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Clandestine – New Film Starring Amy Johnston

Clandestine - New Film Starring Amy JohnstonUPDATED with trailer! A while back we were following the progress of what looked to be an epic martial arts fantasy film featuring Amy Johnston named Clandestine. And after a long wait, we now have an official trailer.

UPDATE: New Trailer

One thing I’ve always wanted was for a producer Amy Johnston worked with to really “cut her loose.” That is to let every ounce of her insanely high level of talent shine. I think it’s obvious that wish has been fulfilled. Enjoy:

UPDATE: Original Post

Fans of the classic superheroine video Avalon may wonder what Amy Johnston has been up to since the release of that project. One project she’s involved in called Clandestine and shows off her impressive martial arts skills.

Clandestine - New Film Starring Amy Johnston

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Amy Johnston, here’s a quick summary: when Heroine Movies was in its infancy, Rye had just cast Amy to play the superheroine Avalon in the first episode of The Battle for Earth. The release of Avalon brought a lot of attention to Amy.

What makes her extraordinary to watch is two-fold. Obviously, she is beautiful. She has this rare combination of supermodel crossed with girl-next-door looks, and she is quite literally one of the best martial artists walking the planet.

Clandestine - New Film Starring Amy Johnston

I’ve become a big fan of not only her but the dozens of martial artists that she regularly performs with. She is now part of a ridiculously talented group known as the Thousand Pounds Action Company and they are in the midst of producing a high end web series, Clandestine, with Amy taking on a lead role.

For the month of July they put on a massive fundraising campaign and pulled in somewhere around $90,000.00. An impressive haul to be sure, and with that kind of money at their disposal, we could have an epic series on our hands. Thousand Pounds Action Company has produced several incredible short films without nearly this kind of funding, and I believe all of them are available for free online.

Clandestine - New Film Starring Amy Johnston

So what do we know about Clandestine? Not all that much, as of yet. They have released some story background, and it appears most of the action is going to center around four rival martial arts clans. A lot of information can be found at their official site.

A nicely put together short featuring Amy has also been released and although there is a disclaimer that this may not represent the final product, it’s still terrifically done.

I’ll keep a close eye out for updates and I’m sure we will run a review upon the release of the first episode.

14 Responses

  1. was says:


    Thx !!!
    I liked very much Amy like the Canary.

  2. JadeOwl says:

    @SK: Funny you should mention that. 😉


  3. SK says:

    Looks great and I wish for a Black Canary fan film with her..

  4. Ripper1 says:

    @JadeOwl thank you for that update, I never knew that, than again I haven’t even seen the film lol, but looking at the link you provided, she has quite the talent, & you don’t here a lot of those people that do all the hard stunt stuff, someone should make a website that features all those great ladies & guys that make all those stars look so good.

  5. JadeOwl says:

    @Ripper1 She’s being busy with more than that. She was Scarlett Johansson’s stunt double in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER.


  6. Ripper1 says:

    I was one that loved her when she starred in that first heroine peril video, & was really eager to see more of her, But this explains why she left that genre, & in my opinion this is looking totally Awesome. I will be definitely interested in supporting them 🙂

  7. Kevlar says:

    Yeah, like ME2012 said, they made the naruto film with next to nothing, and although they were funded for the Street Fighter one, they didn’t get paid as they did it because they wanted to and love Street Fighter / Tekken. Also these films are incredibly true to the animes/games they are trying to portray, so accurate and so much dedication. Just click any of the youtube links and check out their whole channel, they’ve got 30+ videos and some of their old stuff is pretty awesome too!

  8. ME2012 says:

    Wow, what?! I never in my life thought Thousand Pounds Action Company would be mentioned on a site like this, it literally blew my mind off, lol.
    To begin with, no they are strict material art’s related so no fetish/adult material what-so-ever. In fact, I was a bit confused and surprised to why Clandestine was even mentioned here, except for the people behind the project being amazingly good at doing stuff, even without a budget.

    To further support what I’m talking about, and to extend on Kevlar’s link, this is the full Naruto Dreamers Fight short film they did (part 1 and 2), and they even did it without a budget:


    But not only that, they got hired by no other than Capcom themselves to do a short film on Street FighterxTekken when it was released, but this time with a budget:


    So basically, much to look forward to when they’ll be releasing this new project called Clandestine. I even supported them with $500 on their kickstarter site.
    The total fund pledged they ended on was $95 685.

    If you visit their site on kickstarter, you will get a lot of information:


  9. ceej says:

    This might be one of the most badass things I’ve ever seen.

  10. WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! This looks amazing. I want to watch this movie NOW!!!

  11. JadeOwl says:

    I’m incredibly excited about this project. I did everything I could think of to get the word out, and fortunately they reach the funding goal and more. 

    I don’t have the faintest idea of what the budget is for the average pay site video, but one can only imagine what this guys can turn out with US$ 95,500. Just look at what they can do with cero money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR5-NKFYB9Q

  12. Sidekick says:


    Thanks for the link. I have no inside information but there is little doubt in my mind that this will have the highest end fight choreography of anything we have ever covered. I also wouldn’t hold out much hope for fetishy material. I think the focus will be on old school, martial arts battles with a touch of superhuman abilities.

  13. Kevlar says:

    Just checked out their main site and they aim to make 10 episodes to begin with. Looks like there wont be anything adult/fetish related at all, they’re more about martial arts, and video games manga etc. which is fine by me. They’ve even got a short film on Naruto for those of you who are fans, im about to watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAl2DWNukbs

  14. Kevlar says:

    Finally shes back! I have been hoping for Amy Johnston to pop-up somewhere since Avalon for so long that i bought the Directors Cut version as well.
    This looks epic! That brief clip looks better than anything I’ve seen reviewed on this site! The brief fight scene is well choreographed and the hits are fast, seem to land hard and look very realistic, you can tell these guys are the real deal. Even the special effects with the glowing palms are good and aren’t so obvious that they’ve been added in.
    The acting also seems very good, not Hollywood standard, but far from the amateurish over- or under- acting we sometimes see. Seems very professional and with multiple camera angles.
    The only thing is that it doesn’t look like it will be a very “adult” film which some people might not like. I just hope there’s a lot of action scenes throughout the film. Also (at the risk of being flamed) i would like low blows to feature in the series! Definitely looking forward to this one!