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“Black Scorpion” from Secret Heroine Films

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  1. raymond felch says:

    please do a sequel to black scorpoin!shes awesome!!

  2. F says:

    Looks interesting … though most of it seems to be BS fighting girls. For the next one, have her fight the guys!

  3. Zilch says:

    Finally got this one. It is solid. It manages to be both a dead-on tribute to the Black Scorpion show (the cheesy dialogue is perfect) and a wonderfully perilous independent superheroine production. The only places where the film isn’t great are the places where it resembles too many of today’s peril productions… For instance, the 5-minute portion of the film dedicated to BS being punched while in a stationary position. I for one have seen this kind of scene enough. It feels like dead, uninspired space in a movie that’s otherwise very creative and alive. In fact, leading up to the unmasking, I’d say the film is damn near perfect, with both an intriguing set-up (the “bounty on the heroine’s head” thing always is great, as is the “villains ambush heroine by pretending to be innocent people” thing) and clever takes on established superheroine peril tropes. (Examples: The chloroform scene features two goons pinning our heroine to the floor; BS is actually lifted from the floor by the two aforementioned goons before she is placed in the cradle carry; the near-unmasking is terrific and makes you wonder why NO OTHER FILMS do it anymore.) Again, I must mention how accurately this first half captures the spirit of the show… Even the fight sequences have that Michelle Lintel-vaguely clumsy feel (with wild punches and swift counterattacks… Gimme this kind of fight over some super choreographed ninja battle anyday). The unmasking itself is also quite good, giving us what we never got in the show– a scene of the mask actually coming off BS’s face– and a nice amount of gloating afterward. (These scenes work ten times better when the villains recognize the face underneath the mask, as they do here.) Unfortunately, the film cannot sustain this quality forever, and we get a series of scenes that seem calculated to appeal to various “fetish audiences” (the belly punches, the low blows, the bearhugs, etc). These still work, in a way, because the quality of acting does not diminish. Dani G. is fantastic throughout (she never once overdoes a scream of pain… because, sorry gang, heroines shouldn’t be doing histrionics), and her silver-haired adversary is both sexy, evil, and amusing, with constant bad punning. Once BS is returned to her “chained up” position (the film actually shows the chaining, and the struggling as a consequence… taking place… GREAT), the film regains some of its original mojo. There’s a token token forced-orgasm scene that’s greatly elevated, once more, by Dani G’s acting and jiggling ability. The filmmakers then allow BS to escape– how many other films have you seen, recently, that have trusted their heroines so much?– only to toss her into the biggest peril of the film…

    I won’t spoil the ending. Suffice to say, it’s got more pain, more peril, another unmasking, and a neat twist that is, in a word, shocking. I’ve seen films where the heroine is killed. But I’ve never seen a movie like where where the heroine is, if not killed, so thoroughly DESTROYED at the end. You wonder how this team could even make a sequel…

    They should make a sequel, though. Or at the very least, a prequel*. This is a great peril film. It combines a genuinely original story with superb acting and perfect peril detail. I’ve gone on for a while, and I’m sorry about that… But you want to go on, with this film. It just gets so many things right. The look, the feel, the sound, even (I don’t need the huge explosive punch noises). Kudos to all involved.

    *My idea: Can we please have a movie where the heroine is followed up following a night of crimefighting? There was an old Newphx film that hinted at this possibility without ever truly exploring it… I think Dani G. as Black Scorpion would just kill it.

  4. raymond felch says:

    is this going to dvd???

  5. Vanster says:

    I really liked this film, primarily because of The Black Scorpion character, Dani G.’s acting and hotness, and the script.

    This Black Scorpion really hits the mark for me: Masked, non-super-powered heroines engaging in extended back-and-forth physical fights and occasionally (or often) falling into the hands of the villain/s after losing a fight. I’d like to see more like this Black Scorpion.

    Now for some constructive criticisms. First, the action cuts seemed hard to follow at times. Echoing what some have said on the board, it seemed that some hits were landing on her in areas which didn’t match her reaction. Closely matched reactions would really amp up the dramatic struggle. Also regarding the fighting, I think the occasional distant, still shot of a fight scene can lend more realism and excitement than up-close quick edits.

    ****SPOILER ALERT***

    A little about unmasking. As one who searches for masked non-super-powered heroines, it’s a small bummer when a large portion of the video has her unmasked. Perhaps the majority of viewers hate the mask, or want the vulnerability of the girl-next-door to be revealed. But for those of us who closely identify the heroine with the mask, please consider keeping it on longer. Threatened unmaskings or attempted unmaskings are gold. Kudos for not taking it off in the first scene, and for having her recover her mask and put it back on towards the end of the video.

    In summary, please continue to make Black Scorpion films starring Dani G., and please continue to consider suggestions from this board!

  6. horodes says:

    Dany G has a so great body ! very beautifull. Unfortunatly, I like more sexual peril. For me vilains are too shy with the superheroine, and sometime, during the short sexual peril, the camera is off target in the right place . Too bad !

  7. Herp says:

    ^100% Agree. I really hope that she is willing to go further into the sexual peril territory. With her beauty and acting, in addition to good production, she will be in very high demand.

  8. Angel Dust says:

    After the first Dani G video I was so excited for this. I was hoping she would take the next step in a sexual peril scenario. SHF’s Dagger was epic, If she does a role like that WOW!!!! Her acting is so strong for a SHIP actress. Her beauty is staggering. She will have a demand for awhile. I just hope she doesn’t take the route of Kacey Preston.

  9. Mell says:

    HM, you should do an annual awards post every year. Ha! “And the SHIPpy for best Bear Hug goes to….”

  10. Mell says:

    Thanks Voice. It’s steep, but i’ve had my eye on that one. That actress in Phantom Dame, tho…

  11. thevoice says:

    I was gonna recommend kara’s penance before I saw you’d listed it. seems to tick all the boxes really

  12. Mell says:

    Hey guys, can I get a little help? I’m WAY behind on my video purchases for the last half year or so due to lack of funds and time, and was wondering if you could help me out on my next one. Just your opinion. No pantyhose, and I lean more to the struggling/wrestling/floor work action, bear hugs and good camera angles than the harder core sexual peril and standing low/belly blows. So, should I go with this Black Scorpion video, Phantom Dame, the original Blue Swan (I’ve seen neither), the Supergirl video starring Stella from a while back, or maybe Angels of Rapture Right to Submit? Any opinions on ones you’ve like the best? Thanks!

  13. djanggo55 says:

    oohh look at that bearhug, there’s no way she can break free from that big guy haha crush herrrr

  14. Doc Holiday says:

    I second the motion for more Gigi Allens…. she is wasted in porn… she would dominate this genre with the right producer…. in fact with any producer.

  15. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Can’t get nough of Dani G. Dani G. Dani G. LOL!!!!!! Not too still her Thunder. But when will we see sum Gigi Allens. Been awhile. Would like to see that Thunder from Down Under!?!?!? Say Mate!?!?!? LOL!!!!! How abt Dani G. vs Gigi Allens . Now would be sum T and A POWER!!!!!! Yay! Yay!

  16. Judah says:

    @Mr Hero or SHG-Media
    What you got next for Dani G. With the awesomeness of VALOR and Black Scorpion fans want to know.

  17. Steve says:

    Very well done. Dani G was great as Black Scorpion, came off as strong but also sold the peril well. Aerobicide made an excellent villain. Her many exercise-related references really did a lot to make her feel like a unique character instead of generic villain #284, and the actress was wonderful in the role. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of Dani G and the actress playing Aerobicide, and a sequel would be an instant-buy. A simple but very well done story with a great twist at the end, so much better than the run of the mill death ending. A little more inspiration and creativity go a long way towards making a movie more memorable, great job!

  18. LordSnot says:

    Dani G is stunning in this. Please keep her around!

  19. Zilch says:

    Well, the trailer is incredible… looks like zodiac attack part 3! And I think i’d be watching the vid now except that i can’t get a payment option other than check/money order on shgmedia. Is anyone else having this problem? I live in the states and plan to pay with a visa.

  20. Fabio says:

    Good movie over all. But I have to agree with the comments about the camera angles and what not. The camera would always move when the heroine was about to take a blow which was a huge distraction and took a lot from the scene away. There were times I couldn’t even tell where the heroine was being struck. During the sledge hammer scene she took so many hits but to me they seemed to hit her sides and legs so I was confused when she immediately grabbed her crotch in pain when she was let go. I was like wait what there was a low blow in there and I missed it!? That was super disappointing because this film could have been all that much better had it not had those issues. I like a more focused camera especially when blows are being dealt, I like to see them land and have a strong impact but the camera movements made that really tough. That being said I still rate this movie a solid A-. The acting and peril involved more than made up for it. Dani G needs to return as black scorpion.

    Dani G really came through and saved this one. Her performance was great, especially reacting to her body being struck by a hammer dozens of times. She sold it superbly. Only thing Id ask of her is if she could exaggerate the belly punches a lot more. It never really sounded like she was getting the wind knocked out of her. You should also have her lift a leg next time it can add a lot to a belly blow. But man, her writhing in pain holding her ribs stomach and crotch were beyond excellent. It made me a happy customer despite the crappy camera work. I loved the ab “work out” too haha these really were my type of villains… stomping on poor black scorpion’s stomach after taking a sledge hammer to it. Great scene.

    Definitely looking forward to the sequel, I hope the physical peril continues for her. I used to always see videos like this when I first got into the genre where the video focuses on the beating the heroine has to endure and less on sexual peril or a mainstream spin on it. I feel if anything this genre is shying away from these types of videos. So its nice to see something like this come out. A straight up superheroine beating. Only thing i suggest for the future is better camera work, and maybe add bone cracking sound effects when she’s getting struck in the ribs by the sledge hammer… and her crotch too why not, im sure something would crack lol. and ask her to exaggerate the blows to the stomach more. Like a more comic book or cartoon type of reaction. Great job though guys. This is easily one of my favorites. If you like low blows, belly blows and straight up physical torture while the heroine does her best to stay defiant then you’ll definitely enjoy this one. Good job to all involved, especially Dani!

  21. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Oh der MADNESS!?!?!?!? LOL!!!!!!

  22. rangerian says:

    Oh god, not again!! Purchased and watched about 5mins of it. Gave up after a million vision switches. What is will you producers? Why so many cuts? Just shoot the story unfolding, less is more. Killed the cake yet again.

  23. brad777 says:

    Just watched Black Scorpion, the highlights of this movie for me were, the beautiful Black Scorpion fighting with her bold display of power against the hot villainess cyborg babes Aerobicide and her muscle. Awesome storyline, wild chloroforming action, hot sexual peril, excellent unmasking scenes. Dani G is dynamite in the bear hug scene as she struggles against Killer Scorpion. Decent acting by all & the movie ending has an awesome twist! Hope to see more of Dani G as Black Scorpion, Valor 2 bring it on!

  24. Fabio says:

    Woooo! Gonna take the fattest dab before I enjoy this one tonight. It looks right up my alley with so much physical torture involved like the comments say. I’ll come back with a review tomorrow.

  25. Mario says:

    Amazing video and great performance by Dani G. I cannot say
    enough great things about this actress. She is the complete PKG.
    I also thought the villainess was outstanding as well as the camera
    angles and plot.

    Great Job by Secret Heroine Films all around…hope we see more from
    Black Scorpion and now start the hype for Valor 2 !!!

  26. blx666 says:

    Where Dagger was a more sexual vid, with 4 or 5 chloro’s, this one is more of beating her up, with more physical torture and less sexual stuff. While the costume, the actress and the story appeal to me, the fetish elements weren’t completely my thing. Have to say that Dani makes up for a lot. It’s just a shame she’s not topless, but the story wasnt really begging for an element like that, anyway.

  27. LQQKn4aFox says:

    How abt sum mure pics ………. please!?!?!?!?

  28. gyang333 says:

    Just watched it, it wasn’t really for me. I saw someone post on another site that, this video doesn’t really seem to kick it up a notch. It doesn’t seem to really build up.

  29. fbsol says:

    Does it contain nudity?

  30. rayman says:

    Absolutely superb! Brilliant I love it.

    Dani is incredible as Black Scorpion and I really enjoyed Muscle too.
    Personal tatstes make me wish for a differnet Aerobicide but that is probably just me.

    I am not hugely inot the sex scenes in a LOT of SHIP videos and this video is for me just perfect I am so impressed and I am praying for more of Dani as Black Scorpion and the series had so many great possible villians.

    Can’t say enough good things please everybody buy this so we get more.


  31. tom says:

    Really enjoyable stuff, dark and brutal, complimented by a sexy villlainess that really enjoys her work (soo underestimated in this day and age where the main focus is usually on the heroine’s looks/performance). A tiny gripe maybe would have been to seen/heard a little more evil villainess laughter (a rare fetish but a thing of mine :)), but pretty much everything else was spot on.
    Really nice to see this lean more towards a gigafreeks style brutality and pull it off well, v hard to do convincingly. Absolutely loved the way they let the heroine down halfway through in order to inflict more torture and a 2nd delicious beatdown lol. In fact the ardent Black Scorp fans out there will notice this scene to be very similar to the end of Zodiac Attack episode of the series itself where Scorp endures a gang beatdown from the villains. Whether this tribute was deliberate or not, it achieved maximum effect and again was very akiba-esque. Would love to see a series come out of this, more multiple female villains and beatdowns, Hurricane, Pollutia, all the series favourites – a really great start πŸ™‚

    A tiny quibble – sometimes the camera action is difficult to follow during the beats, ie. in one or two instances it is not clear whether the punch or kick has connected, you sometimes cant see the moment of impact therefore cant correctly gauge how much this will have hurt the heroine – perhaps this was deliberate im not sure – but maybe next time a few shots further back which shows the totality of the situation and all the actors/actresses in view might give a better idea as to whats going on?

    Anyway a very tiny criticism, this video’s level of brutality (together with anything to do with Rye) should be the benchmark for every other level of heroine heroine genre movie out there. Well done guys!

  32. Judah says:

    Im gonna say it. This is probably one of the best SuperHeroine in Peril movies I have seen in awhile. There are so many good things about this that I do not know where to begin. The film has a dark undertone and a Roger Corman feel to it, which is one of its greatest strengths. I’ll hit the highlights. Mr. Hero is right about those elements that are featured. There’s even one brutal scene in which the villainess takes a hammer to the body of Black Scorpion in a bone/rib crushing frenzy (The scene out did CTLE’s Retro Angels Midnight Rescue when Mario went coocoo with the hammer, sorry but in my opinion this was the more brutal scene). Black Scorpion get overpowered by the villains and endures AOH/torture. They let her down for a brief moment to give a smackdown then they stretch her in all four directions, then they put her back in AOH and torture her some more. Its pretty cool how she escapes. The ending does not end with any KO’s or fatalities (PER SAY…but depending how you look at it one could say it does end in a death scene)….HOWEVER it does have a SUPRISE ending, which is rare in this genre. Things that might have been improved upon. The Fight Choreography was great and sometimes semi fast paced which the type I enjoy. I thought the sound of someone getting hit could have been more bone-crushing and louder. I noticed there were two shots of black scorpion feet going into the air, I though it could have used one more where the villains are hoisting her in the air while in AOH torture but just a shot of the feet coming of the ground to give it a sense of realism and the stretching scene may be you could have used a stretching device machine or something…the way they did was pretty cool but a bit more intense and realism could have been achieved by stretching her on a machine (Dani G’s reactions during that scene were both intense and sexy). Final thoughts. Black Scorpion is officially my top favorite of 2015 so far…kudos and congratulations to SHG-Media and SHF. I really hope we get to see both a sequel and more of Dani G. She is way too amazing. All in all I highly recommend this to anyone…there are so many elements here that Im sure everyone will enjoy it…I know I did.

  33. Paul says:

    Does she die in the end or lose via KO?

  34. ron says:

    this looks freakin awesome!

  35. raymond felch says:

    great tralier cant what to see this hope for a sequel

  36. Mr. Hero says:

    Here is a list that might help. The video is also 30 min. long

    –This video has–
    Many Low Blows
    Belly & Face Punches
    Bear Hug
    Lots of sexual Groping and touching-Female
    Some spanking
    AOH torture
    Forced O by female
    3 on 1 fighting
    Cradle Carry
    Mask removal
    Forced Kiss
    And much more

  37. thevoice says:

    watching it now, disregard my question please and thanks πŸ˜›

  38. Angel Dust says:

    I have the same question as sugarcoater

  39. Sugarcoater says:

    Would it be possible to add some details as to the sexual peril element?

  40. thevoice says:

    ok, I had a slight inkling about this but couldn’t see the blonde girl’s face until I’ve seen the trailer. is that starlet and eclipse fighting black scorpion or am I wrong?

  41. Mr. Hero says:

    Just waiting for admin at SHG to upload everything. Here is the trailer for those waiting


  42. LordSnot says:

    The countdown begins…

  43. Mr. Hero says:

    Oh you guys!

    Black Scorpion will be released for sale later today. Prob late afternoon. Im on the west coast fyi so my late afternoon. Ill announce when its out. Plus a trailer as well!

  44. tom says:

    Pathetic? Stacy we’re all doing the same thing!

  45. mrxstacy says:

    Mr. Hero — I’m so anticipating the release if Black Scorpion. Been checking this web page several times day. (How pathetic is that?!) Regarding the upcoming Valor movie, if you have time, please share some details of the story or scene descriptions.

  46. brad777 says:

    Dani G looks bold & beautiful as Black Scorpion! It’s action time…

  47. ron says:

    The original series has 22 episodes…. Therefore, the story must continue! Lots of baddies are waiting in line!

  48. LQQKn4aFox says:

    @Bert ditto!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

  49. LQQKn4aFox says:

    @HM Mus be der GERMAN in me. LOL!!!! U mus kno by now how are Fetish is, especially Kinky. LOL!!!! Hallo! Hallo! Hallo! LOL!!!! Its so HARD to resist!!!! LOL!!!! Her and der outfit/costume. Well I do apologize.

  50. Bert says:

    Gonna B LQQKn 4 a loooong time.

  51. Mell says:


  52. LQQKn4aFox says:

    [Comment deleted. Just… no. – HM]

  53. Kaizar says:

    I agree with Mario, I love seeing some Superheroine videos with NO panty hose.

    Bare legs shouldn’t be that hard to come by in Superheroine adult videos. I mean it’s adult for crying out loud.

  54. Mr. Hero says:

    Yes there are def some low blows in it πŸ™‚

  55. Fabio says:

    Hate to be that guy but any low blows in this? It looks amazing.

  56. Mr. Hero says:

    Soon guys, it will be out this weekend!

  57. Mario says:

    No pantyhose on Black Scorpion or Valor…LOVE IT !
    Cheers to bare legs!!

  58. Mell says:

    Is she wearing pantyhose in this?

  59. bogie says:

    @ Sugarcoater. Funny, I was thinking the same thing.

  60. Judah says:

    Bro you crazy “JERK Time” LOL! I only hope that we get to see more of Dani G, not just as Black Scorpion or VALOR but other roles as well…good to see her taking on more diverse roles instead of just limiting her to one.

  61. Sugarcoater says:

    Lol, don’t you have to be 18 or older to post here?

  62. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Dani G./Black Scorpion has Sexy Nice Beautiful Pris ( . ) ( . ) ners and a Gate (|) keeper. Oh, and a Chuu ( ) Chuu aka Bootay!!!!!!!

  63. Mario says:

    I think that is a marvelous idea Steve.
    Why not tape multiple episodes? I would buy them all!
    Just look at Dani G….so beautiful and yet so adorable at the same time.
    This is going to be EPIC !

  64. Steve Walker says:

    This is the type of parody I would love to see a producer make into a multi film set. Why not have multiple episodes with different villains? Just like the show, have Black Scorpion beaten but then come back in the end to fight another day. Thoughts?

  65. Gene says:

    Just thought I’d come on one of these forums and give a huge shoutout to the admin guys at SHG media! After seeing some of the awesome reviews for recent SHG studio releases and being particularly interested in purchasing this one once it comes out I was becoming quite frustrated at the fact that their payment options were all things that were unavailable to me because of the country I live in and the way my bank account works. So I sent them an email asking if they had ever considered instituting a paypal service as that would allow me to purchase from them. Literally the next morning they emailed me saying that they had added paypal to their service. That’s awesome customer service I have to say, just bought a few videos and really looking forward to grabbing this one when it comes out. good work guys

  66. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Wat time is it!?!?!? … ”JERK TIME”!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  67. Judah says:

    WHOA…This is gonna rock…From these pics the hype looks justified. I’ll definitely be looking to get this when it comes out. Great stuff. Dani G rocks. I hope you all plan on using her some more in the future.

  68. Raiderman says:

    On my short must have list…love the outfit/mask and of course the lady playing the role.

  69. Gene says:

    Very much want this

  70. john says:

    this is looking good

  71. Knight92 says:

    Mr. Hero: Hope all is going well with your life stuff.

    I can’t wait for the trailer and then release for Black Scorpion. It looks spectacular, and the actress is so dang stunning!!

  72. mrxstacy says:

    Mr. Hero- Thank you sir! This looks truly impressive.

  73. raymond felch says:

    mr.hero please do a black scorpoin sequel

  74. raymond felch says:

    awesome cant what to see this if a sequel coms i really hope for dvd

  75. Mr. Hero says:

    New vid caps!

    Working on the trailer. Sorry for the delay. Some “life” stuff got in the way.

    Stay tuned

  76. Judah says:

    Everyone’s getting anxious for this one, anxiety is running high. I hope it pays off. The HYPE IS ON

  77. Angel Dust says:

    At least get some pix up.

  78. mrxstacy says:

    Sorry for the impatience, but I am dying to see some preview pics or trailer. Don’t be holding out on us! πŸ™‚

  79. Judah says:

    Easy…its okay…Im sure it will be worth the wait. This has inspired me to view the Black Scorpion movies again and I must say Roger Corman was definitely a genius. He tried to bring Vampirella to film…He had a beautiful actress (Talisa Soto) and great heroine basis but I feel lazy direction and bad script undermined the whole thing…He did know how to utilize Maria Ford and was she ever something.

  80. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Pics!?!?!? Can’t wait. Yay! Yay! Yay!

  81. mrxstacy says:

    OK Great!

  82. Mr. Hero says:


    Im hoping mid week. I have someone doing a rough cut of the video and once I get that Ill edit a trailer and post pics

  83. mrxstacy says:

    Mr. Hero – No pressure, but just asking when the vidcaps or trailer will be released.

  84. Judah says:

    You crazy bro LOL! Nah but seriously Dani G and Kacey Preston in a film together torturing each other…that is a dream come true. Im shocked that some producer hasn’t figured that out by now Back Scorpion vs Valor would be truly awesome.

  85. LQQKn4aFox says:

    K!!!! Here’s one …….. Black Scorpion/Danni G. vs Power Girl/Kacey Preston. To die for!!!!!! An of course Black Scorpion kick’n Power Girl’s ass!!!!!! Total submissive on Power Girl’s side and Total domination on Black Scorpion’s side. My rate is ”Two Boner’s Up”!!!!! LoL!!!!!

  86. LQQKn4aFox says:

    @Judah LoL!!!!!! Its ”HARD” not too. Oh man. Another one. LoL!!!!! Jus kid’n around ……….NOT!!!!!! LoL!!!!!!

  87. Judah says:


    Easy there…calm down…it’s ok…just a Promo pic…but what a good one it is too…love me some Dani G

  88. LQQKn4aFox says:

    One word: BONER!!!!!!!!!! LoL!!!!!

  89. Raiderman says:

    Great to see Black Scorpion video coming up. Loved the movies and tv shows even though they were a bit chessy, but with the outfit and gorgeous ladies (Joan and Michelle Lintel) playing the parts made them great viewing. This will be a must have as long as the unmasking comes near the end and not if it happens early.

  90. bgrhugs says:

    i hope this has a long front bearhug in it…..that was the only thing missing from valor. PLus the tv show never gave us a good one. I like it when the heroine is doing more than just moaning..i like it when she begs and crys for release..but does not get it..lol….can not wait for this …she looks hot,hot hot……

  91. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Holy Blessed Immaculate Mother of God!!!!!!! Forgive me lord for I have sin!!!!!! ……..She looks so Sinful, I’d rather go to Hell than Heaven for Her. She’s worth it. Black Scorpion is so Hot Sexy Cute Beautiful!!!!!! She looks like a luchadora”?!?!?!? Yay yay yay!!!!!! I wuv it!!!!!!

  92. Ziggy says:

    im liking the diverse range of superheroines that are being done in this genre recently – Phantom Lady, Dagger and now Scorpian

  93. Judah says:

    OOOOOh…OOOOOH. This looks awesome, I know its just one promo shot but Dani G as Black Scorpion…Im so there. This gives a nostalgia feel to it. I enjoyed the Black Scorpion films by Roger Corman and Joan Severance(I think that’s how you spell her name) was truly awesome, strong, and sexy at the same time. I forgot the actress who played her in the tv series. I cant wait for this one….what else have you planned for Dani G. Will she finally make a Relic Raider film?

  94. blx666 says:

    Aw jissss

  95. mrxstacy says:

    That’s great! I’m clearing my schedule for the next month. I’m gonna re-watch your films frame by frame in anticipation of these upcoming two!

  96. Mr. Hero says:

    Ive filmed another Valor video too. That will come out after Black Scorpion πŸ™‚

  97. Yak says:

    Hard to believe it’s taken so long for any studio to do this… But needless to say, I’m grateful. The Black Scorpion show was just a goldmine of on-screen and potential perils. Hopefully this film taps into its precursor’s spirit (i.e. the heroine is tough-talking, but constantly getting knocked out; her secret identity is of great interest to the villains, who occasionally figure it out, etc).

  98. mrxstacy says:

    Yes! Another Dani G. film. Cannot wait for the stills and trailer. Please release these soon! Also, would like to see her again as Valor, but still really looking forward to her as Black Scorpion. Thanks a million!

  99. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Mr. Hero: thanks for the update. Looking forward to it.

  100. Mr. Hero says:

    Thanks guys for the feedback!

    Vidcaps and trailer will be coming soon and Im aiming for the beginning of April roughly.

    @raymond felch
    This is going to be a 20-30 video.

  101. raymond felch says:

    is this going to be a movie? or a 20 min viedo?

  102. Kaizar says:

    I’ve was hoping for a parody of this from someone.

    Look forward to seeing how it turns out.

  103. Fantasizer says:

    The Black Scorpion TV series is one of my favorites in terms of superheorine peril. She got KO’ed in a good costume in almost every episode.

  104. HorseWithNoName says:

    Unmasked05: you really want to check out Dagger, unless you already have πŸ™‚ Great unmasking.

    As for this new project, you know, Mr. Hero, if you keep this up, I might have to get every new film you put out πŸ™‚ But I won’t lie: I would have loved to see a blonde actress in this role like Giga had a few years back. But still excited and please do post some pics. And hopefully she keeps the mask on until the great finale.

  105. Unmasked05 says:

    Finally…. been looking forward to seeing Black Scorpion used. Love that she will be unmasked. Hopefully one day you guys can make a Queen of Swords video. No producers have really used her character and with the lacy mask you could have a great unmasking scene. Anyway this will definitely be a first day purchase and I can’t wait to see it!

  106. Sugarcoater says:

    Love the outfit, but that mask is a bit large and harsh-looking. Hopefully she gets unmasked for a good portion of what sounds like a good video.