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After completing a successful assignment, Asami enjoys some well-earned time off and goes for a run. Unbeknownst to her, two thugs watch her, ready to strike when she least expects it. They make their move, grabbing Asami and delivering multiple belly blows with fists and a baseball bat. Asami suffers and realizes that these are no ordinary villains.

A flashback reveals that the same two thugs delivered a similar belly-centric beatdown several years earlier, when Asami was but an innocent schoolgirl. These time-traveling thugs appear at different moments in Asami’s life, trying to beat her into submission and convince her not to use the superpowers she’ll develop in her life. The thugs want to deliver a beatdown Asami won’t soon forget.

Includes: Belly Punching, Bondage, Foreign Object Beatdown, KO, Lift and Carry, Multiple Attackers, Over-the-Shoulder Carry, Rag KO, Stomach Kicking

Note: This is a custom video centered on blows to the belly (with punches, kicks and a bat.)

Running time: 40:35


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11 Responses

  1. Mr Belt says:

    will we be seeing asami anytime soon?

  2. simon says:

    need a better outfit

  3. kontolraos says:

    Always love Asami, never disappointed. Love you HM for making this great series. This episode is really great, love the outfit

  4. Absstar says:

    Just watched it, VERY good video indeed! For all those fellow AOH bellypunching fans ( like me!! ), highly recommend this one! Wwoooooo!!!

  5. Absstar says:

    Sooooooo getting this!!! Is there any slo mo bellypunching scenes? In different angles, views, ect.? what day is it coming out??

  6. 7sword says:

    would love to see asami in wonder woman costume in future

  7. Honest Fish says:

    More Asami is always welcome


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