Call to Customs from Damien Wagner

2 Responses

  1. AZLAN says:

    We need more stuff like “The Ambush” sir Damien Wagner! But this time probably with the villainess being defeated!

  2. Jacques says:

    Damien is a pleasure to work with. We have produced seven customs together and each film contains exactly what I wanted. He may make suggestions, however, ultimately they are my decisions to make. Usually I submit a scenario, Damien produces a script for my input and approval. The actresses sign off as well. Afterwards Damien writes the dialogue, and in some videos they can be quite detailed (i.e. ‘Final Approval). We choose the actresses; my customs do not have super heroine costumes but nevertheless approval of costumes ( some of which are street clothes and athletic wear), are required by myself.
    With respect to budgets, we discuss and agree on every element of expense and so I know what I am paying. Some of my videos require two days to film.
    Damien is most accommodating, for example providing terrific special effects, eg blood, knife and gunshot wounds, bruises, acid disfiguration, etc. His water tortures and AOH sequences are sensational.
    Last but not least communications with Damien are easy.
    Just a word about the actresses; they are very talented: highly skilled in selling peril as well as aggression. Their ability to deliver dialogue is exceptional. The women are absolutely stunning.