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Giga’s Wonder Angel is the second in the company’s series of English-language superheroine “adventures” starring Briana Blair.  In Superior Lady, Blair played a Supergirl-style heroine; this time around, her character is based on Wonder Woman.  Other than that, things are pretty much as you’d expect, if you expect a thorough defiling of Wonder Angel.

We begin with Wonder Angel, in street clothes, descending a staircase in a mysterious location.  We learn that she’s been summoned here for an unknown reason.  Suddenly, a blast of white gas is emitted and hits Blair right in the face.  I thought this was kind of funny—how did they know she’d be standing in that exact spot when they set up their hidden gas machine?  Maybe after several years of doing nothing but capturing superheroines, these guys know exactly what they’re doing.

When the smoke clears (I mean that both literally and figuratively—aren’t I clever?), a masked henchman appears.  He now knows that this mild-mannered woman dressed in business casual attire must be Wonder Angel because the nerve gas had no effect on her, other than making her cough.  (Note: I tried several times to catch the henchman’s name in this scene.  As he lifts Wonder Angel by the throat, he quite dramatically says, “My name… is POWER-GONG!”  But I’m not sure if it’s Power-Gong or Power-Bong or Power-Ball or Power-Gahh.  Any help would be appreciated.)

Power-Thong chokes Wonder Angel, throws her on the ground, straddles her and lightly squeezes her breasts before Wonder Angel finds the inner strength to deliver a well-timed and accurate crotch kick, which sends him falling over to the ground, holding his crotch in pain.  Wonder Angel takes this opportunity to transform into… Wonder Angel (in costume).  Wonder Angel fights Power-Fawn very briefly before he grabs her magical golden chain (or whatever), thereby weakening her.  He chokes her with the chain, grabs her boobs, grabs her crotch, and chloroforms her, bringing this opening sequence to a close.

The rest of the video consists of Wonder Angel being mercilessly abused, tortured and sexually assaulted by Power-Rod and his goons. At this point, it basically becomes a plain old porn movie in which the main character happens to be dressed as Wonder Woman.  She even becomes totally obedient and starts to voluntarily participate in various sex acts, which I know is a turn-off for a lot of fans of these films.  (I’m sure there’s a reason for this in the story, but I became really bored by all of this and may have missed it.)

So while I think Briana Blair is attractive and looks great in her Wonder Angel costume, I think the novelty of having an American actress play an American-style heroine in an English-language Giga production has worn off, and I would now like Giga to get back to making Japanese language productions with Japanese-speaking actors and actresses.  Additionally, it seems that Giga just tried a lot harder with Briana Blair’s Superior Lady, which had better production values, impressive effects, and a well-staged fight scene before the debauchery began.  Here, it’s nothing but debauchery.  Unfortunately (for me), I suspect these English-language productions are probably pretty successful.  I don’t have any sales figures to back up this assertion; it’s just a hunch.  So I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of this style of video from Giga in the future.

I’d be curious to know what you guys think about this style of video from Giga.  Is it a good thing?  A bad thing?  Do you want to see more of this type of video from Giga?  Feel free to discuss below…

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