“Black Scorpion” from Secret Heroine Films

UPDATED: Now available! Secret Heroine Films has released its new video, Black Scorpion, starring Dani G. (from Secret Heroine Films’ Valor).

Dani G is Black Scorpion! A detective during the day and masked vigilante at night, Black Scorpion is a force to be reckoned with. But while on patrol at night, she is ambushed by the cyborg Aerobicide. Black Scorpion is able to hold her own against Aerobicide and her muscle until the monstrous Killer Scorpion steps in and its three against one. Aerobicide’s ultimate plan is to force Black Scorpion to switch to the dark side and will do anything to accomplish this. Including physical/mental torture, sexual humiliation, framing her for murder and unmasking Black Scorpion to the world.

Purchase this video at SHG-Media



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