Consentual Film?

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  1. JoeyJon says:

    Hey I got this idea from the superheroine who gets addicted to drugs plot that’s been going on. So you could have one of these superheroines who got tricked into getting addicted to heroine or crack or whatever – become disgraced in the eyes of society. So she starts doing porn in her uniform for drugs. So you have the part one and part two videos. One is a regular porn shoot starring our Heroine in her costume doing porn – Part two is behinbd the scenes of the porno shoot – her doing drugs with the actors – the director trying to talk her into more and more humiliating stuff – inner dialouge of her notr wanting to be a porno slut but the drugs are forcing her and the shame. Maybe one day an origins film showing how Lex Luthor got the superheroine addicted and publicly disgraced starting her journey into being a porn actress. This way you can do blowbangs and gangbangs or whatever with the superheroine. Thge key is one film is a glossy porno shoot – the behind the scenes is the self humilation and degrading film

    • JoeyJon says:

      Okay and it turns out the super-villains are the producers of the pornos. There is a short 45 second start of each film in the series where the supervillians are at a table laughing it up and brainstorming on different porno shoot scene and plot ideas for the down-on-their-luck superheroines. The behind the scenes is where the actors are saying the nasty degrading things to the superheroines while they’re fucking them and all high out of their minds not really knowing where they are… but all that is edited out of the glossy porno shoot scene and you can’t even tell they are on drugs or are being humiliated. That would be best of both worlds – the hardcore supereheroine sex and also the humiation and degradation.

  2. SHL says:

    Leaning away from injured heroine. Rather have it not have any peril unless there’s an alternate ending where things go south for anyone who can’t live without that kind of content.

    I get that there might not be an audience for what I want to try, but I just am sick of the whole beat down rape shit. I want to try something different and non conventional.

    I dunno

    • Zeekmoont says:

      1) You could try something like Blue Rain, from Superheroine World.This is one of a very few superheroine rape fantasies where the superheroine wins in the end. It features lengthy consensual sex scenes, like the kind you would see in a XXX porn film. But, it also portrays dominance and submission. Sex is neither good nor bad. It just depends on context. If it’s coerced, it’s evil. If it’s an act of love, it’s good. The unstated take home message is that the superheroine was able to defeat the villains, because she was empowered by love.

      2) You could have a superheroine and a villain meet one another in their civilian identities. The two could fall in love without either or them knowing the other’s secret identity. When they eventually learn the truth, the conflict would center around how they deal with the problem of the two of them being on opposite sides of the law.

  3. Eros says:

    A more consensual film might prove to be a way of giving a different slant to the genre, but it is more the way that it can be done.

    Some of the issues of heroine meeting boyfriend, or injured ones having sex to make them feel better to me sound weak. Yeah they would have a boyfreind, but really they should be the ones who are stronger and can survive. Sex for them would be romantic, rather than some way of getting over the stress of their role.

    So I would move the idea on to try some other situations which could bring the same results. Firstly, you can still have peril. A scene where the heroine is attacked and beaten can still happen, but when she realises she is overpowered and defeated she could fall and allow herself to be fucked by the winner. It could be that she falls for someone else strong, you see her being held close – gaze into her eyes as she realises she has lost, then she moves to kiss the victor. Sex then would be consensual as she makes first move, she knows its over, that her defeat means she could be taken, but she actually falls for guy overpowering her, who then lets her escape.

    This could then be a follow up film, where she comes across the same guy having escaped and then deliberately looses the fight to be taken again. Could see her punched and she turns away from the attacker, only for her eyes to roll when the viewer sees she wants to hurry up defeat to allow her to be fucked!

    Other ideas could be that she is in a situation that is beyond her control. Loosing to a guy holding a hostage is one option, but has been seen a little before. Instead you could have that a mastermind has found out, who she is, what she does, her alter ego and could go public. She consents to sex to cover it up.

    Similar ideas could be that she arrives to bring in a criminal only to find they have some hold over her by mentioning someone they know or something she has done in the past. Maybe she let one criminal escape who then went on to cause chaos. Could go public with info or cover up with sex. You could alter this by having the heroine know in advance that a message gets to her that they know this. That by coming to them she would surrender and allow her self to be taken, that there would be no resistance, she would willingly have sex with the bad guy.

    Another would be a villan from another world. A bit like doomsday idea but after fight heroine is overpowered to the point of total and utter defeat. She is finished and knows its over totally, and accepts sex knowing she will be taken in as bride of the victor. horror in story too that children from them would gain her power, but his evil so be unstoppable, but its too late, she cant resist and is taken in.

    Finally, one idea could be that by fighting and engaging with regular villan over time, there is a love hate relationship between the two. She might arrive to bring them in, but then find that there would be no one else to go for. That they need each other. Discussion between the two on good vs bad, and that sometimes good needs bad to win so that good can triumph later. She doesnt resist when he makes a move having gotten close and consents to sex with her nemesis . (Would like that one with supergirl!)

    I think you do still need an element of good vs bad in the story line. It would add more if the heroine lets the virtue slip and the morals drop to consent to sex with a guy that shouldnt get her, but inside theres a desire to be not so perfect as everyone makes out and enjoy a hard good fucking that others could get and that she wants too.

  4. Eddie says:

    The idea mentioned here a couple of times of an injured heroine being is a perfect scenario. The element of ryona is there and it allows for a good transition to a sex scene.

  5. Eddie says:

    The idea mentioned here a couple of times of an injured heroine being is a perfect scenario. The element of ryona is there and it allows for a good transition to a sex scene.

  6. sugarcoater says:

    Just a thought, but what about the superheroine coming home after a long night, fixing herself a drink, and dropping on her couch in exhaustion. As she drinks, she begins to think about how she gets off teasing villains in her sexy outfit. She starts touching and fondling herself, then gets more intense about it. But she can’t seem to get herself off, so she finally gives in and calls [insert fellow her/heroine here] and suggests they come over. It could also be she invited over her significant other and finally reveals who she is. Basically the premise is she wants to feel what it’s like to get off AS a superheroine and not just as her normal secret identity. The idea is she feels dirty having sex in her superheroine outfit, but that’s exactly what she wants.

  7. Gerard says:

    I support the idea wholeheartedly. A young injured heroine gets her battle injuries taken care of by her nerdy sidekick until her whimpers of pain turn into whimpers of pleasure.

  8. Gerard says:

    I support the idea wholeheartedly. A young injured heroine gets her battle injuries taken care of by her nerdy sidekick until her whimpers of pain turn into whimpers of pleasure.

  9. erikhandel says:

    Hey, I created an account just to say I’d totally support this. I’m a member of SuperWomanMania, and we focus on the kind of content you described instead of peril content. If you want to make a fun movie and mostly if not completely peril free, I think you’d have the support of everyone over at SWM

  10. SHL says:

    Hey guys.

    Know that I have been reading through the comments though I haven’t responded cause I’ve been just trying to take in what people had to say about it.

    I love how so many of us are so fixated on forced content that a lot of these replies are just clever ways to try and turn a consensual scene into a forced one. As much as I appreciate that, I am dead serious about trying to make a film that isn’t about the heroine getting beaten half to death and fucked against her will. But I have maybe a happy place for all of us to maybe try something different and everyone can get their cake too. Before I get there I want to address the conversation of ‘Just Porn’

    If you want to break down anything anyone here does when it comes to making Heroine fetish films I think it can be bottle up to ‘Just Porn’. The end result is that we are trying to get you something nice to stroke it too right? If I can be blunt and clear: The Least interesting thing I find about the Uninvited series is that the films have hardcore sex scenes. I don’t really get much out of that aspect of the films. I do think the realism helps add something to the experience but for me one of the hotter scenes in any of the films was in Uninvited 3 when the heroine helplessly grinds on top of the bad guy cause she is too weak to get off him. Clothes fully on.

    What would be different for me with this consensual idea against what any other producers have done with heroines and the hardcore genre would be everything before the sex. It would be in the characters losing themselves in a long gaze, eyes lit by candle light. It would be the moment the heroine decides she wants to take everything a step further. It would be when the man touches her mask she softly shakes her head no, the quiet acknowledgement that she wants more, she wants sex, but removing her mask is still off the table. I don’t anyone else focuses on the micro in the content they make, its usually wide screen, straight to the point and not interested in the details.

    Okay so more about us all getting our cake and eating it too.

    Maybe I can make the experiential film I want to make, and for anyone who wants to take it to dark place we can have a fork in the road moment. The date, the romance, the sex. A full story plays out between two characters. Credits roll and then… in post coital cuddling the couple is faced with an adverse moment. Her arch nemesis has arrived and found them compromised. He decides to take her for himself and forces her new lover too watch as he destroys her and defiles her in front of him.

    Now, that second idea, while exciting, would be expensive. I can afford to do the experimental film on my own. The after credits nemesis idea would probably require crowd funding.

    So how serious does anyone feel about this? If the everyone eats cake idea is anything anyone finds appealing we would need to lock in that shit fast, cause I have a flight scheduled to LA at the end of February and something is getting filmed. God knows what.

    • Alan says:

      If you include things like bondage, like the heroine was tied up after having sex with her lover, and then got destroyed. I would chip-in (not $50, like $500 – 1000). If I can have some VIP access, like to be presence when the film is filmed (I won’t intervene nor participate), I can chip-in more. If making the production bigger and there might be a profit and if you are willing to share the profit, I can invest even more. But for all of your production, like I said before, I am very serious.

    • I actually like your initial idea for the consentual film with the superheroine desiring sex from a romantic interest. The scene would require a bit of story build up before the hardcore sex for me to buy it. Maybe she rescues someone she has been crushing on like how Supergirl saves James from Bizarro Supergirl. I would buy this video even without the extra part with the villain trying take advantage of the heroine.

      I think fans of the model will buy the video regardless of any peril.

    • John says:

      Hey, if you’re willing to do this, I’ll be openly promoting this to a site that would adore this kind of content. We’ve been dying to have someone create content like this and you’re just a blessing! There are a lot of people over there that would be very much interested and would easily chip in money if needed! I do hope that you consider in making this kind of films!

      I’ll take this link and send it to our group so that they would be notified of this wonderful news

  11. KiriAegis says:

    I love heroine vs villainess peril best, but the usual scenario is the heroine stumbling into a lair and losing badly. If we’re talking hardcore with the heroine enjoying herself, I’m thinking of an arranged defeat.

    Basic synopsis here:

    The quirks of the main heroine is that she’s at heart a masochist, and also exhibitionist who enjoys doing what she does in a scanty heroine costume.

    A rising villainess known for specialty in taking down heroines posts an advertisement on a forum, perhaps even in local newspapers. She offers an arranged defeat to local heroines that will result in their defeat and hardcore ordeal, full well knowing the city has several, inept heroines that are much more jobbers than actual heroines, and will attracted to her advertisement.

    Perhaps the scenario will start as you suggested in #2, with the villainess inviting the heroine out to dinner with a phone call, and then an ‘interview’ over a dinner date.

    The inept heroine will discuss her desires on how she wishes to be defeated, and the villainess will make her demands on what she expects. The dinner will start casual and evolve into a business negotiation, where the heroine will be expected to sign a contract.

    Afterward, a time and place is scheduled for the scenario, where the heroine arrives, fully knowing what is going to happen to her.

    If by hardcore you just mean hardcore sex, then no this is just a porno with spandex and latex. Not interested in that. I prefer these scenarios linked here that involve hardcore with torture and peril, expect in this case, the heroine is completely consenting in the situation.

    I’d definitely like to see something like this as a F/F…the superheroine and boyfriend thing is just too sappy, and once again is just a themed porno. The best productions involve a female villain, especially those where the pair have a good chemistry on screen.

    The scenario will end with her defeated and devastated as usual, but in this case, it may result in the pair arranging for a long-term contract. Christina Carter’s Wonder Woman seems a natural for this, being as she breaks down and enjoys it in the end in many of her stories anyway, but given the hardcore nature of some vids I saw Candleboxxx too, she would be awesome in a story like this, as examples.

    • These complaints about the scene “just being a porno” are uninformed. The Uninvited series is a porno series. Sure, there is a story, combat, and peril. However, at the end of the day, it is still a porno movie. It still has hardcore sex. Many videos in SHIP are hardcore videos even with peril. People sound silly complaining it is just porn when most of SHIP is porn.

      • sugarcoater says:

        Your argument makes sense, but I think what’s meant by that comment is that when the sex occurs with no remnant of the super heroine outfit, the scene itself doesn’t have the super heroine quality to it.
        Now that argument would be voided if this was something along the lines of an established actress playing the role for several episodes in a well-known series (I.e. Lynda Carter, Melissa Benoist). But when the video is a 30-40 minute video with no long-term storylines, I can see how the sexual scenes need the costume to make the sequence not merely two people engaged in sex.
        Just trying to interpret the comment.

        • I think a superheroine scene can work without a costume for the peril scenes and sex scene. If a superheroine’s costume/uniform is connected to her powers, then it can deactivate, and she will be naked in just boots and a mask if she wears one. Think about Power Rangers. Their suits deactivate after taking too much damage or losing their powers.

          • Heroineburgh says:

            The perfect heroine for costume destruction connected with power loss is Empowered. A good portion of what Adam Warren writes in that comic is a parody of various fetishes. No one’s ever done an Empy SHIP video so it would be unique. Just call it “Depowered”.

      • Imagineer says:

        How refreshing it would be if people were honest with themselves and the rest of us and said “that doesn’t have what I’m looking for in my porn” or “that doesn’t satisfy my particular fetish” instead of derisively saying “that’s just porn.”

      • TheLecher says:

        I think that you’re missing the point which those posts are trying to make. When they say “just porn”, they mean “basic porn” or “vanilla porn.” At least that’s my reading of those comments.

        Assuming that I’ve correctly understood them, they have a point to some extent, but I would say not to the extent which they may think. There is definitely a difference between SHIP, whether hardcore or not, and hardcore porn which doesn’t have a fetish element. I would maintain that the mere presence of costumes and a superheroine theme constitute a fetish, but only to a minor extent. The absence of peril and/or non-consensual sex makes the fetish element much tamer, which means that a significant portion of the target audience is probably going to be uninterested, or at least less interested.

        Speaking for myself, I would only be interested in consensual scenes with superheroine themes if they were part of a feature film or series which also included non-consensual scenes. For example, a “Justice League” movie with consensual scenes between superheroes and superheroines, or between the heroes/heroines and their civilian love interests, but mixed in with non-consensual scenes featuring the villains. But a production like that would require a much larger investment of capital. We would be talking about a minimum of $20,000.00 for anything remotely decent. So that would be beyond Damien’s reach.

        As far as a stand-alone consensual scene with a superheroine, I’ll pass.

      • KiriAegis says:

        I’d tend to call failing to split the definitions uninformed. If the whole plot is just a lead to sex, it’s porn. Something with peril content is a ryona, which to me defines a good number of vids I’ve seen.

        • Imagineer says:

          Porn is anything whose primary purpose is to arouse you, and in a personal sense any media you use to arouse yourself. The way most people use “porn” here is the *opposite* or at least dishonest, and ultimately harmful.

          • Rover says:

            When people use “porn” they are indicating exactly what you said. People are using the umbrella term “porn” to indicate that a video not specific to the sub-genre of interest. There are technical definitions and colloquial uses, after all.

            SHIP is a very niche genre and this site is sort of the epicenter of the genre right now. So changes in genre direction are going to spark large debates. Personally I hate the new direction (e.g. Primal) versus what it has been for years (e.g. early TBFE, Next Global Crisis, Heroine Legends, Stormy Tempest). Old SuperheroineCentral and most Rye films are examples of a good job of keeping the superheroine adventure/peril aspects and then turning into a sex/rape film, so that both ‘factions’ here can watch whichever part of it is your cup of tea.

            I just think there’s some rightful worry about the direction of the genre that is going to spawn complicated conversations on here a lot. And when the term ‘porn’ is used, a semantic argument about the definition of porn is just going to prove the point.

            I encourage people to support a ‘consentual film’ or customs if that’s their cup of tea. I just dig in when it becomes a faction argument because I still want to show that there’s support for the older elements of the SHIP genre.

          • @Rover

            Does SHIP really have a new direction? Hardcore SHIP scenes started ten years ago from Steve Steele, and nobody gives him any credit for starting this genre at Sexed Up Superheroines. However, most companies in SHIP film softcore videos.

            Companies like Rye and TBFE do not support “both factions”. They support the softcore factions. While companies like Primal Fetish support the hardcore faction. Primal probably has a larger consumer base since fans of their models expect hardcore content, and are more willing to buy hardcore videos over softcore videos.

            The only difference between RYE/TBFE and Primal Fetish is hardcore sex. Primal Fetish’s videos have story and peril. Primal just so happens to mix the sex with the peril. One of their female villains, Galactica steals a superhero’s power by forcing him to cum.

            There are not many companies like Primal Fetish. The closest companies to Primal Fetish are SHL’s Uninvited Series and Cory Chase’s studio, and she rarely adds any elements of peril in her stories.

          • Imagineer says:

            This site isn’t exclusively SHIP, nonsexual-violence SHIP is not the one true faith, and those with such a superior attitude dripping from the language they use aren’t doing themselves, their sub-subgenre, or the genre overall any favors.

          • Rover says:

            “those with such a superior attitude dripping from the language they use aren’t doing themselves, their sub-subgenre, or the genre overall any favors”

            Strange – that’s EXACTLY why I reply to you…

  12. mgun1989 says:

    It’s sounds great.

  13. Superbgirl says:

    I think it’d be kinda nice 🙂

    But it would totally boil down to chemistry between the leads. I guess that would be very difficult in casting?

  14. yunsja says:

    I would love to see a superheroine having peril after encountering her nemesis. When things about to go down, a superhero comes save the day and takes her back to his place.

    She wakes up feeling horny and they both get intimate while watching tapes of her getting ‘almost raped’ from the villain.

  15. Imagineer says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but villain and heroine, or a hero working for the government and a freelance heroine.
    The Pina Colada Song, in which she’s hesitant about revealing her secret identity and he’s afraid to admit he likes to roleplay as a villain.

    Whatever you do, I’m ready to support — because I keep hearing about all this “just porn with costumes” but find very few examples of superheroic erotica, especially without tongue in cheek.

  16. Dragon1 says:

    I would say that it seems like straight porn in costume and most of the Vivid porn hero parodies do this. So for me the idea is a pass. I think that is why the uninvited series is so popular you are pushing the envelope.

  17. sugarcoater says:

    The key element for me would be that costumes stay on but are pulled down or in certain directions to allow for sex. With nudity, the video would be what countless others already are.

  18. TBob says:

    How about when a regular guy dumps a superheroine for her neediness, she uses her powers to make his life a living hell. Also she throws a shark at him. Wait, that’s the plot to My Super Ex-Girlfriend with Uma Thurman.

  19. Unmasked05 says:

    I wouldn’t be into a purely consensual video because I agree it is just porn in costume. However Primal did a great “Wonder Woman defeated by Arousal Gas” video where she gives into her enemy and admits she wanted it. It offers all of a minute of set up then the rest is Wonder Woman giving in. Something like this might satisfy a lot of people and if you could do the hardcore video with Ashley Lane as SuperGirl even better (sorry had to throw that in)! Pretty sure you would make money on the production. Anyway I have always enjoyed your videos and best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

  20. farmerarmando says:

    Alan Moore kinda hit upon a similar theme in Watchmen re: Nite Owl and Silk Spectre’s sex scene – Dan Dreiberg admitting to Laurie Juspeczyk that costuming foreplay was a major previously undisclosed part of his libido. Yeah, I think you’re onto something as the genre as it is now currently is in a formulaic rut.

    There’s 2 things that come to mind – one is a book (I forget the title) on young UN humanitarian workers caught in a war zone, facing constant dire crisis, revealing that they had “emergency sex” suddenly to cope with the stress they were under. Borrowing from that – I suppose 2 superheros, not in a relationship previously, facing an extremely difficult day or situation – and violà – coping by “emergency sex,” the masks, the brave face they slavishly put on everyday, falls away, along with the rest of the clothing -yada yada yada….

    The second could be – again 2 supers – a night on patrol in which they would ordinarily put on the public face as upright role model heroes not engaging in frisky behavior (as much as PR requires it) but confess their kinky fantasies to each other – (wandering close to cliche but possibly relevant: wonder woman for example admitting to Batman that bondage is a turn on for her). Batman (or whoever else) gets the signal – (and establishes safeword even – they ain’t dirtbags after all) – and a bit of BDSM/consensual kinky roleplaying later – eureka! Something William Moulton Marston could have cooked up had he not had any limits. So yeah, there’s quite a bit of room to maneuver in this particular lane.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Well I don’t think the genre is in a formulaic rut but then again, I’m more or less an easy person to please. I will say that your second idea sounds very interesting. Kind of wondering though if it wouldn’t be hotter if it was two girls instead of a male and female. Maybe even one girl sexually dominating the other.

      Or one girl is the sidekick and the other one is the main heroine but it’s the sidekick who ends up sexually dominating the the main heroine. Perhaps as a result of releasing all the pent up frustration for being bossed around during the normal course of events and so the sidekick just absolutely ravishes the main heroine. And you could set that up too by having a five minute introduction where the main heroine does indeed boss around the sidekick and sidekick. Then as a offhand comment, the main heroine says something like she’s too much woman for the sidekick to handle and that the sidekick doesn’t know how to please a woman. And of course the sidekick proves her utterly wrong as the sidekick makes the heroine cum over and over and over and over again until she passes out from having her mind blown by the multiple orgasm.

    • farmerarmando says:

      adding a storyline twist if we go w/ something like, lets say Batman/Wonder Woman agreeing to BDSM roleplaying go of it – what could set WW off the deep end is if she discovers that Batman had been secretly recording the entire session (as he’s a surveillance kind of guy). Batman would have to defend against a very pissed off amazon …or run like hell… there’s a lot of different ways this can go.

  21. Heroineburgh says:

    Here’s another suggestion that’s consensual involving boy/girl. This has been done in various scenarios on clips4sale videos but almost never in a well-produced, convincing way that goes beyond hotel-room level production.

    The girl has always had a crush on the boy (who can be a roommate or a friend) but has always been too shy to act on it. She acquires superpowers (through whatever means you can devise) and becomes turned on, confident and sexy as a result of using her powers and wearing her tight costume. She then puts the moves on her boy crush and takes control of the situation. It’s a variation on the nerd-becomes-hottie trope but with the addition of deliberate seduction.

    Again, as Darkwrath says, this is basically porn in costume, so it’s Superheroine Fetish (possibly involving a transformation? that’s always nice) but not technically SHIP. If you wanted to add peril, though, you could – perhaps a villain intervenes and puts her in danger, and then the boy devises a way to save her from the peril, and she thanks him with her affection. All of this can also work with lesbian relationships as well.

  22. Izydor says:

    I like the idea of a superheroine coming back from a mission in which she got injured. The guy tends to her wounds. Despite being a superheroine, the girl’s hurting a lot and she can’t stand the sting of the disinfectant. So the guy distracts her from the pain in a special way.

  23. AJ says:

    That’s a refreshing take on the genre! Maybe a friend or boyfriend finds out she’s a superheroine and she becomes totally embarassed by it. The friend confesses a kinky fantasy he had all along for her and she kind of gets turned on wearing her provocative outfit in front of him. Then the rest of the story gets intimate and kinky from there.

  24. Oneshc says:

    I would like something like the first Idea. She comes from a mission or as you write it Night Shift and than they have sensual (Hardcore) Sex-like normal couples are doing it. No “costume ripping” or something, but maybe with a unmask Scene…
    This would be a “Instant-buy” for me.

  25. Darkwrath016 says:

    It sounds interesting but wouldn’t that literally be porn in costume. There’s no peril, no beatdown. Just a fairly normal scenario that leads to sex. Kinky sex maybe but still sex. I guess for me the act of sex is not the exciting part of any SHIP film but rather the meaning behind of it. Powerful superheroine, thinking she’s unstoppable, suffers an embarrassing and extensive defeat and then is taken by force sexually. That’s mostly why I buy videos from producers because of the whole reverse power structure behind most films and the sexual part isn’t even necessary for me these days. If you remove the peril then you’re left with………well porn in costume. And that’s okay I guess for many people who frequent this site. I’ve seen enough customs from producers where the sex scene devolves into a consensual sex scene more or less. Sometimes with little or no set up. It just isn’t my cup of tea.

    But I’m willing to try it when it comes out though! I’m all for producers trying new and experimental things so I’ll support this for sure. Can’t guarantee that I’ll like it.

  26. Wigglyfish says:

    Also, I really like the other suggestions posted 🙂

  27. Wigglyfish says:

    I would be interested. Imo, there aren’t enough movies within this genre that focus on the fine details of character development, back-story, conversation, and costume. Which imo are the best bits. Seems that most movies cut straight to the heroine getting pummelled and raped. I may be wrong, but I dont think that many people have the patience to follow a story-line thesedays. Consider how modern Hollywood superhero/action movies favour explosions over character and plot development, and compare them to classics such as the original Superman/Supergirl movies, or Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman series. But like you say, I think it would be a refreshing change of pace, go for it!

  28. Heroineburgh says:

    Hardcore sensual love story between superheroine and supervillain, with all the inherent tensions it entails, would be excellent. Movies and comics have addressed this trope in the past – the funny web series “Super Knocked Up” is about a hero and villainess who have a child together, and the new graphic novel Flying Sparks showcases a similar relationship – but you could definitely put a beautiful spin on it.

    Even more welcome (on this forum, I would think) would be a love story between two female characters – maybe they’re superheroine rivals, maybe they’re heroine and villainess, whatever can increase the passion and sexual tension. It’s even better when they’re shown to be bisexual, because that would mean they could have *anyone* in the world but they deliberately choose to fall in love with each other, like erotic kismet.

    We have a female love triangle in the offing in our second season, which begins to ramp up in Episode 14. Although of course we are PG-13 and not hardcore, it still promises to be quite stirring. Would love to see more love stories in this genre – it’s as much a part of the comic book world as peril and danger is. Exhibit A: who wouldn’t like to see a SHIP parody of Mr and Mrs X (Rogue and Gambit), featuring what they do between the panels…mais oui, mon chere!

  29. UltraHeroix says:

    How about where the Superheroine is injured and rescued by a superhero, She is carried back to his HQ unconscious and while being nursed back to health they get intimate?

  30. I really like number 3 with the Superheroine confessing her feelings to her guy friend. It would be a cool twist for her to discover her love interest is a super villain after she hooks up with him.

  31. Josh says:

    Consensual is more commonly used, but both are acceptable. Consentual is more common in legal terms but acceptable in colloquial terms, also. Sorry, I didn’t bother to use quotation marks.

  32. Dizzy says:

    Maybe something where she comes back from a fight, (one she’s either lost or is still hurting from) and the love interest tends to her and helps her ‘recover’ so to speak.


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