“A Pill of Powerful Blows” from Lady2fight

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Kevlar avatar
11 months ago

Wow! This looks amazing. Your combat is so amazing, very talented actors and actresses. Sonya really is beautiful. I love your videos with female low blows!
The costumes are great with the little black skirt, and Sonya has a beautiful camel toe in that white thong. I’d love to see more low blow fight videos with the girls showing camel toe in different color thongs too.
Thanks for your regular updates.

10 months ago
Reply to  Kevlar

Hi did you get the video and were there many low blows?

Bob Dole
Bob Dole
11 months ago

I’ve been anxiously waiting for a video like this from you guys. Your models are great, but seeing them put into more perilous situations with a little more emphasis on some sexual peril is always something that would elevate the videos up a notch. What you guys appear to have done here is right up my alley. Doesn’t have to be explicit and such. What you guys have done here is really tasteful.