“Catwoman’s Creamy Bath” from Anastasia Pierce

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  1. Kaizar says:

    Ever gonna do a superheroine peril were Wonder Woman (Anastasia Pierce) goes up against a muscular villainess (Brandi Mae or Kelli Provocateur or whoever) and completely beats the crap out od the villainess in a one-sided fight until the villainess just grabs onto anything on the heroine and pulls it off, dust removing Wonder Woman’s belt and then Wonder Woman tries to play it cool by demanding her belt back by the villainess being a bad guy obviously never will and says no, and then proceeds to pointlessly punch Wonder Woman except this time she actually hurts Wonder Woman and then realizes without her belt; Wonder Woman has no strength at all and then beats up Wonder Woman even leaving some blood that came out of Wonder Woman from the brawl, and then has her way with Wonder Woman by fucking Wonder Woman against her will.


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