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Angel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetro

Angel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetroCult Retro is back with its fourth and, in my opinion, best episode of the continuing Angel Avengers series. This episode contains an attractive new heroine, upgraded fight choreography and the surprise return of an old villain. 

For those who aren’t familiar with the Angel Avengers series, the focus is most definitely on girl power as the girls are never really challenged, with the exception of a few seconds in the third episode. I’ve always felt the best way to describe Angel Avengers is a spy girl series with a mix of supernatural elements.

Angel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetroAngel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetroAngel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetro

This theme continues in episode four as the newest Angel, Metal Gypsy, played by Jennifer Trieste, is on the hunt for some bad guys who are taking control of people through the use of a magical gem. I don’t know anything about Jennifer, but she’s a very capable actress, she pulled off the fight scenes as well as any girl Cult Retro has ever cast, and she wears the hell out of her costume.

Angel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetroAngel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetroAngel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetro

Actually, I’m not sure it was a “costume” in the general sense. Perhaps the producers over at Cult Retro can confirm this, but I’m guessing Jennifer has spent some time as a dancer, more specifically a belly dancer. Once again, I’m not positive about this, but I do know she is incredibly talented, so much so that they incorporated some of her dance moves into the fight choreography. It may have been a little tongue-in-cheek, but that is a big part of Cult Retro’s appeal, and I think they pulled it off nicely here.

Angel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetroAngel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetroAngel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetro

[Possible spoiler alert] As far as the story, Metal Gypsy shows up as two of the henchmen from previous episodes are taking control of a couple of innocents. Metal Gypsy takes down three of her opponents with a mix of punches, kicks, and as mentioned previously, dance moves. The final bad guy tries to take control of Metal Gypsy with the magic jewel, but she is able to shake off the effects, force the goons to retreat, and break the hold over the innocents by crushing the gem. It is then revealed that Big Joel Nekoda who was thought to be killed in episode three is very much alive. [End spoilers]

Angel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetroAngel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetroAngel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetro

This is a film that runs for a tad over six minutes, but I think it’s worth a look for only $5.95. I really think fans are going to enjoy the new heroine and, although I need to see more of her to be sure, I think she is as talented as anyone Cult Retro has ever cast, outside of Stormy Tempest herself, Nicola Rae.

Angel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetroAngel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetroAngel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetro

Another thing I wanted to mention that I recently discovered is that Cult Retro maintains a rather interesting blog that gives great detail about their current and upcoming projects. You get photos, trailers, giveaways and all kinds of information that fans of everything Cult Retro will enjoy.

Angel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetroAngel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetroAngel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy from CultRetro

I don’t know what my favorite recurring series is right now, but I guarantee Stormy Tempest is in the top three. The blog is an enjoyable read and I took particular interest in some of the information they revealed about Stormy Tempest season three. Not only are we going to get more of Clayton The Sleeper, a great villain from a previous episode, they are also going to introduce what they refer to as a new space patrol heroine, Velocity Blaze. I don’t know anything about the character, to my knowledge they have not released a photo, but Velocity Blaze is maybe the coolest name for a character I’ve ever heard. Love it! Whether she is a character that is going to be an ally or enemy of Stormy Tempest is kind of unknown at this point. Any information that the producers could share on this character would be appreciated.

Buy Angel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy here

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  1. birt says:


    We seem to be seeing eye to eye. Love it.


    I think we have had many discussions about what we are into. I think it’s important to respect that we all represent different values when it comes to these types of movies.
    I myself, could never watch something like this because it holds no value for me. However, I do enjoy reading your posts and finding out if maybe I should check something out based on reading something you guys wrote about it. This includes both negative and positive comments. Your comments are often deciding factors for me. I am pleased to see so much variety around but this is something I will pass on. Sexy chicks are great but I need to see struggle and turmoil and some domination. But I do like having strong females. I like the humilation aspects but only as long as the heroine never gives in or only gives in when it looks like the end.

    My two cents anyway.


  2. gwyn says:

    freaking can believe it. i so want to learn to move like that! mailling list, add me now 😛

  3. CultRetro says:

    @gwyn Exactly! Jenn rocks no matter what she’s doing. You’ll see lots more of her moves in a variety of genres just as soon as we can make it happen. We’re just gettin’ started!

  4. gwyn says:

    peril, girl power… do you see how that girl moves?! who freaking cares what kind of movie it is 😛

  5. Mark says:

    Several months ago, late one Saturday night I watched a trailer for Cult Retro’s Nyoka Rides Again on You Tube. I followed a link to this website and in my naivety posted a positive review of the movie, which I had already purchased, watched and enjoyed. The movie starts with Nyoka in peril, she escapes and chases after the villain, by the end of the movie she is in peril again. I said it was a good well balanced movie with a true heroine. By Sunday morning another poster accused me of being a plant for and in a private e-mail HM told me he took down both posts.
    I now stop in once a week or so, glance by the multitude of straight peril films and look for the hidden gem. There are Girl Power sites and Peril sites aplenty. But guys like me who like well balanced movies have to fly under the radar or we get attacked by both sides.

  6. Lake says:

    My ideal movie, is a tough and intelligent superheroine who comes up against a very powerful villain whom she holds her own against initially, but then is eventually worn down and severly beaten and humiliated. I appreciate and recognise the need though for variations on this, such as the superheroine being triumphant.

  7. Decendingskulls says:

    @ GirlPowerFan: you bring up a good point. I myself am a peril fan, but one thing that bugs me to no end is how the heroines are often portrayed as weak or stupid. One does not need to be weak or stupid to be imperiled unless the dangers you face are also equally weak and stupid. Superheroines originated in the comics, of which i was an avid reader growing up. In comic books, characters are given dialogue from actual writers, so they often act and sound intelligent and confident, as they should. Comic books play out kind of like a soap opera sometimes; characters find themselves in dire situations, sometimes even dying, usually to be mystically revived months later. But never do they come off as weak or stupid.

  8. CultRetro says:

    Thanks GirlPowerFan!

    My comments are certainly generalizations. I can’t presume to “profile” every girl power fan or isolate the exact appeal of the genre itself (nor could I come up with a single definition that would encompass all “peril” fans). Sometimes while trying to describe WHY something is enjoyable we just end up over-thinking it.

    Femdom may be a factor for some, but not others. The combat aspects of our clips may be a turn on for some, but a turn off for others. Some like a little plot and story, and others prefer cutting to the “good stuff”. Superpowers and visual effects are also divisive, some love them and others find it distracting. All we can really do is put together our own mix, toss it out there and cross our fingers!

  9. Girlpowerfan says:

    As a huge Girl Power and Superheroine fan I appreciate the diversity of Superheroine and non heroine material that is reviewed and previewed here. I do not agree with everything Cult Retro has stated but I do agree with most of it. Why would I want to watch a 55 minute TV show that has story and different characters when an amateur producer can make a 10-20 minute video tailored exactly to what a Girl Power fans is looking for. If you think Superheroine Girl Power is popular non-mainstream then you are very much mistaken.

    Yes there are plenty of Girl fighting videos and female domination of many different varieties but Superheroine amateur productions that are not peril are rare indeed. The sad fact for a Superheroine fan is that Superheroine peril has changed so much from Heroines being beat up and tied up, right up to them being tortured, raped and even killed. I am not saying that it is wrong to like any of these themes, just as a fan of the Superheroine it hurts to see that so many amateur studios display them as stupid, weak and basically as a sex doll. Superheroine peril porn or (SPP) as I like to call it, has taken over the genre. All successful Superheroine studios featured on C4S are 90% porn.

    Now like I said I do not have any issue with any person liking peril but I would never post my own concerns regarding it to a review and damage the products value and the even the artists credibility.

  10. CultRetro says:

    i could watch Amy Johnston read the phonebook and be perfectly content. 🙂

  11. Sidekick says:

    Hey, everyone. Hope all is well. Been busy, but wanted to jump in. I had no idea this review would provide such lively discussion.

    I don’t want to dissect any particular topic. The conversation has gone in many directions. I also would never speak for HM but I do know there is nothing more important to him than delivering quality to both the site visitors and the producers we cover. A lot of that quality stems from variety.

    Full disclosure, I don’t have a relationship either business or personal with any producer. Outside of an occasional email I have never met or spoken to any of them. We understand that not everything we post is of interest to every visitor but we never feel the need to justify why we review something.

    The only thing I ask myself before I present a review opportunity to HM is “will this be of any interest to some segment of the sites readership?” If it is, we go with it. The best example I can think of is Chronicles of a Female Pitfighter. It was produced by someone we had never covered and truthfully I don’t think you could classify it as a heroine film, a peril film, or a girl power film. It doesn’t fit into any one genre. The reason I thought it may interest HM’s readers was three fold.

    1. It starred Anna Ranoso and Amy Johnston, two uber babes.
    2. Both of those girls happen to be world class martial artists.
    3. It was incredibly well produced.

    Basically, we just do our best to provide good content to as many interested parties as possible, even if that content is outside the normal peril/superheroine films covered here. We have heard back from girl power producers who have seen large bumps in sales after we ran a review. We think that’s great and it shows that the site does have a girl power audience, it’s just not a very boisterous one. Bottom line is we hope to deliver the best content possible while appealing to the many tastes that our visitors have.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    P.S. If you are a peril fan and have never seen a Stormy Tempest release, I would suggest you check them out immediately. They are all tremendous.

  12. CultRetro says:

    I’m forced to field multiple comments here. It was Chris above that said “This really isn’t the site nor audience to post this genre.” So my comments justifying our place here were directed towards him. Actually if you want to know WHY a review of our film is here, you should ask Sidekick. I can only speculate.

    I’ll address your issue specifically. You say it has too little content…. but what you are saying is it has too little of the content that YOU PERSONALLY want to see. i don’t know what films you HAVE purchased, but let’s look at Project Cilia from The Battle for Earth that just came out. It is 21 minutes at $24.95 in HD. That’s MORE THAN $1 per minute even if the heroine is in peril from frame one.. which doesn’t appear to be the case. All of the TBFE clips are priced similarly and those ARE peril-oriented clips. Since you are not over there giving them a hard time, I can only assume that TO YOU their price must be acceptable. They provide enough of the content that you want to see for that $24.95 price tag. They may not attract your business, but they’re at least avoiding your complaints.

    You don’t seem to understand how a girl power fan could possibly want to pay $1 per minute for a clip designed to cater to their specific tastes. But you seem willing to pay MORE THAN $1 per minute for a clip that caters to yours. MOST peril clips come in at around the $1 per minute mark but are RARELY peril from start to finish. You also don’t grasp how the girl power niche/genre is any different from the content that you find on Netflix, because this genre doesn’t speak to you specifically. But there IS a difference, as I have tried to explain above in great detail, and there IS an ongoing market for it. We are definitely NOT the first producers in this genre, nor are we the most expensive, nor is 6 minutes the shortest. Our price per minute is right in line with the rest of the market.

    I’m not deflecting your argument, but I’m also not going to try to convince a peril fan to buy MetalGypsy. I completely agree that it would not be worth $6 TO YOU. But I can assure you that many people have ALREADY purchased it, that a good batch of those purchases came hot on the heels of Sidekick’s review, and if they feel ripped off they aren’t telling me about it. All of the CUSTOMER feedback I’ve received has been very positive… which is good because we have 2 other MetalGypsy films in post-production now. I am certain that you will not like those either.

  13. deathcake says:

    The way I see it, If it has heroines in it, it’s a heroine movie and that’s what this site reviews. Movies about heroines.

    If the production is too expensive, the producer will know about it soon, as no-one will buy it. He might have sold an extra 30 copies by this site reviewing it, even though most of the folks who post don’t seem to like females dominating, so too expensive is a relative term. If enough people are willing to pay the price, it’s not too expensive for the producer to recoup costs and make a profit.

    I’ve been guilty in the past of posting negative comments on fem related videos reviewed here, but I suppose, if they don’t interest me, I shouldn’t post, as they aren’t intended for me.

  14. Robopope25 says:


    You keep deflecting the argument that someone said your video has no place here. I never said that. I said your video is too expensive for the little amount of content…6 minutes worth. Furthermore the more I think about it even if it was peril-related it is still too expensive. You will deflect this argument telling me that Stormy Tempest and Nykona has been reasonably-priced for years. It has been. But this one is not. And that is the main reason I am not buying it or going to see it. It has superheroines, it has a place here but in today’s market there is too little content for the price your charging.

  15. CultRetro says:

    I don’t expect you to buy an orange if you prefer apples, just don’t get upset with the guy growing oranges, or the people that do like oranges, or suggest that the orange has no place at the fruit stand.

    Okay… now I’m just hungry. 🙂

  16. Robopope25 says:


    No one is saying the film sucks or anything. I’m sure it’s great fun. I’m saying that the price is too high for something that’s not my main interest. So my only judgment of the film is too expensive for only 6 minutes of stuff with no peril. So no I’m not going to watch the film. For the record I have bought 3 or 4 Fem Dom films but that’s because they all had interesting premises, had an actress I enjoyed and was reasonable priced. So this peril fan CAN be persuaded to watch a woman win but this ain’t doing it.

  17. gil says:

    This is turning into an interesting discussion! Thanks @CultRetro! One thing that I find interesting is that “female domination” seems, at least to me, to be the far more popular fetish in general…have a look at the Clips4Sale site ; at almost any given time, vids of women completely dominating men comprise at least 60% of their top-selling clips, regardless of ‘subcatagory’…and, like all ‘adult content’, the target audience is clearly men!

    I would think that if you were a producer here, it would be incredibly frustrating to arrange the shoot, book/pay the Talent, edit the hours and hours of video (a lengthy and very dull process for anyone who’s never actually done it), embed post production items like credits and soundtracks…release the film, and then get attacked because ‘there’s no peril”…or “there’s too much peril”???

    I think, maybe, what Cult Retro is driving at here is that if you want to use the forum to post a critique; that’s fine…but would it kill you to AT LEAST SEE THE FILM before you attack it? For the record, I am not a producer, have no commercial tie to any of the production houses here, don’t even particularly care for ‘Girl Power’ films in general…just think that sometimes these comments really need to be dialed back a notch or two! Jeeze…

  18. CultRetro says:

    There are 22 comments posted here, and so far only one of them by an actual customer that has watched the film. The rest is basically me explaining who this clip is meant for, to people that don’t seem interested in it all…I’d say that qualifies as “defensive” wouldn’t you? But you’ve taken the time to post, so i respect that and feel that a reply is warranted.

    There is no need to explain or defend what you like about peril, or to try to convince us to do more of it. We ALREADY do peril in our other films, and we ALREADY have other peril-oriented clips in production, and we plan to do more in the future. We’ve been publishing superheroine content for 40 years, so it’s fair to say that we have a descent grasp of the subject matter.

    The AngelAvengers series is designed for the ubergirl/girl power niche audience. Asking for peril in the AngelAvengers is like asking for more bondage on Oprah… you’re seeking something from a venue that can’t possibly adapt your request without becoming something other than what it is.

    Girl power niche clips are NOT just about the woman “winning in the end”. It’s about her DOMINATING her opponent, if not humiliating him. It’s about HOW she wins. It’s about details like her attitude during the conflict, the dialog she speaks, and the reaction of the villain. it’s also about the moves she employs during the fight. Peril fans value things like low-blows and bearhugs and chloroform (to varying degrees). Girl power fans value one-arm throat lifts, high-kicks, neck-snaps, ball-busting and displays of female strength (to varying degrees).

    There is a lot of conflict in the mainstream, but very little of that escalates to the point of domination and submission. At the end of the day what we are discussing is one person’s POWER to dominate another… be it a woman dominating another woman, a woman dominating a man, or a man dominating a woman.

    Peril fans want to see a powerful heroine taken down because they want to see her LOOSE that power to become the submissive (or for her to be overwhelmed… not having “enough” power to prevent her demise). The woman is EXPECTED to win, but she doesn’t. This enhances the fantasy.

    In girl power clips, the female is generally outnumbered. In reality she SHOULD be feeling vulnerability and fear… but in a girl power fantasy she ALWAYS remains confident and secure in her POWER and her ability to defeat her opponents, and then she clobbers them all. The bad guys have the numerical advantage and are EXPECTED to win, but they don’t. This enhances the fantasy for the girl power fans.

    Any producer here will tell you that niche clips are all about DETAILS (whether the audience is consciously aware of them or not). These details make all the difference between Buffy/Xena/Nikita and something like the AngelAvengers, KAK, Project Superwoman, FightGirlz, etc…

  19. Robopope25 says:

    All of this talk about how us fans of peril are defensive and shit. No, no it comes down to this. My main intrest is to see the heronie lose to a villan. I am willing to pay a premium to see that fantasy brought to life.


    That is my deviant art page all of that was bought and ordered by me. My main point is i see no reason why I should pay 6 dollars for a 6 minute video of a heroine winning when I have countless mainstream movies, tv shows and cartoons showing exactly that. Not to mention comic books. And it is done extremely well in several cases. To me it doesn’t make economic sense to buy this video. However i would pay 6 bucks for a good 6 minute video with a girl getting crushed because that doesn’t happen that often. To me when I need to save money, I feel that the price is too high for something so common.

    And to prove my point I am making a super heroine film with the heroine winning…and it’s gonna go on youtube for free. When it’s up I hope this site reviews it.

  20. Ghrawl says:


    I wasn’t disagreeing or criticizing you. I was just agreeing with Mike on what he said about Heroines thats all. I’m not into girl power but, it looks really promising, its just not for me I guess. Like I said, I’m not here to criticize this. I honestly think your doing an impressive work.

  21. Bert says:

    The bottom line here is that Cult Retro is responsible for for Fem-Force, which predates the internet heroine peril movie days and buys them plenty of leeway, They were providing heroine peril material when hardly anyone was. If they want to branch out into other forms of heroine entertainment, go for it. If it’s not your cup of tea, don’t buy it. My hat is off to Lake for backing off of his first two statements.

  22. decendingskulls says:

    Actually I think even the peril fans gotta agree that the heroine’s gotta win sometimes or else she’s just not very much of a heroine at all. I think the reason people are getting defensive on here is because the general impression is that if you want to see the heroine win, you can turn to any TV series or movie and that will invariably happen every time. Seeing the heroine lose might be the majority here, but in the grand scheme of things it is the minority. It’s only the majority here because this particular subset of fans created the space for this interest out of a near-vacuum, largely since the birth of the internet, thanks to the anonymity the internet provides combined with worldwide networking in the face of a subject considered highly taboo. It’s something that seems rare and hard-won and to these fans it’s very dear, so it’s understandable that they will be protective of it. However to those who feel this way I say there is absolutely no cause for concern. Allow the free market to do it’s job. If there is demand for peril, people will create it. If there is demand for peril and girl-power, more people will produce movies to supply the increased demand. It only serves to broaden the scope of the genre, not diminish it. If we were to hold a vote, I’d vote that there is enough common ground and enough room for both, but remember that this is not a democracy, it’s a privately-owned website. I for one am very grateful for it.

  23. CultRetro says:


    I did not “post” my video here. It was reviewed by Sidekick. I did not tell him what to write and he certainly isn’t required to write anything he doesn’t choose to write himself. I’m fairly sure that he reviewed this film because we released a movie with a heroine in it. I’m pretty sure that’s in fact the NAME of this website.

    There is very little discussion outside of the peril genre on this site, and the REASON for this seems pretty apparent, don’t you think? We seem to have attracted some degree of unsolicited hostility, as if we have offended people in some way… and for the life of me I do not know how or why. But this hostility seems to occur fairly consistently when non-peril films are reviewed, doesn’t it?

    Based on MetalGypsy’s sales so far i would say that you are completely incorrect. There ARE in fact people here that are interested in learning more about non-peril films. But i can also understand why they would not want to post their opinions, since it will clearly lead to arguments and hostility that ultimately have nothing to do with the relative merits of the film itself.

  24. Chris says:

    Most likely good quality, but yeah not for me. This really isn’t the site nor audience to post this genre.

  25. Mike says:

    Thanks Cult. I dont want you to think Im criticizing your work; I actually tend to enjoy your Stormy Tempest vids. I was just stating my opinion. I hope that new heroine you introduced in your newest Tempest vid sees some ko action in a future installment; shes a hottie.

  26. CultRetro says:

    Lake, Mike, Robopope25, Ghrawl, Sym – I greatly appreciate that all of you took the time to comment. If any of you purchase Stormy Tempest: Torment in Time this week and you DO NOT like it, i’ll refund your purchase. AngelAvengers may not be your thing, but I’m confident that you’ll like Stormy.

  27. Lake says:

    Apologies for my earlier comments. I should not comment after a night out on the booze. Each to their own and the more variety there is, the better.

  28. Ghrawl says:

    @ Mike: I totally agree with you!!! I honestly thought I was the only one that thought that way!! Lol

  29. jdrock24 says:

    How come every time a “girl power” film is reviewed on here (which isn’t very often by the way) the very first comment is from some “peril” fan that says “No peril?! I’m not buying that crap!”

    Good. No one expects you to. There are literally dozens (hundreds?) of reviews of “peril” films on this site that you can read, purchase, view, and comment on. Why do you waste you’re time commenting on the few “girl power” reviews?

  30. CultRetro says:

    I wouldn’t try to convince anyone to buy a clip that wasn’t meant for them. My intent was only to clarify exactly who this clip WAS intended for, to avoid any confusion.

    If you like what you see in the trailer or heard from Sidekick, then i think you’ll enjoy the clip. (By the way… THANKS SIDEKICK!!!!!)
    If it doesn’t appeal to you, then no harm, no foul.

    We enjoyed working with MetalGypsy a great deal and we have plans to incorporate the actress that plays her into our Stormy Tempest film series. So while you may not see “MetalGypsy” in peril, it’s fairly likely that you’ll get to see that actress in dire straits in a new role, and perhaps soon. We are eager to see Jenn and Nicola Rae go toe to toe if we can make that happen. One of their characters is bound to loose the fight, so we’ll have one victorious heroine and the other in peril… everybody wins!

  31. Lake says:

    At the end of the day, this is not my thing, and so no amount of discussion or justification for it is giong to entice me to buy it. This is a site for expressing opinions and so I reserve the right to give it a big thumbs down. Yah sucks, as the say saying goes.

  32. Aldous says:

    It’s bizarre to criticize something for what it isn’t. I myself am a peril fan so won’t be purchasing this one. I am a huge fan of Cult Retro so have no doubt in my mind as to the fantastic quality of the production but I’m not the target market so will be saving my dollars for the next Stormy Tempest (which can’t come soon enough!) but knowing how hard these guys work on their stuff I’m sure for the girl power fans you won’t find finer. It’s magnificent we live in an age where all tastes are catered to!

  33. Cultretro says:

    No arguing here… just harmless conversation illustrating the value of an alternate genre. Like I said, I have no issues with peril, we just don’t do it in AngelAvengers. You’ll find plenty in our other films.

    @Mike What you are asking for is exactly what the AngelAvengers fans do NOT want. They do not WANT “human” or “realism”… they want the fulfillment of FANTASY. And in their particular fantasy, the woman does not loose… and especially not to a man. What you describe is what we do in the Stormy Tempest series, which i believe you might likely enjoy.

    @Sym Mainstream efforts that you illustrated do not service this need precisely because they are characters designed to be ‘realistic” or atleast human in nature. They must be relatable to sustain an ongoing mainstream TV series. The AngelAvengers are fantasy “ubergirls” BEYOND normal limits and human nature.

    It’s the difference between the KAK girls and the actual Charlie’s Angels… KAK is Charlie’s Angels taken to a new EXTREME, a heightened degree of superiority and prowess that becomes “unreal”… which is what the ubergirl audience wants to see. It fulfills a niche that Charlie’s Angels itself does not. That’s not to say that those shows don’t have enjoyable “moments” or “episodes”, but the ubergirl audience knows to expect the AngelAvengers to rule from beginning to end without fail. It’s a different world beyond the limits of mainstream TV.

    You can get the occasional peril scene out of those same mainstream shows… but it’s not on the level with what Rye or Alex will give you, right? We’re just servicing the flip side of the coin… taking the extreme in the opposite direction.

    We DO leave room for humanity and our heroines to get captured and defeated (and it happens quite a bit) in our other “regular” films… just not the films under the AngelAvengers “brand”. Watch Stormy Tempest… she is strong and independent and powerful and she looses as often as she wins. Our regular films are about drama and story and character… but AngelAvengers is pure fantasy. Two complete different genres.

    @Jerkstore Thanks for your support. We certainly have no animosity towards other producers or other genres. I don’t really believe that we are “competing” with each other. Everyone seems to do their own thing and serves different audience segments.

  34. Sym says:

    “Once you finish with that WW box set… THEN what are you going to watch?”

    The Avengers. Xena. Buffy. Alias. Dark Angel. Bird of Prey. La Femme Nikita. Nikita. Bionic Woman… Well, what there was of it : – ( Chuck.

    And so on.

    For the record, I completely agree that there should be something for everyone. It’s a big internet, with many varied tastes. And there’s a huge fanbase for women kicking-ass, so it makes perfect sense to cater to that audience.

    I just don’t agree with the suggestion that strong female roles are as rare in mainstream entertainment as ‘peril’ stuff. Whilst Wonder Woman and the short lived BoP might have been the only specifically ‘Super’-heroine shows around, there have been a few more kick-ass female characters on TV than just Diana over the years.

    But there aren’t many/any shows with a female character who is captured/defeated in every episode (well, maybe not since Penelope Pitstop!). And that’s understandable. In a mainstream show, it would make pretty crappy TV!

    So I guess it is only natural for the peril fans to want more producers catering to their tastes. Whilst the ‘girl-power’ fans can get a regular fix of action from TV, movies, comic books and numerous websites already up and running, good peril action is always gonna be that little bit harder to find.

  35. Jerkstore says:

    I don’t think of Heroinemovies.com as a peril review site. It just seems that way because there are so many more peril films made than girl power films. I have purchased girl power films from KickAsskandy, Fightgirlz, and Cult Retro because of the reviews I have read here. I’ve enjoyed them all. I’m glad there are producers who do girl power. I’m glad those producers get a lot of coverage here. All peril all the time bores the hell out of me.

    As far as this film, it was great. I thought it was the best of the Angel Avengers movies. Keep doing things exactly as you are Cult Retro. You are one of the few top end producers out there. Other producers wish they could make movies with the same care and quality as you do. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  36. Mike says:

    On the contrary. I like a heroine film where the heroine IS strong, sexy, and confident. On top of that she should be quite capable. I just want to see her get captured, ko’d, but then fight her way out of it. That would be my ideal film. In fact, I would love this series if you kept the whole girl power aspect, but also left it open for them to be captured and tied up once in awhile, like NGC does. Only for them to fight valiantly and escape. That in no way diminshes their power, it just makes them human. They cant ALWAYS win, at least initially. Even Wonder Woman lost sometimes.

  37. CultRetro says:

    “Girl power” clips may not receive equal discussion here, but it is a genre with every bit the popularity that “peril” clips enjoy. You will find plenty of websites and forums dedicated to this topic. Fans of the girl power genre want the exact OPPOSITE of what you guys are asking for. For them, a heroine that finds herself captured, bound and abused (if not sexually molested) is no heroine at all. They want to see a sexy heroine kicking ass, exuding power and confidence…period. It’s an entirely different audience.

    The girl power audience is EQUALLY underserved by the mainstream as peril fans. Both require extremes that the mainstream avoids. Once you finish with that WW box set… THEN what are you going to watch? There just aren’t that many shows out there on Netflix or otherwise that deal in this material, and girl power fans are willing to pay $6 for a great clip for the same reason that YOU are… to see what they want to see. The only difference is: in your fantasy the heroine looses, and in theirs the heroine wins.

    On a personal note i do not feel that one is better or worse than the other. We dabble in BOTH for our “regular” films like Stormy Tempest, Nightveil and Nyoka. But we created the AngelAvenges series to specifically cater to our girl power fans. It will NEVER have any real peril. That is the OPPOSITE of what this particular film series is about.

    You might like many of the scenes in Stormy Tempest though.

    As for Next Global Crisis, they do excellent work, but i don’t think you’ll find much “quality” difference between our recent material and theirs… as others on this forum have attested. We both take a somewhat “cinematic” approach to the material that we choose to cover… which is uncommon in ANY heroine genre.

  38. Robopope25 says:

    As a struggling artist and a peril fan, if I do spend money I’m going to need alot of peril. If i wanted to watch a regular old superheroine yarn I have my Wonder Woman box sets. In the netflix age putting something up with no peril and charging 6 dollars for 6 minutes is a little insane.

    However the girl looks great, if you had her lose totally would’ve been worth the 6 bucks

  39. Mike says:

    Totally agree with Lake. What is the point of an internet heroine film if she isnt taken down and is totally dominant throughout? I dont buy these things for story. The only exception I make with that is when I buy Next Global Crisis’s films, and I only do that because theres still elements of peril and they are EXCEPTIONALLY well done.

  40. Lake says:

    If she doesn’t get taken down, I’m not interested.