“Backfire” from Damien Wagner (Now Available)

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3 years ago

are there longer fights with the two burglar girls, or only with the one in the trailer – and the other just got knocked out fast? Thank you-

BigZee avatar
3 years ago
Reply to  hBoss

Hi, there is one fight. The other burglar was knocked out by being hit in the face by a blunt instrument. The fighting style of the two actresses is awesome. Someone should produce a custom in which most of the film is brawl.

Jacques avatar
3 years ago

This is a terrifically scripted story about two over confident and hapless thieves who get more than they bargained for by attempting to rob the widow of a deceased gangster. The dialogue is quite cleaver, especially in the scenes where the two burglars are casing the house and later on, the ‘locker room’ bantering about doing a three way with the bartender. The actresses are once again awesome in their roles. They are exceptionally adept in selling fear, peril and aggression. The ‘gallows humour’ during the torture of the the two thieves is priceless. The torture and combat sequences are… Read more »

SomeKindOfNinja avatar
3 years ago

Looks like the embedded trailer is broken at the moment. Can’t view it at all.