“A Game Of Two Halves” from Next Global Crisis

Next Global Crisis presents NGC Story: A Game Of Two Halves, starring Wonderstrike.

NGC Story: A Game Of Two Halves

Wonderstrike has her hardest battle yet against the Demonic Alaric. A cruel villain thought killed by the Harbinger, but who turns out to be alive and well… But how?

Whatever the reason, he has lost none of his passion for crushing Elite Force heroines, and though he may have under-estimated Wonderstrike, it isn’t long before he’s tearing her costume and unleashing his fury. Can she find a way to counteract this evil?



Member Gift:

This week’s Member Gift, to accompany the release of ‘A Game Of Two Halves’ starring Wonderstrike, is unseen Bluebird v Pandora from ‘Bluebird Must Obey’. This release included Bluebird spending some time in a Lady Victory costume, only to be rendered powerless and a chloroform rag doll. So well worth seeing. This unseen footage will come with your purchase of ‘A Game Of Two Halves’, for the first 48 hours at least.

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54 Responses

  1. Mike3 says:

    I just watched this and WOW it was so good! I loved how Alaric seemed like he allowed Wonderstrike to “win” the first part as if he was just scouting her, then went on to completely decimate her. What also worked was that Wonderstrike had been built up as one of the stronger, if not the strongest, NGC heroines. So the way she loses here should be totally demoralizing for the Elite Force….gotta love that lol!

    For some reason I haven’t really been into the Wonderstrike character until now. I was interested when she debuted mainly because, having Wonder in her name, my hope was that she’d be the “Wonder Woman” of NGC. And I always liked her look. But this is actually the first video with her that
    I bought, so rest assured I’ll be buying more vids with her! Speaking of her look, imho her having no cape and only one sleeve was hot! Hopefully that idea will be used for her next outfit. 🙂

  2. Next Global Crisis says:

    OUT NOW! A Game Of Two Halves starring Wonderstrike v Alaric – It’s crazy brutal https://nextglobalcrisis.com

  3. Mid2018 says:

    Is it out for non-members yet?

  4. Beast says:

    One of the best! Really loved it. I really appreciate the stomp and the punches on the floor. I would love to see that kind of moves more often. I think wonderstrike looks better without the cape now that she has short hair. I love everything in this. The acting the dialog the fight and the structure of the episode. Its nice to see wonderstrike shine in this. She was amazing

  5. Next Global Crisis says:

    Thanks for the comments so far. I thought she (and of course he) did a really fine job here. I was very pleased with them on the day of shooting and even happier once I saw the final edit.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Not enough gets said about the (usually male) supporting cast in these videos. I know we’re all here for the girls but in our compliments/thanks/reviews lets try to give an occasional shout out to the supporting cast, particularly when they put on a spectacular performance such as what Alaric did here. Without them and their incredible performance, the lead actresses and more importantly, the video itself, would be less convincing and not as good. I know I don’t praise them enough but I’m going to start from now on whenever I see a performance that is good. And again Alaric was amazing in this one.

  6. Darkwrath016 says:

    This was really great. A top 5 NGC episode in my book for sure and one no NGC fan should go without.

    First of all the fight chorography. It just seems like with every episode, ever release, NGC keeps on upping their game just a bit. I honestly thought that Déjà vu part 2 would be one of the best series of fights I had seen from them but this one took the cake and then some. Wonderstrike really took it to Alaric with an impressive sequence of moves and countermoves. Like really took it to him. Never before has a villain, let alone Alaric, receive such a beating from a heroine before as in the first half of the film. At the same time, never before has one heroine been so utterly demolished as Wonderstrike was in the second half of this film. For those who enjoy a pure beatdown type film then this right here probably would serve all your needs for a while. We’ve got a bearhug, stomach punches, knees to the stomach, punches to the face, numerous punches to the face while Wonderstrike is leaning against a post (my personal favorite), a couple of different chocking situations, two back breakers, cape removal, costume destruction, de-booting (guys that’s not a word! We need to come up with some else) and a couple other things. It sounds jam packed and almost as if NGC was just checking a bunch of boxes of things people might like, mixing it together and hoping for the best but nothing could be further from the truth. The battle flows extremely nicely. Each sequence leads right into the next one.

    This film really shows how to do a beatdown right though. And what really sells that is how Wonderstrike goes from being able to put up a fight to slowly and surely becoming a rag doll with each passing strike. And no matter how much she wanted to put up a fight in the end, because of the pounding Alaric gave her, her speed and power was greatly diminished and easily countered. No clearer example of that when towards the end, Wonderstrike is picked off the ground by her belt (that was awesome by the way), and tossed towards the wall. Breathing heavily and struggling to stand up, she feebly puts her fist up thinking she can fight another round. Alaric then simple rushes into her stomach shoulder first and Wonderstrike sort of collapses onto Alaric. Yeah that was great. Another favorite part of mine.

    I’ve been critical of Wonderstrike before and she isn’t one of my favorite heroines but damn was she good in this. This was by far her best performance to date on multiple fronts. Acting, fighting, selling. You name it she did awesome. Fans of Wonderstrike should definitely get this. None fans should definitely get this also.

    And one other thing. This video also showcases what I think NGC does best ahead of all other producers and that’s tell a story. Gotta say, on my first run through, I was really concerned for Wonderstike. Towards the end I was silently begging Alaric not to kill the heroine even though I like the heroine in peril thing. I won’t spoil what happens to Wonderstrike but let me just say this: what the hell kind of ending is that!? So many questions!?

    By the way, that was some shade thrown at Bluebird in this video. Come on guys. Don’t kick a heroine while she was publicly humiliated years ago.

    Also also, Wonderstrike has a really sexy army that looked great when her costume sleeve was ripped.

  7. Art says:

    The coreography was terrific. Wonderstrike sold the hits so well! She gave it as well as she took it. Sometimes in certain NGC videos, the punches thrown by the heroines don’t seem to have weight behind them. I’m no filmaker, but I guess that’s usually a result of something lacking in the editing, actress performance, or both. But this time I have no complaints, I haven’t enjoyed a NGC video like this in a while. Bravo.

    Is this the first ever video that featured a heroine wearing a single boot? I’ve always thought about that, but I think this may be the first time I’ve seen it and its amazing and needs to be done more often.

    On that note, something that also hasn’t been done as well is what I’d call the “upside down heroine defeated pose.” Kinda like poor wonderwoman over here:

    I’d imagine the camera angle showing her unconscious face after she has been hit with an upper cut so strong it sent her flying and landing on a table.
    I saw a comment saying that NGC doesn’t like being asked to put things in movies outside of formal custom requests, but man great movies like this really gets the creative juices flowing.

    10/10, highly recommended.

    • Mid2018 says:

      As for single boot heroine. Damien Wood from SHL actually did that in one of the earlier Wonderful Girl videos. It was filmed in a dusty abandoned warehouse and the pantyhosed foot of the heroine got progressively dirtier in the video. It was sexy.

  8. Dr Mabuse says:

    The new video is… fantastic! I was reserving judgment, since Wonderstrike isn’t one of my favorite NGC heroines (although she’s grown on me a lot over time) and I don’t really care for the visible physical injuries and de-booting things that were much discussed below. Never mind those reservations, though, it’s a great video from start to finish.

    The title is well chosen. The first half or so sees Wonderstrike largely taking Alaric apart. Fight choreography remains high-quality and the heroine has arguably never looked better. I had a guess as to what trick might be up Alaric’s sleeve, which turned out to be right. Regardless, the second half flips that script as Wonderstrike gets a vicious beating, taking damage to her body and costume (as seen in promos.) The ending supports another guess I have about the larger Darkheart plot, but more surprises could be in order.

    For those who don’t like de-bootings: don’t let that dissuade you. Even after she starts losing, Wonderstrike spends some quality time in full costumed peril. She loses her cape (just one week after I commented how much I like that…), boots (one first, the other a bit later), and sleeve. I never would’ve guessed, but the heroine’s one-sleeve look is hot! Credit should go to Wonderstrike’s sexy arm/shoulder.

    I have to admit, also, she looked damn good without the boots on. Maybe you de-booting people have a point.

    As for the physical injuries… that also didn’t bug me at all. Under the circumstances, it made perfect sense for her to start showing signs of the fight and it’s not conspicuous.

    I’d say this is my favorite video from NGC in awhile, but there are several contenders for that title. They’re just on a roll. Very surprised, though, that I liked this release as much as I did, since it doesn’t “tick boxes” for me. Usually, there’s something in an NGC video that I like, even if none of my favorite “elements” are included, but this one just works through and through. I may have some new “boxes.”

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      So can we talk about that ‘trick’ Alaric had up his sleeve for a moment. Warning: SPOILERS for anyone who hasn’t watched the video yet.

      That trick that Alaric used sure seemed like a Second Wind wind power almost identical to what Bluebird has. And I’m fairly certain that one of the Darkheart grunts that Deja was fighting in Deja Vu part 2 used a Second Wind power too. I’m just wondering if this has anything to do with Bluebird’s defeat at the hands of Alaric way back in Season 3. Her fate was just kind of left hanging as we weren’t told whether or not she was killed or just simply captured. She played no role in season 4 whatsoever but neither did the Darhkearts. Maybe the Darkheart’s captured her and found some way to extract Bluebird’s power, assuming that Alaric and the Darkheart are using the Second Wind power.

      Ahh!! So many questions!!!!

      • Dr Mabuse says:

        ******SPOILERS (but seriously, get the video and watch it)*****

        Yeah, that’s what I saw as well. And yes, I think we did see one of the neo-Darkhearts that Deja Vu was fighting exercise the “Second Wind” power, which is why I wasn’t surprised to see Alaric use it after Wonderstrike gave him the power burst.

        I’ve been thinking that the “scan” thing the DHs were doing to Candy and DV is a way to detect whether a particular heroine has an interesting power they can duplicate. Funny that they didn’t seem to find either Candy’s “equalizer” ability or DV’s power valuable (or couldn’t detect them for some reason), but there could be all sorts of complications and limits to what they’re doing. It wouldn’t be the first time DHs have made use of artificial abilities, and if they’re juicing with powers replicated from heroines or someone, that might explain why Candy couldn’t seem to figure out what made those DH thugs so tough.

        I also have a theory that Alaric is working for the Dark Superiors, hence his sudden reappearance after allegedly being vaporized by Harbinger. It goes like this: the Dark Superiors are fighting a proxy war (at least on their side) against Elite Force, using the Darkhearts to soften up their enemies (not sure how the cyborgs who attacked Candy and Spectrum will fit in, if at all). The power duplication could even be Dark Superior tech (the Light is allegedly behind Miss Freedom’s restoration) since it seems beyond the capabilities of the old school DHs.

        Can the Dark really control Alaric and the Darkhearts, especially if Elite Force is no longer a factor? Will the Light be drawn back into this conflict (more than they are)? Can a cast of beleaguered and bruised heroines along with some fresh recruits possibly contend with an alliance of two old foes? Has Elite Force really put its organizational and morale troubles behind it? Stay tuned…

        This is all speculation, of course. There might be an entirely new threat on the horizon, or maybe the Darkhearts are up to something bigger on their own. If you’re right, we could potentially see Bluebird again in-canon (or maybe even Comet Girl! She was also “vaporized”).

        Can’t wait to find out.

        • Darkwrath016 says:

          Funny you mention Deja and Candy because after I wrote my first response the pieces clicked in my head almost similar to what you are described. The Darkhearts must have a way to replicate superheroine’s powers and the scan that the Darkheart captain did is a way for them to determine which heroine’s have useful powers that can be replicated. I think the reason why they couldn’t detect Deja or Candy is because there’s something innate about those heroine’s particular power that can’t be ‘materialized’ visually. Deja’s power manipulates time and Candy’s power basically supercharges her immune and nervous system. Both of their powers don’t affect the environment. But a heroine like say Wonderstrike has a power that is easily seen and trackable in normal 3-dimensional space. Hence why they passed on Deja and Candy but Alaric took Wonderstrike hostage, granted Alaric got a first hand taste at Wonderstrike’s power.

          Now when I first read your Dark Superior piece I have to admit I thought that farfetched. at first That is until I thought some more about it. Alaric was supposedly ‘vaporized’ and I believe the Harbinger certainly believes that. The three or so times she’s used the staff that ‘vaporizes’ people, she’s specifically used it to kill. But also Myanna states that the Harbinger never truly understood the power of the staff and that it was wasted on her. So while the Harbinger thought she was killing her victims perhaps she was unknowingly transporting them to another dimension or something. Perhaps a dimension controlled by the Dark Superiors which might explain Alaric working in league with them. Certainly would help explain why Alaric is still alive and well and kicking ass. And if Alaric is in league with them then that would set up the proxy war you are talking about. Dark Superiors and their proxy the Darkhearts on one side vs Light superior and their proxy/allies Elite Force.

          You’re definitely right about one thing though. This is all speculation. The heroine power replication thing I feel like we’re one the right track given that we more or less came to same conclusion. The Dark Superior stuff though is conjecture at this point and we’ll have to wait for NGC to provide us with some additional pieces of information.

          • Dr Mabuse says:

            Your comments here about the staff transporting victims to another dimension is along the lines of what I was thinking. I hadn’t thought about Myanna’s statements to Harbinger about it, but that’s a very interesting observation. If Alaric is working with/for the Dark Superiors, given his ego, it would make the most sense to me if something pretty radical had happened to him, like being zapped to a prison dimension or something like that.

            Regardless, this all just a neat (IMO) idea for how a story could go. There are lots of other directions this could take, and I’m sure whatever NGC do, it’ll be compelling.

  9. Hoyt says:

    Could you post more pictures of debooted Wonderstrike? The wait is painful…

  10. F L says:

    Even tough i’m not a fan of debooting, it’s better when done with leotards since it shows all the long legs of the heroines (i hate when it’s done with catsuits that covers the legs. It breaks the full cover but form fitting idea of bodysuits), and makes them look more vulnerable, together with removing the cape.
    Costume destruction is usually great, and together with a physical beatdown is a sure pick for me!

    • Mid2018 says:

      I totally feel the same way. The long legs of heroines themselves are already such a vulnerable target, especially when they are supported by the fragile heels. But when they are wrapped in pantyhose, it feels as if they know their vulnerability and try to protect these sensitive parts of their body. When the boots are stripped that’s the moment we get to see that these heroines really hold no defense toward the villains when their entire lower body is only protected by nothing but the thin layer of nylon. I’m so looking forward to this episode!

  11. Richard says:

    I see a ots carry,FAITH TOTALLY RESTORED 🙂 Sorry for the outburst before,can’t wait to see this one.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Okay, well we all make mistakes. I just want you to understand that I’m not really interested in a tick box exercise, asking me for something over and over is probably less likely to make me do it because I’m difficult like that. People like wildly different things so my only interest is to make a cool and hopefully exciting superheroine fight film. People will like it or they won’t, and if they don’t there will be another one along in a week or two, no major disaster.

      If anyone wants to see a specific character do a specific thing they need to email me with a view to getting a custom made.

  12. Mike J says:

    As much as I hate de-booting I may have to pick this up. I guess a third of the film isn’t too bad. Wonderstrike is one of the new heroines that I really like. The extra Bluebird clips in the miss Freedom outfit got me off the fence.

  13. Shapeshifter says:

    how long does she stay debooted?

  14. Darkwrath016 says:

    Just curious how people feel about the bruises and the bit of blood dripping from the corner of Wonderstrike’s lip.

    Generally speaking, I’m not too into the whole blood thing but I think it works here. For one this seems like a pretty vicious beatdown on the part Alaric who himself has been known to demolish heroines with ease. Add the costume destruction and the dazed look Wonderstrike has as she’s been punched side to side on the post and it really adds to the viciousness of Alaric. Another thing is that NGC is not known for adding that stuff in. Their stuff has always been more on the lighter side, keeping with the PG-13 aspect of it (which I like). The last video I remember having blood and bruises in it would be “The Grudge” (Season 3 eps 5 for anyone curious) and that was fairly vicious too.

    Basically what I’m saying is that as long as the bruises and blood remain the exception and not the rule then I believe this works. That’s just my opinion and I’m curious what others may think.

    • Art says:

      I personally love it when there is blood and bruises. I put it in the same category as costume destruction. Even like, messed up hair is great. I think I just like it when there’s some indicator that the heroine is taking damage and getting injured because it feels more real that way. Otherwise at the end of the film they look exactly the way they were at the beginning, which makes no sense for a heroine who has been recieving punches for 15 minutes.

    • Tim Caine says:

      I love the blood. I agree with Art about bruises as well. Sometimes I like costume destruction, but it has to still look like she’s a superheroine. The costume needs to stay mostly intact. Otherwise it looks like a dude just beating up some woman.

      • Art says:

        Good point, they have to stay looking like a heroine. So when heroines completely strip, it’s not as good. I do love naked women….but I guess what I’m saying is that, indeed, the costume does make the heroine?

        *I think it’s different in other mediums like comics because you’ve been with the character for so long.

      • Deckard says:

        “it looks like a dude just beating up some woman”

        This is why i prefer, by far, to see fights between two women, in this case, between two superheroines. Its not that i’m aversed, in priciple, to see a mix-gender fight, but there’s always something in me that can’t help but feel squicked and uncomfortable about it.
        Show me two lovelies fighting and beating the crap out of each other and i could watch that for hours, but a dude and a lady, that’s… a bit off-putting. I’m sorry but i just can’t shake the feeling, even in videos i enjoyed, like those from NGC. But by far, Fem/Fem fights is my thing.

    • daredevil16 says:

      The grudge to me in the best NGC episode because of the brutality of that episode. Bluebird gets destroyed in that episode more than any heroine ever in NGC and too me, the blood and especially bruising help demonstrate how vicious eliza was to bluebird in that episode. Seeing the bruises on bluebirds face after being smacked with a metal chain and lashes on her back added to the realism in my opinion. I hope maybe the next time we see Erica some blood and bruising can be involved. Im excited for this episode I hope NGC does blood and bruising more often or at least when it fits like in an epic beatdown which this appears to be.

    • F L says:

      I’m ok with blood but for example a black eye can turn me off since it “uglifies” the heroine. A swollen face would be realistic but i don’t know if that’s something we would like.
      Costume destruction is fine but as long as the costume stays recognizable as some other people said, so some shredding or removing parts (belts, capes) are welcomed most of the time.

      • Deckard says:

        While i think that a bit of blood and some superficial bruises in the heroines after they take a beating is what it should, i do agree with you that black eyes and swallowed face is going too far. It can turn the video too uncomfortably into torture porn territory, and that is one thing i really don’t want in a video like the NGC films, which are far cleaner, and better, type of entertainment.

    • Deckard says:

      I’m in favour of showing blood and bruises in a fight, even if the characters are super-powered. An occasional blood spit from a punch would not be a bad thing, in my opinion.

  15. yop666 says:

    New costume incoming?

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Well, if she survives…

      • Wrecker says:

        I really love it when you guys do costume destruction like this, and I know it’s not frequent simply because of the cost that goes into quality costumes, so when I see this degree of damage it really does make me worry for the fate of the character. Wonderstrike has been one of my favorites ever since her arrival and I really hope that she’s not leaving us so soon.

  16. Mid2018 says:

    Wow! I love her shiny feet! Finally NGC is doing debooting again, horray!

  17. Wrecker says:

    Wow… This looks AMAZING!

  18. D-man says:

    Wow deboots!! Nice

  19. Darkwrath016 says:

    The hardest part about watching these previews is that since the U.K isn’t on daylight saving time yet, this is going to be a 11:01am Friday purchase and not the usual 10:01am.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Oh yeah, we change on the 24th, I can’t wait!

      • Deckard says:

        Oh you are British? For some reason i had the idea you were an Australian outfit. I though some of the actresses spoke with an australian accent. This just proves i’m completely tone deaf to accents. Shame on me.

        • Next Global Crisis says:

          Yes we’re British. A couple of times when I’ve been in the US people thought I was Australian. I think if we’re speaking in quite a casual way it isn’t quite what people expect, we don’t sound like the Queen (who confusingly is also the Queen of Australia).

          • Deckard says:

            And Canada too, for that matter. The Queen holds a lot of real state, doesn’t she?

            It just proves there’s a lot of variety in accents in the UK than just what we heard in regency period drama movies.
            Thank you for your reply, cheers.

  20. Mr.Bleh says:

    I like how Wonderstrike’s “power blast” weakens her. If you can survive that, she’s all yours, BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HAAAA!!!

  21. Besugo says:

    Will we see Hotshot again?

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