“Bluebird Undercover” from Next Global Crisis

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  1. Yop says:

    Just finished watching, masked man is such a pervert! Don’t know if this was a one shot but I wouldn’t mind more! Bluebird is always amazing.

  2. Rob_Hinx says:

    I’ve watched this a few times since the release and it’s becoming one of favourite ‘non-canon/one-off’ Bluebird stories.
    As always Claire gives a top notch performance and there a lot of nice nuances to the way she acts; in her street clothes she seems nervous, brushing her hair out of her face constantly and walking as if she’s very unsure of herself (and so she should be, there’s really something creepy about the corridors she’s walking through). I also love the way she has to hitch her skirt up to kick the drone (and then she modestly pulls it down afterwards!).
    It’s interesting to see what a difference the costume makes to Bluebird’s character, as Bluebird she would’ve walked into the room full of confidence and stood there with hands on hips. As Caroline she steps in nervously and stands with one leg in front of the other if she’s shy.
    And it’s got to be said that when the action starts she moves beautifully in the heels and that can’t have been easy on that floor!

    The fight scenes don’t have the the power of say, ‘The Grudge’ or ‘2020’ (not much else does, to be fair). But to see Bluebird being treated as a dress up doll and saying things that you’d never expect such a proud character to say is a whole different form of punishment for her. This also has some of the most suggestive stuff I’ve seen in an NGC video.

    Kudos to Claire for her performance (I swear she gets more beautiful as time passes) and to NGC for doing something different.

    By the way, the members photo set is awesome!

  3. Dr Mabuse says:

    I got to watch this one over the weekend and didn’t check here, thinking it’d be getting a lot of praise from Bluebird’s devoted fan base. Surprised to see that’s not the case.

    I’m not a huge Bluebird fan (*ducks flying shoe*) but do like some of the videos she’s in, including this one. I enjoyed the secret identity thing and her various costumes were very appealing, including the full BB getup with the high boots.

    What I especially enjoyed about this video were the elements we don’t see often in this genre, or in NGC videos. Many of the Masked Man’s appearances have an eerie vibe to them, but he goes full-creep here, with some of the most suggestive content I can recall in an NGC video. The opening has the feel of a thriller and it follows through on that at several points (a few moments reminded me a bit of the movie Tourist Trap.)

    I also really enjoyed the mind control elements, since Bluebird is aware that she’s being controlled (the “automatic writing” bit is very well done), and Masked Man’s shiftily-altered voice effects narrating his mind-twisting changes in lurid detail are welcome additions.

    It’s true that there isn’t a ton of fighting, but the whole video is 10 minutes long and BB gets pummeled a few times, electrocuted, choked, suffocated, KOed, and carried away over-shoulder, so it’s not like there’s no peril in it.

    So, yeah, I dug it more than I expected. Certainly not the same thing you see every day, and a lot of appealing details packed into a relatively short (and affordable) video.

  4. PhantasmaRosso says:

    Honestly, anyone willing to cover up Claire’s legs should be convicted for crimes against humanity! Same concept at taking a hammer to Donatello’s David, or defacing the Monna Lisa, really 🙂

    The video is all right, a bit different than usual – I frankly love the “civilian/formal” outfit she shows up wearing (yep, I’m a big fan of women who can dress smartly AND sexily at the same time, it’s actually a rare enough characteristic to fin). Not a lot of peril nor fighting, but I’d say the simple eye candy is already worth the tenner it costs – I don’t drink alcohol, but I guess that for most it’s going to be roughly the price of a pint down your local 🙂

  5. Mike J says:

    Honestly, I was kind of disappointed in this one. There just wasn’t a lot of peril or even action in this one. Bluebird looks good, so if eye candy in your goal then you’ll love her in the different outfits. I think that was the intention of whoever commisioned this one. But from a peril perspective you’re about 4 minutes in before she even gets into costume, and then there’s some quick action here and there, but not much. It’s mostly just showing her off in the different outfits, while someone talks to her seeking to continually demean her further.

    • art says:

      I agree. Few heroine movies have this little action. The camera angles didn’t even show her off that much.

  6. Dave says:

    I downloaded this morning…really well done! Hoping there will be plenty of bluebird releases to come in the near future!

  7. Mid2018 says:

    I tried messaging too but never got a response. What brand and what kind of pantyhose do these NCG heroines wear?

  8. Lawrence says:

    Wow bluebird is amazing will she win or fall !

  9. Dave says:

    Tried messaging through the site but it didn’t seem to be working…will Bluebird be available for any custom videos in the near future?

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Sorry, I didn’t get anything, it is working though so that is odd. Bluebird is not scheduled anytime soon I’m afraid.

  10. yolho says:

    Is there going to be a part 3 in the Super Bluebird story?

  11. Chris says:

    Alright, ill say it…..
    The costumes that you fashion for these young ladies keep getting better and better.
    Sexy doesn’t begin to describe Claire in that silver catsuit.
    Can’t wait.

  12. rover says:

    Wow, what is it about heels? That second screenshot is pretty amazing.

  13. yolho says:

    Loving the change in footwear!

  14. Jim says:

    This must be why this Friday is Good Friday.

  15. Darkwrath016 says:

    Guys. Just pause the preview video at 0:16. Just pause it. Bask in the downright sex appeal that is Bluebird for a moment. Just………there are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to fully appreciate the sights Bluebird and NGC have so graced us with.

  16. art says:

    Oooh nice, stilleto heels.

  17. Darkwrath016 says:

    Oh my God. OH. MY. GOD!! Bluebird, in heels, in costume was the sexist thing I ever saw. I know fighting it heels like that is tough/dangerous but I am praying to the mighty gods above that she at least takes a few shots while dressed like that.

    • Deckard says:

      Sexiest, not sexist! The two words have very different meanings, as you know.

      • Darkwrath016 says:

        Hahahaha! Thanks for correction. You are 1000% percent right on that one. Didn’t realize that I made that mistake.

        Relatedly, I thought that there was an edit button on HM post. Couldn’t find it anywhere to correct my error.

  18. Rob_Hinx says:

    Will somebody please find Friday for me? I’m sure it should be here by now!

  19. Dave says:

    This looks to be pretty interesting…will likely be getting this asap! I know we won’t actually see her changing out of one costume to the other…but one can dream!