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Batgirl: Spoiled – Episode 1 – “Blindside” (Fan Film)

Batgirl: Spoiled - Episode 1 - BlindsideFor those of you who enjoyed the four-minute trailer for the fan film Batgirl: Spoiled, it looks like the first full-length episode of this new fan series has been released with Batgirl: Spoiled – Episode 1 – Blindside. The complete episode is embedded below…

Batgirl: Spoiled - Episode 1 - BlindsideBatgirl: Spoiled - Episode 1 - BlindsideBatgirl: Spoiled - Episode 1 - Blindside

Batgirl: Spoiled - Episode 1 - BlindsideBatgirl: Spoiled - Episode 1 - BlindsideBatgirl: Spoiled - Episode 1 - Blindside

Batgirl: Spoiled - Episode 1 - BlindsideBatgirl: Spoiled - Episode 1 - BlindsideBatgirl: Spoiled - Episode 1 - Blindside

For more info, visit the producers’ YouTube channel

40 Responses

  1. ForcefulWays says:

    Now if they had taken it to the next level and explicitly gang raped her, say like in Dark Knight Rises XXX.. that would be worth paying a premium for. Very well made clip.

  2. Scwank says:

    @Chris- if I recall correctly, they turned off donations and may have even refunded them, out of fear that accepting them would get them shut down by DC.

  3. Chris says:

    I tried to go on their website to make a donation but it said “access denied”. Not good business right there lmao.

  4. ShadowFaxIV says:

    It is really fairly clear cut that he means rape. He says ruin because the actual word would cause the whole thing to have exploded twice as large as it has, but he immediately begins fondling at her the moment his cronies to to investigate Catwoman’s foot in their asses.

    Rape is the obvious intent. There really can be made no striking case against it, and in some ways it doesn’t really matter. Often enough in storytelling badly written characters (or even well written characters) can overtime develop clear psychological profiles based entirely off uneven writing that nevertheless informs the readers/viewers opinion on their character.

    In this instance it’s clear that 99% of the worlds viewership took the thug to be talking about rape, and unless a future episode clears this up as incorrect the current narrative evidence indicates that he IS talking about rape, and lacking any real evidence to the contrary sort of forces an automatic acceptance of the validity of this fact unless retconed.

  5. Spandex Fiend says:

    @kingles: I did listen to the speech. And if you read comics, a lot of the time when they refer to ruining someone it means they’re going to unmask them, break their legs, or some other means of torture. Looking at this from a non-peril type of view, a lot of people jumped to the conclusion that he was planning to rape her. Was he? Maybe.

    But fact is, you never actually find out. I do think the producer could have done a better job in directing our attention away from the “rape” that he set out. Though it’s perfectly possible he didn’t think about it until getting flamed on YouTube for it. He should have been caught thumbing up her mask before getting knocked out. Or otherwise picking up his sledge hammer and bringing it towards her knees.

    From what I remember of the monologue is that he’s going to “ruin her” and that he’s going to make her wake up and see their faces. Rape will do that, I admit, so will torture, especially if they incapacitate her for a while.

    And I still think the monologue was horrible. I get what you’re saying about him supposed to be a thug. And I don’t think that it should be well polished, but to me, it sounded as if he was forgetting his lines, not trying to think of what to say next. Most people don’t pause when they try to think of something, they either repeat themselves or say Um. It just took me straight out of the story.

    Personally I liked it though. Showed her being strong, but ultimately only human. Costume was great, and her quips were really good. I never got the feeling that she was being pessimistic or anything like that. My only complaints from my point of view would have been to extend that last scene a little longer to see what the director wanted the thug to do to Batgirl, and for that speech to have been a little bit better delivered.

  6. kingles says:

    @robopope25: “So if you are gonna go out of your way to do a fan film about Stephanie Brown’s batgirl and put it up so mainstream comic fans are going to see it You should not have the character get her ass kicked and then almost raped right out the door.”

    I think what what the filmmaker is going for here is to create a character arc whereby Stephanie is early in her crimefighting career. Yes, in the comics she was pretty experienced by the time she became Batgirl, but it does make sense to me dramatically. While this WAS made for fans of this specific character(who would know all of her backstory, etc.), it was ALSO made for a general comic and SHiP audience(who might have little or no idea of this particular characters backstory).

    I think this is why they started her out as kind of immature, and so forth, and let that immaturity get her into a situation where she was in dire peril right off the bat(actually no pun was intended here). So that she could learn and grow instead of already being a ‘finished’ product in the first episode. Now a scenario is set up where she’s had this really sobering experience, and she learns from it and becomes even more formidable. I suspect that if she’s defeated again it’s going to take a supervillain to accomplish it.

  7. kingles says:

    @Sleeper Fan: Thank you…and thank you again.

  8. Sleeper Fan says:

    @kingles–just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your sensible comments. Like you, I try to avoid reading youtube comments because they can be so annoying. I generally don’t read too many comments anywhere (LOL), but I wanted to leave one here for the fans of this nicely produced video.

    If you want to archive a copy of this video on your pc, I would recommend You Tube Converter (https://www.youtubedownloadersite.com/). The free version works great. Just enter the YT address and click. It saved it as a high quality (1080p) 232 MB mp4 file!!!

  9. decendingskulls says:

    god that batgirl was annoyingly cocky, but it made it more satisfying when she was on her back crying out for oracle to save her 😀

  10. tallyho says:

    I thought the gang leaders delivery was fine – I took the pauses as him actually acting – he was supposed to be an uneducated thug thinking on his feet and for me that’s exactly how he came across.

    Great job by Marisha and all concerned.(thank heavens they didn’t show a well-turned ankle!)

  11. kingles says:

    @Spandex Fiend: Actually, I thought the gang leaders monologue was quite well done. Remember, every other character in the video was either educated, or really only had one line. This guy, on the other hand, was playing the uneducated, psycopathic, dregs of society type…who got lucky and now is having illusions of granduer. It would’ve been completely unbelievable for that character to have given anything resembling a polished speech.

    If you’d followed the monologue more carefully, there’s little doubt that he’s refering to raping her, even though it’s only implied. Actually, it wasn’t a very good plan, but that’s what I’d expect from someone who is simply the brightest among some very dim bulbs.

  12. Spandex Fiend says:

    Okay, so, the film never mentions rape. I love how everyone with the “morally straight” compass jump to the rape conclusion because he was getting close to her face when everything turned pearshaped for him. For all they really know, the thugs could have been planning torture, more of a beatdown, pull teeth. Fact is we’ll never really know what they had planned because they were stopped.

    Everyone jumps to the conclusion that it’s rape because it’s a girl. I just find it funny that all of these action feminist types are jumping all over this producer when NOTHING HAPPENED. She got her ass kicked, there was a poorly delivered monologue, and then he crawls up her body. Could he have placed his hands somewhere else? Yeah okay, maybe.

    But then, at most, people should be complaining about a thigh grope and belt removal. Which to be honest, should we count how many times Batman got groped by his female villains and had his utility belt taken off so he can’t use his gadgets?

    Anyway, besides that craptastic delivery on the monologue I thought it was a good film. Showed how Batgirl kicks ass, even against the gang. Mind you, one guy really is the one that knocked her down, she kicked most of their asses. Then they kicked her down. It’s pretty much the way any fight goes with superheroes. You get knocked down and you’re likely to get kicked while you’re down.

    I thought that whole speech was boring. It sounded like the guy kept forgetting his lines. Which I may not complain about, but Batgirl and Oracle, and everyone else up to that point delivered their lines really well (for a fan film). The speech from the thug had no impact because it was “Blah blah blaaah?” pause “Blah blah…” another pause “Blah blah blah.”

  13. Jobber Lover says:

    I’d like to throw some fuel on this fire. Personally I love … I MEAN REALLY LOVE the blood and bruising. This is what I’ve been asking for from companies like NGC for a long time. I understand, however, it’s not everybody’s thing. Some people want to keep it fantasy and that means don’t dirty the models. Keep them hot and beautiful. But I am on the other side of the fence. I’ve been in and seen enough fights in my life to know that you get punched hard in the face it bruises, sometimes bleeds. I enjoy the realism.

    Having said that, I’m going to do a 180 on the rape part. I prefer the threat of rape or sexual attacks more than the actual deed. I don’t need the nudity with my Superheroines. Sometimes it makes sense and can work for the film, but other times the heroine gets stripped of her costume and it looks like just some dude or dudes just raping some random chick not a Superheroine. I prefer a Superheroine to be destroyed in a fight or even beaten senseless. For me it comes down to this: I’ve had sex with women, I’ve seen women naked. But I’ve never ever hit or beaten up a woman, even when she really deserved it. (Okay, there was this one time I had to slap a girl in a high school play, but that hardly counts. By the way it was actually a difficult thing to do.) So for me the fantasy is all about the fight. So the more cocky and arrogant the Superheroine, the more I want to see her fall.

    So for my tastes, this video hit the nail on the head. Marisha Ray is hot as hellfire and she sells the beating like few others have. Plus, there’s a threat of sex, but she keeps her costume on. She is physically defeated and dominated. She even needed to be rescued by an enemy. Awesome stuff!

    My only question is did I see that right? Are Harley Quinn and Catwoman working together? I always thought Harley hung out with the Joker? Or does this mean that The Joker and Catwoman are working together? I guess I’ll have to wait for the next episode.

  14. Lake says:

    I agree with a previous poster in that the scene where she was held up bruised and bleeding was awesome. It really conveyed well and realistically the beating she’d taken, although I was a bit dissappointed that didn’t happen with her being passed from villain to villain rather than just lying on the floor and all you could see were the villains delivering it. I know there are many who do not like this much graphic detail, but I still prefer it to the episodes where SHs are continiually beaten and suffer no marks a all.

  15. Damien Woods says:

    @Chris You need to chill out man, this isn’t a war. People don’t cry if things get too mature, go watch some SVU marathon and come back to argue that same point. Crappy tv shows and movies because there isn’t enough violence? Pleaseeeeee. We have more gore porn in theaters than we know what to do with, if you need a reference go watch the Saw franchise. I would like for you to make the argument that violence made that series any better.

    This is a popular character that fans are already sensitive about. People have a right to be angry that the web series promised to tell her story the right way where DC had failed, only to fail them in the same way. DC had no respect for Stephanie and the same applies here.

    is that this video probably has given me and 20 other producers some cool ideas for what we want to do in our peril films where anything is game. WE CAN do whatever we like cause we do it for the audience that wants it pushed too far.

    Okay, rant over.

  16. Chris says:

    Its this PC crap that stops films from moving forward. Not specifically because of the bitching about this movie and the potential rape scene(which didn’t happen, so stop complaining), but in general if anything gets too mature people cry too much. So we are left with all these crappy tv shows and movies. Next time you go out and watch twilight, don’t complain, you made it happen.

  17. some kind of ninja says:

    It may not have been the premise, but that doesn’t mean the use of it in any context isn’t cliched and overused in the world of superheroine fiction.

  18. Chris says:

    Agree with what you are saying, but in this case, people just need to get over it. This wasn’t like a Christina Carter or Paris Kennedy movie that we love and enjoy on this website and yet people are acting like it was. This was an actual superheroine movie but with violence in it. The premise of the movie wasn’t sex or the peril. It was a pilot to a superheroine series with what looks like will have a pretty interesting plot. There was violence and peril involved but that was not the main focus, it was just an element as it was clearly directed at a mature audience. People just should not be so sensitive and blow up the violence/peril elements and ignore the rest of this awesome movie. I think the director, writer, actress, and everybody else involved did a fantastic job with it.

  19. ShadowFax says:

    Firstly. I enjoyed the video. As a Stephenie fan for the first six minutes, as a super heroine peril fan for the remainder, but robopope is right. There are things that are mainstream, and there are things that aren’t (For good reason, as for instance, any 5 year old can click on a youtube video)

    What we love and what turns us on aren’t necessarily the things that other people love. You have to be REALLY careful around a mainstream audience, and it is really hard to even say that is necessarily a bad thing. Mainstream is where EVERYONE has to live, it’s where actions have an up front face value that can no longer be swept under a rug if it goes all wrong. It’s also where shit that should have gone wrong occasionally go right and cause serious consequences.

    Case in point. Who the hell REALLY want’s to see Fifty Shades of Grey at a movie theater? I really don’t feel that we should have high budget theatrical releases of pornographic fanfiction turned shitty novel… but for some reason, there are a lot of women who do then there are an equal number of women who despise those women and believe those women are setting the woman’s rights movement back 300 years.

    Mainstream is a dangerous place, which is why people generally try to keep the waters as calm as possible.

  20. Chris says:

    Why are people acting like they didn’t want to see her get raped? Its not like it is real. This is exactly what I want to see from movies from the producers on this website by the way except with sex. A good story, with a good heroine, good acting, good fighting, and a beatdown and some sexual content at the end.

  21. robopope25 says:

    Again you can totally do a ton of peril in mainstream productions but you have to be more PG with it. Like instead of saying ruin her how about “now get her let’s go have some fun.” leave it up to the viewer what the fun will be. Again what you guys don’t understand is that Stephanie Brown’s death 9 years ago which was the closest a mainstream comic ever got to super heroine demise like story spawned a feminist movement in comics. There is even a site called girl wonder all about feminism in comics. people are still butt hurt about the story and even I as a peril fan and a guy who writes peril stories thinks it was a little bit too much. The character was likeable and didn’t deserve a long drawn out painful death that went out of it’s way to tell the reader that she was a dumb stupid girl and the guy that killed her was the coolest bad guy in the world. Oh and she was like 16-17 when this brutal beatdown/death happened.

    So if you are gonna go out of your way to do a fan film about Stephanie Brown’s batgirl and put it up so mainstream comic fans can see it. You should not have the character get her ass kicked and then almost raped right out the door. You are asking for trouble from all the wrong type of fans. It’s alot of money being invested to piss the wrong people off. like as a peril/stephanie fan and a guy who makes films I considered making a spoiler fan series but when I mapped it out in my head I had her taste defeat by episode 6. That way I would have earned the benfit of the doubt by her fans. Go to girl-wonder.org and when you read some of their essays on there you’ll realize how stupid this guy is. These are the type of fans that will fuck with your life.

  22. GigaFiend says:

    I thought this first episode was awesome! The action was great, I loved the cockiness of BG and the humor that was involved. The fight scene where she was beaten up was well done!

    Marisha Ray is one hot ginger, but she also pulls off that blonde wig splendidly

  23. Steve says:

    very well done I thought, the best fan made film ive ever seen by the gosplay community!

  24. Jobber Lover says:

    If you want to get your batman geek on and see Marisha Ray wash a batmobile in a bikini my advise is to google up 1966 batmobile vs 1989 batmobile superpower beatdown. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Thank you Marisha Ray for being rediculously hot.

  25. Jobber Lover says:

    Oh my I almost forgot to add that Marisha Ray is awesome!

  26. Jobber Lover says:

    I thought this was awesome!
    I think Derek likely hit many nails on the head in his write up above.
    Anyway, I’m going to make a donation to these guys.

  27. Derek says:

    I have been checking on the progress of this production through their Facebook page. The original teaser was obviously a different scene, but it showed a genuine commitment to the drama and feeling of the comic books. What you can do in ink is not always practical/possible on screen for all manner of reasons, not least censorship.
    This episode is even darker than the teaser, although the elements of the catastrophic beatdown BG suffers (notably the sledge hammer) are all there.
    The problem is with using YouTube at all. As a widely used medium it does of course send out the work to the widest audience. But YouTube’s viewers are not selective in the sense that only a very small proportion would seek out and approve of such dark material. But what are the producers to do if they want an audience?
    As to the production costs and why this is free to view: I think this has something to do with the legal situation. It does infringe DC’s trademarks, but by not charging for the work, their lawyers can argue that it is not for profit and therefore less likely to be actionable. If you want to see more of these fan-made productions then I believe donations via their website might go someway to defering production costs. (There are other similar Batman/Batgirl movies of this quality available by following their links)
    In a different world these would be the type of mainstream Superheroine movies that Hollywood would be making, as they can be age rated the violence (implied or otherwise) appropriate to the category. But we all know that Hollywood cannot make these movies. However dark and perilous other thrillers or action pictures can be, Superheroes and Superheroines are – at least in the minds of the executives – for teenagers.
    The movies, which cost a massive amount to market on top of their production costs, rely on tie-ins, action figures and so-on to recoup the corporate investments. What we might regard as a desirable strong heroine, placed in peril, fighting for her life and honor, they see as a liability because it places the film in a higher age range who won’t buy their “toys”.
    Give praise to these people for at least trying. They are passionate about cosplay, and about movie making. Whilst they are able to do so we should back them and thank them for their efforts.

  28. kingles says:

    @some kind of ninja: You do have a point, opinions vary. I also agree that this isn’t the place for a philosophical conversation about where murder and rape rank on the scale of potential misfortune.

    I’ll close by saying I really liked the video, and will do my best to avoid looking at YouTube comments.

  29. some kind of ninja says:

    “Maybe what bothers me the most is that if the villains had chosen to KILL her(which is even worse by the way), and then she’d been rescued…nobody would have cared. Nobody would’ve said,’Why would you have them plan to kill Batgirl. It’s terrible. Won’t somebody think of the children?!?!’. Nobody would’ve complained about them having included a ‘murder’ scene.”

    Whether murder is worse than rape depends on person to person. Some say rape is worse because the victim has to live with the fact that he/she had been greatly violated and thus traumatized for life, whereas when you’re murdered, at least you’re not feeling anything afterwards. But that’s another thing entirely for another conversation.

  30. kingles says:

    @some kind of ninja: Here’s my issue with this kind of thing… Yes there were comedy elements, but this was a VERY violent video. Once Batgirl is completely beaten down, two options are brought up by the villains. Being a gang of common steet thugs, apparently throwing her into a tank filled with sharks with lazers on their heads was beyond what their resources and imaginations would allow. Those options are A:Killing her and B:”Ruining” her (which is an obvious euphemism for raping her). Their leader decides that they will go with option B…and then she’s rescued.

    In essence, there’s not even an ATTEMPTED rape. All that actually happened was that they made the DECISION to rape her. For all that hapens in this video, an implied, potential, future event that never ends up having a chance to occur, is what people lock onto to gripe about.

    Maybe what bothers me the most is that if the villains had chosen to KILL her(which is even worse by the way), and then she’d been rescued…nobody would have cared. Nobody would’ve said,’Why would you have them plan to kill Batgirl. It’s terrible. Won’t somebody think of the children?!?!’. Nobody would’ve complained about them having included a ‘murder’ scene.

    As a sidenote…I really shouldn’t look at YouTube comments. They always irritate me.

  31. Damien Woods says:

    @robopope25 Completely agree.

    Let us not forget that what us fetish/peril fans want is different than how the mainstream should be handled.

    Otherwise I thought there was some great moments in this.

  32. robopope25 says:

    yeah I am a peril fan but it is really weird he went that route so fast. Stephanie brown fans are really sensitive too ever since what Black Mask did to her 10 years ago. I’m all for peril but it was an odd choice to make. He’s probably into peril but when your going mainstream it’s gotta be handled better.

  33. some kind of ninja says:

    @kingles: Some of the more sensible comments complained about the “attempted rape scene” for storytelling reasons (ie, throwing it in from out of nowhere in a relatively action packed fan film with some comedy elements). Those people say it’s tasteless, not because they abhor all forms of rape in fiction.

  34. mantower says:

    I really enjoyed this, but I am wondering what is the end game for this production? I mean they make this available for free yet it is clear that a fair bit of money was invested in it, the quality is too high to be just some bs fan film. The content I think is too graphic for putting on network TV, having a woman beaten up to that extent is unlikely to have much mileage on network TV especially considering that even YouTube comments are bitching about the ‘rape’ (he touched heron the hips, that ain’t rape as far as I know). Seeing her being held up helpless like that, blood all over was very hot and the best part of the film, the fighting was not bad for a first time effort. Overall I am very impressed by this, let us see what it develops into and whether they will keep going this darker, more graphic path or will the ‘PC’ it up to get more hits.

  35. kingles says:

    @ranger87: I liked the video…but the comments people are making about it are pretty crazy. What “rape scene” are these people crying about? I don’t understand what these moral crusader types think they are looking at.

  36. Redmountain says:

    Interesting, and really good watch! Wonder where they will go with this, having the bad girls save Batgirl, interesting twist. Also love that they roughed Bats up quite a bit, as that’s what any normal gang would do with a heroine in their clutches like that.

  37. Stee says:

    That was GREAT! Will you keep us updated on future episodes?

  38. ranger87 says:

    I loved it. I like that it hinted at the possibility of sexual peril. People on youtube are all up in arms about it, but it makes sense that street thugs would do that to a female vigilante.

    I respect that as a fan film it didn’t go farther ( I never expected it to get that dark , anyway), but man I can’t help but imagine the adult possibilities of if she wasn’t saved at the end.

  39. TD says:

    Wow, her defeated with blood is surprisingly hot. Too bad it won’t venture to the erotic, the quality looks fantastic.