Heroineburgh Episode 14: Red Pills

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  1. ODILE says:

    I have made a mistake ! Grrrrr !!! You should read : Heroineburgh takes us furher away… and not take us… grrrrr !!! Sorry !!! I apologize in advance for every mistake I don’t see !!

  2. ODILE says:

    Amazing movie ! The first season was a great introduction, with very well built storylines, beautiful heroines and characters with well developped and deep personalities, progressing in captivating adventures. And now, Heroineburgh take us further away in action, perils, special effects, and romance… for a low price ! Now, an heroine is mistreated, and the end of the movie is not really optimistic. A new and impressive character is even introduced: the beautiful and malevolent Sintillia ! Each scene is well played by all the actresses and actors, and each detail of the movie is well thought. What does Heroineburgh is absolutely unique. To be frank, I can’t wait for the episode 15, and the comics which is in the planning stage… but quality takes time, of course.


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