“Amazon Arrow vs. Cthulhu” from Steve Noir (Customs Available)

Hey gang. So I did a big project a year or so ago with the online comic character AMAZON ARROW (you might remember it)… It was called FEARGIRL: MEET AMAZON ARROW, and it was set in FearGirl’s virtual peril arena, The Panopticon.

It went well, and we enjoyed the collaboration, so this year we’re trying something different.

Amazon Arrow is going to appear on my newer web project, GIRLS VS CTHULHU.

The video will be called AMAZON ARROW VS CTHULHU, and all I know right now is that it will be the lovely SELENE DRAKE once again playing the heroine, and she will be going up against xenomorphic face-hugger / chest-hugger / belly-hugger / crotch-hugger creatures that were being genetically-engineered by the drone servants of Cthulhu until something went terribly wrong… Now the laboratory is abandoned, with its sleeping specimens, waiting for someone to wake them! (I have included some original Amazon Arrow artworks that were made just to suggest ideas and promote the project; they are not all necessarily going to be in the video — BUT THEY COULD BE.)

We are going to do a limited number of Custom Scenes within this scenario, at $250 per scene.

This video will be shooting in late April. If you are interested in a Custom Scene within this framework, please email me directly at noir.steve@gmail.com.




4 Responses

  1. Shaz says:

    So is this project just dead?

  2. EKG says:

    Any production news?

  3. EKG says:

    That last image would be absolute gold. Also impressive if prop quality is seen as anything close to #7.

  4. Talon says:

    While i sadly can’t commit to a custom, if you are going to be shooting a video in this format regardless, i can at least say you have a very interested day 1 buyer at the least. Especially if you can include something like the middle picture in the 4th row down, as well as the very final picture in the final row, especially if that leads to a forced O.