“Bluebird: Play Dead – Part 1” from NGC

UPDATED with review (beware possible spoilers)!

So, going into Bluebird: Play Dead – Part One, I had one question on my mind, and that was, “How fast is Andrew going to kill Bluebird in this series?” After all, he is the world’s greatest serial killer of heroines I love to watch. But this is a two-parter, so you can be relatively sure Bluebird will survive at least through the first film, right? Right???

Anyway, we get a quick review of what happened in the Bluebird 2020 mini-series to open the film. We then find Bluebird taking a little nap and having a dream/nightmare about her adventures in the Bluebird 2020 series.

But this time things proceed a bit differently. Before, Vanguard came looking for Bluebird. This time she’s going after them and she literally starts a list of names with an eye for revenge. She tracks down a Vanguard operative who was in hiding and is protected by two bodyguards. Bluebird shows up in a hoodie (not her costume) and cuts through the bodyguards quite easily before confronting the Vanguard operative.

There’s some story told at this time, so I’ll skip over that and stay with action sequences. Bluebird (now in her costume) tracks down Jacob Saint who shoots some energy blasts, but she is able to dodge out of the way. Bluebird takes the offensive and lands several hard attacks on Jacob and seems in full control of the action. However, Jacob hits her with a laser blast right in her core, but at first, it doesn’t seem to have any effect. But eventually we discover that Jacob’s blast has allowed him to control the cells in Bluebird’s body which enables him to cause all kind of troubles for the heroine.

For example, he can now constrict Bluebird’s throat to make it impossible for her to breathe. Or he can greatly heighten her pain sensitivity which means any attack she throws will injure her much more than her target. This allows Jacob to take total control of the fight and he starts to land multiple stomach punches on Bluebird.

Bluebird melts to the ground and starts to crawl away, but in a surprise move, Jacob activates her “Second Wind” power and she pops right back up. They exchange some shots and then Jacob stops oxygen from going to Bluebird’s brain which makes her incredibly woozy. Jacob follows that with one punch to the face which drops her to the ground unconscious.

By the time BB awakens, the effects of Jacobs blast have worn off and she is able to fight back and she drops Jacob to the ground. He puts him in head scissors, but he is able to infect her leg with his power and cause BB a tremendous amount of pain.

Bluebird attempts to crawl away but stops right at the feet of the just arriving Miss Suppression. And if you think things get better for Bluebird from here on, you just haven’t been paying attention. Without spoiling too much there is a bearhug, more stomach punches, knockouts, and in general, much more pain for Bluebird. And even though she does survive, I imagine by the end of the beating, she wishes she hadn’t.

This was everything the Bluebird 2020 series was. If you liked that, you’ll like this. I also thought this was the most cinematic presentation ever done by NGC. I just thought it was beautifully shot. This was filmed on multiple locations. I think they were pretty much all locations we’ve seen before but along with the longer than normal run time, it just made this film feel bigger. This was a very good start to a long awaited series and I’m looking forward to Part 2. Well done.

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