says:

        To be clear, when I say actresses received “a bit” of unwanted attention, I don’t mean to diminish that. The acceptable amount of unwanted attention actresses should receive from fans like us is “zero.” I just meant to say that, based on what I heard, it wasn’t a lot of fans misbehaving, just a few. “A few” is too many, but I also didn’t want to imply that this community is overwhelmed with people who lack propriety.

  2. Darkwrath016 says:

    I’m joining the chorus of people below in saying that this was good. Outside of the championship, I think this is my favorite Miss Freedom video to date. And it’s a good video mostly because Miss Freedom was just outstanding when she was on the receiving end of all the punishment.

    Before I get into the fight itself I’m going to state that I really love the change in costume. I think it does a much better job of showing off Miss Freedom’s attractive figure than her normal skirt attire. And does she ever have some legs on her. A bit of selfish of me but *silently whispers* I hope this can be her main costume from now on. It fits her so well I find and probably partially why I liked this video so much.

    When it comes to the peril, Miss Freedom was great. The actress really knows how to put on a show for all of us to enjoy. But not for nothing, this has always been the case. In nearly every release, she’s been putting on great performances and this is no exception. Her expressions are wonderful to watch in just about every situation Miss Freedom was subject to. Whether that’s being punched in the face, or being squeezed in crushing bearhugs, or being dragged off the floor by her hair or being choked or having radioactive liquid poured on her body, her expressions alone would probably be enough to sell the peril. But then she has awesome vocals to go with them too. Christ her vocals are great. Her cries of pain seem to match perfectly with whatever peril she’s in and she delivers them with such great variation. If you were to close your eyes, you would be able to hear the difference between her being punched in the face, kicked in the stomach, squeezed in a bearhug or just being burnt by radioactive slime.

    Best thing about the peril is how consistent she is. I would say for 95% of the time it was a wonderful sight seeing her being punished and generally humiliated. The only time when it wasn’t was when the villain places her in that cross face hold while the heroine was unconscious. Since Miss Freedom was knocked out she had no reactions to this. Neither facial nor vocal. Of course that’s the not the actresses’ fault but rather the fault of the fight.

    Miss Freedom isn’t just punching bag in this video though. She has surprise burst of offense every now and then, skillfully kicking the benefactors ass with a nice variety of punches and kicks. That moment does a nice job of both mixing up the action while also showing that Miss Freedom is more than capable of handling herself. Unfortunately, before things get too out of hand, Miss Freedom is weakened and the demolition of the once mighty heroine continues.

    The fight itself was good. It’s a slower paced, methodical destruction of the heroine with brief comebacks interspersed to keep things fresh and moving. There’s a lot of stuff that’s on offer here but as with so many NGC releases, the best thing about the fight is how it all connects together. How’s it’s all smooth and how the camera allows you to not only easily follow the fight but enjoy all the reactions to just about everything. And with the actress doing a great job of selling all the hits, chokes, stomps, backbreaker and more, there were many moments that I personally found enjoyable and will re-watch for a time. My only thing about the fight—and it’s a minor one—was that at least once, maybe twice, the pace of the punishment against Miss Freedom picked up a bit. A couple quick strikes in succession. Push the heroine around a little. Things of that nature. But that’s a wish list item. Not a knock against the fight itself which was good.

    Now usually there’s a moveset or two that stands out but what I found to be the best thing was when the villain forced Miss Freedom to drink that radioactive liquid. I’m usually not into special peril stuff so for me to give this the top spot of best peril moment, despite there being bearhugs, stomps, backbreaker, hair pulling and much more, gives you an indication of how great Miss Freedom performed this. It was fantastic seeing Miss Freedom literally convulse while she was forced to the drink the substance, while choking a bit. And then for the convulsing to continue while she’s on the ground before passing out was fantastic. Also, that was a great shot we were treated to of Miss Freedom shaking while on her side. Those legs she has are a treat.

    Now this video is good. Hell, maybe it’s even great but the main reason I can’t say it was great is a personal one. I just have so little affection for the character Miss Freedom. I joke all the time about hating the character but that not really true. I’m more ambivalent towards her at this point. For whatever reason I just don’t find the character all that personable. Too much negativity has been baked into the character’s personality for me to actually have the desire of seeing her defeated. And that is a crying shame because if I’m 100% honest, as far as it comes to selling peril, she’s a top tier performer. Top 5 in the NGC cast for sure and this video is a clear and present example of her talent. It’s just that more often than not her stuff misses for me because I don’t like the character.

    But even with my negative bias at play, I can still confidently say that Miss Freedom gave a really enjoyable performance that’s going right into the favorite folder for repeat viewings. So with me liking this I’m sure there’s tons of others who would think this is great bordering on fantastic.

    • Rob_Hinx says:

      Very interesting comments there Darkwrath. It’s fascinating to see how this stuff affects others.
      I guess I’m sort of adjacent to your feelings about Miss Freedom; I really don’t like her at all but I do enjoy seeing her defeated and humiliated. I don’t think she’s come anywhere near close enough to atoning for the things she’s done. She left Bluebird to be tortured and abused by Eliza and the Dark-hearts and she’s ultimately responsible for that poor girl’s death. She should have been a mentor to Bluebird, possibly even a mother figure but instead she threw her to the wolves. My ‘wish’ for Miss Freedom is to hear her say that she’s sorry for what she allowed to happen to Bluebird (and others!) but I don’t believe that she ever will; with her hubris she probably feels justified in her actions.
      Rob Hinx, news at 10 😉

      • Darkwrath016 says:

        Well first of all I don’t think Bluebird is dead. I think if you piece together what Sister Fate has said in story 6 and story 14, it’s clear (at least to me) that she’s talking about Bluebird.

        Secondly, I guess I’m different. If I don’t like a character or care about them it’s hard for me to enjoy seeing them defeat. Kinda strange I know but then so is this genre.

        • Rob_Hinx says:

          Yes you’re right, although I think the ‘Bluebird’ that Sister Fate is referring to is the one from the 2020/Broken Wings continuity although are still some unanswered questions regarding that.

          We all come at this genre from different angles, that’s one of the things that makes talking about it so interesting.

  3. Rob_Hinx says:

    Lots to enjoy here, especially some things that I found wonderfully ironic (we’ll get to that later)

    We start off with Miss Freedom sprawled on the floor. She slowly awakens and the cultured tones of the VTV announcer tell her that one of their ‘benefactors’ wants to go Mano a Mano with her.
    Miss F sneers in her typically arrogant tone that she doesn’t fear anyone who has to pay to go up against her.
    She’s then hit by a dart in her thigh, and then several more. Now, I must admit I’ve got bit of thing for poison darts, it’s a bit of a hang over from the old Batman tv show (come on, you watched it too!) and this was really well done, Miss F did some great selling of the darts impacts and their effects.
    I especially liked the way the camera canted one way and then another, accentuating the effects of the darts on her.

    Then we cut to the VTV credits, complete with cheesy game show music.

    Then we meet Miss F’s opponent; I liked his body armour and mesh face mask, it’s interesting to see a weakened heroine up against a non-powered enemy and the guy wastes no time in laying into Miss F. I thought Miss F’s vocal work her was great; it’s almost as though the pain and shock of the punches brings her out of her stupor just enough for her to cry out.

    It’d be wrong not mention how great Miss Freedom looks in her costume and I was quite surprised to notice that Miss F is, actually, quite tiny! She’s always seemed quite imposing before but here it’s obvious that she’s very slender and not all that tall. Her opponent isn’t a particularly big fellow and this, strangely enough, makes Miss F seem quite fragile looking. This was especially true later on when she’s put into a bear hug from behind. I loved the way she was ineffectually batting at her opponents arms as he crushed her.

    Another thing I enjoyed was the commercial break! We get to see Miss F throwing some shapes while the announcer encourages the viewer to ‘call now’ for a session with her. We get a brief bio too that tells us that Miss Freedom is owned by the Crown Prince and that two hours with her costs 5.5 million galactic credits. To quote Withnail and I; “Cheap to those who can afford it, expensive to those who can’t”!

    After the break Miss F has recovered from the darts and starts laying into her enemy with gusto. If you like seeing a heroine giving as good as she gets (and I do!) his is a a nice sequence and we get to see some of Miss F’s signature high kicks which are as impressive as ever.

    (I know this is probably impossible but I’d love to see a ‘kick off’ between Miss F and Kandy Crises’s Silver, they’d be like a bad-ass version of the Tiller Girls! But I digress…)

    VTV aren’t going to let their benefactor get damaged so Miss F is hit by another dart and once again she’s on the receiving end of an extended beat down. Highlights here were a really good back-breaker (I loved the villain’s ‘should I?’ Expression just before her drops her over his knee) and a nice gassing to Miss F’s face.

    There’s some great camera work here, in particular a wonderful shot from above as Miss F is being stamped into the ground and then choked.
    Also, the music is perfect; it’s a collection of mournful wails and chimes that fits the atmosphere beautifully.

    I think my favourite sequence is when the villain decides to finish Miss F off with some “taming fluid”. He slowly pours some green slime over Miss Freedom’s back (after removing her cape) and then over her chest.

    Miss Freedom’s reaction to this is superbly done, she grits her teeth into a rictus grimace and then screams her throat out (accompanied by a sound effect of sizzling as the fluid burns into her). The villain then pours the rest of the fluid down Miss F’s throat. Miss F goes (beautifully!) Into a series of twitches and paroxysms before passing out.

    I said I found some things here beautifully ironic. Miss F’s grimace and screams when she’s exposed to the fluid reminded me of Bluebird when Eliza put her to the whip in ‘The Grudge’ and the sequence when Miss F drinks the fluid reminded me of the gruesome alternative ending to that episode. Miss Freedom has finally suffered some of the torture that her in-action put poor Bluebird through and I must admit I took a sadistic pleasure in it.

    Talking of alternative endings, the alternative ending of this has Miss Freedom raging at the camera ‘I’m Miss Freedom, I’m MISS FREEDOM!’
    I wonder if she’s beginning to suffer the some of the post-traumatic psychosis that affected Bluebird? Now that really would be a delicious irony.

    I’m very happy with this release, it doesn’t advance the story line really but I’m sure we’ll see more of that as the year goes on.

  4. kained says:

    An extraordinary video in the heroine peril genre. Miss Freedom is great at selling the great deal of punishment she’s put through here. Ending was just perfect. I hesitate to spoil it here.

  5. dg says:

    Anyone else have problems w receiving the link email? Been about 5 hours, usually quite fast.

  6. Mike says:

    So how is this, for those who have purchased it? Cuz I’m not sure this one is for me. Looks light on KO’s and more suited towards people who like messy, goopy stuff lol could be wrong though so I was curious for an in depth analysis.

    • Dr_Mabuse says:

      I think you should get this one. KO’s are one of my favorites as well, and I counted four of them in this video for Miss Freedom (and she looks absolutely spectacular.) Moreover, one of the conceits of the episode is that her opponent is a “regular guy” who can’t match her strength or fighting ability, so she’s subjected to constant suppressants (delivered via darts) to keep her weak and vulnerable, and she spends most of the video in a state of drowsy depletion. Each time she’s darted, she spends a moment looking woozy and glassy-eyed, as if she’s about to pass out.

      The guy even subjects her to shot of gas to the face at one point, just to slow her down, and it produces a similar effect. To be clear, all of the actual KO’s are physical (choked out once with cape, once by hand, blow to head, etc.) but in addition to the actual knock outs, Miss F is on the verge for much of the running time.

      I found it thoroughly enjoyable.

  7. Mark says:

    Instant purchase, and I’ll be honest – I was expecting a lot from this and, to be truthful…I got even more than I imagined!!! One of the best releases in my eyes for soooooo many reasons!! Please can we have a remake with Bluebird, Lucy, Spectrum or Comet Girl??? In fact, all of them pretty please!!!! Buy it guys – you won’t be disappointed!!!

  8. Darkwrath016 says:

    I sort of feel sorry for Miss Freedom. She was, captured, tortured and humiliated for a full year for all of Season 4. Then, some time passes (can’t be more than a year), she takes back control over Elite Force and then her first solo mission ends in her being demolished, public humiliated and….well being captured again. Now it looks like she’s about to be tortured all over again. She just cannot catch a break.

  9. Ugh says:

    Okay, THIS, I am picking up!

  10. Jeff says:

    Fantastic to see 2 awesome members gifts in a row

  11. Rover says:

    Miss Freedom has jumped from middle of the pack to the top of my list of NGC faves with the past few releases. She looks great.

  12. LordSnot says:

    Wow, I think you found the perfect outfit for her. Looks delish!

  13. Diz says:

    Nice. A Heroine literally brought to her knees is always a welcome sight. Wish it was a feature of more of these films.

  14. Rob_Hinx says:

    I’m starting to like this Crown Prince fellow.


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