UPDATED! “Bitch Squad” from Secret Heroine Films

UPDATED with trailer! Secret Heroine Films has a new video coming soon called Bitch Squad. Check out a trailer and more info below.


SHF-Bitch-Squad-1 SHF-Bitch-Squad-2 SHF-Bitch-Squad-3 SHF-Bitch-Squad-4 SHF-Bitch-Squad-5 SHF-Bitch-Squad-6 SHF-Bitch-Squad-7

Three up and coming super villains get a secret mission from the Villains Guild. “Break into a particular girls house and steal the most precious thing from her” Little do they know, this girl is secretly the ultra powerful Trinity. They force her to take a pill that drains her of her powers for exactly one hour. An hour to verbally abuse, beat, whip and humiliate her all in the hopes to become the next big super villains. To become, the Bitch Squad!

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29 Responses

  1. rayman says:

    Really like the girl playing Trinity she has amazing abs, hope to see her in action with an exposed midsection again soon

  2. Frencroll92 says:

    Does anyone know of any other material with the girl with the blonde hair? She’s stunning!

  3. fbsol says:

    @Mr. Hero If you ever release a hardcore heroine film, you got a customer right here!

  4. Mr. Hero says:

    Correct. I dont do any hardcore films. Pretty much everyone that sells on SHG is in the same boat. Different selfie shots would have been great. Ill remember that for the future!

  5. fbsol says:

    @mynameisURL It is all simulated sexual content. I don’t think Mr. Hero does explicit (aka hardcore) films. It’s a good film, Cocky/proud heroine that gets worked, Villain girl-power, I think good mix of action and peril.

    @mr.hero Correct me if I’m wrong about hardcore films. Also I would have liked to see more selfies shots with different reactions from Trinity and some forced kissing to really “finish her off”

  6. MyNameisURL says:

    What is simulated? Forced O? I like the look of it, but its difficult to tell how far it goes.

  7. Mr. Hero says:

    @ bojangles

  8. bojangles says:

    is their actual sex, or is it all simulated? just wondering.

  9. will says:

    It’s out on SHG

  10. Mr. Hero says:

    @ fbsol
    Yes it will! Hopefully today in fact. Ill post when I know that its up for sale

  11. fbsol says:

    Will this be out for the weekend?

  12. Kevlar says:

    P.S. Just noticed the trailer, this looks even better! I love that all 4 girls have a brief fight in their “civilain” clothes too before suiting up!

  13. Kevlar says:

    Wow, 3 FEMALE villains?! Sign me up 🙂

    The heroine is really cute, I love the skirted costume and colors. She vaguely reminds me of Hannah Perez.

    The bad girls look great too, though I don’t recognize the blonde. Their costumes appear relatively basic, but it works and they look the part.

    I really like the concept too, of an inexperienced villainess trio trying to make it in the world of baddies. Hopefully this will be a hit and we see more of the Bitch Squad!

  14. fbsol says:

    Thanks for the info Mr. Hero.

  15. ryorb says:

    I wont be picking this up, only because unlike most of the comments above, I am not into the F/F. But man is she ever cute….. hot….. both! Hoping she does some M/F peril soon!

  16. Mr. Hero says:

    @ fbsol

    As far as I know she hasnt acted in anything else. Her stage name is Wendy White Btw

  17. fbsol says:

    Actress playing Trinity looks great. Has she done other films?

  18. Will says:

    F/F = instant buy

  19. tom says:

    Agreed – Gang Thang is/has been my fave series of all time, anything to emulate that has been severely undercooked (until hopefully now). The more female only (or multiple female/male) beatdowns the better.

  20. bpfempro says:

    Looks awesome. Always looking forward to the genre where a single heroine takes on multiple enemies in an F/F fight (and loses). No matter how strong she may be, the numbers ought to edge out in the advantage. I mean, you don’t send powerless goons when taking trying to take out a hero(ine). Maybe it’s time to see more of this specific genre. Single F/F are done by many studios; Kickass, NGC, come to mind.
    Is it due to production issues that makes it hard to see many characters on screen? Steve Noir churned out great beatdown gang vids and I’d understand if he’d wanna do other stuff. But I missed the time I used to look forward to the next gang vids.

  21. Rallo says:

    The superheroine is super cute (and hot), and she seems to know how to sell blows…SHL create good videos, but their audio isn’t the best for me, the hits doesn’t sound hard enough….plus it’s another AOH -3v1 video…well, we’ll see, the idea is original.

  22. toshiki says:

    Not enough F/F videos knocking around here and even fewer with my favorite lift/carry bearhug/OTS type moves. Awesome stuff. More please.

  23. Darklord says:

    What a fantastic concept. Often producers will make a series surrounding a hot heroine. But making a series about a handful of hot bitchy villains is even better! I hope you continue to roll out the bitch squad and make multiple videos around this concept. Go figure? A fresh idea! This producer is always mixing it up. Love it!

  24. steve says:

    This looks too good to be true! When???

  25. Ric_Flair says:

    How soon is “soon”!? Must have this the moment it’s released…

  26. decendingskulls@yahoo.com says:

    This looks great. I’m looking forward to seeing a trailer.

  27. LordSnot says:

    I is in love with dem bitches.

  28. ME92 says:

    This is more my cup of tea. Will be looking forward to it with anticipation.