“Abdomonde 2” from Damien Wagner

4 Responses

  1. Jacques says:

    This is a highly erotic film with a seemingly never ending barrage of blows to the abdomen. Chloe’s infatuation with Elisa’s body is very sensual. Both actresses are phenomenal, with awesome performances by Elisa in her reactions to each blow and by Chloe as the aggressor. They are both superb actresses as demonstrated in this video and in their previous films as well. They are very attractive, actually gorgeous looking women. The story line of what or who is Abdomonde is quite clever. If you haven’t seen Abdomonde 1, it is also a terrific film as both Maria and Barbara have a special chemistry with each other.

    • Alias WIse says:

      Agreed the story line is one of the best I have ever seen. Lends to the eroticism.
      Loved Elisa and her reactions, especially against the wall and her inability to defend her stomach from the beating, you can almost sense her internal conflict between the pain and getting a little turned on

  2. Frank says:

    Um… from the trailer ABDOMONDE 1 looks better, the punches were more real. Here they seem fake, but it is the impression from the trailer…

    • Jacques says:

      I thought that most of the blows had good force behind them and they looked pretty real to me. Abdomonde 1 might have been more erotic, however I thought that the punching power in both films were very similar.