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New “Members Only” Film from NGC

"Angel Double-Teamed" - Members Only Film from NGCFans of Next Global Crisis who have taken advantage of the company’s Discounts List already know about the benefits of receiving Members Only films like this brand new, soon-to-be-released video starring a big time fan-favorite. Check out the trailer below and sign up to the list ASAP!

"Angel Double-Teamed" - Members Only Film from NGC
"Angel Double-Teamed" - Members Only Film from NGC
"Angel Double-Teamed" - Members Only Film from NGC
"Angel Double-Teamed" - Members Only Film from NGC

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  1. Chris says:

    @Max I found an easy solution is to just email NGC directly. He is pretty responsive with emails and the few times I ever had an issue he offered a good solution quickly.

  2. @Max – I don’t know to be honest. I could type ‘Max’ into my database and see what happens but I couldn’t be sure whether or not your email address would appear. I think the best thing to do if you need help is to go to my website and contact me from there. I post here a fair bit but I don’t own the place and coming here and complaining is not the most efficient way to get support.

  3. Max says:

    I’m on the members discount list am I not? Why didn’t I get a chance to get this amazing looking film??

  4. @Doug – Are you not on our members list Doug? This is a members film so it won’t be going on the website.

  5. Doug says:

    How do I go about buying this video? Please advise, as I couldn’t seem to find when I was navigating on NGC’s website. Thanks.

  6. Gorleser says:

    Freakin awesome. Great job to all involved.

  7. Tim Caine says:

    This video is great!
    I only got the Angel Lose version, because I never want to see a heroine win. Angel is as awesome as ever. I wanted this video to go on and on. But for the price this is one of the best beat-down values I’ve ever seen.

    Great job to everyone involved.

  8. gerr says:

    Great video!
    There are some observations that may be useful to you.

    1. Angel’s reaction to each stroke can be different.
    In the beginning of the video it can resist shocks, and in the end she may moan loudly, screaming and asking for mercy.
    In this video, reaction is a bit monotonous, as a sample.

    2. It is a pity that removed the crunch of the bent back.
    Angel is your best model and actress.
    With best wishes.

  9. Chris says:

    $7 for an Angel video? Wow Andrew, you have outdone yourself! Thank you for the birthday gift, even though it is NGC’s birthday lol!

  10. JadeOwl says:


    It has lots of belly punching. Around 30 hits in the Bad Ending I think.

  11. Doug says:

    Considering buying if it contains a lot of BP action. Could someone tell me how many stomach blows this film has? Thanks.

  12. I’m glad this has been broadly enjoyed:

    @Latin Intellect – It is a face drop πŸ™‚ The story is not canon in the sense that you need to rely on it in the future. I just thought it would be fun to do a scene that naturally would follow on but is not imperative to anything that happens in the main films. I’m going to leave what happened to Magenta to speculation, it’s ambiguous for a reason, that reason may have changed since we shot it, but the need for ambiguity has not. Don’t worry too much about members videos impacting on story-lines for main films, my head might explode if I try to work them into the plot also.

    @RedMountain – Thanks!

    @LordSnot – There should be a bit more Angel on the cards in the near-ish future. Not a 5 hour film though sadly.

    @TBob – There is a line in the recent finale which refers to Angel, hopefully that will answer some questions you have about her current state, but this isn’t technically canon even though it might fit. Glad you liked the smaller girl too, she was lovely to work with.

    @StaggerLee – Okay, we just decided to mix it up a little. The price will stay as low as I can keep it.

  13. Stagger Lee says:

    This was okay. I thought I’d like it more, but I prefer to see bearhugs, backbreakers, etc. Straight through punching and nothing more doesn’t really work for me. Still a decent video, and worth the minor price tag.

  14. TBob says:

    One more thing, I do agree we need an edit button, lol.

  15. TBob says:

    The Latin Intellect- I think NGC meant the tall woman will be back a lot in the future as a supervillainess.

    I assume this video tells the story of what happened to Angel after John Roman rescued her, Catherine, and Athena from the Masked Man’s Secret Lair. We already saw what Catherine and Athena did. So I guess Angel’s mind is no longer mush but lost her mind control powers for the time being.

    I actually liked the shorter woman better, but that is just me. I wish it was just her fighting Angel. It was a good video overall, even though I generally don’t like 2 on 1 fights.

    Angel did look good as always though. Overall I am pleased with this pleased though and can’t wait for the next one.

  16. LordSnot says:

    You guys are underselling this. An Angel vid should have more promo pics and why no HQ photoset to go with it? Plus, make these vids longer. Angel should get a 5 hour video. I’d get that.

  17. Redmountain says:

    Nice to see Angel back in action. Purchased the lose ending, which sees the gorgeous Angel get absolutely beaten into next week. Great release here!

  18. The Latin Intellect says:

    Quote NGC: “you will see another appearance next month in more of a superheroine costume…. or should I say supervillainess?”

    Nice, that’d be great to explore Angel’s story a bit more! Could the next video also establish her “supervillainess” into mega-bad category? If Angel is to be a supervillainess, she needs to become more cold & cruel, rather than an anti-hero, well at least that’s how I perceive her. Establishing her as the ultimate mind-controlling supervillainess could also set her up as Season 3’s big villain, becoming more bent on vengeance & destruction for daring to trespass her… She could even gain greater mind control powers as an unpredicted side effect?

  19. The Latin Intellect says:


    This episode was great, and love the bad ending’s ‘face-drop’ (don’t know the name of fighting moves =/ )

    **Possible Spoilers**
    Is this vid part of the story canon? It seems that Angel finally regains her Telepathy/Mind Control, after losing it (according to the dialogue).

    Also, quick question, I went ahead and took advantage of the sale, and bought Training Room #18 from Season 1. (Thanks for the sale!). Out of curiosity, what ever did happen to Magenta? Was she able to escape despite obviously being harmed, or she out of the picture for good? I could forsee Athena healing her back up, sporting a new costume! =) One can only theorize/hope =)

    Thanks NGC!

  20. Chris says:

    Angel! Angel! Angel!

  21. I’m glad you enjoyed her appearance so much. I’m planning to work with her quite a bit over the next 6 months, and you will see another appearance next month in more of a superheroine costume…. or should I say supervillainess?

  22. Jerkstore says:

    Wow, is that new blonde girl awesome! I think she absolutely stole the episode and that says a lot considering who her co-star was. Andrew, I hope you keep her around. She’s outstanding!

  23. Beast says:

    Oh my god! that was intense!!!! A villain who only attacks with punches to the belly is almost a dream come true! Thanks for this amazing video. I really hope to see her facing another girl soon!!!
    Great to see angel back too. She is incredible and incredible beautiful as always

  24. Paul GPF says:

    Loved it !!! The new hot blonde could be a star, as JadeOwl said, not only does she look great, but she can deliver her lines (and punches) too, great combo. I normally only buy the good ending, but with her I just had to get both. Hope to see much more of her in future films.

  25. JadeOwl says:

    Really nice!

    The new girl is not only hot and physically imposing; she also has the most perfect mocking tone of condescension when trash talking to Angel. Perfect! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  26. The email has just been sent. Check your inboxes for details of the New Angel film and our 4th Birthday. https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?p=4186

  27. Just to be clear, though JadeOwl has helped out…

    The video is out tomorrow, in roughly 20 hours time.

    I get emails from people concerned that they’ve missed it, don’t worry, it’s tomorrow.

    Yes the blonde is familiar and you’ll see her a few times in the future, great to work with.

  28. steve says:

    I’ve already decided…I want her to LOSE! BADLY!

  29. LordSnot says:

    Angel is back! Yes!

  30. Stagger Lee says:

    Off-topic, but there’s an awesome crowdsourced heroine movie up for funding here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-invincible-iron-girl

    I contributed $40 for a custom message, seemed like a great deal! I hope this gets funded. I’m assuming this was something the folks on this site would like to know.

  31. kingles says:

    I agree with OldBear, it’s not win or lose…it’s win/win! πŸ˜‰

  32. beast says:


  33. Paul GPF says:

    Looking forward to see the tall blonde amazon in action !!!

  34. OldBear says:

    This is why I like the alternate endings. Now I get to see Angel lose in one and the other two women lose in the other.

    Sounds good to me!

  35. JadeOwl says:


    Aha! I thought so! This is great news. Means we get to see her in action that much sooner! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    And too make it better; Monday is a holyday over here so I don’t have to go to work. I can buy it as soon as it’s released!


    The video is out on Monday.

  36. Sidekick says:


    She is!

  37. Paul says:

    Wait, so it hasn’t been released right? I’m a member and I didn’t get an email so I am guessing so. Is there a release date?

  38. TLB says:

    This looks great, what fetish elements are in this release?

  39. JadeOwl says:

    That tall blonde looks veeery familiar. πŸ˜‰

    Is she who I think she is?

  40. Bert says:

    Oh My!

  41. Mike A says:

    Very excited for this release! Angel is always a plus, especially in this outfit!