OUT NOW! “Celestia v Dominator – The Rematch” from NGC Championship

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  1. Champion Of The Galaxy says:

    I thought that was a tasteless joke at first, I didn’t realize someone was actually pregnant. To me, that makes things better, not worse. But I have a bias to admit, the only reason I ever clicked on any NCG site is because of Dominator. I’ve found Miss Suppression, Red Glory, Hitwoman, a few of the Action Cosplay entries interesting, but without Dominator I’d never have went, nor back enough times to discover them.

    Another bias; I’ve seen a woman squat down on a blistering hot Kenyan day, give birth, then get on a plane and fly across an ocean to run a marathon on a wet cold USA day. Pregnant women remain very active in some communities, so even if I had noticed I don’t think my response would be that negative. I know there is care that has to be taken, I once hurt a pregnant woman not realizing she was a more sensitive than usual, but her son was born healthy in spite of my ineptitude. Athletes tend to be made of stern stuff. Sweet Saraya Knight wrestled pregnant and they’ve made a movie about the resulting daughter, “Fighting With My Family”. It’s not a tragedy. I’m told the ladies at NCG are more actress, less athlete/wrestler, but I’m not inclined to believe they’re so fragile a controlled fall will lead to a medical emergency.

    Still, with Dominator’s wrestling ability I don’t see how the heroines can win, barring an appearance by Estrellita or resurrecting Thunderbolt and Lightning from GLOW.

  2. Rob_Hinx says:

    This is a solid entry into the Championship series and I’m glad I got it.
    There’s not much I can add to Darkwrath’s excellent write up but I’ve got some observations.

    The first thing that intrigued me about this, when it was announced last week, was the title’ ‘The Re-Match’.
    Is it a re-match? Isn’t this Celestia a different one to the Celestia who met her end in ‘The Trail’?

    Neither the announcer or the Dominator make references this to this, although the Dominator does say “…she’s risen”. So I guess either they haven’t been told or they don’t care.
    (The alternative end has a little more to say about this but I’ll let to that later).

    Now, how about the action? Well Celestia may have a ‘bun in the oven’ (and look, if you didn’t know this you probably wouldn’t even notice) but she’s also got a tiger in her tank!
    Before she’s approached combat with a detached attitude, even when she’s gone looking for trouble (for instance when she went after Eliza in ‘Dimension Disaster’) but here she’s actually spoiling for a fight!
    She lays into the Dominator right from the start and gains and early advantage, in fact she gets the Dominator into a strangle hold and looks for all the world as if she’s actually trying to kill her!

    I didn’t see anything ‘missing’ in the fight. If I was to be hyper critical I’d say that Celestia’s left and right hooks early in the bout, when she’s got the Dominator in the corner seemed a little weak but apart from that she and the Dominator are at it hammer and tongs.
    Celestia’s kicks were especially impressive, and there were some impressive tactics from the Dominator; Celestia is favouring her legs as weapons and Dominator targets them, removing her enemy’s advantage.

    The Dominator’s on good form too; she’s got her signature de-booting move (which I think is more her showing contempt for the heroine’s costume than having a thing about feet) and her usual matt-based wrestling moves. The leg locks she put on Celestia were like a brutal form of Yoga!
    I especially liked the way she was hissing ‘yeah, yeah’ when she had Celestia in her clutches on the floor.
    There was one moment, when she was slamming Celestia’s head against the corner pad, that she seemed to be taking a little too long between strikes, but then that’s part of her style (it was mentioned in ‘The Trial) but after that she picked up the pace nicely.

    The ending was the one I voted for and I’m glad that this was the canon ending, however the alternative ending has some very interesting dialogue.

    Slowly, all the threads are coming together, I think there are great things ahead.

    Now I’m off to watch this again!

  3. Darkwrath016 says:

    I guess I’m the contrarian here but I very much liked this video and I’m recommending it. I’m going to preface my “review” by stating that this is my personal opinion so mileage may vary I guess, evident by opinions before me. But I also haven’t been a fan of The Dominator matches as of late (I shudder just thinking about ‘Forever Enemies’ and ‘Fake News’) so I think if anything, I went into this fairly neutral.

    The fight was great and was the highlight of the film for me. Compared to other Dominator matches, with the exception of her battle against Starshot, this to me is clearly the best one and the most intense. The action is fluid being neither too fast nor too slow. That leads to the fight being fairly dynamic where one gets to enjoy some really quality peril moments that the heroine suffered from almost start to finish. Celestia is basically battered from post to post in this one. Stumbling on the ropes here, getting her head slammed into things there. Leg torture in the middle of the ring and just in general being dominated by the Dominator.

    With this being a submission match I expected the heavy use of submission holds to be at play here which I think tends to make a fight too static. But that turned out not to be the case here. There’s tons of variety on display where the fight alternates between strikes and painful holds which kept things fresh and moving.

    I really enjoyed the leg torture that was going on which ranged from simply kicking Celestia’s foot and hamstring repeatedly while she cried in agony (which was good) to multiple figure four leg locks while she writhed in pain on the floor. Combined that with her holding her knee as a natural reaction to her leg being ripped apart and I have to say that was great to watch. Would not have mind that going on for another couple minutes or so.

    Celestia de-botted was also pretty hot as she has some great legs on her. In this fight, Dominator continues her patented move of removing a heroine’s boot and using it as a weapon to bash the girls’ head in to which Celestia had a fairly good reaction to. In this one though, Dominator decides one heroine shoe is to bash Celestia’s head with. The other is to strangle her with and seeing Celestia raise her hands up almost pleading like before the villainess chokes her out was pretty great.

    Continuing with the leg theme of the fight comes the next great moment of when Dominator decides, after torturing Celestia some, to shackle one of the heroine’s leg to the bottom rope, rendering her helpless. Well I just love it when heroines are rendered helpless and this was a very unique and well executed way to that. Because after Celestia struggles a bit (to no avail) Dominator continues to hammer her leg mercilessly, leading to some intense screams and more writhing in pain. I only wish that it had come at the end of the match and not in the middle. I would have liked to see Dominator hammer Celestia and then knock her out with her leg shackled. Oh well.

    In between those highlight moments you’ve got a bit of punching, multiple head slams and some more submission holds that were great, well executed but more importantly, broke up the action in such a way that it wasn’t a continuous endless circle of submission maneuvers.

    As far as Celestia is concern, she was pretty good considering this is her first or second time back being a heroine in peril. Her best work? Probably not. Better than ‘The Trial’? Absolutely. And I watched every second of The Trail from start to finish today to make sure I can write that statement. She had good, solid reactions to the peril in this video. The vocals were mostly there, the facial reactions were pretty good and she did a lot of non-verbal stuff such as writhing in pain on the floor or holding her leg in pain that really accentuated the peril at times. You add that to the fight sequence and you’ve got yourself a good superheroine in peril film

    Here’s the thing. If you’re looking for signs that the actress is pregnant you’re GOING to find it. And even then, aside from two moments in the film, you have to squint your eyes to see that. If instead you allow your eyes to float with the action, focusing more on the heroine’s reaction to the peril—which were good—then you’ll be hard pressed to see the bump. Even then, Celestia has quite the figure, quite the legs, and quite the ass. I honestly think she’s more shapely than she was prior to her departure. Even with the sash, her lower body is shaped in all the right ways that makes her a really attractive heroine.

    I could nitpick and find flaws in this. Yes Celestia was good but every now and then I thought she could do with better facial reactions. NGC has excellent camera work and this is no exception but there were times when the shot was a tad out of focus. Additionally, there were a few times when the camera was on the wrong side of Celestia so we don’t get to see her reaction.

    Flaws and all, this is a good video and I recommend this. It’s not the best championship video out there but that makes it no less enjoyable. It’s certainly a worthy weekend pleasure and I have to imagine that fans of Celestia would enjoy this. I have no regrets buying this one and I did not come out disappointed.

    Into the favorite folder this goes.

    • Thanks for the fair review. I don’t think you are a contrarian, please keep in mind that the 3-5 people who comment, occasionally in multiple cases, aren’t always representative of all buyers. Many of whom don’t visit this site at all. I’m pleased you broadly enjoyed it.

      I’m open to constructive criticism, and there are always things to work on, even in videos where no one appeared to have any complaints. What I can’t do, at the risk of repeating myself, is ‘de-pregnify’ and force people to wear or not wear whatever I want. Particularly if I want them back at the pressure of fans. Also, a brief biology lesson here, human pregnancies last 9 months, and we didn’t film this last week. Let that sink in.

      I’d like everyone to know that I’ve read every comment on this thread, looked carefully at every point, and the tone of its delivery. Be assured I WILL remember them all.

    • AlyAdmirer says:

      I’ll preface my statements by saying that, by and large, I’ve never been much of a fan of the NGC Championship series, because I’m a wrestling fan. I know that sounds paradoxical, but… I can’t remember which video it was, but I remember a moment in one of the early ones where one of the girls couldn’t even run the ropes convincingly. And that’s through no fault of the actress–she IS, after all, an actress. Not a wrestler.

      Basically, my approach is, if I’m in the mood for hawt in-ring wrestling that doesn’t cross the line into the adult, I can go to a site like Slamminladies. If I want something more adult and the quality of the action of the ring is secondary (or even tertiary), then I can go toward the work of Alex Bettinger. NGC Championship, for me, is neither fish nor fowl…

      Having said that, I HAVE continued to occasionally pick up videos in the series, particularly when a favorite character of mine turned up. And, in my view at least, this video was EASILY amongst the NGC Championship videos that I have most enjoyed. The Dominator is a great heel persona, and her look and presence are exemplary. Celestia, as always, sells her heart out, and I got completely sucked into this match.

      Hell, I even fell for the “hope spot” and got suckered by the “false finish.” 🙂

      I for one am glad to have Celestia back in the fold. I look forward to what’s been already shot, and what’s to come once she’s, though I hate to use the expression, “back in fighting shape.” And while I may have preferred the previous versions of the costume, I don’t understand the affront to humanity some people on this thread make this version out to be.

      Kudos, Andrew.

      • Next Global Crisis says:

        Glad you were pleasantly surprised. I really enjoy making these kinds of things, we are re-ordering what we offer a fair bit this year with some significant changes and I hope you will be on board with what we have planned. The neither fish nor fowl comment resonates particularly.

  4. RICHARD says:

    Actually enjoyed the extra short video more than the main video 🙁

  5. RICHARD says:

    Still one of the best producers and of course VERY happy to see her again but this was a waste of money sorry.That skirt IS NOT a good idea and having her back while pregnant also NOT a good idea at all.Please wait until after birth,get her in shape and have her back,but hopefully this time in a better situation than this and knocked out in a more pleasurable(for us) way.

  6. RyonaKing says:

    I just can’t recommend this. It’s my personal preference that I just don’t find the pregnant female form to be attractive in any way. Just gotta put that out there first because that may be putting a huge spin on how much I don’t enjoy this one. (I dunno, call it a reverse-preference)

    I felt they were trying too hard take precautions with all the choreography. So safe that I felt the intensity was significantly reduced. Everything in this match seemed much less painful. Like the part where Celestia gets her leg chained in to ropes and then Dominator slams her butt down on her knee was great in itself. I loved that idea. But the reactions were severly blunted, maybe because everyone is always going to be preoccupied to make sure the actress and babby are safe. Of course they had to do it though, safety is paramount. So ultimately, this just wasn’t what I was looking for and I hope you all enjoy it more than I did.

    It goes without saying that there are no belly punches or bearhugs. No lowblows either.

    With the belly punches though, I don’t think NGC would ever write it that morbidly haha, so they just pretend it doesn’t exist. That would be really interesting to see though right? Celestia must protect herself from strikes to her belly, but that puts her at a huge disadvantage to strikes elsewhere.

    Make’s me go back to watch her old stuff to see she was one of the actresses that truly gave it 100%, she took a real take down in SE04E01 and I loved her screams from when she fought Sebastian in season 2.

  7. JohnG says:

    The skirt is actually a nice touch

  8. supportingRole says:

    Anyone can share if this has heavy knockouts on Celestia? Really want to get this but the price seems quite expensive, so just hope that it worths it.

  9. OUT NOW! Celestia and The Dominator go at it in the ring and you chose the winner! http://ngcchampionship.com

  10. Elevete says:

    The best studio ever. if only the others studios take some ideas from this one, some at least…

  11. Mid2018 says:

    Wow i love her sexy barefeet! Thank you for the debooting!

  12. Darkwrath016 says:

    These previews are awesome, hinting at an excellent championship match to come this Friday. So many great moments teased but that one with Celestia’s leg chained to the rope and her unable to escape was truly something. Kinda hoping Celestia wins but regardless, this is a definite purchase for sure.

  13. Next Global Crisis says:

    I’d urge the people so concerned with skirts to look here: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/2019/02/champ-celestia-v-dominator/

    Also, and I’m very sad about this… The actresses aren’t chained up in my basement and wear whatever I demand. If you really want someone back and they say ‘OK, but I’m pregnant at the moment and would really appreciate a skirt’ you have a decision to make. Celestia comes back with a skirt, or Celestia doesn’t come back. Hmmm. I chose the first one. You’ll note it is actually a form of sash with a full split on one side, and during a fight it moves around. In some ways you could say it is actually more embarrassing to have a skirt failing to do its job than one at all but I wasn’t in a position to argue at that point.

    • Kardasch Maschi says:

      I love her new outfit. Don’t let the naysayers dominate your decisions

    • For what it is worth, I love the skirt.

    • Bert says:

      Sigh. I find it disappointing and irksome when people complain about a skirt or a long cape or the leg cut of a costume. There is a wide variety of heroine costumes out there. That is a good thing. Skirts and capes definitely have their place. Often, the anticipation of seeing “the goods” is just as important as the seeing.

    • Mr. Bleh says:

      It’s Celestia….you could dress her up in a Mumu and she’d be smokin’ hot.
      I don’t think you have anything worry about with the skirt.
      Happy to see Dominator make another appearance, too.

    • supportingRole says:

      Can’t agree more. Skirt or no skirt, doesn’t matter to me at all. What I do care is how the knockouts are handled. From the last vid, some of the knockouts were not even focused on the actress face, which was distressing. Looking forward to Celestia’s performance in this one and really hope that the knockouts are handled better.

    • Mid2018 says:

      Celestia is pregnant???

    • don says:

      Im more surprised that shes able to perform stunts while pregnant. is that safe?

      i 100% respect her choice as an actress given the situation and am more than ecstatic that my favorite ngc character of all time is back. that being said, this will be one of the first times I will regrettably pass on a Celestia video.

      • Bert says:

        Your call of course, but I think you might be displaying a little bit of paternalism here. The actress is definitely in the best position to gauge what she should or shouldn’t be doing. NGC is a quality, stand up outfit that would never take any unnecessary chances. A friend of mine has rock climbed 5.10 while 7 months pregnant.

      • That’s up to you. If you are passing because you feel we weren’t being safe then I can promise that was not the case. The truth is Celestia is the 5th pregnancy we’ve had in almost 10 years, it is simply that the others weren’t noticeable.

        In Avengers Age of Ultron Scarlett Johansson was pregnant as Black Widow. In Wonder Woman Gal Gadot was 5 months pregnant during the re-shoot phase.

        When you use women aged 21-35 as your main action stars then this situation comes up. We had a good amount of experience when we shot this and everything was fine or it wouldn’t have happened.

        • Rob_Hinx says:

          I remember, back in the 90’s when Neneh Cherry performed on Top of the Pops, heavily pregnant, dancing around in a black dress and some serious trainers. When they asked her about performing in ‘her condition’ she said-
          “It’s not a disease!” 🙂

  14. Darkwrath016 says:

    Skirt or no skirt, I’m just glad the actress, in spite of her condition, chose to rejoin the NGC cast of heroines.

  15. don says:

    yea not really feeling the new costume at all

  16. Jeff says:

    The title got me thinking, is this a “true” rematch in terms of it being cannon/connected to the story of NGC or is this a stand-alone for the championship matches? Just wanted to ask so that I’m on the right track with how it is connected. And I really really love the new spectrum photos being offered today, I’m not in a financial position at the moment to purchase them but the preview is just fantastic and I hope to buy it when I get the chance! There have been some awesome photo sets available and I know I was able to get a few of them for sure. Thank you!

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Let it be no surprise that I’m very much in love with that Spectrum photo set. Got it the instant I saw it on the main website and was blown away by Spectrum’s near matchless beauty. Like Erica, she too is a natural in front of the camera with a great smile. Particularly the coy smile she sometimes chooses to pose with. That and those lighthearted, funny poses (and there were many) were my favorite.

      Along with those knocked-out photos at the end.

    • LordSnot says:

      Yeah I usually grab the photosets same time as latest vids. You guys really do make them worth it. Erica vs Trainee one was aces!

  17. LordSnot says:

    Ditch the skirt. Hides goodness.


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