“Brand New Power” from Next Global Crisis

NGC Non-Canon: Brand New Power starring Miss Freedom

Miss Freedom meets up once more with Galactic and Inter-Dimensional Trader ‘Darius 7’. He has noticed that her powers are returned, increasing her value, he simply has to capture his prize! But Miss Freedom isn’t going to lie down easy.



Member Gift:

If you purchase ‘Brand New Power’ within 48 hours of the members email going out, then you also get unseen footage from ‘Making A Name’ starring Starshot as she took on Alaric by herself. Usually a bad idea, but that doesn’t stop them trying. Remember to purchase ‘Brand New Power’ within 48 hours or this gift will be removed.

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33 Responses

  1. F L says:

    Loved to see that costume come back, it’s good to see some “retro” NGC costumes from time to time and i loved the beating.
    Deja Vu II and this one have been very good for those interested in physical beatdowns
    Good job!

  2. Billbo says:

    I’ve been quite critical of some of NGC stuff of late but I think Richard was very harsh. I’ve not yet got this video so can’t comment on the content. I can appreciate getting frustrated when something is so close to what you want to see but, it is what it is.
    Can anyone let me know if there is a backbreaker in this video?

  3. fabio says:

    More starshot getting pummeled please! She is so sexy in peril. Buying this JUST for the members gift lol

    Hope to see new starshot content in the near future. Is she available for customs?

  4. Darkwrath016 says:

    The real scandal is that no one has mentioned the return of Starshot to our screens. How is that not met with cheers, celebration and a large parade!?

    • Dr Mabuse says:

      You’re right, of course, the members gift is pretty special as well. It’s extra footage from Starshot’s battle with Alaric, and you can see why many of the takes weren’t used, but it’s a very worthy tribute to Starshot as an actor/performer. Any fan of hers will love it.

  5. Rizo says:

    Just want to jump on here a quick second. I saw the exchange below and I have to say please Andrew DO NOT listen to the fans all the time. You’re doing it right. There are plenty of other producers who cater to custom requests so everyone can get their fetish kicks in elsewhere. In fact most everywhere. I love that you are still in this business doing it the way few others can.

  6. Beast says:

    Loved the video. Nice to see again miss freedom. Her reaction are fantastic and the video was epic.
    I must said that i am a little disappointed with the member gift. I know it is free and its better than nothing but iam always expecting to see more action. I said this because i definetily would love to buy extra footage of my favourites episodes, Different takes and everything. But i understand that its the hook to buy the new stuff

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Thanks. With the member gift it has to be remembered that not all videos have masses of unseen footage, some do. As you say, it’s free. I try to make it interesting, and not a massively expensive 2 videos I don’t think.

  7. Dr Mabuse says:

    Got a chance to watch the video, and I thought it was great! The fighting is really high quality, and as always, Miss Freedom is fantastic as the stalwart heroine–confident and poised at the onset, arrogant when she’s winning, and pitiful when she’s losing. I think one of my favorite things about Miss F as a performer is that she’s excellent at expressing shock and humiliation when she, Mighty Heroine, is facing defeat.

    As others have noted, the costume is breathtaking on her, and we get a very nice chloroform scene that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the action.

    Don’t want to escalate the exchange below, but I’ll admit that I make comments here from time to time saying “I’d like to see more of X.” Of course, I’m not saying that everyone loves X, or that not doing more X is a disservice to customers/professionalism/civilization, just that I like X and would like to see more of it. I might even suggest that doing more of X would be interesting, but that’s just (like) my opinion (man).

    I’ll even do it now with this video. I would’ve liked to see Darius pull off Miss F’s cape. When a heroine loses her cape, it’s like losing a symbol of her power, status, or security. I guess it’s a kind of “costume destruction” but of the most mild kind (doesn’t actually “destroy” anything) and is really easy to do. It didn’t happen in this video (although it’s happened in several previous NGC joints), and (shockingly) that doesn’t ruin any of the things I loved about it.

    Since this “Darius” character (who doesn’t look much like a galactic heroine trader, but I don’t know any myself, so maybe that’s what they look like) and the 7th Dimension seem like an ongoing thing, I look forward to learning more about them and their nefarious business.

    P.S. I just took a look at the accompanying photo set, and I highly *highly* recommend it. It’s far more than just a set of stills from the video. There are a number of perspectives and combat moves in the pictures that aren’t in the video at all. I think any Miss F photo set is worth a look, but this one packs a lot of value.

  8. Richard says:

    Good chloroform and fight scenes but ONCE AGAIN a terrible ots carry,I think you know some of your buyers like ots carries but NOT when the bad guy picks her up then just walks away without getting a shot of that butt over his shoulders.This will be the last video of yours I buy if this continues,at least TRY and give your customers what they want to see.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      I’m afraid I just don’t place the same importance on that as you. This is a video I’m proud of, I loved the fighting in it. If that all falls down because of how they leave the room then I really can’t help you and maybe you should stop buying from me.

      • Richard says:

        All I ask is to TRY and give your customers what they want to see in your videos,it would have been easy to just turn to the camera before walking out,why have a ots carry off at all if you “cheat” the whole purpose for it??If you refuse to give your customers what you know they want to see, why would anyone buy your videos?Still think you are one of the best with the hottest women but the effort isnt there.

        • Next Global Crisis says:

          Instead of speaking on behalf of all my customers, what you mean is give YOU what YOU want. This was not a custom video, there are many people who like many different things. This is really one of my favourite videos we’ve done in the last 6 months. I’m not ‘cheating’ anyone. Having done this for nearly 9 years I learned long ago that attempting to please one tiny sect of people diminishes the rest of the video. If you’d paid for production, different story, you didn’t.

          “The effort isn’t there” holy, holy shit.

          • Richard says:

            Hit a nerve,or in other words the truth.Your sales will go down(continue to that is)And if turning for a few seconds toward the camera to see her ots would have ruined the whole video,THAT sir is shit and you know it.Please your customers or get out of the business..

          • Next Global Crisis says:

            Unfortunately Richard, I have someone working for me who cross-references my sales with times that they appear on trading forums. We are looking for another source that trades our stuff and we are left with 4 names and yours is still on it.
            Until now I’d dismissed the possibility that you could be the cause as you are generally very positive about our stuff. But this highly unpleasant outburst is making me rethink things.
            There are about 4 other regular commentators on here I know for a fact trade other producer videos as well as mine.
            Beyond that we have a guy in Maine, whose address, family members and job I know, ditto a fellow from Dnipro in Ukraine, there’s a guy in Canada too, one in Colorado, one in Washington state, and another in Brazil, full names, addresses, family, jobs all known because I spend a lot of money getting experts to collate and cross-reference and look at my sales records…

            So, was that last line a prediction or a threat?

          • Richard says:

            I don’t post your videos to sites,I still believe your videos can be good but I AM disappointed in this one.And it was a prediction,IF you continue to NOT give your customers what we want to see,and I cant be the only one who wants to see ots carries.As for this conversation I’m tired of it,good luck with your next one.(spend your money on that)

          • Thevoice says:

            Do you not realise how much of a spoiled brat you’ve sounded throughout that entire conversation? The very last part of a video was not to your taste and you’ve had a proverbial hissy fit.

            How was the extra content that was added on for absolutely zero charge due to you buying it within 48 hours by the by?

            When will NGC start caring about its customers! *slams fist*

          • Richard says:

            Didnt need your input asshole,but that reminds me the “extra” was alot of nothing as well.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          • theVoice says:

            Well you were doing such a good job speaking on behalf of the customers, I thought as a customer myself I’d chime in. Also, nice name calling there, friend. it really adds support to the inane points you’ve been making.

          • Next Global Crisis says:

            Richard, what baffles me is that you thought this style of complaint would motivate me to do better next time. Being aggressive and unkind will never get you what you want. Perhaps there is a shot on the cutting room floor I could have dug out, I don’t know, I didn’t edit it. But some of this has been so mean spirited. It’s a shame.

          • dbud says:

            I just saw this exchange and was debating a reply. Guys like Richard annoy the crap out of me; totally selfish and uninterested in a conversation they resort to trolling almost immediately.

            I totally agree with NGC’s comment above. If Richard was serious about trying to get a producer to add an aspect he wanted to see (and he has every right to do that), this is 100% the wrong way to go about it. That indicates he is not interested in that. The fact that he would go from zero to absolute troll in the span of one post seals it. He said what he wanted; he got a perfectly reasoned reply that was negative (as is NGC’s right), and then he went straight to threats and insults (now he will call me names too.)

            Personally, I can’t imagine why any producer would go through the trouble. To try to produce something you are proud of and then have cry-baby’s whine because it didn’t have a 3 second OTS carry or some other minor thing they wanted to see. I’d give up in a week.

            I agree with NGC, he can’t be catering to every small request. As far as Richard’s point that he doesn’t take requests though or cater to his audience, that’s BS. He does lots of things that people ask for in his videos, especially the Championship fights. But to expect him to put every item on the checklist in every video, even if it makes no sense or destroys the plot he is making, is unrealistic.

            I have traded a few emails with NGC and made requests (not to pay for customs but stuff I’d like to see.) On some he was open (not saying he put them in or not but his reply was positive) and others he couldn’t do (not realistic or in line with his tastes or the actresses wouldn’t do it.) You have to remember that he is making videos with and for real people. He can’t just do everything everyone wants in every video. Then they’d just be a string of non-sense scenes that don’t work together.

            The best way to deal with guys like Richard is to ignore them. The one thing they want more than anything else is attention. The more he is piled on the more he likes it (something about a pig and wrestling in mud comes to mind).

          • dbud says:

            Oh one more thing, I was 50/50 on buying this one. Some are instant buys for me, this one wasn’t and the longer I go the less likely I am to go back and buy it. But because of Richard’s comments, I will buy this one to help make up for the future massive sales losses he is predicting.

          • Mr.Bleh says:


            Why work so hard to get what you want?
            Why not just contact NGC privately and request a custom?
            Then you’re sure you’ll get what you want, from the producer you want it from.

  9. Richard says:

    The question I have is,since I see she is ots carried off,do we get the best view if you know what I mean 🙂

  10. Darkwrath016 says:

    So here’s my question: What is the 7th Dimension? We first learned about this new group/faction back in BrokenWings part 1 and if I remember correctly, Sister Fate is part of that faction. Then we later find out that they were involved in Miss Freedom’s year long captivity in Hell and Back as that faction, along with –I don’t know–three other factions or so make their appearance. Then they granted the ring announcer in the championship series special powers which I understand isn’t ‘cannon’ to the story line but still holds some meaning. And now they are making some sort of appearance in this episode, granted it’s a non cannon adventure. So what’s their deal? It seems like every time they make an appearance I’m left with more questions than answers especially after the hell and back episode. What’s 7th Dimension’s goal in all this? What’s their relationship to the other factions in the NGC universe? What’s the relationship with the Dark Superiors who were recently defeated? Why are they called the 7th Dimension? I understand that this is a non cannon episode but I hope we (I) get some answers to these questions in the coming months or so.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      There will be even more questions before you get concrete answers I suspect. Clues are there, but unlike one of our previous seasons there is room to let it all happen a bit differently. Although this video is non canon you might learn a bit more about the trading that was touched on in Hell & Back.

  11. Next Global Crisis says:

    This one has really turned out well, great action and she looks amazing, looking forward to releasing it for everyone.

  12. Chris says:

    I’m looking forward to this one.
    Gorgeous woman, great body & a very sexy outfit (which she fill out so well).
    I’ve always liked her in that outfit since season 2

  13. Dr Mabuse says:

    Fantastic! I’ve been waiting for the return of our Miss Freedom, and especially for her battlesuit look. I’m also excited to see her in a mission video, and dealing with fallout from her ordeal in “Hell and Back” by the look of it. Add to that a members gift of Starshot material and Friday can’t come soon enough!

  14. rover says:

    Well the new costume accentuates.. things nicely.

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