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UPDATED! “Alpha Kandy” from KickAssKandy

"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandyUPDATED with images! We don’t try to stuff girl power film reviews down the throats of our overwhelmingly peril loving crowd, but when we come across a video, like KAK’s Alpha Kandy, that’s well done and stars a girl that has a real “wow” factor about her, we like to let people know.

"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy

The film centers around a new Kandygirl named Diva. And I say she has a β€œwow” factor about her because the first time I saw her on screen in the trailer, my first words were “wow.” As in “Wow, that is one good looking woman.” She’s also crazy athletic. Maybe more so than any other Kandygirl that has come before her. Judging by the moves she pulls off in this video, I have to imagine she has a background as a gymnast.

"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy

Diva enters a parking garage in high heels and just about the tightest pair of pants I’ve ever seen. She runs into a masked sentry and destroys him with punches, kicks, and knee lifts. Then she picks up her bag, spots another sentry, and changes from her heels into knee high boots.

"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy

She goes on to eliminate the second sentry in a similar manner then she did the first. She then pulls off the boots which leaves her barefoot. Enter sentry number 3 and it’s at this point we get to see Diva’s superior physical talents as she does multiple backflips across the garage and downs the man with one punch. Several similar scenarios follow as she takes down a few more bad guys and incorporates her aforementioned gymnastic abilities to do so.

"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy

This is the definition of a classic Kandy film. Well produced, well choreographed, and all girl power. Diva is absolutely fabulous in this film. I was trying to think of a way to describe her look and all I could come up with is Hi-Kix crossed with Lucy Zillion from NGC. That’s a damn good combination and about as complimentary as I can be.

"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy

In other KAK news, they have a block of time set aside for custom shoots this November but they already have several scheduled, so it may tough (but not impossible) to get one done during that time. Kandyman indicated to me that they also plan to shoot more customs at the beginning of next year, so if you have interest in getting one done, contact him here. I’m not sure who is on the active roster at this point, but if Diva is, I imagine she’s going to be busy come November and January.

"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy

And on a final note, we’ve had several people asking about the release status of my custom. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about I recently ordered a custom film through KAK, and did a little diary about the experience.

"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy"Alpha Kandy" from KickAssKandy

I personally have no idea when it will be released to the general public and I’ve promised not to press Kandyman on the issue. That doesn’t mean you guys can’t. Just saying.

Purchase Alpha Kandy at KickAssKandy

21 Responses

  1. pulphead says:

    2014 is far far away πŸ™ but we will wait. I believe it will be worth it!
    maybe until then we have the chance to see something perilous?

  2. Thefab4 says:

    Thanks Sidekick and Jadeowl, i know how to describe her look…she is like a cross between Crystal Johson and God…It’s a shame she has only blown my mind!
    Would be great to see her work with some other producers…

  3. SmashTFC says:

    I only frequent this site to see upcoming movies with girls in hot costumes. And I like Sidekick who does a fine job with this site and I don’t hold the “peril” thing against him, lol. I’ve been following KAK films since day 1 and I have to say that this woman is the absolute greatest thing to star in Kandyman’s films! That being said never do I like to see any of these actresses suffer in peril especially Kandy girls!!!! Anyone who boycotts a beautiful woman not suffering is just strange…

    @Kandyman – Keep up the good work and the feminine ass-kicking!!!

  4. JadeOwl says:

    @Sidekick: I found some tweets from her that seem to back that up:




    Apparently this video was her very first fight scene ever! Talk about raw natural talent! πŸ˜€

    I can’t wait to see the other films KAK has made with her. They’re going to be awesome!

  5. Sidekick says:


    As far as the type of films that we cover here, I’ve never seen her anywhere else. However, Kandyman has stated that he has shot other films with her already.

  6. Thefab4 says:

    This woman is phenomenal! Does she work with any other producers?

  7. Paul GPF says:

    I think Diva may just of become my favourite Kandy Girl, she was brilliant in this film, she really does have the moves, great gymnastic ability, any future movies with her in are an instant buy from me (that’s not saying much really as I’ve got most all your films anyway :)). Nice to hear another site is in the works to feature F/F fights, you’ll have my money when it debuts !!

  8. JadeOwl says:

    @pulphead: I think your chances are good for what you hope, buddy. πŸ˜€

    I may be lacking a bit in imagination, I admit, but I really can’t think of a scenario in which a girl who can do the things we’ve seen her do in this latest video could be tied up if she was conscious enough to object. πŸ˜‰

    Of course, my Sherlock Holmes routine could be way off base; but that’s just one more reason to look forward to the new site. πŸ˜€

  9. Greg S says:

    I’ve always been impressed with the quality of KAK, and always thought “if only they did peril vids…” Glad to see you are getting into the F/F perilous video world, can’t wait for more! I always thought F/F videos made too much sense for you not to do, since you will attract one audience who likes seeing kickass women and another audience who likes seeing women in peril at the same time. Can’t wait to see Red and her amazing abs in action in a perilous vid!

  10. pulphead says:

    “with Diva where she gets tied up” I hope she gets knocked out first πŸ™‚ …. Kandyman please speed up the process we really cannot wait! (or throw us more bones or something like pics and stuf)

  11. Kandyman says:

    @bert – my bad, I was actually discussing the next film with Sidekick with Diva where she gets tied up. There’s no peril in this one.

    @Jade – your enthusiasm is infectious!

    @Stee – yours isn’t! πŸ˜‰

  12. JadeOwl says:

    @Sidekick: As soon as I was done watching it, I had a feeling this video would catch your eye. πŸ˜‰

    @kandy: You can’t even imagine how happy it makes me to hear that the KAK FF sister site is going to be a reality! And so soon!

    Just knowing that the FF will involve action of the quality displayed in this video makes me do a little dance of joy in my chair! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ To say nothing of the previous examples of your FF products, which I can attest are flawless.

    Rest assured that yours truly will be first in line to buy the output of the new site sight unseen. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  13. Bert says:

    @kandy – Is the peril you speak of the ineffectual stomach punches in the trailer, or does Diva really have a bit of difficulty with any of her opponents?

  14. Stee says:

    @Bert – I didn’t criticize anyone. I just gave my thoughts/feelings on the project. I’m sure for people who like this it would be fantastic. If the girl wasn’t so friggin’ hot, I wouldn’t even care. I am anxiously (and doubtfully to be honest) awaiting a KAK Peril site!

  15. Bert says:

    @Stee – I don’t think WE should be criticizing other people’s fetishes. Just sayin’.

  16. kandy says:

    Thanks Sidekick for another wonderful review. Diva is one incredible woman and a real KAK star for the future and we added a bit of Peril into this film specially for you too! We’ve actually shot a couple of FF films with her too and the big plan for all the FF movies (including these and your custom) is to launch a sister site to KAK that is dedicated to FF (with a flavour of Peril) so thank you all for your patience and the site should be up in 2014 πŸ™‚

    With regards to your post Burclee, ditto everything my friend NGC has written (thanks Andrew). The trailer doesn’t have any ads for me, it must be something in your part of the world and I can assure you we don’t make any money from them and would rather they weren’t there.

    However, I’m glad that Sidekick’s review, our production and Diva’s devastating good looks, incredible gymnastic fighting ability and tightest red pants this side of christendom made such an impression on you that you simply had to post all about her! πŸ˜‰

  17. Stee says:

    I didn’t have the beer ad before the video. (I think it tried to play after it though.) Now, my thoughts:


    But I digress, to each his own I suppose. I will be passing on this one.

  18. Oh dear, then advertising in your part of the world is truly out of hand! However, despite this it will not be the producers fault or choice I can assure you.

  19. Burclee says:

    No x appears, there is no means for stopping the ad.

  20. @Burclee – Rarely do I post on anyone else’s thread but had to do so here. The advert at the start of the trailer has an ‘x’ in the top right-hand corner which will close it and take you straight to what you want to see, no sitting through anything. I can promise you that no producer wants this at the start of their trailer but we get pushed into it when needing to find alternatives to YouTube when that company in their great wisdom bans our channels for unknown reasons. KAK does not deserve a boycott, just press ‘x’.

  21. Burclee says:

    The trailer is an advertisement for your product. In order to see this 51 second advertisement, we first must sit through a 30 second advertisement for beer.

    Perhaps a boycott of this video might discourage others from duplicating this practice.