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“Action Cosplay” Photo Set 5

If you have yet to check out the photo sets from Action Cosplay, perhaps now would be a good time to do so. The latest photo set is the first of a short series which involves Supergirl encountering kryptonite trouble, although this particular photo set focuses mainly on “girl power.”

Action-Cosplay-Photo-Set-5-1 Action-Cosplay-Photo-Set-5-2 Action-Cosplay-Photo-Set-5-3

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2 Responses

  1. Hope you enjoyed it. A lot of people got it in the end, though I expected not to get mass comment on a photo set.

    I just wanted to say as inferred above that this is the first of 3 parts in the set and things go a little wrong for Supergirl… as they start to at the end of this set. Lot’s and lot’s of Kryptonite fun.

  2. Veggicidal says:

    I love this girl. I’m getting this.