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“Batwoman Rises” from Secret Identity Films

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  1. saxman314 says:

    I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this. The trailer didn’t interest me much and it took me forever to decide to get this film, but I’m glad I did. The actress was great! She played Batwoman so bitchy it was a thing of beauty watching her get taken down, and she REALLY sold the peril. The short, interrupted fondling scenes and her reactions to them were really well done… the casual disrespect to her and the sudden fear she showed made them work so well. I wish they’d made “Pain” a bit stronger… there should have been less toe-to-toe possible, given his perceived power, but whatever. Excellent first film. I’ll be watching out for more.

  2. Aldous says:

    Unable to purchase the film I fancied tonight, I took a punt on this.
    What a find! Exceptional first film! Great premise, fantastic actress (I beseech you, use her again! And if anyone is looking for a Red Sonja…) loved it!

  3. Gaz says:

    The Video was awesome, the actress is really Cute I loved the outfit and the villains had lots of character. I especially liked the one with the British Accent, it makes him sound like some mad professor which helps make up a classic scene. (no mumbling words from these two even ‘Pains’ voice was really loud and cool) Like in many hollywood movies these days, they seem to have an english actor to add diversity and to make it more interesting. I also loved her cute expression at the end when they punched her groin. From reading above I though there was load of low blow scene but there was only 1 with many punches. I would of liked more scenes with low blows but still got my kicks..

  4. ryan says:

    Bought it, good video; girl is hot, peril is good; I don’t understand the people claiming it has too many low blows…there is only one short sequence of punching near the end. Or did I miss something? o_O

  5. Gaz says:

    I agree these SMG movies have great low blows and are the reason that I purchase them. As a fetish there is nothing coming from Clip4sale or other producers except one which is boring female on female so long may it continue, but at a price for those who like the Peril Low Blows. Does she get plenty?

  6. ranger87 says:

    Well put, Rye!

    I overall very much liked this video, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this producer!

  7. Rye says:

    I got a screening of this video a few weeks ago and immediately thought wow this is a great first movie.

    – The acting from Batwoman is well done, especially during the peril. She had great facial expressions and moans throughout the entire movie.

    – The storyline was top notch and went into a level of detail that is too often glazed over in our genera.

    – This was really well shot imo… Secret has actually worked for me on several movies as a camera man and co-directed some scenes for me in past productions.

    – I’m not going to beat Secret up over the costume because he knows what he needs to do going forward.

    All in all this was an amazing first video with some solid acting, great story, and a nice variety of perils.

    – Low Blows!
    – Breast and Crotch fondling!
    – Belly punching
    – Slaps
    – bearhugs
    – Torture rack
    – Electrical torture while bound to a table!
    – KO’s
    – Carrys
    – 2 vs 1 Beating

    I am looking forward to Secret’s next video because I know it’s going to be top notch.


  8. Blx says:

    @Mr Hero: nice to see that you read the comments. A great costume will definitely make your video go up a standard or two. Because you’ve defo got filmmaking skills imo.

    Also keep the actress. Please. 🙂

  9. Mr Hero says:

    Im really glad you guys are enjoying my video. And thanks for all the impute and reviews!

    About the costume-I regret not spending more time perfecting it. Before going in, costume design was my weak point but now with advice from my friend and fellow producer “The Rye” my next video will have one hell of good costume! I want to make jaws drop to the floor.

    About the low blows and such-I really appreciate hearing anybodies opinion about their likes and dislikes of this fetish and its videos. But ultimately I made Batwoman based on what I find to be sexy and just hope people will like it too. My next video will have all sorts of new “goodies” that I hope will please people and challenge my filmmaking skills to the next level!

    Thanks guys!

  10. blx says:

    Saw it and really, really enjoyed it. This is in my top 3 videos of this year.

    The actress is an absolute star! Not only is she very hot but is also a good actress. Portrays the strong, confident heroine very well and delivers her lines better than a lot of other actresses around. Her reaction to pain and hits are also good imo. The way her mouth was open after her 2nd chloro was stunning.

    Costume a bit tacky. It doesn’t do the heroine and the actress justice. Something like Kendra James’ costume would be magnificent with this actress I believe.

    Also the dialogue wasn’t very clear at times. You can tell that the sound was recorded from a ‘distance’. I don’t really know how to describe it. Like low budget films most of the time have.

    I thought this was an amazing first video. I will definitely pick up their second video as soon as it’s out. Great, great video.

  11. Naveed says:

    no, she does not get unmasked. I think its a solid video..with a pretty actress and intimidating villain…i would just say the same thing as the other reviewers have said..that probably the back breaker would have looked more devastating if it was done a bit faster or with more intent…in fact it was the earlier torture rack type move that seemed more devastating and painful and was expertly done and shot…

  12. Unmasked05 says:

    Is the heroine unmasked in the video? For non rated R or X videos this is the one fetish I need in a video to purchase. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

  13. Kevlar says:

    I think you guys need to chill and stop bashing other fetishes. There haven’t been “so many videos” that are low blow heavy, nor are they taking over.
    If you look at the last 50+ videos reviewed by HM, the only videos with more than a few busts are this one and “There Will Be Pain” that’s 2 out of 50+
    I admit there are a lot of people requesting low blows, but that’s because it isn’t featured as often as haters like to think.

    NGC never feature low blows.
    Heroine Legends will feature 1 or 2 MAX, often 0.
    Steve Noir focuses on belly punching
    Rye is now PG so low blows are rare
    Damien Woods’ SHL will occasionally feature 1 or 2 max, often brushing past them.
    Sleeperkids almost never feature low blows
    UltraHeroix don’t feature low blows
    KickAssKandy don’t

    I expect people to try and pick holes in that list, but in the end my point is. Feel free to request what you want to see, but stop complaining if people want to see something you don’t.

  14. ranger87 says:

    PS, sorry for the duplicate post above…had a momentary loading issue and the page posted before my full comment was written.

  15. ranger87 says:

    @Mike J

    I’m not going to discuss this any further with you. I gave my opinion, gave evidence to support it, and used constructive criticism. I’m not going to cater my reviews for each individual forum. I did not personally attack this new producer, I merely gave my opinion of the costume. If he doesn’t want to change the costume, that is entirely his choice. I don’t personally like the costume, and I gave opinion on some alternate style options. If you feel the need to hash things out or something like that, PM me over at superheroine forum, since this place doesn’t have the option. I’m not going to spend any further time debating a matter opinion with you.

  16. ranger87 says:

    @Mike J

  17. Mike J says:


    It’s one thing to have an opinion it’s something completely different to make a statement like if you want to be taken seriously, because now you’re speaking for other people who may not feel that way.

    As for the superheroine forum. People over there seem to be a little more hardcore in their fetishes. The movie can’t just have a chloroform scene, the eyes must roll and flutter this way, she must go limp this way. All Wonder woman costumes must be one piece, wonder woman must always wear pantyhose. A heroine mask must look this way, and she must be demasked this way. Batgirl characters must wear body suits.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that it’s just not that serious. Opinions on this board probably vary greatly from opinions on that board.

  18. ranger87 says:

    @ Mike J.

    My comments regarding the costume were not meant to be derogatory or anything. As I said, my original review was posted at superheroineforum. I had to address the costume because it was a topic of critiques over there. And I have to compare him a bit to other people, because he does have Rye vouching for him over on that forum.

    My comments were simply meant to reflect that he could have taken the stitchwork he put into putting the bat symbol on that costume and put it on something skintight. And it is clear that the base of the costume is the storebought Batgirl costume.

    Now, many producers still use storebought costumes. But I can comfortably say that the highest sellers do not. Other than the storebought anime supergirl Rye used in “Best of Both Worlds”, Rye hasn’t used storebought costumes since “Betrayel” back in 2010.

    The other comparison I made was Superheroineworld. He used a storebought costume recently for a “quickie” vid that was a side superheroine shoot during one of his wrestling shoots. I wasn’t a huge fan of that, but I understand it was not a vid that was planned for.

    I’m not saying all costumes from them are winners. I’m just saying higher end producers, who I consider to be Rye, Punished Heroines, Alex Bettinger, and NGC are either phasing them out or don’t use storebought costumes at all.

    Now, keep in mind, this is all OPINION. If you like the costume, then great. I was merely operating off of my opinion, and the opinions of those who had posted before me at superheroine forum. I just don’t think that costume was befitting of a “Bat” character. I thought most of the other aspects of the video were really well done. Including his effect shots with smoke bombs and the batarang.

  19. Mike J says:

    I agree that the back breaker was slow and didn’t fit the sound that went a long with it. But I think the critique of the costume was a little harsh. I have plenty of punished heroines videos and every SHW video, two of my favorite producers. Let’s not sit here and act like all the costumes used in those vids are elaborate. Even recent ones.

    I thought the costume was fine. My only question is were those gaps already in the side or did you cut them in. I think letting the black outfit hug her curves would have been fine without the gaps.

    But don’t try to make your heroines look like any other producer’s. All I would suggest is to have the symbol on the chest be quality and then accent whatever symbol on the cap, boots, gloves whatever. I thought the outfit was fine though, and definitely not something you have to “get past”

  20. ranger87 says:



    Batwoman is given a backbreaker at the end of the film that results in either her death or unconsciousness. It’s not SUPER clear, but that might be the point, to leave it open for future vids.

    For anyone interested, the following is the review of this vid that I posted at superheroineforum.

    I got to watch this video and I was actually really pleasantly surprised! ESPECIALLY for first outing. The Bane inspired character was one of the better iterations I’ve seen in our little genre. And there was a character very much based on Hugo Strange! I don’t think I’ve seen that done yet. It shows that this guy has some versing in Bat-history.

    The main actress was incredibly hot, and could act really well. She portrayed a very cocky and confident version of Batwoman…I actually wanted to see bad things happen to her because she was so cocky. Unfortunately, her fantastic looks were hidden by a subpar costume. It doesn’t flatter the girl’s figure at all. If he would have put her in a Batwoman outfit reminiscent of Kendra James, she would have been smoking. Or, he could have put her in a legless leotard and kept the fishnets.

    The combat was very good for a first video. The heroine had great reactions to her physical peril.

    Not to spoil the story, but there was a devastating backbreaker in this vid, with a truly horrifying cracking sound for the snap. The only trouble with that was that the performance of the physical move was a little slow. I feel that if he were to speed up the video during that particular segment, it would have made it seem a lot more devastating and realistic…which is important because Batwoman’s fate is tied to that move.

    Positives: SMOKIN hot girl who can act, and plays a wonderful, if not overconfident, superheroine. The Bane character was one the better versions I’ve seen, and I was surprised to see some light sexual insinuation in this film. There is also some sim-electric play to the heroine’s crotch.

    Negatives: The Batwoman costume needs to change. Storebought costumes will not cut it if you want to be taken seriously nowadays. There were some sound floor differences throughout the film. And as I said earlier, the backbreaker would have looked way more effective if he would have sped up the video to make it seem more intense.

    Overall, an amazing first outing from this producer. I say give him a chance. If you can get past the costume, you’ll see some real potential here. He’s not on par with the likes of Rye or Superheroineworld, but I think time and experience, this guy might eventually get there. Definitely worth a purchase.

  21. dkm says:

    Great looking model and heroines / fresh concept. Nice to see a non-Super girl / Wonder Woman for a change.

    Anyone know how this one ends? Have to ask before I consider buying

  22. Lake says:

    @Mike J – My feeling exactly. Half a dozen low blows is fine but so many movies are now throwing in upwards of 20 low blows at the expense of other peril. Enough is enough, I say.

  23. Mr Hero says:

    @ 3Naveed

    Like the classic Bane/Batman back breaker! Lifted up and over the knee

  24. Naveed says:

    looks good..kind of planning to pick it up…how was the backbreaker done?…

  25. Mr Hero says:


    Thanks for the review! I really enjoyed doing this video and plan on doing many more. Im a huge fan of the “other” super heroines and will defiantly mix them up as I go. If any of you have any suggestions on who they would like to see on screen I would love to hear them!

  26. Mike J says:

    I bought this film a couple of days ago and I thought it was a great effort for a first video.

    I thought the heroine did a great job selling the peril, the chloroform scenes I thought were well executed. Liked the outfit, and I was glad to see a new heroine there have been so many Supergirl, Wonder Woman vids out lately it was good to see another heroine get a go.

    I liked the villain, both of them. I just think having a villain towering over the heroine just adds something to the film, and the Pain delivered the lines well. I liked the electro rod section, always good to see something different.

    Only negative, I still don’t get this low blow infatuation, and its just taking over films. I can see throwing them in here in there. But so many videos now have scenes where its low blow, pick the heroine up, low blow, pick the heroine up, etc etc etc. It was even written into the story to have that be the targeted area. Not saying they shouldn’t be in films, but mix them in. These scenes of one after the other just get boring to me. I’m sure fans of it will like that scene though.

    All in all I thought is was a very good video, I’ll put you guys on my list to keep up with future releases of.