“Agent Alexis” from Heroine Movies

Agent Alexis, a Heroine Movies custom video, is now available at Heroine Movies. Check out a trailer, images, and more information below.


Agent Alexis searches for her missing friend when she encounters her arch-nemesis — a mysteriously powerful male villain who wants to render her unconscious and toy with her again and again. While in her regular casual clothes, brief fight scenes ensue with Agent Alexis repeatedly defeated and knocked out. While unconscious, the villain lightly frisks her, shakes her, plays with her arms, legs and body, positions her on a table, and films her for further humiliation. When she returns in her black catsuit, the villain dishes out more of the same treatment. His goal is to render her unconscious and humiliate her on camera.

Includes: Multiple KOs, Rag KO, Belly Punching, Face Punching, Face Slapping, Over-the-Shoulder Carry, Cradle Carry, Gunplay, Ragdolling, Hair Pulling, Bondage (hands bound in front), Gag, and more…

Note: This is a custom video with an emphasis on an unconscious heroine and includes long sequences in which Agent Alexis is knocked out and helpless. There are brief fight scenes in which the heroine is totally dominated and rendered unconscious.

Running time: 49 minutes
MP4 • 1920 x 1080

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64 Responses

  1. Ed1038 says:

    Will we ever get another product starring the actress? She is great and hope she can play some peril role.

    • HM says:

      Yes, you will be seeing more of this actress in the future.

      • Jacques says:

        Great news. I hate to be monotonous about this but this is a pet peeve of mine: how about a villain who is better looking, wears better clothes and can deliver decent dialogue. Please don’t lose or damage that amazing catsuit.

  2. TMMTBD says:

    Very promising costume. Hope to see some water peril if there is ever a sequel!

  3. Mobea says:

    Wonderful actress…is more coming with her?

  4. heroine lover says:

    is there a bearhug in this one?

  5. raymond felch says:

    id love to see her fight catwoman that be a awesome video and are the films going to be on dvd?

  6. Yakuza232 says:

    oh my…. this is right down my lane. looks fantastic!

  7. bap says:

    OMG That was awesome. I know its a custom but please say it’s the beginning of a series. Please say there is other agents coming to look for Alexis and end up with the same fate.

  8. Sh8kyj8ke says:

    Very much a taster’s choice Custom…The Catsuit is definitely a stunner. I wish I had the mindset and premise to properly showcase all the curves it has to offer. It is meant to be stretched and twisted to show all of the angles!!

    • Jacques says:

      Did you choose the villain? He is the difference between producing a pretty decent film to what could have been an awesome one. Sorry to be negative but that is how I feel.

      • Sh8kyj8ke says:

        No…Not my custom…I found the villain and the DEAD Sleepy play a bit too much (IE no reaction to the “punches” while in KO…I get she is KO, but doesn’t the body at least twitch a little?) I can see a market for the premise of Sleepy Play…But for my tastes, the frisking got redundant…I just wanted some stomping or stretching…The shaking NOT waking her as well…The character and costume were GREAT…I guess my taste has more purposeful actions…One solid frisk top to bottom then move on to SOMETHING more productive…I know it’s not pro wrestling and someone got EXACTLY what they asked for…I just prefer a sell to being literally dead until it’s time to wake up only to get a 1 punch KO to do it all again. I hope the purchaser got what they wanted…And I hope the Character is continued…I just hope there’s more interaction and LIFE in the next one.

        • Buxte says:

          It’s a sleepy movie and I loved this parts of it. I am a big fan of limp fetish movies and I am sure the market is big. Some things could have been better, but this catsuit and the limp actress…. wonderful

        • Jacques says:

          Sorry about that; your previous post seemed to give the impression that it was your custom. Nevertheless your points were well stated.

  9. Jacques says:

    Tough to be critical as this is a custom video. While you really don’t have a story and any meaningful dialogue, you do get a methodical beat down of the heroine. The frisking does get monotonous but I presume that the customer has a fetish about this. The face and body blows were great as was the actress being spread eagled on the table and her positioning on the chair. The highlight has to be the actress who is a stunner and she sells exceptional peril. Then there is the catsuit, one of the best that I have ever seen.
    For me the downer is the villain, let me just say that I definitely would have gone with someone else, actually I was disappointed. I don’t know what criteria could have been used to choose him.

  10. Drink says:

    throw a catwoman mask on her and this would have been perfect

  11. Greg Spat says:

    I really liked the movie. Any more movies with this actress coming out? She is so beautiful. Does she have twitter or instagram?

  12. bbsucks says:

    Oof. This one was tough for me.

    I love the actress. I love the way she reacts to things. I thought the costume was great.

    This movie kind of played out like a bullet point list of fetish elements that someone wanted to see. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. But it might have been better served as a series of short individual clips. As it is, this one goes from scene to scene with very little reason or context. She gets frisked about 10 times in a row. Which, I get it. That’s the scene that someone wanted to see. And I have nothing against that. I can get behind a sexy secret agent being frisked. But when it happens over and over again, several times in a row, it becomes hard to ignore the ridiculousness of the repetition. And for me, the frisking scenario loses its appeal when it’s not being done for any reason….. What is this guy looking for so hard?

    And that’s pretty much all of this movie, but replacing frisking with other elements. Something just happens several times. Then something else totally unrelated happens a lot for no reason. That being said, check out the list of elements in the description. If you want to see those things, this may be a great movie for you and I encourage you to give it a try. But, if you’re like me, and you get into the story arch of a heroine getting into trouble and being taken down, and you appreciate the gravity/weight/context of things happening, this is just about the furthest thing from what you’re looking for.

  13. Bob says:

    Any chance of releasing this soon? Getting a little tired of checking in to see if you got round to it yet…. 😉

  14. F L says:

    I like how vulnerable her abdominal and hip área looks without belts, it shows more of that amazing catsuit. Will definitively consider buying this just for the catsuit. Those gloves and boots fit nicely

  15. HM says:

    Just wanted to thank everyone for the comments so far.

    I estimate that “Agent Alexis” should be available early next week.

    For those asking about customs — yes, customs are available. Shoot me an email at heroinemovies (at) yahoo.com for more info (serious inquiries only, please!).

    • Jacques says:

      Thanks, I am about to be a first time buyer.

    • nikolai68 says:

      Early next week? But it’s early THIS week! Another week… I might have to go back to real life for a while. Can’t wait. That little “uhnn…” she makes after that pistol whip is epic.

    • raymond felch says:

      first off love her she is awesome will
      this be on dvd?
      and can we see a video with vs catwoman? Please, what
      ? is her name? please have more videos with this actress please

  16. Ed1038 says:

    When will it be out? I can’t wait any longer! Really looking forward to it.

  17. MeyersCalm says:

    Wow what a costume and beatdown!

    How much are custom videos?

  18. Charles says:

    This looks amazing! I’m going to get it, the sleepy stuff looks fantastic!

  19. hboss says:

    Yes, suit looks very nice. She also wears gloves and boots. Multiple fights and knockouts – great. She just looks not tactical enough for my personal taste without weapon belts.

  20. greg spat says:

    Can’t wait for this video to come out. Any idea when the release date will be for the video?

  21. bbsucks says:

    A lot of people seem to be down on the way the heroine reacts to the blows/attacks in general. Assuming that the performance ends up being similar to the one in the recent Omega Girl 3 video, which she also starred in, I could not disagree more.

    It’s all a matter of preference so I’m not, by any means, saying people are wrong. I just really want to voice my opinion on this so people don’t read these comments and think “oh, this must not be anyone’s cup of tea.”

    What I love about her reactions (again, basing this more on the Omega Girl video than the short preview for this one): She kind of remains heroic. Comic book superheroes and heroines have a tendency to be kind of dumb and simple, sometimes. Evil is afoot and they are brave so they wear a weird impractical costume, go bravely fight whatever thing is around regardless of the odds, and they triumph. When things get tough, you rarely see them question their motives or become afraid of anything. It’s just all about winning, and being beaten is more about not winning than experiencing physical pain or being afraid of what’s happening. Realistic? Not at all. But that’s kind of the black and white world that superheros live in, in comics (at least in older comics. The writers are probably getting a little deeper as things evolve).

    And that’s what I liked about OG3. It seemed like a really cool old timey superhero defeat to me. She was outmatched, but her actions/reactions to the fight never made her seem unheroic. At one point, it was super obvious that she was beaten and would no longer be able to contribute anything to the fight, but she didn’t quit. She maintained an attitude of “I’m a heroine, and I’m fighting to the end!” At that point, the blows dazed her (which she did a great job of, as an actress) and drained her energy, but she never started screaming or crying or doing anything to tip the balance from “super being battle heavily favoring one of the fighters” to “strong person assaulting a weak person.” You could almost see the little video game fighting energy bar draining as the fight went on, and wasn’t defeated until the moment that bar was empty, which made that moment super satisfying to me.

    Anyway. Seeing comments about the lack of screaming, the fact that she isn’t selling any pain, and is wooden in reaction to the pain (which I’m going to take as meaning, not recoiling or grimacing, or holding the spots that hurt, etc.). Again, not saying any people are wrong to want that stuff. I just think it’s not in this on purpose because they’re deliberately going for a different flavor of heroine-reacting-to-being-beaten. And personally, I liked it a lot in Omega Girl 3 and can’t wait for it in this one.

    Just wanted to voice that preference/opinion so the comment sections doesn’t get too one-sided.

    • Fritz says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Her performance in OG3 is great and I absolutely love her style.

    • HorseWithNoName says:

      Liked her a lot in Omega Girl 2. Also agree that there are different ways to react and there should be. Again it comes down to taste I guess, but different flavors keept everything fresh 🙂

      • Jacques says:

        I am always amazed how some people are able to draw conclusions from watching a fifty second quasi trailer. Is this something that was inherited (presumably from a family member) or is this an acquired ‘skill’?

  22. Frank113 says:

    There is no much the actress screaming as she is beaten in the preview. Is the video like this too?

  23. Ztc says:

    Also just saying shf was smart with shadow cat. Please someone put a hot actress in a catsuit for black cat or even dark Knight inspired catwoman.

  24. Valik says:

    Actress sounds wooden in her dialogue and I agree that every reaction is the same.not really selling any kind of pain. Good part is that she is very attractive and can only improve

  25. Spartans48823 says:

    This looks promising. I can of like it when producers change it up. Not that I don’t appreciate the Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl stuff, however, a simple catsuit can suffice.

  26. Blx says:

    Fuck I love catsuits so much

  27. Starman says:

    looks hot and extremely one sided. Shes a good actress. I think eventually we need more dialogue from her, especially when she is losing, maybe internal dialogue too. She would make a great batgirl or perhaps wonder woman

  28. JohnM says:

    This will be nice!

  29. SHBeater says:

    How long before a producer will offer up custom CGI movies. I’ve seen so much spectacular work on YouTube, I wonder what the cost would be to put together a short CGI peril clip where you could choose the outfits as well as the action. Has to be the next step in this market. Just wondering…

  30. Joben says:

    Everything looks great except for the actress’s reactions to blows. No change of facial expression and wooden physical movements after the blows strip away the realism.

  31. LordSnot says:

    This gorgeous girl is quickly moving up the rankings with each new release.

  32. kevin says:

    This looks incredible; wow!

  33. Nikolai68 says:

    Instant purchase. Release that sucker!

  34. Stee says:

    She’s HOT but was that preview in slow motion?

  35. Mike3 says:

    Was going to buy it just for the suit. Now after watching the trailer and hearing her moan at the end as she was going down, I definitely have to buy it!

  36. Ztv says:

    Might buy it for the suit

  37. Rover says:

    Yup, I will buy this.