Clandestine – New Film Starring Amy Johnston

Clandestine - New Film Starring Amy JohnstonUPDATED with trailer! A while back we were following the progress of what looked to be an epic martial arts fantasy film featuring Amy Johnston named Clandestine. And after a long wait, we now have an official trailer.

UPDATE: New Trailer

One thing I’ve always wanted was for a producer Amy Johnston worked with to really “cut her loose.” That is to let every ounce of her insanely high level of talent shine. I think it’s obvious that wish has been fulfilled. Enjoy:

UPDATE: Original Post

Fans of the classic superheroine video Avalon may wonder what Amy Johnston has been up to since the release of that project. One project she’s involved in called Clandestine and shows off her impressive martial arts skills.

Clandestine - New Film Starring Amy Johnston

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Amy Johnston, here’s a quick summary: when Heroine Movies was in its infancy, Rye had just cast Amy to play the superheroine Avalon in the first episode of The Battle for Earth. The release of Avalon brought a lot of attention to Amy.

What makes her extraordinary to watch is two-fold. Obviously, she is beautiful. She has this rare combination of supermodel crossed with girl-next-door looks, and she is quite literally one of the best martial artists walking the planet.

Clandestine - New Film Starring Amy Johnston

I’ve become a big fan of not only her but the dozens of martial artists that she regularly performs with. She is now part of a ridiculously talented group known as the Thousand Pounds Action Company and they are in the midst of producing a high end web series, Clandestine, with Amy taking on a lead role.

For the month of July they put on a massive fundraising campaign and pulled in somewhere around $90,000.00. An impressive haul to be sure, and with that kind of money at their disposal, we could have an epic series on our hands. Thousand Pounds Action Company has produced several incredible short films without nearly this kind of funding, and I believe all of them are available for free online.

Clandestine - New Film Starring Amy Johnston

So what do we know about Clandestine? Not all that much, as of yet. They have released some story background, and it appears most of the action is going to center around four rival martial arts clans. A lot of information can be found at their official site.

A nicely put together short featuring Amy has also been released and although there is a disclaimer that this may not represent the final product, it’s still terrifically done.

I’ll keep a close eye out for updates and I’m sure we will run a review upon the release of the first episode.

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