“Agent Wonder: Deadeye” from UltraHeroix

UltraHeroix has a new video available – check out more information about Agent Wonder: Deadeye below.

Agent Wonder returns on a rescue mission of captured super heroine, Nightfox. Agent Wonder takes on a ruthless mercenary named Deadeye, who seems to have special interest in Nightfox. Agent Wonder and Nightfox soon finds themselves outmatched and over-powered by Deadeye as they fight to escape his evil lair. In this we have knockouts, carries, submission holds, sleeper holds and more.

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4 Responses

  1. Da Jinx says:

    Thanks guys, I’m glad you enjoyed it and from the look of things a lot of other people like this video too. I’m really having a lot of fun with the Agent Wonder character and the actors were great to work with. Bringing back Nightfox was must and fans really enjoyed that character plus I wanted to have some closure from her storyline. Damien Woods did a fantastic job with the edit and music so he should get a lot of kudos for the success of the video.

    With all the friendly competition out there I try to think of new things that hasn’t been done before but stays fun and is still within a budget. I really enjoy that creative aspect of these projects.

    As for Mentallix, bringing her back is a must. the villainess is cool and the actress that plays her is eager to do more. I’m just trying to think of some new ideas and ways that mentallix could use her telepathic and telekinetic powers on Agent Wonder or any other heroine. If anyone has ideas then please share.
    Thanks again,
    Da Jinx

  2. ceej says:

    Pretty enjoyable video. I appreciate the continuity shown during the story, I and felt like the UH’s biggest hiccup during their films (the music) was just perfect. Nothing dominated a scene of felt out of place, so good job all around!

  3. Mike3 says:

    I simply love:

    -This WW outfit on Caitlin, not to mention Caitlin herself as WW
    -The return of a favorite of mine in Nightfox, and even though it’s been a while since her last appearance I was very delighted to see it’s the same actress (sorry, forgot her real name)
    -The content that Ultraheroix puts out, pure straight up heroine peril yet original and creative, highly enjoyable without anything unnecessary or overdone
    -When the heroine(s) keep trying but get thwarted again and again

    I could gush a lot more about this video and UH as a whole. I just enjoyed this one A LOT. After being slightly disappointed by SHG’s “Solaria- The Hunt” (which is not Keira Nicole’s fault at all) and HIGHLY disappointed by SHG’s “Demons”, I happened to visit UH’s website though doubtful they had something new since they released the Crimson Cat vid pretty recently. To my pleasant surprise the latest Agent Wonder was available and for me it was a home run. UH continues to be my overall favorite in the superheroine peril genre. I would love to see either Agent Wonder or Nightfox (or even both!) take on and lose to the spider lady villain and her little pet spiders! ­čÖé

  4. Raiderman says:

    Can watch Caitlin Boyle get Ko’d over and over. Nice follow up from the first Agent Wonder, but now its time for the rematch and conclusion between Agent Wonder and Mentallix where only 1 gets out alivev.