Caroline Summers as Superia in “The Trap” at My C4S Store

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6 months ago

I love how this guy produces content of subpar quality for years without any meaningful improvements as a filmmaker and sells it for the same price as some of the best producers in the genre.

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6 months ago
Reply to  Ugh

I haven’t bought any of his videos since he went to Clips4sale and I may not at those prices but did buy quite a few when he had a site, sadly I lost many due to a hard drive crash. I never see none of the big productions in this genre offer full nudity in most of those “higher quality” videos. That seems to be the stipulation. Point I’m making is it seems the full nudity must equal out the price somehow. Quality – Nudity – Price But IMO, I think Valik and Peril Maker make some of the best… Read more »