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  1. Gilslug says:

    Job well done. I thought the video intro was quite funny. Recalled Starship Troopers more than anything else…and was it just me or were those some of the NGC actresses in the roles of ‘grateful humans’?

  2. SG Fan says:

    This was a great one. I loved the villainess and Supremacy (BTW NGC, great way to do a Super like name without being simplistic). There was a good mix of action in this one, and liked how the villains adapted themselves. Since this is the first time Supremacy ran into her weakness, maybe we can get a future video with a villainess revealing to Supremacy this weakness in its rock/crystal form hehe.

  3. Rob_Hinx says:

    There isn’t a reply button to the excellent comments about Celestia by @dr_mabuse but his post got me wondering….what if Celestia (and possibly Bluebird) have ‘come back’ on the opposite side? The Bluebird from the main continuity had no reason to support Elite Force and Celestia may have come to think (or been convinced) that her loyalty to E.F and Miss Freedom might have been mis-placed.

    There are interesting times ahead….

    • Dr_Mabuse says:

      Very interesting thoughts! Bluebird is a complete wildcard as far as I’m concerned. She’s supposedly in the hands of the Crown Prince, so it doesn’t matter who she *really* supports if she’s a slave. Based on where she was when we last saw her in Season 3, it doesn’t seem like she’d automatically side with Elite Force even if she did get free.

      Celestia’s a different story. Who knows what’s happened to her since her trial by the Dark Superiors? At that time, her loyalties and personality remained intact. Personally, I’d have a hard time with Celestia switching sides, since she’s always been so unflappable, but anything’s possible. Could be a great story.

      • Rob_Hinx says:

        Thanks Dr! I guess it depends on ‘which’ Bluebird the Crown Prince has; if it’s Bluebird from Season 3 then she might be itching to get even with Miss F at the same time as wanting her freedom. If they have Bluebird from ‘Broken Wings’ then it could be whole different ball game…imagine showing ‘this’ Bluebird what Miss F ‘allowed’ to happen to the ‘other’ Bluebird!

        As for Celestia, earlier in her arc she was impartial and only went fully to Elite Force’s side when she saw the cruelty of Nina Hellfire and co. Of course it would take some fast talking by the C.P to convince her that the people who had her put to death are really the good guys….but then this NGC…anything can happen in the next 11 months! 😉

  4. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Loved this one. Rob_Hinx provides an excellent summary, so I won’t belabor anyone with more of that. This video inaugurates a new storyline within Action Cosplay that I expect (hope, certainly) will carry on for some time, much as the first story in AC did.

    The setup made me think of “Red Son”, the what-if graphic novel imagining a Superman who landed in Soviet Ukraine instead of heartland America. Certainly, the language and images in the opening to the video are reminiscent of totalitarian collectivism. “Supremacy” even has a militarist connotation lacking in the name “Supergirl”.

    Apart from that, though, Supremacy seems like a virtuous heroine in the model of the DC heroine, even moreso than Supreme Girl from the last Action Cosplay video, who relished dominating Miracle Maiden and sought to force her to swear allegiance. And Supremacy is certainly different than Miss Freedom–less boastful, more polite, and more matter-of-fact. Her acting while enduring punishment and pain is no less compelling, but I felt like Supremacy didn’t acquiesce quite as readily as Miss Freedom does. MF tends to slacken when she’s getting a beatdown, resign herself to losing, even if she eventually rallies to victory. Supremacy strikes me as more tenacious.

    Case in point: The second time the male villain grabs her in a bearhug, Supremacy continues struggling until she finally breaks the hold and beats her attacker back. The standard MF response to a bearhug is to collapse into submission. Btw, that first bearhug… wow!

    As for her speaking voice, I always thought the Miss Freedom actress was really British, although her “American” accent is excellent. I don’t know if “Supremacy” is her “natural” accent either, but regardless, her voice fits the character perfectly.

    The black-clad villainous twosome facing Supremacy are intriguing. Their telepathic connection and their seemingly cybernetic nature reminded me a little of the Hill siblings (Jack and Jill, natch) from Steven Bell’s Ms. Marvelous stories. The Hills are androids with a very close (weird, even) relationship, and they decimate Jody (Ms. Marvelous) more than once. Supremacy isn’t treated to the same type of indignities, but she’s certainly beaten (in one ending, at least) and learns about a vulnerability she apparently didn’t realize she had (in both). Speaking of that, after her lose ending Supremacy picks herself up and immediately resolves to be ready for a rematch. MF tends to sulk away, demoralized, after a loss.

    And yes, I was extremely pleased to see Starshot get a chance to play the bad girl. As intriguing as the dynamics were with her male partner, I’d love to see this villainess face off against Supremacy (or another heroine, perhaps) one-on-one.

  5. Rob_Hinx says:

    Well, ain’t life just full of surprises? I’m not talking about the members gift (I’m sure we will talk about it at some point …when the time is right).I’m talking about Supreme.
    For those who were wondering, and I admit I did wonder the same thing myself, this is not ‘Miss Freedom’ in different costume. Supreme is totally different character. For one thing, she seems…well…nice!
    Miss Freedom is haughty, conceited and not all that heroic when the going gets tough. Supreme seems to be noble, brave and, in her own words, sworn to uphold truth and justice (although the canon ending does cast a slight shadow of doubt over that).

    And here’s another surprise; her speaking voice. She’s got a very clipped, precise British voice, in fact she sounds very similar to Celestia! I was genuinely surprised by this; I’ve always thought that this actress was American. If she is American she does a great British accent and if she’s British then she’s had me fooled for a long time because herAmerican accent is brilliant!

    OK, I’ll stop yakking and talk about this release. We start off with a propaganda type broadcast extolling the virtues of Supremacy (which made me question whether the word she protects is quite as free as it seems) and then we find ourselves in the set that used for ‘Miss Freedom Trapped’.
    I like this set, it’s got nice old court house/school room feel to it. Our two villains appear; they reminded me of the New Kryptonians in ‘Lois and Clark’, perhaps a bit more sinister.
    They think they’ve landed without being noticed but Supremacy appears and tells them they’re wrong.
    We have a few seconds of them explaining their evil scheme and we’re into the combat.
    Supremacy is more than a match for the male and she has him on the floor in seconds. Then he goes into a kind of trance before attacking with re-newed vigour but, once again, Supremacy has him out gunned. I especially enjoyed her ‘Super Breath’ take down.
    I’m not going to do a blow by blow account but I enjoyed all the action in this; especially when the male attacks Supremacy with a sledge hammer!

    I guess most people are interested in ‘Star Shot’ and what she’s like as a villainess. Very good is the answer; she’s cool and arrogant and the cat suit really suits her and the character. She’s got a nice evil grin after she back hands Supremacy across the face. That was a nice touch.

    At first she and her partner (who she calls ‘my love’) are no match for Supremacy but they do a neat trick in ‘downloading’ more power to match her. It’s here that the table turns in their favour.
    There’s a great scene where they pass her back and forth between the two of them.

    Supremacy rallies though and over powers them again but the villains have a final trick that will weaken her severely.There’s a nice twist with this too.

    This is a really strong addition to the Action Cosplay series. I enjoyed this especially because Miss Freedom is finally playing a character I can root for!

    • Rob_Hinx says:

      Damn my clumsy fingers….the character is called Supremacy!
      (I get it right after the first two paragraphs though!)

    • Bert says:

      Great comments. My only addition is in regard to the actress’s accent. I always heard a little English accent leaking through her Ms. Freedom persona, so I wasn’t surprised to hear what I assume is her actual voice in this release. Great vid!

      • Rob_Hinx says:

        Thanks Bert!
        You’re probably right about Miss F. I’d always assumed the actress was American, purely because that’s the only way I’d heard her speak.

  6. I’m enjoying the secrecy around the member gift when often we get a full breakdown of the main video! In case anyone is curious: CELESTIA!!!

    Also, did you enjoy ‘Our Protector’?

  7. Beast says:

    Hello! Did starshot actress receive some hits in this one? I would love to purchase this but iam a little complicated now.

  8. Echo419Alpha says:

    Bro. You literally just made my whole 2019 with those five seconds.

    Can. Not. Wait.

  9. That’s right! ‘Our Protector’ is Out Now at http://actioncosplay.com – with a photo set also available in the Photos section.

  10. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Folks, *there’s a photoset!* With both actresses!

    And the secret gift? AAAAAAAAAH!

    • Rob_Hinx says:

      I am grinning from ear to ear; five seconds of ‘Oh hell yeah!’.

      • TheVoice says:

        could you possibly give a hint as to what the secret gift is? I purchase this release myself if I wasn’t royally skint xD

        • Rob_Hinx says:

          Being as NGC have officially (and kindly) let the cat out of the bag I want to be the first to say-
          (Brian Blessed voice)
          ‘Celestia’s ALIVE!’

          • Dr_Mabuse says:

            “Brian Blessed voice” – Awesome!

          • TheVoice says:

            christmas? in January? won’t say no to that…

          • Dr_Mabuse says:

            Celestia coming back is huge, excellent news. Assuming that she reappears in the ongoing story, it means that either she didn’t really perish after her trial at the beginning of Season 4, or she did and was resurrected/brought back somehow. Similar things have (arguably) happened to Miss Freedom (I wasn’t sure what happened to her at the end/beginning of Season 1/2), Comet Girl (back after being vaporized in Season 3), Bluebird (thought dead in Season 3, but the Crown Prince apparently has her), and Lady Victory (who seems to have been abducted out of the past despite being killed in the FSS continuity).

            As far as we know, however, Suki Deluxe, like Francisco Franco, is still dead.

            If Celestia does show up in the ongoing story, it couldn’t come at a better time. Elite Force is in desperate need of help, and Celestia has the experience and judgment to provide steady leadership. Also, Celestia is connected to the Lightside Superiors, which could also be a source of help for the EF ladies. Of course, you could say that Celestia’s return couldn’t come at a worse time for her own sake.

            If she’s appearing in some non-canon stories or some other continuity, not the ongoing story, it certainly isn’t as consequential a surprise, but still pretty big, since I (at least) was under the impression that we’d never see her again. However, it looks like her costume is a bit different in that short clip, which suggests that she’s coming back in the main story. Since the Dominator had her costume (as proof that she’d killed her) Celestia would need a new uniform in continuity.

            Now I just need Infinity Girl and Shadowstar to come back.

          • don says:

            this had to have been something that was filmed earlier and just kept out of release? afaik the celestia actress is currently pregnant

  11. Dr_Mabuse says:

    First, glad to see my “Starshot in Everything, 2019” campaign is making some headway.

    Second, very excited to see Miss Freedom enter the Cosplay game in the Supergirl costume we’ve only seen in photos before now. As much as I love the MF character, it’s great to see her play a different one, and I’m anxious to learn how Supremacy differs from the blue bombshell we know so well.

    Third, it seems like there’s more than meets the eye to this setting/scenario. One of the things I really enjoy about the AC series, especially the first story with Mia, was that there was an unusual twist to the proceedings, not just a heroine out and about doing heroic things (and meeting with peril along the way.) NGC has a way with imaginary worlds, and I’m glad to visit another one.

    Despite all those appeals, I’m also very eager to see the members gift! It may not be much, but any tease of future releases is welcome in my book.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Supremacy is a very different character to Miss Freedom. Of course both are endowed with great power. and believe in what they are doing, but Supremacy is closer to the heroic archetype.

  12. MDJ01 says:

    This looks so good, have always wanted to see Harriet in the classic Supergirl costume and was not disappointed!! Possible the best actress out there to sell peril and she looks absolutely incredible in the tight blue spandex and the S across her chest!! Hope this is the first of many vids of her in this costume, a kryptonite necklace on her in the future…wow!

  13. Rover says:

    Great costume. Best she’s ever looked. Nice effects too. Excited for this one, and hopefully at arc of this heroine.

  14. Darkwrath016 says:

    NGC thinks that by giving me Starshot twice in one month that it’ll absolve them of a month where they don’t need to provide Starshot. But NGC would be wrong! I expect at a minimum 11 more Starshot appearances for the year.


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