“Asami: Vengeance” from Heroine Movies

Asami: Vengeance is now available from Heroine Movies. Click here to purchase for $29.99!

When Asami uncovers a secret plot, she finds herself face to face with The Dark Master, the evil supervillain from Omega Girl 2. Determined to avenge her friend Omega Girl, Asami vows revenge against the super-powered evil-doer. But The Dark Master has recruited a couple of henchmen for the battle, and the three opponents prove to be too powerful for our heroine.

Asami finds herself beaten and defenseless against her sworn enemies and must endure an intense beatdown, bondage-interrogation, and a final battle against all three men. (Includes an alternate death ending.)

AOH (Arms-Over-Head), Arms Held, Bearhug(s), Belly Punching, Bondage, Chloro, Choking, Cradle Carry, Face Punching, Gunplay, Lift and Carry, Multiple Attackers, Rag KO, Stomach Kicking, Super Powers, and More…

Running time: 32 minutes

Click here to purchase Asami: Vengeance for $29.99
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13 Responses

  1. Belt says:

    Is there more of Asami in the pipeline HM?

  2. Dante says:

    she’s got a nice ass for real

  3. Bert says:

    My God she’s a beautiful woman! One of the things that HM does so well, and that this actress with her lovely long hair really carries off, is the ground work. This vid has many amazing shots of Asami lying on the floor, helpless to prevent devastating kicks to her midsection and back. Her reactions are perfect. Loved this video.

  4. rover says:

    It says ‘super powers’; does she use hers? I love special FX in these vids.

    • HM says:

      The only real super power on display is invulnerability in the beginning of the video (when bullets have no effect on her) and super strength (when she kicks a guy’s ass before getting the tables turned on her).

  5. Abbstar says:

    Too bad there’s no belly exposure though, or slow mo for effect! Other than that, a good video!

  6. SlawDiesel says:

    Seems as if the actress has grown tremendously in terms of her reactions, both verbal and physical. That’s always nice to see. Kudos to her for that. This look excellent and is a must buy!

  7. Belt says:


  8. Bert says:


  9. Honest Fish says:

    More Asami is never a bad thing