“Avalon – Episode 2″ from SHG-Media

Avalon – Episode 2 is now available at SHG-Media in both standard and high-definition formats.  This sequel to the original episode of Avalon features more action and much more peril.  Avalon faces a variety of foes in this episode, and is almost always at a disadvantage—a fact her enemies take advantage of on multiple occasions.  For those of you disappointed with the lack of action and/or peril in the original Avalon, I think this episode should provide more of what you’re looking for.  Fans of a victorious heroine, however, might be happier with episode 1 (although episode 2 is still entertaining with Avalon getting a couple of chances to display her superiority).

I don’t want to give away the plot for this episode, so I’ll just repeat what Rye has mentioned in some of the comments sections here.  The storyline revolves around Avalon having her powers taken away.  She encounters some thugs on her way home and gets beaten up by them.

She then has nightmares about the thugs and about her enemies in which she images receiving some more beatings.  Finally, Avalon faces off against Syren in a violent showdown (with Spawn watching on a nearby monitor).

Episode 2 of Avalon is definitely much darker than the previous episode, with our heroine constantly outmatched by her opponents.  There’s more peril, and even a brief scene in which Avalon is tied up, although she escapes before the bad guys arrive.  Most of the episode is full of action, a few Avalon wisecracks, and lots of Avalon getting her ass kicked by the villains.

As viewers of the original Avalon know, the production values are higher in the Avalon films than in most American-produced heroine videos.  The acting is better, and the overall quality is generally higher.  I especially like Amy Johnston as the title character.  She has the acting chops and physical ability to pull of the role very well.

The Avalon films seem to be aiming for a slightly more general audience, which is great for fans of Superheroine adventures, whereas viewers more interested in specific “fetish” aspects of these films might be disappointed since Avalon is so non-specific from a fetish point-of-view.  In other words, Avalon doesn’t focus exclusively on, say, heroine peril, or on a dominant heroine.  It has a little bit of both.  It’s a more mainstream take on heroine films, and I think it’s really entertaining.  Just know that you’re not going to see tons of peril nor an intense focus on a victorious heroine.  All in all, I enjoyed it and give a B+.

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