“Super-Heroine Stalker Fan” from Christina Carter

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  1. KiriAegis says:

    Looks like in some of her recent videos that Christina has put on a few pounds; not a bad thing, because it seems her classic Wonder Woman bustier and briefs are struggling to keep up, and wardrobe malfunctions are becoming normal.

    Yes, she’s about the best in the business doing WW peril, with maybe one other that closely matches her work, but a lot of her peril situations are making a hot mess of her. She’s really made a transition to Eric Stanton’s Blunder Broad, instead of an actual Wonder Woman. Stanton I think would enjoy the results.

  2. hattori says:

    Christina is undoubtedly the best actress of the genre, understands the viewer and gives what she is looking for. It is a pleasure to pay for her videos. Different from the stupid videos of TheRyeFilms

    • rover says:

      Not sure why the last sentence was necessary. Rye is one of my favorite producer in the genre. Tastes vary. Grow up.

      • CondorianFM says:

        Has the Rye retired?

      • Jeff says:

        Have to agree with your comment @ Rover. Tastes do vary and it’s all about what a viewer likes to see. I believe both RYE and ms Carter are both great producers that film quality work. There are however only a few films I have gotten from them both over the years. Sadly I don’t have enough for customs and there isn’t always what I like to see in most of their films but I appreciate the talent and ideas of others as without them I wouldn’t have found the few I do love to watch and these two wouldn’t be producing at all, so I am grateful for those who continue to keep them in business and others like these two great teams.

    • Josh says:

      Yeah, why would you make a comment like that? Seems silly. Seems like you drunk wrote that comment about Rye. My ultimate dream is that CC does a film with Rye or TBFE. Their concepts along with CC as WW would be EPIC. But I don’t think that will happen, unfortunately.

      • Kaizar says:

        Have to agree with you there Josh. If the team up would ever happen, it would be nice to see Christina Carter as Wonder Woman over power someone like Kelli Provocateur, but later on the tables are turn (due to either belt removal or hits to the crouch or whatever).

        Also would be nice to see Christina Carter play Batgirl one time (a Batgirl with the body of Christina Carter, come on) and after dealing with someone like Poison Ivy and narrowly escaping after already being violated by her, and eventually having Poison Ivy tied up, Bane (played by Brandi Mae) comes in and trashes Batgirl and defeats her in such humiliating ways including using Batgirl’s bat-dildo (strap-on) on Batgirl.


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