X Club Wrestling 19 from Pro Style Fantasies

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  1. Kaizar says:

    And maybe “Samantha Kelly” can play the mentor in the Supernatural Bounty Hunter series where she makes an apperiance further down in the series (in 1 of the more later episodes for her first apperiance in the series) that would reveal that “Randy Moore” had a mentor who thought her everything she knows, but now her mentor is a Vampire (and therefore evil now) since before the beginning of the series storyline.

    When you think about it, it makes sense for someone like “Samantha Kelly” to be “Randy Moore” mentor, because of their Abs & Biceps.

  2. Kaizar says:

    Well, I did say that I was asking for too much for any TS in an Alex video.

    I thought I made that clear.

    Anyway, thanks.

    But I do think that the whole “Strap-on Gangbanging” is something that you can diffenitely be doing in your videos……..I don’t see a reason not to, when you have enough in a cast in certain videos.

    For 1 particular Model, how about “Samantha Kelly”:

    She is well known & and has plenty of muscles without overdoing it, with good size breast too.

    she can be use in videos when people only want an F/M for the Villian to have muscles, so that way it can be an F/F video instead and the Villianess will have muscles because she’s “Samantha Kelly”.

    So I think “Samantha Kelly” would be great to shoot videos once in a while, because she would easily elimanite the need for F/M videos around half the time. And also it is just hot to have Muscular Females in these kind of videos……. I mean there is soo much you could do.

    And the whole “Samantha Kelly” being easily defeated by a regular chick would be awesome, with the Villianess looking like a total weakling for ultimate humiliation in an F/F video.

    You can easily have Muscualr females like “Samantha Kelly” play a Supergirl & a Batwoman & a Wonder Woman & so many other kinds of Superheroines in all sorts of different videos.

    And can you please do a “Strap-On Gangbang” in some of your F/F videos.

  3. TheLecher says:

    In case I was too vague, by “victim forced to give oral,” I meant forced cunnilingus. Forced oral on a strap-on is nice, as well, but I wouldn’t consider it to be hardcore sexual content. So hardcore oral, in my opinion, would be unsimulated fellatio or cunnilingus (cunnilingus in this case, since fellatio is currently out of the question for your productions) which is explicitly portrayed. That’s what I meant by the above request.

  4. TheLecher says:

    The new episode looks hot, and Sinn is always a treat to watch (Annie’s quite fun, too), but I’m still waiting for either Ariella Ferrera or Nikki Sexx to put in an appearance in an XCW or SHW episode, so I’ll pass on this one for now.

    Do you think that you’ll be including hardcore in any of your next few updates? I know that you’re still waiting to see how the condom mandate is going to play out, so I won’t ask for B/G hardcore, but it would be nice to see hardcore strap-on fucking again, and I’d really like to see some forced oral at some point (victim forced to give oral).

  5. Sotus says:

    Awesome episode!!!!!!!Btw what’s next on your to-do-list Alex?

  6. ranger87 says:


    This looks awesome. I usually stick to the superheroine stuff, but I might have to get this.

    On a semi-unrelated note, IF another Power Guardians happens, can we see Sinn’s Blue power guardian get screwed in that as well? That girl has the BEST facial and vocal reactions!

  7. RalphM says:

    I adore Sinn. She’s 1 of my favorite performers & Once you pulled out the dildo, I was all set 2 buy.

  8. XCW Episode 20 is NOW AVAILABLE!! Check out the free trailer here–


    –or else just download it from the site!

    @uhzoomzip I have no problem giving you a spoiler, here goes.

    ***SPOILER ALERT****

    Sinn does barely squeak out a victory in this one. Actually, we HAD to have Sinn win, because it now sets up the bitter feud between these two that will continue over the next few episodes and into Divapocalypse. Annie had to win if she wanted to get a place in the three-way title match at Divapocalypse. By beating Annie, Sinn has destroyed her shot. Now Annie will want to DESTROY Sinn any and every chance she gets! Over the next few episodes these two will take turns brutalizing each other…

    But I can assure you that Sinn takes quite a beating in this current episode, not to mention a good fucking by Annie’s strapon (softcore). Annie even forces Sinn to suck the dildo, heh heh…. I think you’ll like it 😉

  9. uhzoomzip says:

    edit: just saw the match description on http://www.prostylefantasies.com and I take back what I said, look forward to buying and watching the latest video, looks amazing

  10. uhzoomzip says:

    Awesome Alex, looking forward to this one, and here’s hoping Sinn ends up the loser. Is there any way you might start posting slight spoilers that give an indication of the match’s outcome? I don’t invest in videos like these to watch the good girl win, and if I wanted a conventional narrative that ended on an upbeat note I’ll stick to mainstream television and cinema. I purchase videos like yours and those of other producers to indulge a narrative not catered to by conventional media, and honestly feel a bit cheated when the heroine/face ekes out a last-second victory in these productions. I understand everyone has different tastes but a huge part of the beauty and gorgeousness of characters like G.I. Jewell for me is seeing them in these dire situations, at their absolute lowest, unable to squeeze out a victory. It’s as much about the psychological impact of a defeat on a character for me as the visual titillation. Leaving the ambiguity in the video description prior to purchase honestly leaves me clueless as to whether or not I’m going to get what I ultimately want.

    Anyway, just a small request. Sorry if it comes across as petulant or rude, but it’s the reason I held out on buying the previous installment of XCW with Sinn. I knew this one was coming up, and I wanted to try to use the previews to gauge which of them was more likely to satisfy me. (Perhaps it goes without saying, but my absolute favorite production of your to date was Sinn and Nicole in the Blue Power Guardian excerpt, which was basically a solid 20 minutes of what I crave, ending on an absolutely beautiful down note.) Your team continues to impress me with your efforts and creativity and I’ll be a loyal customer into the foreseeable future regardless. Hell, I even REbought an old Scarlett Hawk video this weekend (because I knew it ended on a note of utter hopelessness).

  11. Hey everyone, the new XCW episode starring Sinn Sage, Christie Stevens, Akira Lane, and Annie Cruz will be available in an hour or two. In the meantime, check out the trailer!


  12. GManLovesJobbers says:

    For Sinn , if she is going to be a country girl , a Daisy Duke look would be best , to Djarte , I think if a woman has got it , flaut it , show some skin , I personally don’t like the pant top ensembles .

    Early on in their WWE careers , Torrie Wilson & Trish Stratus , 2 Bikini / Lingerie Models used to wear Top / Bottom ensembles & add in the wrist bands & elbow pads , & the Bikini / Lingerie Models are showing very little skin , put them into a special Tag Match vs Moolah & Mae Young ” the Geriatrics ” & oh no , Moolah & Mae with their outfits , in their late 70’s early 80’s are showing way more skin than the Bikini / Lingerie models , WELCOME TO THE TWILIGHT ZONE – DO-DE-DO-DE . I believe all wrestlers can wear something that shows their body really well without being trashy

  13. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Christie Stevens , glad I found out her name , thanks Ranger , definatley looking forward to more of her , hopefully as the Jobberific Victim 🙂

  14. LeeCarl says:

    Wow. Loving those screenshots. I wish I’d thought of Christie Stevens when casting for my earlier Supergirl vid.

  15. djarte says:

    Definitely i would like to see Sinn destroyed and humilated by Annie with any possible way. I would prefer of course lot of ass spanking stuff and wedgies (due to amazing fatty Sinn’s booty) and also a good idea i think would be ragdolling humiliation all around the ring. As for the customes i would like to see Sinn wearing something sexier than this jean skirt she weared the last time. Perhaps a whole body costume with a string ending.. 🙂

  16. Hey, if there is anything in particular you’d like to see happen in the Annie Gunn/Sinn feud, let me know asap! Sinn and Annie will have a series of matches over the next few episodes of XCW, developing a real hatred for each other. Sinn is still a sweet country girl, and might be outclassed by Annie in terms of pure evil, heh heh…

    @djarte: Totally–Eve and her amazing booty were actually the reason I first got into this business in the first place. My original idea for Crimson Hawk was to cast Eve–but then Eve “retired”, so the obvious next choice was Stacy. Then Eve came out of retirement, and we created Scarlet Hawk and Agent Eve. But yeah…her ass is something else. And definitely one of the greatest jobbers of all time.

    @Ranger87: Yes, Christie Stevens is the blonde, and she will definitely be back in XCW a couple more times at least, and I think she will make a fine superheroine. We’ll write something for her soon.

    @New Sheriff: Glad you like the concept. I had another creative meeting with Paris yesterday, and we actually came up with what I think will be a very cool general story arc. I think an Agent Eve reboot might actually be our next big project.

  17. New Sheriff says:

    oh my god YES. please bring back Agent Eve. the spy genre is perfect for peril and is seriously undervalued by producers IMHO…

  18. ranger87 says:


    Having Randy more as Agent Eve sounds badass! And this new blonde girl from the x-club screenshots…Any chances of seeing her in a superheroine video in the future? She’s very hot!

  19. djarte says:

    Eve Ellis as agent Eve was my favourite superheroine. I was always amazed about how she had her fatty ass destroyed. Especially the clip against Crimson Hawk was really nice. She had the spanking of her life. Definitely one of my favourite jobbers – superheroines of all times.

  20. Just posted the old Agent Eve series on C4S if anyone is interested–be advised, I was VERY green when I shot this, it was my first attempt at a tv-show style series, lol. But it’s always nice seeing Eve Ellis in action!


    I’m releasing this now because I’m giving serious thought to doing an Agent Eve reboot–probably with Randy Moore in the title role. Paris and I were brainstorming some scene possibilities and it seemed like it could be a really fun and sexy series.

    The new BattleBabes should be online in February–actually hopefully 2 episodes in Feb. Stay tuned for that. New XCW next week, featuring 2 matches, and some new sexy talent as well as the ongoing feud between Sinn and “Nasty” Annie Gunn. Then we’re getting ready for our big event of the year, “Divapocalypse”, where the new XCW champion will be decided in a three-way match, and some other exciting matches will be held. Stay tuned!

  21. Kevin says:

    Hi Alex Battle Babes Episode when it will be released?

  22. djarte says:

    I totally agree with GManLovesJobbers about the Southern Belles tag team revival. They were my favourite jobber team for all times! I remember watching GLOW when i was young just to see these blond bimbos to get destroyed and hummiliated inside the ring! I would love to see the same team (of course played by different characters) once again in XCW.

    Keep up the good work Alex!

  23. John75 says:

    Nooo did Lux Kassidy retire? She was my favorite…

    And I would LOVE to see JC Marie and Randy Moore Get beat up and humiliated with strap-ons in a tag team match. Maybe by team evil (Paris & Annie)

  24. You know, JC MArie and Randy Moore in a tag team together is the best idea i’ve heard in a looong time!

    Yeah, I think that’s definitely the thing.

  25. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Looking forward to XCW also just to see that blonde get it & I agree , she is a keeper & with her costume , would love to see her with a gorgeous brunette partner who wears the same outfit & foregt Ashley & Vicki as the XCW Jobber team , the new blonde & the brunette could be the Doormats of XCW & I also agree that it would be nicer if the site was updated a tad more frequently since there has been times we see ” In last weeks episode ” & the last update was 3 or 4 months prior.

    This is also my 1st post here & like the rest of yoy folks , I love Randy Moore , she makes the perfect victim in everything & it would be awesome to see a GLOW themed XCW where she teams with JC Marie & they could be those SUPER JOBBERIFIC ” SOUTHERN BELLES “

  26. djarte says:

    Hi all,

    the new blonde girl is indeed really hot! She can easily get destroyed by akira in this episode. I would love to see her jobbing all the time inside the ring…

  27. Han says:

    So when’s the new xcw expected to be released?

  28. Ryan says:

    Last I heard Lux had retired from the business and is a mom now

  29. In XCW, Akira will play “Anime” Akira–that is, she is a crazy twisted wrestler who loves to sexually humiliate her opponents, but isn’t really all that tough of an opponent. Oh yeah, she also acts like she’s in a Japanese anime movie at all times, ha ha. You’ll see what I mean in this episode.

    So in this match, she is effectively the heel–with the sexy sweet american blonde playing the face. But there is definitely no reason that Akira couldn’t be destroyed by Nina Kwan or someone like that. She will wrestle anyone!

  30. DKM says:

    I really, truly want to see Akira absolutely obliterated. It’s been a while. Hope it happens soon Alex!

  31. Ryan says:

    looks like some good stuff coming up

  32. enigma3333333 says:

    agreed me2013

  33. Chris says:

    The new blonde is hot.

  34. ME2013 says:

    Great to hear some news Alex and that new girl looks extremely hot!
    But even more importantly, Akira is freaking back!!! 😀 I’ve been waiting for you to hire her again for ages man. If her character would become the new G.I Jane, getting a major build up, only to get a deserving end, then that would be a dream come true. I sincerely hope that we’ll be seeing a lot of Akira Lane in your upcoming videos Alex, in both XCW as a major/main face, a superheroine movie, and let’s not forget Battlebabes. Since I haven’t seen her in a while in your productions, I just realized that she might be my favourite babe that you’ve hired over the years.

  35. Charles says:

    Hi Alex,

    I’m not sure if this model has been mentioned before, but Sasha Cane did an awesome job as Power girl in http://www.superheroineperil.com/ videos. I always thought she’d be a great fit to your videos as that site’s videos are always missing “something”.. I can’t tell what it is but it’s just different from your work.

    I vote Sasha Cane! 😛

  36. Super Jim says:

    THANK YOU ALEX. Maybe now they can take that stuff else where

  37. Hey @Kaizar, again, I appreciate your enthusiasm, really I do, but I guess I wasn’t clear enough before. I have NO plans to write any TS characters, and I have no plans to do any squirting scenes. Not a judgment, it’s just not anything I’m going to do. Sorry!

    Also, when recommending possible actresses, it’s a good idea to limit your requests to the 1 model you *really* most want to see. When I see a post with a list of 5 or 6 different names I’m much less likely to look any of them up. When I see a post with just one name, with glowing praise about this *one* model and why she would be good, I am much more likely to look her up.

    You’ll have to request TS and squirting from another producer, though, sorry.

  38. Lord Infamous says:

    I would deffinitely want to see TS playing Succubus in Supernatural Bounty Hunter.

    And you just got to have Squirting in a Supernatural anything.

    the Holy Strap On gangbang to defeat very powerful evil females is a great idea.

    I hope it happens, but I’m guessing the most we can hope is just the Strap-on gangbangs in an Alex video.

  39. Kaizar says:

    And “Faye Reagan” can be a Heroine who relies in her gadgets or whatever, but gets striped of them and/or whatever, during her brawl with “Ariel X”, making it come down to pure strength.

  40. Kaizar says:

    On Chris idea, it could be someone like “Ariel X” beating up a small chick like “Faye Reagan”.

  41. Kaizar says:

    It would be cool if the succubus where played by actually good looking TS.

    I can easily see TS playing Succubi in the Supernatural Bounty Hunter series starring Randy Moore as the main Heroine.

    But I guess I might be asking for too much to see any Succubus Villianess anytime soon in a series made by Alex.

  42. Lord Infamous says:

    Well, it uses we already have 5 votes, for yes on Supernatural Bounty Hunter starring Randy Moore.

    I think Randy Moore is perfect for the lead, because she only has moderate amount of muscles (abs & biceps in particular), but I would still like to see Randy Moore built up her muscles just a little bit more (just a little bit more).

    I guess I should name the votes for yes:



    Ace Hood

    Willie the Kid

    Lord Infamous

    Votes for no = 0

  43. kingles says:

    @Alex: “How about a supernatural bounty hunter? Randy Moore and her crew of hotties track down and bring to justice criminals-but of the demonic or monstrous variety?”

    I vote yes!

  44. Kaizar says:

    And in the “Samantha Kelly” vs. young female criminals one, well “Louisa May” can play like the ring leader of the 3 of them.

    You know like the boss or whatever.

  45. Kaizar says:

    I would also love to see “Louisa May” in a Superheroine video someday. Probably as a Superheroine who gets all of her Super Powers from her breast and just by tying her breast up, prevents her from accessing her super powers as her tits turn purple. And also how anyone who drinks from her tits can gain all the same powers and even suck them dry so neither the superheroine nor anyone else can have her super powers except for the one who sucked them dry, who will still have the powers forever. And the Villianess can be someone like “Samantha Kelly” or “Venus” (from such sites as Landofvenus.com). And even as the Villianess is way weaker then the Superheroine, but by drinking the Superheroine’s tits becomes as strong as the Superheroine would be if she had any muscles as well, but she doesn’t so the Villianess becomes even stronger then the Superheroine until defeat & rape and then being sucked dry of her super powers at the end (making the Superheroine go from 100% super powers to 0% within 1 minute), and then maybe rape one more time.

  46. Kaizar says:

    Yeah, I would like to see one with “Jewels Jade” playing a Superheroine being easily defeated & humiliated by “Faye Reagan”.

    And I would love seeing “Samantha Kelly” as a Heroine (no powers, all just very strong in human strength) being defeated & humiliated badly by “iona Grace”.

    Just the thought of Woman like “Jewel Jade” & “Samantha Kelly” being rape by such Villianess being played by ladies like “Faye Reagan” & “Iona Grace”.

    Maybe “Samantha Kelly” can also play a cop in a Catfight Fantasies video were she’s the best cop there is and goes to stop some criminals who turn out to just be some young theives but then somehow gets overpowered by them, probably from being outnumbered and strip of her police gear (her gun from her hand & her police utility belt & if there’s anything else in equipment) during the fight and eventually they have their way with her with her in her own handcuffs.

    And I guess earlier during the fight the young criminals could have use some of her police equipment on her, like the pepper spray & the taser & so fort, with the handcuffs being the last thing used to make it obvious of humiliating of a defeat it was, before they have their way with “Samantha Kelly”.

    And the young criminals can be played by “Faye Reagan” & “Iona Grace” & “Louisa May”.

  47. CaptainCrude says:

    I would love to see Samantha Kelly in a role as a super heroine – especially with the intent of seeing her humiliated by a skinnier bitchy villain.

  48. Lord Infamous says:

    Maybe Samantha Kelly can play a Heroine like Batman, where she relies on her natural strength to bring her city’s Villianess to justice, but then comes across a young thin Villianess who over powers like its nothing and defeats & humiliates her.

    Which would be extra humiliating for someone like Samantha Kelly to be defeated by a small thin chick, like Iona Grace or Faye Reagan.

    To bad no one has ever done such an ultimate humiliation in F/F porn before.

  49. Kaizar says:

    I just checked out “Samantha Kelly” and she is a perfect porn actress to play muscular female for so many stuff.

    I would love to see someone like “Samantha Kelly” play a super powerful heroine who gets defeated easily by someone like “iona Grace” “Faye Reagan” in a one-on-one.

    Can you imagine someone like “Samantha Kelly” getting defeated by someone like “Iona Grace” or “Faye Reagan” or someone like that.

    And I’m with Willie the Kid & Ace Hood on this.

    A supernatural bounty hunter series would be perfect for F vs. TS & “Squirting” & Lesbian Strap-on Gangbangs to defeat evil female Villianess (Holy Strap-on’s).


    How about a muscular female vs. female or TS that looks like a female with a cock vs. female.


    Will you ever film any of your videos in Stereoscopic 3D 60 fps 1080p someday?

  50. Chris says:

    Most Alex fans seem to be F/F fans, or at least on this blog it seems to be that way. I’ve always been of the M/F crowd, but those videos are few and far between for Alex but when he does them he does them extremely well. I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next one.

  51. Ace Hood says:

    I would prefer a muscular female beating up on the small thin heroine chick, Like “Samantha Kelly”.

    Now that’s a hot fetish actress with muscles & 32DDD breast.

    And I like Willie the Kid’s ideas for the Supernatural Bounty Hunter series, with TS to play some of the Villianess and Strap on gangbangs to defeat female Villianess at the end of the battle and squirting for all sorts of supernatural stuff.

    The Supernatural bounty hunter series can really open up a lot of doors for what can be done in today’s porn, to move into the present.

  52. Chris says:

    I’d prefer the giga style, big muscular scary looking dude beating up on the small, thin heroine chick.

  53. Willie the Kid says:

    the Supernatural bounty hunter idea does sound perfect for doing “Squirting” and having TS that look like females with a cock play such things as demons. And the good gals doing a Strap-on Gangbang to the female villianess to defeat them because it is the only way and other stuff like that.

  54. theomen3000666 says:

    thank u CaptainCrude hopefully we see it again soon there got 2 b a new character willing 2 do it hopefully

  55. Chris says:

    ^”How about a supernatural bounty hunter? Randy Moore and her crew of hotties track down and bring to justice criminals–but of the demonic or monstrous variety?”

    That wouldn’t be bad. As long as the monsters/demons are humanoid and have the same urges that we do and act upon them in the video, if you know what i mean ;P

  56. JC Marie will appear in XCW in the near future for sure. She won’t be in the next episode, BUT I am trying out a new sexy blonde who I believe is new to the fetish world–she will definitely be in the next episode, which should be available somewhere at the end of the month.

    Still writing the bounty hunter series–though after watching Todd and the Book of Pure Evil I’m missing the old Slayer Paris days, and maybe something more supernatural is in order.

    How about a supernatural bounty hunter? Randy Moore and her crew of hotties track down and bring to justice criminals–but of the demonic or monstrous variety?

  57. CaptainCrude says:

    I agree with theomen3000666.

    I would like to see a new character or an already established character ask for a contract stipulating that anyone who loses to her must either kiss her ass or kiss her breasts.

    I like Roxy Blade since she has already incorporated forcing her opponents to suck her tits in the past.

    Either that or the debut of a character played by… JC Marie?

  58. Timmy says:

    Any news of future releases Alex been a while since we hear something

  59. theomen3000666 says:

    these videos rock it would b awesome 2 c a kiss my ass match and maybe some more humiliating wrestling moves like a bronco buster or another stinkface with great angle havent seen 1 in quite a while what do u think Alex?

  60. Fan421 says:

    Hey Alex – any KOs in the GI Belle video?

  61. Kaizar says:

    There’s also an Angel Blade Bonus video.

    It’s like 5 minutes long I think.

    But doesn’t have any spider Villian.

  62. CaptainCrude says:

    Thanks Kaizar.
    Just watched them all. Like you said, it’s unfortunate they don’t play her up as much as they could have. The video definitely got my imagination running. I especially liked the part where she’s half arachnid half human, and when she’s forcing the two characters to scissor as they’re trapped hanging from a string of web that is wrapped around the two of them.

  63. Kaizar says:

    Well, if you want to see a Spider Villianess now.

    Then you can watch “Angel Blade Punish”.

    It sequels off of “Angel Blade”.

    But The Spider Villianess doesn’t play out as much as I would like.

    It’s “Hentai”, so Japanese porn, but it’s in English Dub.

  64. CaptainCrude says:

    I like the Power Guardians, but I have an issue with the storytelling elements – it would be cool to see a Spider Villainess in that series as well, but I don’t like the idea of the Power Guardians freeing themselves from the Lotus Princess.

    The thing that made Power Rangers unique is that Rita Repulsa had little to no part in her effort to destroy the Power Rangers. She just sat up in her evil tower. If a Spider Villainess were introduced it would make more sense to me that it were an attempt to see the Lotus Princess take a back seat to the action, only to see to it that her monster she created physically crushes the Power Guardians, and has them brought back to her lair by the Spider (but that makes for a hole different setting than a Spider Lair).

    Thats why I like Nova Woman vs (Spider Villain) better because she has more of a Batman & Robin appeal when coupled with Flare – that villainess seems to work better by herself or as a minion of the Lotus Princess…

    …But I really just want to see another Nova Woman production. That Nova Woman costume was so sexy, and I would love to see JC covered in cobwebs, claw, and bite marks before being ravished. Misadventure after misadventure, that only connects character specific traits from episode to episode (for instance Nova telling Flare she has to go in alone because of what happened with the Red Queen… only to find Flare is missing – Spider Woman knew she needed an appetizer to prepare her for the main course).

  65. Yes, the Mega Babe character is actually a creation of a writer I work with from time to time, and so you can see her popping up here and there in different places. I have contacted the writer and we will work on the Decoy re-make together. Should be hot!

  66. Kaizar says:

    Hey you guys, Randy Moore did a Mega Babe video of her own.

    It’s at Randy Moore’s Fetish Fantasies, clips4sale site.

    Wow, we got both Alex & Randy releasing 2 hot videos in 1 day under clips4sale.com.

    Pure awesomeness.

    Thanks Alex for releasing the Hot test video.

  67. Kaizar says:

    Yeah, I like to see Jenny GI Jewel come back too.

    Also for XCW, I would to see 2 muscular females vs. 2 skinny females, like:

    “Ariel X” & “Venus” (from such sites as her own landofvenus.com) VS. “iona Grace” & “Holly Wildes”

    Ariel X & Venus can be the muscle team (or whatever) and Holly Wildes & iona Grace can be call the twins (or something with twins in the title)

    It can be about both “Ariel X” & “Venus” (Landofvenus.com) are trying to get back at the bad guys like Diana Knight and others for what they have done to per good guys in the past videos of XCW, but instead of any of them showing up, they only have minions of Diana Knight called “the Twins” (but their characters are not related like in real life) show up.

    With no Diana Knight nor anyone else in sight when the fight was suppose to be Ariel X & Venus VS. Diana Knight & others.

    So anyways, both Ariel X & Venus still go thru with the fight anyways, and they beat the living crap at of the twins, or so it seems until long into the fight were it turns out that they haven’t really been harming the Twins at all, and then it turns out that the Twins were just pretending as one of them catches Venus punch and crushes her hand and then you find out that the Twins (Holly Wildes & iona Grace) are actually way stronger then “Ariel X” & “Venus” and they totally beat up the muscular duo wrestlers and then raped them in total humiliation.

    There can even be a scene where both “iona Grace” & Holly Wildes double team strap-on fuck “Venus”.

    Plus in real life both “Ariel X” & “iona Grace” have full experience in real wrestling (as shown at ultimatesurrender.com), which might help in the production of the video.

  68. Okay, I just uploaded that VERY early video with Bella Doll and Malloy Martini to C4S:


    Please be advised that this was the very FIRST wrestling video I ever shot, and is definitely NOT of the same production quality of my current vids. Just a warning. It has some fun moments though. Bella does a nice job acting when she’s really tough and also when she’s really weak and helpless…and if you like your girls fit, you’ll like Bella!

    Plenty of hose and feet angles and a de-booting for those fetish fans too!

  69. Suoer Jim says:

    I hope JI jewl comes back as a heal, and I’ve herd this before but Imma say it any way. Her reason for being a heal is because nobody helped her when she was the good girl, she always got screwed (Litterally) when trying to be nice and help people, so now she bad

  70. Kaizar says:

    Well I think “Jewel Jade” would be perfect to play Dark Scorpion (Black Scorpion XXX Parody series).

    And “Summer Cummings” can play the police partner of her secret identity.

    And “Daphne Rosen” can be one of the Villianess.

    Yeah, “Jewel Jade” would be the perfect Black Scorpion.

  71. Kaizar says:

    To answer Chris; Giga/Akiba does not have any of that stuff.

    I’ve checked yesterday for strap-on gangbang & also squirting.

    The closest I could find for F/TS was females wearing dildos when being turned into a Futanari by the Villianess, but they do censor the dildos to try to give a real feel, LOL.

    So yeah, they still never did any of that stuff, no one has. It’s just a pure Untap Market in Superheroine Porn.

  72. anonymous fan says:

    @Alex Bettinger

    Thank you very much! Please give us a heads up when the GI Belle video is back up on C4S.

  73. Kevlar says:

    Sounds good Alex. I’m enjoying the BattleBABES2020 series and look forward to reaching the end of this first tournament!
    @Kaizar – I’m glad i managed to give you an answer about the GI Belle video. Sorry it wasn’t sooner, I didn’t realise you had asked about it. However to be fair, you do make A LOT of posts, many of which are quite long, saying similar things which don’t relate to my interests lol

  74. Yeah, that was really just a test video, starring Bella Doll and Malloy Martini and “Selena”. I’ll hunt it down and put it up on C4S.

    The spider villainess idea is very good. I’ll definitely consider that one for a future superheroine adventure. Maybe after the Power Guardians finally free themselves of Kiyoshi’s clutches?

    Next up are a couple of custom videos, then either BattleBabes2020 or else the new Bounty Hunter series I have been writing. Either way, we’ll probably be seeing a bunch of Randy Moore! Then maybe the Decoy reboot? Will talk to JC Marie about it!

  75. Kaizar says:

    That’s the video at I have been asking questions about.

    Well, at least I have my question answer, even though someone else had to ask the samething to get it finally answered.

    I hope the video comes back up someday.

    I would also buy that video as soon as possible.

  76. Kevlar says:

    I think you might be talking about the video called GI Belle? It actually had 3 girls in it, “Bella Doll”, “Malloy Martini” and “Selena Guerrero” its a good video, im not sure why the series wasnt continued

  77. anonymous fan says:

    @Lord Infamous

    I remember that video as well. I think it was a test video for prostylefantasies before the site actually went live. Since then, the video has not been up for sale. I would probably buy the video too. I definitely do regret not buying it when it was up for sale.

  78. Lord Infamous says:

    Doesn’t anyone else want to know what that screenshot of a woman with a mexican wrestling mask defeating another woman in that AD for prostylefantasies.com in Hawkheroines.com website is?

    because i sure do.

    just go to Hawkheroines.com and check out the AD for prostylefantasies.com.

    I would buy that video instantly.

  79. CaptainCrude says:

    I meant to include that Nova would be alone because of what happened with the Red Queen. I think I’m getting the details across sometimes… thats why I shouldn’t be allowed to write on the computer after 4 in the morning. Also that character might allow an opportunity for some bondage. I know people have been asking about that a little bit lately too. I wouldn’t mind seeing Diana Knight, CC, Melina Mason, or Capri Cavalli play such a character though.

    I tried looking for some evidence of Alex shooting on twitter. Nothing yet. I can’t wait to see what he’s up to though for his first of the year.

    Same said for Christina Carter, she put out some great work last year. I can’t wait to see what she’s got in 2013.

  80. Kaizar says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention; Christina Carter said quote:

    I plan on making everyone’s New Year great with amazing releases to come!!

    (end quote).

    Thats from yesterday.

    I can’t wait to see what it is.

  81. Kaizar says:

    I love CaptianCrude’s idea.

    I would easily pay $25 immediately to see that.


    Alex seems to only release 1, sometimes 2 videos a month these days.

    But it is now January so probably no later then around the 20th, if I had to guess.

  82. CaptainCrude says:

    Throw some scratches, bite marks, and dried blood on the neck, arms, and thighs of Nova Girl and Flare for battle scars to while I’m at it.

  83. CaptainCrude says:

    Capri vs Nova Woman.

    I’d like to see Alex try his hand establishing a Spider-Vampire Villainess. Just spitballing ideas here for such a character:

    -super strength
    -venomous bites that paralyze individual body parts and increase her own strength
    -a lair decked out in cobwebs
    -spider sense
    -a big spider web to stick and strap her opponents

    We see Capri in her lair after escaping prison, walking around and thinking about what she’s going to do. She senses Nova Woman is coming after her since she knows about her escape. Capri finds Flare and after several spider bites she lay paralyzed and helpless. She takes her back to her lair and spins her in a ball of web. Nova goes to inform Flare she will be alone and discovers Flare is missing, and goes straight to (Capri)’s lair sensing she is there. Nova is faster, but she is outmatched in strength now that she has absorbed some of Flare’s energy and is backed into a wall of cobwebs as she is being bitten.

    Nova wakes up. Her hair covered in cobwebs, her breasts covered in cobwebs, and she’s trapped in a bed of webs. Flare is out cold next to her buried in cobwebs. It’s revealed she’s not dead, just paralyzed, and Nova is about to receive the same treatment after some ravishing.

    Once I get an idea in my head I really like I have to get it out. I’ve just been dying to see a spider type villain in a video – I suppose I liked Nova Woman and JC so much that it was enough to think up a story for her with Capri who I am also becoming more excited about the more I see her.

  84. CaptainCrude says:

    Yeah it was great. The Nova Woman video had all the things a video should:

    – established the superheroines and their goal
    -established the villains and their goal
    -both Nova Woman and the Red Queen had a plan to beat each other
    -They put both plans in action
    -The scale tipped back and forth
    -The bad girls came out on top
    -The villains enjoyed their victory by capturing and humiliating the super heroines

    It’s a really simple formula, but rarely do I see build up or the drama that is first established before the climax. It was nearly perfect.

  85. Kaizar says:

    I only meant to send 1 comment but it got split up into 3 and in a whacked up way.

    Sorry, something must be wrong with my internet connection.

    Sorry for the whack up comment that got split into 3 comments in a weird way.

  86. ME2013 says:

    Any news on upcoming releases Alex?
    Any chance of something happening this week, or maybe you’re still on Christmas/New Year’s break?

  87. Chris says:

    I am pretty sure giga/akiba definitely has that stuff.

  88. Kaizar says:

    You can check me for a big yes on all of that Willie from the female on transexual action, to the lesbian strap on gangbangs to the Big Female Orgasms for Real from any Superheroine fetish sites.

    Someday someone will do the untap market, even if it’s a Japanese site like Giga. Some site will eventually Tap into the several untap markets on the world wide web.

    But at least we can start seeing one get tapped into with females vs. muscular females (not steroids extreme).

    I just wish there was already a site that had females vs. muscular females for the Superheroine fetish already.

  89. Kaizar says:

    You can sign me up for wanting some squirting and strap-on gangbanging and also F vs. TS on some superheroine porn site someday.

  90. Kaizar says:

    Me too, but also squirting and female vs. ts someday in superheroine porn sites.

  91. Kaizar says:

    I loved the Nova Woman video, but it should have been a Strap-on Gangbang.

    I hope we see a Strap-on Gangbang someday in any Superheroine porn site.

  92. CaptainCrude says:

    Haha sorry Kaizar

    But me too, after Nova Woman, I wouldn’t mind seeing more JC Marie in Alex’s productions.

    Even if Capri wasn’t in the Decoy remake. I would love to see her and JC in the same production in the future. Such as maybe a new villain to match Nova Woman in super powers? I would like to see something like that.

  93. Kaizar says:

    “Capri Cavalli” is also right for the part of Katra.

    Thanks Captain Crude. You made me more conflicted, LOL.

    Well, I also hope to see “JC Marie” in other videos by Alex.

    *fingers crossed*

  94. CaptainCrude says:

    I’d love to see JC Marie as mega babe after her performance as Nova Woman.

    But as for Katra: Capri Cavalli is my preferred babe.

  95. Ace Hood says:

    I agree, you can find a million superheoine porn video that shows them doing such disgusting things as using the restroom from American superheroine Porn to Japanese superheroine porn, but you can’t find a single Superheroine porn ever made that shows a Female having a BIG ORGASM for real.

    I mean what the hell is up wit Dat.

  96. Willie the Kid says:

    Well, I’m still hopeful to see the Untap Market get Tapped.

  97. Kevlar says:

    I like the sound of Karlie as a villainess. Even if it doesnt end up well its good to see actresses playing both good and evil at least once.

    @Willie – Sorry to burst your bubble but i don’t think Alex has said squirting will happen… all he has said is that its unlikely to happen in the near future, it still may not happen in the distant future or ever

  98. MyNameisURL says:

    Count me into the “no messy scenes” club!

    Has Karlie played a villainess before?

  99. Willie the Kid says:

    Well now I’m happy to know it will happen, even though it’s not in the near future.

    Now that I know it is gonna happen someday, I am happy. Even though the Squirting is not in the near future,

    Thanks Alex.

    By the way, is it measure B (prop B or whatever it’s called) that makes it difficult to just do that kind of stuff in a snap?

  100. Kaizar says:

    I can see Katra being played by “Karlie Montana”.

    But now I’m conflicted because I was looking forward to maybe someone like “Melissa Jacobs” playing Katra.

    But I got to admit that “Karlie Montana” is also right for the part.

    And I would like to ask Alex about a image on hawkheroines.com that is in the AD for porstylefantasies.com?

    It’s a female in a Mexican wrestling mask defeating another female in a white shirt.

    What video is that screenshot an image of?

    And will we ever get to purchase this video on clips4sale.com?

    Because it looks super hot, like the Decoy.

    And also when will you start the Fembot site on sciencefictionfetish.com?

  101. Yes, a remake of the Decoy–with JC Marie as Mega Babe, and now I’m leaning toward Karlie Montana as Katra. She has great stage fighting talents and has a lot of that same sharpness that Francesca has. It might be weird to recast just one part.

    No squirting in the near future–the condom law here makes that kind of difficult, and honestly I’m just not into messy scenes. Sorry!

  102. MyNameisURL says:

    @Charles. Yes, that was my understanding. A remake, with Le in her old role, and Marie as MegaBabe.

  103. Lord Infamous says:

    I wish for Squirting in Lesbian Superheoine videos too. It can really add to the story, like the draining of a Superheroines power, or her losing her Mojo like Austin Powers in Austin Powers 2, or having her powers leave her body to be drinked by the normal villianess which makes that villianess have all of the superheroine’s powers and etc.

    The possibilities are endless.


    I don’t think he’s remaking The Decoy.

    I think he is just making more new ones.

  104. Willie the Kid says:

    Aww man, after reading this whole comment section, I can’t believe we might not see any squirting in Superheroine lesbian videos from Alex.

    PLEASE! Change your mind.

  105. Charles says:

    Am I following this right? Alex is planning on re-making the decoy with JC Marie as Megababe?? INSTA buy!

  106. Kaizar says:

    I like to see the same things in Superheroine videos.

    I hope to someday see “big female orgasms” (Squirting) in any sites lesbian Superheroine videos.

    And I would like to have a 3D 1080p option for download someday. I mean a digital 3D 1080p camera only cost like $170 these days, I believe. Plus we would finally have lesbian Superheroines at 1080p 2D option for most users.

    Plus the 60 fps that comes with all home made 3D videos would also add to the sexual action (at 60 fps per eye).

    I guess I just can’t wait for the day that someone does 3D 60 fps lesbian Superheroine porn.

  107. MyNameisURL says:

    Alex, Kaizar, thanks for the info. Alex, I guess what draws me most to these kinds of films is:

    1) Forced orgasm (usually, one giant, over-the-top one will do, as long as the heroine’s voice isn’t annoying, which can easily happen in these.)

    That one really has to be there for me to have an interest. The rest isn’t as mandatory, but I’ll try and rank it by interest:

    2) Female-on-female
    3) Use of strap-on (actual or acted, doesn’t matter so much)
    4) Heroine really expresses combination of resistance/surrender well. (And being statuesque and blonde pushes the heroine button even more.)
    5) Villain really expresses her triumph well, both loathing and aroused by her destruction. Francesca Le and Paris both do that very well.
    6) Some unexpected scenario. What Kaizar points out is one of them…having a much larger, more powerful heroine destroyed by a smaller villain. Or, just some weird but well-done scenario involving monsters…I always loved the old “Ogmidon” video on SHC as an example of that.

    Other little things…both villain and heroine take it “seriously” (no “Scream”-like humor, please)…no looking at the camera (destroys the illusion)…good fighting a plus, but not absolutely necessary (a completely one-sided fight can be exciting too)…

    Just some things off the top of my head…

  108. Lake says:

    Now all we need is for Agent Eve to be made available again. I got all but 2 of them and then they were taken offline.

  109. Kaizar says:

    Yeah, I was gonna basically say the same thing as Alex did.

    Dreamcatcher out of those 2. There’s no doubt about it.

    I was just saying that I would like a sexual peril version of Miss Patroit, like starring “Faye Reagan” as Death Kat or some other Villianess that seems like a harmless kid but is actually leagues more powerful then any Superheroine ever for just some kid, and “Jewel Jade” as the Superheroine because of her big breast and noticeable enough muscles to really sell the whole Superheroine look & act & all.

    Plus how humiliating it would be for someone like “Jewels Jade” to get her ass kick in such an one-sighted fight by someone like “Faye Reagan”…………..now that would be super-hot.

    I just wish it would happen in a F/F superheroine video.

  110. @MyNameIsURL: They’re both rather simple vids, but the Dreamcatcher one is just better all around I think. Lux is tied up and is forced to cum (not hardcore). Danni Trixie isn’t made to cum or anything in the Miss Patriot vid. Of those two I would recommend the Dreamcatcher vid.

    Feel free to email me and tell me the sort of content you are looking for and I can make a recommendation for you. videobydallas@hotmail.com

  111. MyNameisURL says:

    Of those two (“Miss Patriot” or “Dreamcatcher”) which has more pure sexual peril? (Seems like Dreamcatcher, plus Lux Kassidy’s in it!)

  112. Lord Infamous says:

    Yeah thanks, that’s what I was going for, for a new Mega Babe.

    But at least we will start seeing muscled females in Alex videos someday.

    I would like to see such actresses as:

    Dina Al Sabah

    Melyssa Buhl

    Denise Milani

    In Superheroine videos someday as both the Villianess and at other times as the heroine.

    You be surprise about how many natural female body building porn actresses you can find out about from such sites as:



    And to a lesser extent Musculargoddess.com

    But there are also steroids takers as well on these sites.

  113. Kaizar says:

    Well, out of everyone’s suggestion for Mega Babe. After I had look at what everyone else suggested, I think Lord Infamous suggestion of “Trisha Maree” was the best, plus she sometimes haves some of her muscles make an appearance on her body, but I have rarely found any photos that show off any of her muscles.

    But Alex already seems to have choosen “JC Marie” which is also a good choice.

  114. Kaizar says:


    About the whole you not being sure if the F/TS & Superheroine niche overlaps.

    It does, just look at such Hentai as “Angel Blade” & “Star Jewel” and many other Hentai of the Superheroine genre and the other Superheroine videos are tentacles niche overlap.

    In fact I guess it’s just more easier to look up futanari hentai, to find the overlap ones cross with Superheroine niche, I believe.

    And “Angel Blade” & “Angel Blade Punish” are the most popular Hentai ever to this date.

  115. Kaizar says:

    I can also quickly suggest issue:




    From Superheroineworld.com

    But for issue 2, you will also have to go to hawkheroines.com for the first part of haunted heroines (Alex use to have both, on both sites the first 1 or so months, LOL).

    If you like the decoy, then you should also like hawk heroine issues 5 to 9.

    I don’t have that good of memory of the other heroine videos like “the twins”, but I do have them either on my Windows 7 or one of my my blank DVDs I use to save, edit, delete my excess data.

    I can also suggest episode 4 & up of Slayer Paris, but then later get the first 3 (if you don’t care about proper order to begin watching)

  116. Kaizar says:


    Fall of mega power guardian does count.

  117. Kaizar says:

    Well, the Superheroine goes to save her friend (if I remember correctly).

    Anyways, she runs into a girl in a Cheetah like custom who reveals it was just a lie/trap to bring her there.

    And Miss Patriot laughs at the thought of the girl even being a bad guy, so then the Villianess punches her super fast & super hard one time which knocks miss patriot out.

    When she comes to she try’s to fight but the girl is so strong that’s she easily completely humiliates the heroine by beating her up so badly.

    And would have been better if it was a young twenty-some year old (like “Faye Reagan”) playing the girl Villianess, so there could be a rape scene added.

    But its sill pretty hot with the adult Superheroine getting defeated in a one-sided fight against the even more super strong girl Villianess.

    And yes miss patriot gets strip of all of her clothes.

    But I would suggest getting other videos from combatfetish.com first.

    Off the top of my head I could suggest:

    Gem vs. dreamcaster (or whatever it’s called) from Superheroineworld.com

    I’ll be back with more suggestions.

  118. Chris says:

    Hey Alex, I feel like we haven’t seen a M/F from you in a while. The last one was Not in the Mood. When will your next M/F be?

  119. MyNameisURL says:

    @Kaizar: How far does the “Miss Patriot” movie go? I always had a tough time telling in those early films exactly how far the action went.

  120. Kaizar says:

    Hey Alex, will you ever do another video like “Miss Patriot meets Death Kat”, but with someone like “Faye Reagan” playing the megavillianess and someone like “Jewel Jade” play the Superheroine?

    Where the Superheroine thinks that the megavillianess is just some punk kid wannabe Villianess, just to find out that the Villian (Faye Reagan) is way much more powerful then her own superpower self.

    It would be awesome to go all the way, in that kind of scenario. And “Faye Reagan” is a perfect person to pull off the roll from the one-sighted battle to the finally rape & humiliation in this kind of Superheroine scenario video. And having someone like “Jewels Jade” play one of the most powerful/strongest Superheroine’s in all of the universe would be perfect, because she looks like someone who can dominate against anyone, let alone against “Faye Reagan” but instead gets her ass handed to her by “Faye Reagan” in such a humiliating case because of how much more unbelievably strong the Villianess is.

    You can have the beggining of the confrontation be like: you must be kidding kid, you couldn’t harm a fly, let alone be a Villian (or some Line like that, but much better). Where the Superheroine doesn’t take her seriously at the very start of meeting the villainess.

  121. Lake says:


    They are on DT Wrestling’s website. I can’t remember the codes or names DT gave them but they have put most of them (not all) on sale. They stretch back 3 years or so. Unfortunately, the best one, in which Diana strips and then whips Melissa in the ring was never put on sale. They played superheroine and supervillain and Diana even got to demask Melissa in it. I can’t understand why it was never put on sale as it was really good. I did a follow up to it which they did put on sale and can be found in their Special Fantasy section. It’s just entitled Diana v Melissa and is one of the most recent additions.

  122. ME2013 says:

    “Alex Bettinger:
    Hey guys, yeah, I’ve posted some more old Hawk Heroines vids from waaaay back onto one of our C4S stores. Here is the link:
    Enjoy! And be advised that these vids are from years ago!”

    I noticed, but realized that there is only one new-old video that’s not already on Hawkheroines (if you haven’t taken them all down by now I suppose). So since we’ve already seen two episodes (or actually two videos divided on 4 episodes), any chance we’ll get to see the remaining 6 episodes from the first 10? Now that you’re already on a roll like this, I don’t see why not ^^ And I would highly consider buying them all for sure!

  123. Super Jim says:

    Oh I know, I just want to see them under Alex’s direction, and I like those two’s work

  124. Kaizar says:

    Diana Knight & Christina Carter have done tons have videos together.

    Bondagecafe.com has a lot of them, specifically the O-Girl Superheroine videos.

    But they have also done tons were Christina Carter plays Wonder Woman on other sites.

    So just look up: Christina Carter Wonder Woman Diana Knight. And you should hopefully find a lot more.

  125. Hey guys, yeah, I’ve posted some more old Hawk Heroines vids from waaaay back onto one of our C4S stores. Here is the link:


    Enjoy! And be advised that these vids are from years ago!

  126. Super Jim says:

    I’d love to see a catfight video with Diana Knight and Christina Carter. That would be a great video for catfightfantasies

  127. Dkm says:

    @lake do you have links to those videos where they can be purchased?

  128. Lake says:

    I’m going mad! I mean Claudia Black. Anyway, I meant to say Diana Knight and Melissa Jacobs do a great act together.

  129. Lake says:

    Sorry, I meant Diana Knight! Diana Black is another actress with long black hair who doesn’t look a lot unlike DK.

  130. Lake says:

    Whatever part Melissa Jacobs plays, she has to be on the end of a beating. I have seen nobody play the part of a beaten heroine better. She absolutely sells the role. If Diana Black played the villain you couldn’t wish for a better combination. I have scripted these 2 many times and they are awesome.

  131. Kaizar says:

    Hey you guys can get Hawk Heroines episode 5 & 6 as well as 3 & 4 now.

    3 & 4 are the decoy.

    5 & 6 are Silver Hawk vs. Sadista (Jewell Marceau & Hollywood)

    I already have them since forever ago, but yeah they are hot.

    I hope for you guys sake that he puts up 7 & 8 & 9.

  132. Lord Infamous says:


    Thanks for letting me know.

    lol, I just found out about them thru a bdsm site.

  133. TheLecher says:

    @Lord Infamous
    Naomi retired in 2009 (or early 2010).
    Sasha Grey retired in 2010.

  134. Lord Infamous says:

    Well, I would love to someday see in a superheroine video these porn actresses:


    Sasha Grey


  135. MyNameisURL says:

    I know lots of folks like bondage. I’m not big into it…all I ask is don’t go overboard with the hardware, ok?

    Back to “Decoy”, I do think the new setting needs to be somewhere other than a house. And, I was thinking that Le’s outfit could be a little more “super villainous” in the new one? Nothing wrong with the old one, just thought an upgrade might be in order.

  136. Lord Infamous says:

    I like Steve idea.

    Also, Alex will you ever use “K.C. Cannons” in anything?

    She has done tons of Superheroine videos before, but nothing recent lately.

  137. Steve says:

    Yes, more bondage!!!

    I’d love to see a heel put a dog collar on a beaten down jobber and walk her around the ring like a dog.

  138. You know, I’ve been thinking that too–that I need to bring back some more bondage to XCW. I even brought some rope the last couple of shoots, but just never around to it. Next episode for sure!

  139. Scando says:

    Thanks Alex for another quality clip. Fully agree with Mr Wolf though, would have liked to see more bondage (enjoyed for example episodes 4 and 12 a lot!) in it. Actually the recent clips have sort of “lost” that aspect. I hope you will consider this especially in the upcoming Sinn/Annie feud you are talking about. Would be really hot to see Annie tying up Sinn in various positions along the clip…and then of course ravishing her in the process…

  140. Tommy says:

    Talking about girls, I hope that one day he’ll have Ashley Grace in one of his productions. She did great videos being at the receiving end at bellypain.net (Especially “Bad Day for Ashley”)

  141. Kaizar says:

    I would love to see a Catfight Fantasies Video were there’s a School Teacher and her class of students, and because some of them have made inappropriate advances on her, she has them stay after School for detention.

    The students can be:

    JC Marie

    Holly Wildes

    Faye Reagan

    Iona Grace

    Larkin Love

    And the teacher can be “Jewel Jade”

    And the students can end up outnumbering her, since there’s no one else at school after school, and they would be having their way with her, despite the fight she manage to put up against them at the beginning of the domination.

    It can be a Strap-on Gangbang.

  142. Kaizar says:

    I agree with Mister S.

    @Mister S

    I’ve been wanting to say something just like that about JC Marie for a long time now, but everytime they post a new comment section for a new video by Alex, I kept forgetting, LOL.

  143. Mister S says:

    I’m hoping you bring in JC Marie for anything you do – XCW, superheroine-stuff – anything. She’s amazing!

  144. john75 says:

    still hoping that Lux Kassidy comes back soon, or Sarah Blake. Miss those two, especially Lux Kassidy

  145. Mr Wolf says:

    Awesome video, but would have liked to see Vicki restrained more and tied up/tortured for the forced orgasm in the future. That’s just my thing though.

  146. Kaizar says:

    I definitely want to see Mega Babe get strap-on fucked doggy style by the antagonist.

    And also tit fucked by the female Villian. (like Paris Kennedy did to Emily Addison in Super School Girl vs. Headmistress)

  147. MyNameisURL says:

    Actually, JC Marie was my second choice! Agreed she has the body and look. Hopefully, she will sell the forced orgasm angle as well as Danielle did.

    ‘DS’ – doggy style. Sorry, not up on acronyms, I guess. 🙂

  148. Kaizar says:

    Or maybe “Melissa Jacobs” as a Wonder Girl kind of character and “Daphne Rosen” as a Wonder Woman type of character.

  149. Kaizar says:

    Hey Alex, on the “Melissa Jacobs” playing a Superheroine thing.

    If you still haven’t come up with an idea, then maybe you can try an Captain Marvel kind of thing; where “Melissa Jacobs” plays the lady that transforms into “Daphne Rosen” when she becomes a Superheroine, but if she becomes really badly defeated in her Superheroine form then she turns back into “Melissa Jacobs” even though she will still have her custome & powers in this one particular way of turning back into “Melissa Jacobs”.

    And you can probably do a “Darla Crane” turn into “Mz Berlin” thing for the Super Villianess. Or “Faye Reagan” turn into “Mz Berlin” for the Supervillianess.

    I guess it would depend on whether the Supervillianess normal form will be a Young Woman or a Mature Woman.

    Can’t wait to see “Melissa Jacobs” start playing a Superheroine.

  150. CaptainCrude says:

    @Alex Bettinger

    Yes, please! Just like how she pinned Jenny in Episode 2!

    Like I said, I’m dying to see the enjoyment Marquise takes in winning that decisively with her opponent half-consciously sucking on her toes while pinned to the mat.

  151. Kaizar says:

    Well, while we’re on the subject of liking other people’s ideas, I like Steve idea of having Katra be played by someone like “Melissa Jacobs”.

    I would personally love to see “Melissa Jacobs” play Katra.

    But I still haven’t heard any reply from Alex about my idea of using a “Digital 1080p 3D 60 fps” camera. They cost like $170 & up for one, I believe.

    Plus the biggest selling film of all time is a Chinese 3D porno movie, so it has plenty of ground. And there are tons of glasses-free 3D Laptops & TVs & Smartphones & Tablets & like 15 million adult owners of a Nintendo 3DS as of December 2012. And Smart 3D TVs are only $350 & up to surf the Internet and download Apps and watch TV of course.

    And you can start having 1080p 2D 30 fps formats available for download for future videos, instead of your current 720p for 2D HD.

  152. Lord Infamous says:

    Speaking of Mega Girl, I always wanted to see a video were both Mega Babe and Mega Girl are side-by-side fighting against an enemy.

    And I do like that Mega Babe is gonna continue to have big breast, even though its getting reduce in size.

    I’m a fan of squirting, so it sucks to hear that it might never happen in a Alex video. I don’t think anyone has ever done a Superheroine Squirting video before, so it’s like a great untap market begging for someone out there to do it someday.

    Is anyone else here a fan of Big female orgasms (real ones)?

  153. Kaizar says:

    I meant to say: or something like that to create an “Dark anti-matter Mega Babe”

    And also if you ever do a “Mega Girl” again, can you have someone like “Holly Wildes” play Mega Girl?
    she has a great bust and is young.

  154. valugi says:

    In my opinion Jc Marie would be a perfect megababe, I think it would be interesting to update the costume, make some changes without spoiling and clear

  155. Kaizar says:

    How about a Cape that magically disappears & reappears as Mega Babe wants.

    And a “ass cape” for her behind.

    The whole 2 capes, with one on the shoulders and the other covering the booty that can disappear & reappear as she pleases.

    And maybe something to add to the costume for battle-mode, like shoulder pads or something like that, that will make her look like she is in battle-mode.

    And can “Daphne Rosen” play a like dark anti-matter Mega Babe that is created when Mega Babe physically contacts something like a gateway opening up when she is standing in the middle of it, which creates an Evil Mega Babe, or someone like that to create an Dark anti-matter Mega Babe?

    I’m sad to hear about the squirting thing. I was really hoping to see big female climaxes.

    I guess you more into softcore then me.

  156. Hope everyone is enjoying the new episode! It’s one of my favorites to date 🙂 Thanks for all your suggestions on a new Mega Babe. I think JC Marie is an obvious choice. She has the tone body, the boobs, the blonde hair. Lets go with her. You guys want me to jazz up the costume at all, or go with the same basic look?

    @MyNameIsURL: Yeah, all good ideas. What do you mean by DS though? I’m not sure I got that. And yes, I’m going to have to fix the Decoy before I put it back up. It’s really kind of a pain. Unless someone else has a flawless copy somewhere.

    @Chris: I love both Danielle and Presley–though neither of them seem right for Mega Babe, which should be a very busty girl. But I can see both of them in XCW soon! Danni for sure.

    @Unmasked: Randy would be a good Mega Babe too, but you know, I have a couple other projects I’m working on for her. I don’t want to get too Randy’ed out.

    @Descendingskulls: I think you’re right. This copy must have been pasted together from the individual clips. Not by me, alas. Sorry about that. I am trying to cut together a better version before putting it back on C4S.

    @SuperJim: Yeah, I think the Sinn/Annie feud will get bloody, and there will most definitely be a lot of lesbian stuff in there. Who knows, after all the fighting and fucking, Sinn and Annie might even develop feelings for each other, heh heh. Even Tommy Rich and Buzz Sawyer teamed up after their feud was over >:) And yes, there should be some heel on heel violence very soon!

    @CaptianCrude: I think we are on the same page for the three way dance! Elimination rules it is. What exactly do you mean by a foot kiss pin? Like foot in the mouth like in XCW Episode 2? Or just forcing her opponent to kiss her foot?

    @Steve: I like the way you think! I do think though that Sinn’s more violent wilder side will be sort of awakened in this feud. She’s a good girl, to be sure–and naive too. But she’s also no cream puff…and I want her and Annie to really develop a violent hatred for each other (along with sexual tension). So maybe Sinn wouldn’t fall victim to a ruse like that…let me think about it.

    @Valugi: Glad you like the idea of the Sinn/Annie feud. A feud is not just a fun dramatic device–it also has some pragmatic benefits, since the more the same two girls work together, the more comfortable they get and the better they interact with each other, etc.

    @Uhzoomzip: Yeah, I don’t think any booty fan will be disappointed by this one! My original idea, actually, was to have Sinn and Ashley team up together to form the “Booty Express,” but Sinn had to cancel last minute. Glad you liked the Mega Power Guardian video! Karlie is one of my favorite performers–she can do it all! And yes, it’s quite possible that GI Jewell will make a comeback some time in the near future!

    @Kaizar: the Mega Babe being split up into beams that hit various different girls is not a bad idea. I don’t know if I will do that for this Mega Babe reboot, but it’s a good idea in general. I’ll definitely keep it in mind. I have no plans to mix any superheroine universe with XCW though. I also don’t plan on doing any squirting vids–the new condom laws here make that prospect fairly unpalatable, and also, quite frankly, I’m not really personally into that kind of thing. Even when I shoot hardcore, I prefer it to be of the non-messy variety (not really into fluids, drool, etc.). Sorry!

  157. Kaizar says:

    It was comment #38 on that other comment section that I gave an example of a Squirting Superheroine video.

  158. Kaizar says:

    Will you ever do any squirting videos?

    “iona Grace” & “Felony” & “Deauxma” & “Gia DiMarco” & “Gianna Michaels” are all hot great squirters.

    And you can use squirting for a Superheroine getting drained of their powers and/or other stuff.

    Their was one I wrote on the “Fall of Mega Power Guardian” comment section. The one with the young Superheroine and her young partner VS. a mature super villianess, with “Faye Reagan” & “Iona Grace” & “Deauxma” (the mature super Villianess).

  159. Kaizar says:

    Hey Alex, will you ever do a video where the protagonist has been implanted with a wireless remote control vibrator without ever knowing it until the antagonist (who implanted it without being notice) uses it and reveals that she had snuck such a device in her pussy.

    if you ever get Darla Crane to start shooting something before July 2013, then maybe it can be something like:

    The Superheroine (Darla Crane) flys back to change back into her secret identity after saving the day, thinking that the coast is clear but unknowing to her, there is a new young up & coming Villianess (who started the fire that the Superheroine has just save the day from) has manage to follow her even though she has such super powers as flight & super strength while the Villianess (Holly Wildes) has no powers at all.

    And after the Villianess finds out her secret identity, she the finds out all about her secret identity basic background to find out where she works (which can be like a newspaper business or whatever), and then shows up the next day as a new employee acting like a shy innocent resonance who accindentaly bumps into the the secret identity of the heroine dropping all of the paperwork she is suppose to deliver to seduced Darla Crane as a shy innocent noob at the company who finds Darla Crane pretty & attractive. And Darla Crane thinking the Holly Wildes is an good everyday citizen later that day goes out with Holly Wildes and they go back Darla Crane’s place where Holly Wildes continues acts like she’s shy to start having sex even though she clearly wants to do it as she keeps telling Darla Crane while she continues to act like this is her first time. So when they get to the part where Holly Wildes start inserting a strap-on in Darla Crane’s pussy with Darla Crane bent over, Holly Wildes pretends to be putting the strap-on in when she is really putting in the Vibrator (wireless remote control vibrator) and then she takes her hand out pretending she is temporarily taking the strap-on out, and then she strap-on fucks her.

    And then later when Darla Crane has to go save the day from a Villianess, it turns out the Villianess is Holly Wildes, but the Superheroine doesn’t know that Holly Wildes knows her secret identity.

    So anyways the whole story plays out and the plot twist of the Wireless Remote control vibrator unfolds.

    So you can fill in all the details of the storyline & plots out of this kind of idea.

    I mean you only need like at least the 2 actresses for the this kind of video.

  160. Kaizar says:

    Mega Babe suggestion:

    Tanya Danielle can play Mega Babe one more time, and at the end of the video he gets shot by a big powerful laser beam by the antagonist to be destroyed, but instead she gets split up into numerous different beams of light that go in every different direction, and then the video can say: to be continue…

    So this is Tanya Danielle going thru one more epic battle and defeat and then gets split into many.

    This way the next new video with Mega Babe (after the first new one), can have a lot of our suggestions for a new Mega Babe.

    And each one of these new Mega Babe videos can show off 1 new Mega Babe per video (at least the first many videos to feature Mega babe.

    And this way you can have Mega Babe end up in a bunch of scenarios she never would have been in before. And some of the split Mega Babes can have powers she originally never had before when they use to all be one Mega Babe.

    This scenario will make it so there is still only a minimum of 1 Protoganist per video with Mega Babe in it.

    And a lot of our suggestions can be Mega Babe (1 per video, at 1 video at a time).

    And with this kind of scenario will be more realistic to have Randy Moore play a Mega Babe, and we can even end up with Darla Crane playing Mega Babe in another video.

    Plus this way one of the Mega Babes can end up where XCW takes place to be in an XCW video, that later on turns up Mega Babe’s weakness and you can figure how this kind of scenario can be going down.

    And it’s all because each Mega Babe ended up split thru every different place in the world.

    And I too, also like Lord Infamous suggestion of Jewels Jade & Nanda Croft & Trisha Maree.

  161. uhzoomzip says:

    Can’t wait to buy this one! Sinn Sage AND Ashley Rose? That’s two of my favorite asses in the same video! The presence of Diana, Annie, Vicki, and Nicole makes this look like a perfect ensemble film to cap off a great year for Alex and Paris. I’ve got to say congratulations and thank you for consistently delivering a quality product and bringing so many fetish dreams to life.

    Never complimented you guys on the Mega Power Guardian video, but that one was a real treat. The hottest moment in the video, and one of the hottest moments in any Alex Bettinger video, was when Tommy Pistol tore off the ass Karlie Montana’s superheroine costume and light was shining off a wet spot on the costume’s fabric where her pussy had been. Talk about method acting! Actually getting turned on as you’re portraying this strong character suffering a devastating beating and totally helpless… SO FUCKING HOT.

    Now, hopefully 2013 marks the return of GI Jewell to the XCW ring! I don’t think I’ve ever been as enamored of any of your other characters as I am of her. After seeing her get her shit wrecked like 7-8 times, I am hopelessly forever in love with that character.

  162. valugi says:

    This chapter of XCW seems very good, I would continue to see this fight between Sinn vs Annie in a different stipulation as you mentioned

    I think to replace Tanya danielle in decoy could be Randy Moore or Jc Marie, francesca le could continue as the villain

  163. Steve says:

    CaptainCrude said:
    “It would also be preferable that if the Marquise is going to show some dominance over Nina Kwan that this not only be a three way, but a Three Way Dance (elimination rules). The elimination style pinning allows a one on one sequence for a naughtier lady to have her way with Little Feather. ”

    I agree with the elimination style suggestion!

  164. Steve says:

    I liked the Sinn/Annie feud and hope to see more. I love the idea of Sinn’s character, its a great fit for her and her role as victim. I’d love to see Annie lie to Sinn the naive, trusting country girl, like for example: in the middle of a match Annie offers to take it easy on Sinn and give her a breather if Sinn does something demeaning/humiliating, Sinn does it, then Annie laughs and attacks Sinn relentlessly right afterwards anyways.

    I also enjoyed the team of Vicki Chase And Ashley Rose. It is great to see Ashley Rose on XCW and I love their little bikinis, they are perfect for those jobbers so don’t change their wardrobe. I’d love to see Ashley Rose get dominated in a 1 on 1 match too.

    For me, my favorite element of these kinds of videos is when the heels have the jobbers down and out and can toy with them, but the jobbers are still aware enough of what is happening to not like it, while at the same time realizing they are too weakened to stop it. So my overall suggestion would be more time of villains teasing and toying with almost helpless jobbers.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  165. CaptainCrude says:

    Haven’t seen this one yet, but I am excited for Sinn Sage as the country girl. Annie Gunn looks like she gets in quite a few vicious attacks on her, and even a smother. I also love how bouncy the two faces, literally bouncing on Nina Kwan as a tag team move!

    I’m also looking forward to the three way. I’d really like to see The Marquise show that not only is she smart, but she has some more power and ruthlessness to her than we have seen in the past.

    I’d love to see The Marquise grab each of her competitors by their throats, clank their heads together and slowly force them to their knees… followed up by her standing tall and deciding who she should try and destroy first.

    It would also be preferable that if the Marquise is going to show some dominance over Nina Kwan that this not only be a three way, but a Three Way Dance (elimination rules). The elimination style pinning allows a one on one sequence for a naughtier lady to have her way with Little Feather.

    *I would also love to see the Marquise finish the or a match in the near future with her foot kiss pin. I’ve been dying to see her take joy in winning with that move… if it can happen with Little Feather I would also love to hear her say something awful and degrading to her character like, “History repeats itself.” *

    Pretty pretty pretty pleeeeease!

  166. MyNameisURL says:

    Speaking of The Decoy, has it been taken down already? Or are the edits just being corrected?

  167. MyNameisURL says:

    Agree with Unmasked! Randy Moore, physically, is closest to Danielle.

  168. Unmasked says:

    I think Randy Moore would make a great Mega Babe and I would leave Francesca as the villain.

  169. Chris says:

    I want to see Danielle Trixie or Presley Hart.

  170. Super Jim says:

    I thing the Sinn/Annie feud would be a good idea. I like how aggressive Annie is and how she always forces a kiss, I like that. A steel cage match does seem interesting, It would if they was ripping each others clothes off and there was alot of blood, and they have strap-ons in the ring and constantly doing each other during the match.

    Am I the only one who wants to see one of the heels get the punishment at the end? I mean, there’s probly no faces that would do that but maybe a heel vs heel match? Like Marquise vs Nina, and Nina violates Marquise, or the other way around?(I prefer Marquise getting did by strap-on) Or bring in a girl who has no side, not a face or a heel, they just play for their self. And this indifferent person could be Ariel X, I think she would be perfact for this kind of character

  171. Decendingskulls says:

    @ME2013 and Alex, I think I know why your copy of the Decoy has those Deja-Vu moments. If the copy you have is a single file, well originally it was released as a set of clips, so they have been stiched together into the one file. When you go through the clips, I remember that they repeat the last few seconds of the preceding clip. I’m not sure if it was meant to be like a recap (like they often do on TV series) or if it’s just bad editing or the result of wacky editing software.

  172. MyNameisURL says:

    On “The Decoy”, I’ll leave it up to you on the actress. With a different Mega Babe, maybe have it be a sequel instead of a remake? It could still follow the same basic script anyway, but that’s just a suggestion.

    Just make sure the actress can sell the forced climaxes. That’s what does it for the original, Danielle’s very strained, loud surrendering (multiple times) to Le, who also sells the scene by having this malevolent/getting off look on her face the whole time she’s destroying Mega Babe.

    I always thought it would have been even hotter during the first climax to have Le going down on Danielle. She almost does that, but I understand actress preferences might not allow for that.

    Also, a slightly different ending suggestion. Instead of having Katra “riding” the nude Mega Babe, have her going DS on her when the sirens are heard. She can then either knock her unconscious to leave her found humiliated by the police, or kill her, but I don’t much care for ever “killing” one of the characters in these films.

  173. Lord Infamous says:

    For Mega Babe suggestion:

    Jewels Jade

    Nanda Croft

    Trisha Maree

  174. Lord Infamous says:

    Can we expect to see anything on the subject of muscle female vs. female.

    I think you should have the first one you make, with the Villianess being the Muscle Female, because of complaints from other commenters that the F/F vids having a skinny female beating up the super power heroine being unrealistic, lol.

    That way there will be a drastic decline on demand for F/M I hope.

  175. Kaizar says:

    Also I would like to see some “wireless remote controled vibrator” stuff done in future videos for plot.

    And also strap-on gangbangs.

  176. Kaizar says:

    Will you ever use one of those Digital 5 megapixel 3D cameras to make videos.?

    I think they cost like $170 & up.

    And this way you can have a SD & 1080p HD & 60 fps 3D 1080p formats for options of which to download, instead of your current 720p HD & SD formats.

  177. Kaizar says:

    Off the top of my head for Mega Babe, besides Tanya once again:

    Holly Wildes

    Rebecca Love

    Daphne Rosen

    Larkin Love

    Mz Berlin

    Carissa Montgomery (she’s a blonde)

  178. @ME2012 So here is what I am planning, which may or may not shed some light on some of the action in Episode 19. First, regarding Sinn and Annie–yeah, there was no real set up for that match, but in my head that’s because this is their first meeting, and this match is the FIRST in what I was thinking might be a long feud. I’m thinking Sinn and Annie would be in like a Tommy Rich/Buzz Sawyer type of feud…with them facing each other in a whole series of matches which get more and more violent and finally culminate in some kind of “Last Stand” match, maybe a cage match or a lumberjill match, or a bloody barb wire match or something. But I’ll only go down that road if I feel people are feeling the vibe between Sinn and Annie. So let me know if you think there is potential there!

    Regarding Nina Kwan and the Marquise–Yes, while it’s true we could have done more to establish their enmity toward each other in the match, or done more with an eye to the title match coming up…I actually was thinking the opposite: I was thinking that I wanted to show them starting to work together…So that whoever ends up being the third participant in the three-way match would be just utterly decimated by the two heels working together. And then, IF, lets say, the Marquise suddenly turns on Nina…AFTER they have been working so well as a team…well…then it’s more dramatic that way, no?

    Regarding the Decoy–I confess I really didn’t think much about the pricing. C4S automatically sets the price at a dollar a minute, so I just cut a bunch off that. I suppose I don’t really have much interest in a lot of people buying it, since I feel it’s really not representative of my more recent work.

    Regarding the skips, etc., in the video–I didn’t even realize they were there. This copy was actually sent to me, and I only casually watched parts of it to make sure it was the right video.

    To be honest, I’m tempted to just take it down again, ha ha. I really am not invested in that video, and the LAST thing I want is anyone to feel like they got ripped off buying it. I’d rather just get rid of it. So maybe I’ll leave it up there for a few more weeks, then take it down again? I’ll have to think about it.

    Anyway, I’m eager to hear people’s thoughts on a possible Sinn/Annie feud, and on the upcoming 3-way dance for the XCW title!

    In retrospect, offering it as a bonus video along with another superheroine vid on Superheroine World would have been a very good choice–alas, I didn’t think of that, so now it would be unfair to those who have purchased it if I were to offer it free as part of the next SHW update. And to my ongoing astonishment, a lot of people are buying it! I can only shrug my shoulders, lol. BUT, since people seem to like it so much, I am pleased to announce this: I will shoot a Decoy REMAKE. Same content, same subject matter, same characters….mostly same dialogue. But with some better fighting sequences and of course better video and sound.

    Now, I just need some suggestions for who should play Mega Babe. I’m not opposed to hiring Tanya again–though I wonder if it might be more effective to find someone new. Plus, I’ve tried to hire Tanya on a couple of occasions the past few years, and both times she had to cancel very close to the shoot, so I do worry about reliability. Francesca Le I think is perfect as Katra, though I am open to suggestions for a new Katra as well.

  179. ME2013 says:

    @Alex – Like I promised you on the other thread, here’s a short review of what I liked and what I thought could be better on the new XCW episode:

    First of all, I must say that the actresses really outdid themselves with their performances this time around (not to forget Rifferus)! Can’t remember seeing them being this true to their characters and being this believable before, so I agree with HM on this point as it was one of the better story telling-performing wise episode I’ve seen from you so far, if not the best.
    It’s good to see that we’re back to “two fights an episode” again, as there seem to have been a “one fight per episode” roll going on lately, and then I’m not counting the locker room scene with Emily as a contrary to that. Although I would easily think that it was for the better, I kind of had a feeling that there was something missing from the first fight, some plot-driven element that would have made the match more meaningful and interesting to follow. As far as the performances, the acting and the choreography wise of the first fight, it nailed it on all of these three points, but I still felt that this fight lacked something to motivate and draw my interest and I ultimately ended up not caring too much about it. If it was because there had been so much build up to the other fight on forehand or if this fight didn’t have the same impact as earlier “warm-up fights,” I’m not sure, but that’s nevertheless how I feel.

    The second match however was pretty cool. The interaction between Nina/Nicole and Marquise/Diana is as stunning as ever, and I really like the aura Ashley and Vicky sent out. Their charm was both sexy and arousing at the same time, and the only thing I could point out in this match however would perhaps be the ending of it. It felt like it missed a build up towards the next week’s three way title match. I was kind of hoping that Nina or Marquise would throw a remark at the other at the end of the fight, like saying something along the line of “That was too easy, no wonder when you had me as teammate. You’re going to be in trouble next week as I won’t go easy on you just because we worked together this time.” For example. Something like that could have been thrown out there by either of the two. Also the climax of this fight seemed a bit short as after such a long build up, I was hoping for something more, something more sensual and kinky perhaps, something to humiliate them even more, but that might just be me getting a bit more demanding over the year’s time. The length of this episode was pretty surprising to see, being as it was almost an hour, but still at the regular price. Longer is not always better though and I felt that there was some of your magic missing from this episode. Overall I liked it, but in my opinion it was not one of the best xcw episodes so far. I’d probably rank it in top 10 or 15. I’m betting that Little Feather is going to make an comeback in the three way title match next time, but if that happens I do hope we’ll have another outcome of this three way than we had on the last one. I really want to see Marquise and Nina go toe to toe with each other, even stretching it as far as seeing Nina finally getting a taste of her own medicine.

    Finally, I would like to throw in a remark on The Decoy, which finally has been made available to the public again:

    The video in itself really was as magical as I’ve heard it to be over the years, as the acting, the girls, the dynamic between them and everything in it was fantastic. The peril (probably the best superheroine peril I’ve ever seen in any of your videos, if not ever in any video) was excellent and it still holds its ground as one of the best made SH videos ever imo, even if it’s beginning to slowly show its age. I was pretty much rendered speak-less after seeing it, and I can only hope to see something get close to this ever again.

    Three notes about it though;

    1: The sound quality wasn’t top notch, but I understand that it wouldn’t be due to this video being old and not filmed with a newer generation of cameras.

    2: The picture quality was actually pretty decent, although it had its hick-ups at times – repeating some 5-10 seconds phases of the video twice after each other. I think that happened about three times or so, which was a bit weird. And there also seemed to be a small part missing towards the end of part two. I would bet it’s a 10 second phase, which was in the middle of one of the videos climaxes. That did ruin the moment a bit to say the least, but it didn’t seem to be that long of a part missing. In other words, it was like the video skipped ahead some seconds.

    3: The price of the video. Two parts of about 40 minutes in total at the price of 30 Euros. I think that is a bit overpriced due to the fact that the video is old, the quality is far from top notch and the fact that you earlier said that you would probably put the whole thing up for about 10 bucks. But since it’s in the state of being “rare” these days, I can understand that you perhaps wanted to put it up and earn some cash on it as well, but I think that 30 $ instead of 30 euro would have been enough.

    That’s all I had to say about it really. In the end, I would say that it was worth it, but a bit too expensive for me in the overall picture.

    What could have been nice though is if you included it in one of your upcoming superheroine episodes as a bonus video (with a higher price of course, meaning you would have a standard edition with just the SH video and a bonus edition with the Decoy as well), that would be sweet.

    So anyway, can’t wait to see what’s next Alex, whatever that might be.

  180. Chris says:

    I love Vicki Chase, her one on one match with Diana Knight with that pimp guy at ring side was one of my favorite XCW videos actually.

  181. Hey HM, glad you liked Vicki Chase! I gotta say, she is one of my all time favorite performers: I LOVE her in the jobber role, as the wrester who always finds herself way over her head but never stops trying. I hope others dig her too!

    @John–I think you’ll find I’m very open to suggestions. Maybe you could be more specific about what you didn’t like? Thanks!

  182. john says:

    i gotta say im a little disappointed with this video, i actually do regret buying this one. i feel like it lacked a lot. when i heard sinn sage and vicki chase i thought this video will have a lot of potential, but it didnt, sorry to say alex but i really do regret buying this video.