“Broken Amber” from TheRyeFilms

Amber Mcalester stars in Broken Amber from TheRyeFilms.

Broken Amber (TheRyeFilms.com custom order)

Wonderous Girl takes revenge on Stewart Pidazz for publicly humiliating her in a previous encounter. She catches the nerdy villain off guard and without his strength serum for a very one sided beat down. Unfortunately for Wonderous Girl her foe has a plan for all contingencies and is able to turn the tables! Wonderous Girl is horrified as she has flash backs but nothing prepares her for what happens next… Wonderous Girl’s breasts are exposed to the world on a live broadcast! To make matters worse, Stewart reveals Wonderous Girl’s true identity… Amber Mcalester! Stewart sells time with Amber to a couple of her co-workers at the IADC and they have fun with the helpless Amazon all while still being broadcast live! Wonderous Girl is beaten, fucked, and brought to multiple orgasms in front of millions.

Once the men have finished violating Amber, Stewart tries to make a new and improved strength serum from Amber’s Amazonian Milk!

This movie includes, BOOBS!, beatdowns, sim sex, topless nudity, electrocution, groping, forced orgasms, KOs, Chloroform, Topless nudity, low blows, debooting, and more!

Running time 39 minutes

***The email address given out by the villain is real and functional. Amber Mcalester will actually receive your message and respond if you send something!***

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18 Responses

  1. nate the great says:

    Finally, Amber shows her top!!!! Shes so beautiful

  2. TBob says:

    Great video. I recommend. Amber is fricken hot.

    • sugarcoater says:

      Any chance you can go into detail? As we all have different tastes and likes, adding the reasons why you recommend the video would be appreciated. (Still on the fence on this one.)

      • redmanx says:

        You wont be disappointed, Amber is fantastic, brutal beatings, sex(simulated) foot stuff, aoh bondage, humiliation, more sex, and a really good ending, this ones a must have.

  3. redmanx says:

    One of the very, very best I have seen. Amber not only looks incredible her performance is fantastic too, right from the very start when, as Diana Prince, she learns the whereabouts of Pidazz and cockily sets out to defeat him. The fights are incredibly well choreographed and Wondrous Girls shock, mortification and misery as her breasts are bared and mauled is wonderful to see and hear! Apart from the superb fight scenes theres something for everybody in this, including electro torture, foot fetish (not my cup of tea though, lol) aoh bondage and sim sex. Defiant to the end Wondrous Girl takes all Pizazz and his henchmen give her, the……but that would be telling…..but it and see, you wont be disappointed!

  4. Mid2018 says:

    Where did Amber’s pantyhose go? She looks so vulnerable without them :’(

  5. Saberlite says:

    Bought it at work, can’t wait to go home to enjoy it :DDD

  6. Clyde says:

    Awesome video! Loved it.

  7. Gar says:

    What happens during the milking,? Also, is anyone willing to give a scene by scene analysis?0

  8. shfyd says:

    Been waiting to see Amber topless for a long time and this was definitely worth the wait. She again is the mistress of selling peril. Her pleas when he is about to reveal her breasts are perfect. There are fights with her being topless, beat downs with her being topless. I am overwhelmed.

    Thanks Rye……this was magnificent.

  9. Sten says:

    Finally! Amber topless!

  10. Blank1 says:

    Can anyone tell me if there is more than one sim sex scene? And if there mult positions? The preview makes it appear its one of those thugs hold the arms and one dude behind. I hope there is more because amber is spectacular.

  11. sugarcoater says:

    I too am a fan of the humiliation aspect. One further element I would add would be to have the police or some civilians find the disheveled and defeated heroine and ask her what happened. When the heroine either admits what happened or doesn’t, the men verbally describe what looks to have happened. The heroine tries to cover up with her torn/partially removed uniform and slowly limps away in shame.

  12. dkm says:

    Amber is beautiful, and I have to say, I really like that live streaming the heroine’s destruction and humiliation has caught on within the genre. Always thought that idea was hot.

  13. yop says:

    Amazing! Amber looks gorgeous!

  14. Frank says:

    This is brilliant, but I want to see Barehanded more.

  15. James says:

    What happened to Barehanded Rye? Thought that was next in the pipeline after Pristine…

    • Ztc says:

      they posted about topless amber way before the promos for the 2 darcie and lexi vids so its expected


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