UPDATED! “Bitch Squad” from Secret Heroine Films

UPDATED with trailer! Secret Heroine Films has a new video coming soon called Bitch Squad. Check out a trailer and more info below.

SHF-Bitch-Squad-1 SHF-Bitch-Squad-2 SHF-Bitch-Squad-3 SHF-Bitch-Squad-4 SHF-Bitch-Squad-5 SHF-Bitch-Squad-6 SHF-Bitch-Squad-7

Three up and coming super villains get a secret mission from the Villains Guild. “Break into a particular girls house and steal the most precious thing from her” Little do they know, this girl is secretly the ultra powerful Trinity. They force her to take a pill that drains her of her powers for exactly one hour. An hour to verbally abuse, beat, whip and humiliate her all in the hopes to become the next big super villains. To become, the Bitch Squad!

Purchase this video at SHG-Media



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