Anarchy Films’ “Heroines of S.W.O.R.D.”

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  1. mantower says:

    I couldn’t agree more with sugarcoater’s comment, the footwear she has on is rather uninspiring in my opinion, high heeled boots is the only way to go IMHO…

  2. David says:

    I hope the blackhaired girl in the black lingerie and the gold cape got the bearhug and the backbreaker again. That scene was awesome.

  3. sugarcoater says:


    Am really looking forward to next week’s release of Part 2. Specifically, the model in the gold outfit looks absolutely amazing. Forgive me for repeating a previous post, but is there any chance of a video starring solely (or mostly) her in peril? Would love to see as much of her as possible. She looks terrific.
    And if I may add one request, any chance of using gold colored (or at least black) boots instead? The gold shoes have a cute appeal to them, but they don’t give her that extra sexy detail boots would add.
    Thanks for taking the time to read (and hopefully consider) my humble requests.


  4. Anarcy says:

    Part 2 will be available the week of X-mas.

    We listened to your feedback and edited accordingly.

    More girl in the gold! Different damsels in distress! And more interplay between the heroines.

  5. Doug says:

    This was a great video, as I loved the 3 on 1 stomach beatings. I hope the next ones contain a lot of the same & it would be awesome if you could add some weapons to the mix (baseball bats, dumbbells, lead pipes, etc.) It would be great if they could sell it a little better by clutching their guts in totally agony after the victims bellies get destroyed. Wouldn’t mind some coughing up blood as well which would just add to the realism.

  6. Markko says:

    True, I forgot to say that too. The codec used is really weird… please use WMV9 or whatever common 🙂

  7. rangerian says:

    I would prefer the video clip in MPEG4.

    WMV comes up as an invalid file on my Astone media player 🙁

    I had to transcode it to MPEG4.

  8. Jose says:

    More of the heroine in gold please! Hopefully in her own solo video. I also have to echo what mantower stated. She needs better footwear. Black knee high boots would be perfect. Also if possible, fix the belt to where it is only one single black strap that sits above her hips. I want to see as much skin as possible. Great video!!!

  9. Dkm says:

    Do the heroines die in this or in part 2 is there an alternative version where that happens?

  10. Stagger Lee says:

    I love how the bitchy superheroine gets disrobed while she’s being beat down, that’s super hot. I also like the dynamic between the pair of superheroines at the bar, that whole scene is fantastic (did anyone else notice the black flag tattoo on the big tough guy?)

    Can’t wait to see the follow up to this.

  11. MAV says:

    Was very impressed with this first video, especially the AOH scene with the blonde (who is she?). I’m ok with the peril in street clothes (and the minor tattoo) as the set-up and was pleasantly surprised that the AOH scene was topless peril that included bellypunching and face blows, but the electro scene couldve been better. Looking forward to the series!

    I do however have some technical issues on the video. For some reason, some parts (~15%) of the video get pixelated.

  12. RyanD says:

    As many people have stated, I want to see the heroine in gold in her own solo video against multiple villains. That costume is sexy as hell and the actress is hot!!!

  13. Anarchy says:


    two posts above. The second part is out in December. The cast is the same because it’s already shot.

    We could have shot part 3 at the same time, but we are taking everyone’s comments into consideration for part 3.

  14. ximi says:

    So any update on episode 2, story, cast, eta?

  15. Sugarcoater says:

    As a request, could you highlight the heroine in the gold outfit? She looks amazing! Would love to see a solo video of her in various perilous situations.

  16. Anarchy says:

    Part 2 is coming in early December. Already shot and currently being edited.

    We are listening to your comments and will include them in Part 3 which begins shooting later this month.

  17. Darklord says:

    Good video. Could use some touch ups around the edges but it was a good “origin” movie. If they make this a series then it’s a good pay off but if they don’t continue with a few more vids at least it will seem as a waste.

    I loved the arguing at the end. I really hope to see more of the girl in red and have her bad attitude used against her to turn her to evil.

  18. mantower says:

    I had an issue, contacted them vie email and they had it sorted in a matter of hours. The video is good, if a little repetitive. One thing, I hope the heroine in gold gets some better footwear, those shoes she wears in this video are horrible and completely unheroine like. Get her in some gold or black boots and the outfit would be perfect.

  19. HM says:

    Anyone experiencing difficulty ordering this (or other videos) from SHG Media, please contact SHG directly to resolve the problem. They will gladly work with you to find a solution (I’m guessing that 99% of customers have no problem at all, but for the rest, just shoot them an email at

  20. Sugarcoater says:

    Love the look of the superheroine in gold! Would absolutely buy any peril videos starring her. Please consider highlighting her in some future videos in as much peril as possible.

  21. Stagger Lee says:

    I loved this video! Loved the costumes, the action, the story… special effects were good at times but could use some work. I really don’t have many complaints though, I am really excited about the next episode! When can we expect it?

  22. General says:

    I really liked your video. Action and reaction is very well executed.
    Maybe you should invest in higher quality spandex superheroine costumes like Christina Carter and NGC. They would cover up the tattoos which, I agree, don’t look good on a superheroine. The girls would look much more like heroines and less like stripers.
    Wouldn’t change anything else. I’m very interested in your future work! 🙂

  23. rangerian says:


    You should see a PayPal option, I have always used PayPal since my credit card was hacked after using the Credit Card option…on two separate occasions. I just don’t trust the SHG credit card gateway!!!

    SHG have always replied within a matter of hours, providing a download link.

  24. mantower says:

    So I just went to the webpage to buy this but it only gives me the check/money order option for payment, which I cannot do. How can I pay with paypal for it?

  25. Markko says:

    Solid video. Would recommend everybody. The fire superheroine must be one of the most beautiful actress I’ve ever seen !
    Only things that IMHO needs to be improved for awesomeness:
    1) better special FX. The current ones are somewhat ‘dull’
    2) More variety in the fights
    3) No tattoos on that superheroine, it’s somewhat a turn off (at least for me !)
    4) Change of costume (a better one), the white one is too much similar to the red one. Would change the white if you ask myself.

    I understand that for the latter 3 points it’s late as you have already shot everything ^^

  26. ximi says:

    A very good fun video – nothing to speak of in special effects and fight choreography, but the basic heroine beating elements are well done, good quality and in large quantity. My only concern is how are you going to do the sequel to keep up with this? I hope the sequel can keep the “density” of this one and not become just another normal movie.

  27. mjk says:

    A very good film, especially for those of us who enjoy seeing heroines take a beating. You get five beatdowns in this film, three of them 2 on 1 and the last two 3 on 1. The five heroinesare passed aomong the bad guys, who take turns h olding them while their cohorts pound away. All of the girls take a lot of punches and kicks in the course of the movie and they sell it well. All of the heroines are atractive, especially, at least to me, the two blondes and the one in gold. I am looking forward to part two. A question for SHG: will future episodes continue to feature all five heroines or will they be featured individually or will htere be a combination of both methods?

  28. decendingskulls says:

    It was pretty cool. Most of what I would say would be echoing what has already been said. I did like the comic panel editing – that’s something I don’t see often. I’m definitely interested to see part 2.

  29. Hi Markko,

    Yes… We usually fill Pay Pal orders very quickly. We post that it “may” take up to 48 hours to cover the cases when I might be sleeping… or in the event of an emergency that prevents us from filling orders. I am glad we were able to get your order filled quickly and thank you for your support. 🙂

  30. Markko says:

    Errr I guess my previous post has been deleted, weird ^^

  31. Markko says:

    Nevermind I got the download link in less than 30 min =) go ahead !

  32. Anarchy says:

    Darklord – we won’t leave you hanging. Part 2 is already shot and being edited as I type.

  33. Anarchy says:

    Thanks for the comments. We listened to the feedback after the first movies and tried to incorporate your ideas. So, we welcome your suggestions.

    I haven’t counted up the crotch punches but not all of them were “acting”. We had to stop cameras after one heroine squirmed free of her captor at an inopportune moment — for her anyway.

  34. Bert says:

    This is a fun video, and a good value. Several of the girls are knock-outs, there’s plenty of fighting, good costumes, and pretty good acting. Now, the level of professionalism isn’t up to, say, NGC standards, but there’s plenty to like here, and I think some small changes could make it even better. I love the scenario of a heroine being set upon by multiple attackers, and I’m all for belly and face punching. It would have been nice, seeing as the fight scenes were good and long, to have more variety in the attacks. A bit more variety in the sound effects when blows landed would have been good as well.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. almost forgot – love the guy that brings the heroines together. Good performer and great voice!

  35. Mike J says:

    Was a good video I thought. It’s not a serious movie by any means. There is a lot of peril in this. Just a scene of a very one sided fight for each heroine as her power goes from working to not working. You can imagine what happens when it’s not working.

    Lots of blows to the stomach and face. Lots of the heroines being passed between villains as they take turns getting their shots in. There are some low blows a bear hug or two.

    Not many actual KOs for those who are fans of that. Plenty of the heroines battered and weak, stuggling to stay in the fight, but not any shots of heroines out cold on the floor or any heroines getting carried away. Mostly just beatings. The heroines sell the peril well.

    I enjoyed the film and will purchase the next one as well.

    My only gripe and it was big as I watched it was that the heroine in white took all of her peril in street clothes, and none in her heroine costume, and that was the one I was lookin forward to the most lol. Get it in the next one lol. All the rest are in costume for the peril.

    Only other thing I may say is that the sound effects aren’t really crushing blows, didn’t bother me but just putting that out there In case anyone grades on that.

    So in conclusion I liked it. Lots of one sided heroine abuse, blows to face, body, low blows, bear hugs, a back breaker, and lots of the heroine getting weakened passed around as villains take turns delivering punishment. Not a perfect film by any means but worth the cost I thought. I’d give it a B. Good effort.

  36. Darklord says:

    This is an awesome idea. Kind of like a justice league task force concept

    I really hope you guys make a series of videos and not one of those “to be continued” that never continues haha

    Episodes where some are captured and brain washed. Characters killed off and replaced by new heroines etc. lots of potential here

    If my power wasn’t down id be buying ASAP!

    The one in red is my fav from the pix and trailer. Would love to see her captured tortured and turned evil!

  37. Naveed says:

    Trailer looks great, but does anybody know what sort of perils are there?..low blows, bear hugs, back breakers? There are so many good films from so many producers that its hard to know on which films to invest! but thats only a positive sign for the customers!

  38. Kevlar says:

    This looks pretty damn awesome
    Can i just ask the inevitable question: How many low blows are there?

  39. mell says:

    this looks great, and hopefully there is a sequel featuring the girl in gold. wow.