OUT NOW! NGC Story: Showery With A Risk Of Kidnap

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  1. Rob_Hinx says:

    Woah! That was my first reaction watching this.
    NGC has some pretty brutal encounters in their history (think of ‘The Grudge’ or more recently ’Freedom Fights’), this one must rank as one of the most vicious.

    It kicks off with Sonica in her ‘street’ guise; Carlita Janus presenting the weather.
    We don’t get to see much of her weather-girling but it’s a lovely performance. Carlita is every inch the overly-sincere weather girl who, it seems, is treating her TV snippet as an audition.
    You just know she’s hoping to get a picked as a panelist on a game show!

    Anyway, before you can say “Carlita, what are the ski conditions?’ The Masked Man appears and transports her away.

    She finds herself in what her captor calls (via his mini tape recorder) “a semi reality” of his own construction. The bottom line is; there’s no away out.

    There’s a great little character moment where Carlita awkwardly removes her shoes and then hurls one of them at the Masked Man, ‘atta girl!

    (Atta girl? Sure, we don’t want his Masked-ness having it too easy do we?)

    What follows is a vicious beat down of Carlita, still in her weather girl dress. I’ve really enjoyed this actress’s performances in the NGC championship, here though she really shines. She looks in genuine fear for her life and there’s one especially great moment when she cringes from the Masked Man in obvious terror.

    We need to talk about the Masked Man. He’s always been one of NGC’s most sinister creations, here he really has some pepper up his tail feathers because I’ve never seen him move so fast or be so brutal. At one point I seriously wondered if he was trying to cripple, or even kill, Sonica.
    I’d never really noticed before but the mask is almost cherub like, with quite pronounced cheeks, one eye hole is cracked open which makes his visage even more disturbing.

    The star of the show, though is Carlita/Sonica. I absolutely loved her performance here. As Carlita she fights superbly and she takes some serious punishment, the fun really begins when she changes into Sonica. She has some great combos of her own, I especially liked her double-fisted blows. She even puts the Masked Man on his knees for a second!

    It’s her selling that really excels here though. Her sobs and cries of pain are superbly done and actually heart-rending. None more so than when the Masked Man punches her inner thigh and she collapses in a heap, sobbing in agony (and with an especially wince-worthy ‘snapping of bone’ sound effect!).
    As a side note, I liked the way her mask became slightly dislodged and the ‘hyper-real’ sweat marks under her belt and boots (was this filmed during last year’s heat wave? Kudos to every one involved if it was, that must have been hard going!)

    I have no hesitation in saying that this one of NGC’s very best releases in terms of action and performance. It’s also beautifully paced.
    It’s true that the story isn’t progressed here; it seems to be more about getting another character into position.

    What’s the out look Carlita?
    Brutal, with more storms on the way.

  2. Darkwrath016 says:

    This was an incredible fight with two great performances and an excellent production. I had high hopes for this and even though I have one major gripe, I can honestly say that this was immensely enjoyable and I have no regrets buying this.

    My one major gripe is that there’s no set up at all and even though it’s a story release, there’s very little story in this. Personally I found this a bit jarring and I have MANY thoughts about that but……….in the face of an excellent fight—and an excellent fight it was—I’m not going to let the perfect be the enemy of the great.

    Putting aside reservation about the story, as a fight film, there’s very little wrong on offering here. Sonica, star actress and heroine of this video, is a great heroine. For one, she fought exceedingly well. Deja, Candy and Starshot are the best fighters in the NGC roaster right now but Sonica’s performance today puts her squarely in the conversation. There’s more to being a heroine in a peril film than making the right noises and giving the right expressions so when an actress can fight and execute moves as fluidly and as skillfully as Sonica does here then you get to see something really awesome. And that sort of stuff I love watching.

    As great as Sonica was fighting though, it really was when Sonica was actually in peril did she truly shine. She is becoming an awesome actress. And what outstanding vocal expressions she has when receiving hits. Her performance in last week’s championship was underwhelming (I found) which is part of the reason I didn’t comment on that video. But in this video she is so on point. Her vocals are expressive but not overtly so. Feminine but not too high pitched. Varied but befitting of the various blows she suffered. And they all combine to really REALLY sell the various peril she suffered. Honestly, I think right now, she has the best vocals in the genre. And maybe others might think they are a tad over the top but for me, in this video, they were perfect. Every. Single. Time. They were perfect.

    It’s not just the vocals she’s great it only. She’s got good facial reaction and good body reaction (so easily overlooked that last one). And her abilities as a heroine in peril came together quite nicely towards the end when the Masked Man rested his knee on the heroine’s throat. I loved watching her cringe in pain while struggling for air, gargling and coughing a bit. But what really made that move was the way her legs were kicking up on down while on the ground a little bit frantically. That was indeed wonderful to watch

    And finally, as it relates to Sonica: The dress. Sonica in that white, semi translucent dress is honestly too hot for television. She received a lot of hits while dressed like that and did I ever love those moments. Particularly that backhand slap she received in the trailer. She’s also got some amazing legs and a gorgeous face and seeing her in civilian clothes like that makes me wish that a) she dressed like that more often, but also b) that her heroine costume was the leotard without a mask.

    Now Sonica was great and that’s shouldn’t be taken for granted. But the fight was also great. It’s one of the best fights, if not THE best fight NGC has every choreographed. If for nothing else, I think everyone should watch this just to see the fight. It’s beautifully scripted and flows amazingly well despite being rather technical with hits, counter hits, combos and all types of holds. There’s just so much to this fight that I can’t fully explain why I think it was so wonderfully done. It’s just a really well executed, exceedingly smooth, good flowing fight that pauses at all the right moments to give us plenty of time to enjoy Sonica’s excellent reaction to the hits while picking up the pace from time to time to increase the intensity.

    To indicate how good I think this fight is, none of my favorite moves make a showing at all. Bearhugs, backbreakers, dragging the heroine by her hair. All missing and yet because NGC has such outstanding camera work, absolutely perfect lighting (oh I can write an entire paragraph about how wonderful NGC is with their lighting of late), excellent video quality, and most importantly, because Sonica is a really great performer who sells peril so well, this fight was no less enjoyable in my mind. It truly was, at many instances, a spectacular fight to watch.

    I like Sonica. She’s great. She’s amazing. She’s really talented. And if she continues to perform like this then there’s no doubt she’ll become one of the best NGC has on offer. Especially with fights like these. And you can’t beat the price. Thirteen dollars. Nearly ten minutes of a great fight. Quality heroine in peril sequences. There aren’t many deals better than that.

  3. Redmountain says:

    Love Sonica, but her mask needs to be trimmed to fit her face, or a smaller one should be used. Her costume is on point, but the mask constantly pulling away/floating away from her face is a bit distracting. Otherwise, great video!

  4. Depo Man says:

    Is this part of a bigger story or mini series? Or just a one off?

  5. Rover says:

    Never gave Sonica much thought, but this episode won me over. In my personal opinion she looks 10x better without the mask, though. I usually like these masks, not really sure what it is about this case.

  6. Richard says:

    Just wondering if there is a ots carry?Lately I’ve been a little disappointed with ngc videos.

    • Richard says:


    • Michael says:

      No carries in this one, ots or otherwise. It’s like some of the more recent videos where the heroine is just left sprawled out on the floor. Which is would assume it what you’re referring to.

  7. Mike says:

    Is there a KO involved in the initial street clothes kidnap?

  8. JohnG says:

    Seeing an NGC heroine in street clothes was the main reason I bought this. Was not disappointed in the weather girl dress!! Would encourage more of the cast to be seen in “civilian” garb….it’s a refreshing and attractive change

  9. Mr. Bleh says:

    While I have purchased a number of “NGC Championship” videos in the past, I will say, its nice to see something happening outside of the ring.
    …guess I just need a bit of storyline to tie the whole thing together.

  10. Echo419Alpha says:

    Damn. That backhand slap at 0:14 turned this from a “pass” to an “insta-buy”. God damn that was hot. The sound of the slap; the sound of her reaction afterwards, sounds like it actually hit.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      I agree. That backhand slap is great and Sonica seemingly has a good reaction to it. Made even better with her on her knees. I always love it when the villains slaps the heroine a bit. Something about the whole action makes it feel not just insulting to the heroine but also expresses a degree of helplessness and domination. Like if she’s just being toyed with at the moment.

  11. Tim says:

    Hmm… This looks yummy….

  12. Darkwrath016 says:

    Sonica is looking so good in this one. I’m especially loving the fact that she’s starting out in civilian clothing, that there’s a fight in said clothing, that she takes quite a few hits while dressed like that and then transforms. And the actual fight as she’s dressed as Sonica looks like if it’s going to be great with some fantastic perilous moments for our heroine.

    I really have high hopes for this release.

  13. Joe says:

    Easiest purchase decision for a long time

  14. rover says:

    well…. damn


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