“Agent Alexis: Beatdown” from Heroine Movies

Now available from Heroine Movies, Agent Alexis: Beatdown. Click here to purchase for $27.99!

Agent Alexis faces her most dangerous adversary yet — a mysterious villain who wants nothing more than to punish our heroine with devastating belly punches. When Alexis finds herself captured and bound, and refuses to answer the villain’s questions, she receives multiple punishing belly blows — one after another after another, designed to break her spirit and her will. After enduring a savage belly-intensive beatdown, Alexis is barely conscious, barely able to keep her eyes open… but the punishment continues…

Note: As the description indicates, this is a custom belly-punching video. It contains a few additional elements (bondage, dizziness, unconsciousness, etc.) but focuses mainly on belly punches.

Running time: 33:56

Click here to purchase for $27.99!
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16 Responses

  1. Tuberko says:

    Love this actress… Hopefully there is more coming from her soon.

  2. Bimmer says:

    When is it coming?

  3. Sugarcoater says:

    I like the model and the outfit, but the preview makes the video look like it’s just an incessant amount of punches to the stomach and that’s it. Basically the woman is punched in the stomach in three different positions and nothing more.
    I would love to buy a video of her in that outfit with a sexual element to it, or a variety of perilous situations. But just punch after punch to the belly for the entire video seems monotonous.

    • Jacques says:

      As indicated by Mr. HM, the customer wanted only belly punches. His money, his fantasy.
      Personally, In addition to body blows I ask for variety of peril situations including face punches, ‘actual use’ of a knife, (showing wound with blood) ,tasering, water tortures, burning with a hair dryer, Kicks to the face and gut and more. Whatever one’s imagination desires.

    • Bimmer says:

      There are lot of other Agent Alexis videos with her that have a variety of situations.

    • Gary says:

      She’s outstanding! I agree with the sexual element desire but I’d prefer to finally get to view her in a sexy, sexed up, classic WW type outfit.

      Only HM can answer this, with no nudity, would she be available for strap-on simulated sex, sex toy simulated sex, strap-on fellatio. By either a male or female.

      If yes, I’d be up to contribute for a custom.

  4. AWise says:

    oh yes, a great belly beating

  5. Abbstar says:

    Yyeesssss, I like this one indeed! someone out there like me, hard core belly punching fan!

  6. LordSnot says:

    Damn it’s a good time to be a fan of the genre. Such beautiful women and quality of videos.

  7. Rover says:

    This actress, man.

  8. Alex060e says:

    I don’t think having too many bellypunches is a good idea, coz it makes the knockout less intense, especially when the dizziness comes before the unconsciousness. I prefer several bellypunches which instantly knockout the actress into unconsciousness with screaming. When waking up, the dizziness part comes in.

  9. Darkwrath016 says:

    Every time I see this actress I’m reminded that:

    a) She’s pretty hot and has a GREAT figure
    b) She’s pretty good at selling a beatdown
    c) That I’m seriously tempted to order another custom with her.