“Action Cosplay” from NGC Productions

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  1. MOT says:

    OK I will keep an eye on that page. Thank you for the update – I’ll definitely be buying both on day of release 🙂

  2. We’ll have a new photo set out soon and the new video next month. Keep an eye on Claire’s very own FB page for updates and previews: https://www.facebook.com/MiaMelee

  3. MOT says:

    Soooo… Is it too early to start hoping for titbits for the next release? Claire makes the perfect supergirl and I’m dying to see more..

    Hey, you don’t ask you get right?!

  4. If you’ve not been yet I recommend this page: https://www.facebook.com/MiaMelee

    Claire is updating there fairly regularly and is all dressed up for Halloween!

  5. SH says:

    worked fine tonight, Thanks
    I enjoyed the new take on the story and looking forward to the next one.
    Claire was great like always and I always enjoy that you guys always have a good story line.


  6. Claire’s a legend. Thanks. As you know it’s important to have rules in Sci-Fi so things don’t get completely silly. His whole effort was about intimidation, growing into a larger man and saying “I can do anything here.” But of course he under-estimates her power and exaggerates his own. The use of the Kryptonite clearly uses his energy too.

  7. Bill says:

    Very innovative to tie the affect of Kryptonite to the villain’s strength. Much more creative than the lead box thing. The story line is intriguing–a reluctant Supergirl transformed from a fashion model and not sent here in a capsule from another planet. Enjoyed the special fx, especially the boob expansion. Claire is a good sport.

  8. Our site is fine. Our payment processor has had some kind of server fail over night which I hope very much they are working on. Very inconvenient, my apologies.

  9. SH says:

    Is the site down?
    I tried to buy but after I press the buy button I get this error
    Server Error in ‘/’ Application.
    I have tried several browsers.


  10. Thank you very much, we’re trying to keep things as affordable as we can and we appreciate every single sale.

  11. TheSaint says:

    In NGC we trust. Top quality film as always. Love the new idea and the direction it’s going. All the best for this new venture. Elite Force, Fail Safe Sisters and now this? You do realise you’re gonna bankrupt me, right? (Though in all honesty I think your price to quality ratio is easily the best on the market. Damn good value)

  12. Well I don’t know if it’s madness or not, if it is happening I’m not part of it though.

    Of course, I would say that wouldn’t I?

  13. TheSaint says:

    Just for a second there I was starting to suspect some kind of huge multinational conspiracy where the wool has been pulled over our eyes. All producers were in fact the same man, just using different pseudonyms and production companies. But hey, that would be madness, right? What was I thinking?

    A knock at my door… Who could that be… NO!. John Roman?! Wait, please! won’t tell, promise!

  14. I think you mean ‘nothing makes sense’. One thing is true, you’ve never seen me AND John Roman in the same room together… separately.

  15. TheSaint says:

    Come to think of it, I’ve never seen Logan, Andrew and Rye in the same room together……

  16. TheSaint says:

    At NGC?
    You and Andrew are the same person?! Suddenly it all makes sense!

  17. Orcaman007 says:

    Well there is one thing that I would like to mention & that would be the fact that for a purchase of a video which I myself enjoyed very much , and I am very eager to see the continuing sagas, is the fact that not sure for what reason but having the preview clip at the beginning of the video kind of well wasn’t really keen in my view.
    basically because the preview is what hooked me, & then to have to watch it again when what I wanted to do was see the movie lol
    – I’m sure you might have your reasons, but I think it was kind of overkill, & am wondering will the rest of the series be the same, or will the next sagas just have the movie itself

    and about Claire Elise well there can’t be enough said about her , I feel she did a Awesome job playing this role & all the reactions were very well done 🙂 have always wanted to see her as a SG or WW type character, & am very glad she chose to do this one
    Hats off to you & the rest of the crew for another fine Production

    P.S. the trailer well that was different too, not only did you get me hooked with it, you also pretty much hooked me for the next episodes, I actually got this because I wanted to see that Dody Slam shown in this preview, only to find out it isn’t in part 1
    Very Sneaky of you Logan 🙂

    I did really like the inflating of the boobs speel, that was a different twist , & when you think or look at comics these days that is a main character aspect in almost all of them 🙂

  18. There are a lot of options but I’m not going to rush through this series as the first few are quite good fun. There’s a lot of scope and a lot of fun things we could do with the scenario that we’re building.

  19. Michael Birch says:

    Good work on this video. Looking forward to future episodes.

  20. adam says:

    I agree with SG FAN, mostly. Over all, the film was very enjoyable, Claire’s preference of her character was very good, and was a treat to watch. Loved the idea of the “sudden super heroine.” Her first reactions to her new found powers, her growing into them, her reactions to Kryptonite and her bluff, all very good to that point. Oh the super-heroine image joke, was hilarious!.

    Thing is, during the 2nd half, during most of the action scene’s, Claire’s preference became a bit, stiff. she just stood still like a doll, as she was being attacked. not trying to fight back at, to get away or begging, squirming. if she was too weak to do any of that, (I’m guessing that is what you were going for,) then she shouldn’t be able to stand up normally. it was a bit of a let down. thou the scene warped up nicely at the end.

    Guess what I’m saying is i prefer is a bit more, vocal response from the actress. the, “oh, what happened, I’m so weak, please stop” kind of stuff, instead of just straight low groans.
    Hope this comes across as constructive criticism.
    And yes, i am looking foreword to the next one. Maybe the actress who plays Athena, can play a Wonder Woman or She-ra like heroine? Maybe a fellow model or actress friend?

  21. What I’ve really enjoyed about the feedback is that people have really understood the plot, and how it differs from a traditional SG story but still run with it. I’m very impressed. This one has done very well and all the wonderful comments on here only account for about 10% of the correspondence I’ve received, it means a lot.

    The title sequence does a good job of showing what’s in store for the first run of films but if this series remains popular we’ll look to branch out next year. It could be great.

  22. SG FAN says:

    My that was enjoyable 🙂

    I loved this opening episode. Did a great job setting things up and great work on Claire’s part. It was awesome to see her growing into the powers with her testing each one, leading to greater confidence. She also did a great job with the Kryptonite scene. Love how she got weaker and tried to play off that she was still super. Some fine scenes of her getting hammered and bearhugged. She looks fabulous as Supergirl and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next for her.

    Especially like the hint of female villains we saw in the intro. A pair of leotard clad fighters (with fishnets and tights, extra plus!) and Catwoman very cool. Any chance you could hint at other villainesses who might appear?

    Awesome Start NGC!

  23. JustNorm says:

    Loved it … Hope maybe while she is trying to search who they are maybe there might be some secret identity… Maybe… Looking forward to the next installment…

  24. KryptoManiac says:

    A great start for this new series! Looking forward to the next episodes… These next two months are going to be very long!
    The vid was great , but it was a shame that you didn’t use the chain the bad guy was wearing, to make the kryptonite necklace, that would have looked perfect IMO (what can I say, I started on this fetish because of the infamous scene in the original Superman movie…). Oh, and I loved the breast expansion scene, that’s something we don’t see often in these movies.

  25. mmc says:

    cool movie look forward to future adventures

  26. scotty2788 says:

    I respect the release schedule…. but I wish you could have these out quicker?
    Great job .. great job

  27. Veggicidal says:

    Something else I would love to see is a green-screen flying effect. She’d look good at that.

  28. Veggicidal says:

    Just bought it today and it was incredible! You really touched on a lot of my favorite fetishes.

    1) The costume is almost perfect. I absolutely love the “classic” look and you guys nailed it very well. It looks very sexy without being “trashy,” which I love.

    2) I’m kind of opposite with most folks when it comes to peril. They like to see a powerful woman become weak. I like to see a normal woman becoming powerful. I think you pulled it off well as she realizes her predicament. I hope to see more.

    3) The wig doesn’t bother me at all. I can understand that others don’t like it, but it was convincing enough for me to enjoy.

    4) I’m with Harry Cane. I have a thing for the superbreath. I love the way she just dominates the other guy from a distance. She starts with a puff, then another even stronger blow. That was awesome.

    All in all, there was something for everyone here. Sexy costume, boot fetish, peril fetish, powerful woman fetish, cape fetish, you name it. I look forward to seeing more!

  29. MOT says:

    All I’m saying is that if there was one every week I’d definitely buy it, That’s all I’m saying 😉

  30. The plan is to release a film every 2 months with new photo sets in between. But there will be lots of info on the FB page for Mia.

  31. scotty2788 says:

    Great job…. cant wait for next episode! !! Whens it comming out? Lol

  32. Great comments guys. Thank you very much. Claire nailed it as ever.

  33. steve says:

    Wow! Been waiting for this since the first photos of Clair as Supergirl on NGC, and it didn’t disappoint. Clair is fantastic, beautiful as ever, and makes for THE PERFECT Supergirl! Am definitely looking forward to future installments.

  34. Harry Cane says:

    Oh goodness! That superbreath scene’s one of the best ones ever! Great job! Looking forward to the next clips!

  35. Rj123 says:

    Agree with MOT, great effort and Claire looked stunning as Supergirl! Cannot beat a good old kryptonite necklace!! Bring on the next installment!

  36. MOT says:

    That was as good as if not better than I was hoping for. Great work!
    Claire makes a stunning supergirl.

    Already looking forward to the next ep

  37. MOT says:

    Thanks for update Ill stop hitting refresh now and just wait for the email ; )

  38. Just a few hours chaps. If you are on the NGC Discounts List you’ll also get an alert when it’s ready.

  39. MOT says:

    My credit card is ready and poised!

  40. scotty2788 says:

    17th is here…. come on put up the buy now! ! 😉

  41. I can’t go into the wig being gone because it’s related to future plots. It will be clearer as you view the series.

    There was a redhead you are right. .. We’ve used her before.

  42. JadeOwl says:

    Let me go on a small tangent and ask… Am I imagining things or did I spot a redhead around the 0:50 mark? Who is that?

  43. Stagger Lee says:

    What’s the story behind the wig being gone in some scenes, as shown in the title sequence?

  44. MOT says:

    Boob expansion you say? I did wonder about that looking at the trailer.
    I don’t suppose you fancy releasing it one day early?!

    Put me down as a definite purchase for every one of these.

  45. Kent says:

    Hummm the Supergirl punch ! Can’t wait…..

  46. Bur Derek I don’t know where you live. But it’s true, we actually just glued green peppers together that we bought, legally I might add.

    This film does have kryptonite in it, but it’s not the only thing in it. I think most people will like it. Fine actress, good SG costume, some action, some reaction, some plot, some fun, some power, some peril, some misery… some joy? You’ll find out I hope. Oh and boob expansion, can’t forget that.

  47. Derek says:

    @Next Global Crisis I’m reassured that you spent so much money on the Kryptonite. At first glance I thought you’d raided the peppers in my fridge! 😉

  48. Bart says:

    @Next Global Crisis – “To suggest I would have to fill a title sequence with a single long drawn out aspect within the film and series is unrealistic.”

    Yes, of course; that’s not what I meant; I was addressing the expected K-content of the final product. From the proportion of your title sequence that _did_ have the Kryptonite – all 0.5 % of it 🙂 – I extrapolated to assume that most of the film itself would likewise be the usual BANG! SMASH! CRUNCH! PUNCH! JAB! stuff. As seemed to be the case for most of the trailer.

    It seemed to me that the proportion of K in your stills was much higher, which was the source of my prior enthusiasm.

    Like Jumper Prime says we’ll have to see how much zap a Kryptonite prop has for $400. 🙂

    @Superbgirl – “one thing I don’t like is when SG dominates, only to come up against the effects of Green K when the villain suddenly reveal it to her. Duh! It’s not like K only works when you see it.”

    True enough, although I’m happy to wave that away if she reacts properly when she *does* see it.

    But anyway, that would be easy enough to script. The old lead box trick. Or even a lead-lined pocket. 🙂

  49. I’ve thought of that.

  50. Superbgirl says:

    This looks like fun! But from the trailer, one thing I don’t like is when SG dominates, only to come up against the effects of Green K when the villain suddenly reveal it to her. Duh! It’s not like K only works when you see it. If it was there all along, she should have felt it all along.

  51. scotty2788 says:

    Zipping up boots gif…. now your talking… hint tint

  52. Jumper Prime says:

    $400 for a green rock on a chain? For that amount of ka-ching I hope it at least lights up.

  53. @Bart – Naturally in a 60 second title sequence you don’t devote 2/3rds or more of it to one element of the film. In this brief sequence she is shown under the effects and also being shown the kryptonite. To suggest I would have to fill a title sequence with a single long drawn out aspect within the film and series is unrealistic. To give you a clue I spent £250 ($400) on getting a kryptonite prop made, that’s how seriously I take it. I hope that turns your frown upside down.

    I think there will be lots for people to enjoy and at a very reasonable price point.

  54. Bart says:

    Ah. I’d only looked at the Teaser. I see that the Title Sequence seems to be all of the usual physical bashing. Nuts. I was hoping for a good, involved, detailed treatment of the classic weakening-slowly-dying-from-Kryptonite scenario.


  55. MOT says:

    Wow. Having seen the trailers I really I can’t wait for this now. Looks amazing

  56. Veggicidal says:

    Wigs don’t bother me too much. I’d prefer a natural blonde, but it’s okay. The Helen Slater costume is really what turns me on, plus a nice display of superpowers. I just hope the peril isn’t too intense. That’s just not my thing.

  57. TM says:

    Looks like a pretty expensive production with all those actors in it. Also, “Athena” looks badass in black!

  58. rizo says:

    I think I’m the only person who is underwhelmed by Claire. I would buy NGC videos of her, it’s just that she’s not my favorite. It’s a matter of taste obviously. I will say this: the action in this video is remarkable and I would definitely purchase.

  59. Raiderman says:

    I don’t think you can go wrong with taking a flier on this due to the pricing being so low. I for one am looking forward to purchasing and hoping there will be more crossover actresses from NGS on the new site.

  60. Bart says:

    Thank goodness. After glancing at – and rejecting – the glut of videos of fisticuffs, wrestling, punching, and – *yawn* – other boring simple violence, at last something that appears to return to the roots of ‘superheroine in peril’ – or at least ‘supergirl in peril’ – a basic (and, hopefully, drawn out and detailed) response to a Kryptonite attack. The beautiful heroine reacting to, wilting from, and then succumbing to the debilitating and deadly radiation of GREEN KRYPTONITE, yay!!

    Seriously, this video would appear to really ‘get it’. Down to the villain even placing the Kryptonite on the chest of the fallen heroine, leaving her gasping helplessly as it slowly destroys her … good stuff.

    I just hope the actress’s skills are sufficient to pull it off. She certainly looks the part!

  61. Christopher says:

    Again, some of the Japanese SGs wear wigs and it works. As long as it does its job, it doesn’t bother me, I’m more into the plot/peril personally.

  62. Derek says:

    One other point – I could watch a GIF of Claire zipping up her boots all day long…(hint hint)!

  63. Derek says:

    Really? Wig prejudice? Claire Elise is a beautiful “Supergirl” and I for one want to see what she does with the character before rushing to judgement. Win and lose alternative endings would indicate that all our favourite NGC ingredients will be present. Strong girl, bad situation, punishment and destruction or a reversal of fortunes and a Femdom victory. This new series looks exciting and I wish NGC every success.

  64. MOT says:

    Really looking forward to this – she looks so good in that Supergirl costume..

    Fingers crossed that she shows some super powers too and maybe in future episodes fights an Ursa like character!

  65. Ghrawl says:

    As long as SG is on the losing end, I dont care if she wears 2 wigs!

  66. Well its part of the story. That’s why it’s there. It will be clear to whomever supports it. I must gamble that the people who don’t like wigs are a smaller group than the people who won’t accept the character as anything but blonde. It’s always a tightrope! Also I should point out that a refusal to buy because of a wig will have no bearing on the series because it’s too late to have an impact.

  67. Ted B. says:

    Could live without this. I agree with @tom, wigs are lame.

  68. Dennis says:

    Claire is beautiful as SG.

  69. scotty2788 says:

    So looking forward and will buy the sg wins option

  70. tom says:

    DO not like Wigs

  71. Christopher says:

    Is this going to be like Zen pictures cosplay movies, would be interesting. Anyway, looks pretty cool as it is.

  72. Kaizar says:

    You need to shorten the source codes of the site or something.

    The website always crashes on iPads & iPhones 5c or 5s & lower.