“Corruption – Part 2” from Next Global Crisis

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  1. Rob_Hinx says:

    Just wanted to add to all the positive comments here.
    The Dominator really builds on her performance in part one; she’s clearly relishing the punishment and humiliation that she’s inflicting on Virtue.The dustbin scene was inspired!
    Virtue continues to be excellent too I loved the way she squirmed in some of the holds. The transformation into Vice was nicely done too. I liked the way Vice threatened to kill both of the ‘bitches’ before she was brought to heel.
    It’s going to be fun see what the future holds for Vice.

    (By the way, the members gift was superb. Big thanks to NGC for that!)

  2. Besugo says:

    She should put her hands on her belly when punched. Same with low blows. It’s the ABC of reactions.

  3. steven sebastian says:

    I was going to comment on part 1, but decided to wait until I saw part 2 to post my thoughts. NGC, you have done it again! Absolutely fantastic storyline, with exceptional action and tremendous acting by both actresses. Virtue has become one of my all-time favorite NGC heroines, and in these two videos, she looks absolutely stunning. Her transformation from confident heroine to helpless victim is classic, and the fight sequences–or, rather, her nonstop punishment at the hands of her larger foe, is amazing to watch. This series is a real winner!

  4. Thevoice says:

    Totally called it 🙂

  5. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Love this one, not unexpectedly. Like I said before, ordinarily I wouldn’t be too enthused for a video with a heroine getting crushed for most of its length, but this isn’t a typical “torture” scenario. It’s the Dominator, which means we get a lot of well-executed wrestling holds, forcing Virtue to repeatedly “tap out” in one humiliating surrender after another. I appreciated that in many of her punishing positions, Virtue is left to writhe and squirm in utter helplessness, able to move, but completely unable to put up even token resistance.

    Virtue’s transformation into “Vice” was also as satisfying as I expected. Leashed by Malicia Divine, the dark-clad former Virtue is in for the struggle of her life against her new Master *and* the depraved nature she thought she’d put behind her. It’s a very promising dramatic arc for this character, and I’m looking forward to every minute.

    I feel bad that I didn’t comment on last week’s Championship episode, which I liked a lot. Sonique is a great new heroine with impressive skills and acting for a first-timer, and I’m totally on board for more appearances for the Commander.

    • Jim says:

      Loved it. Virtue is magnificent, and I’m looking forward to her appearance as ‘Vice’.

    • Depo says:

      I’m interested in getting this for the leash scene. I imagine it’s not long, but can you give some details on this? Is she made to get on her knees and crawl? Does she begrudgingly accept her fate? Curious to know more about her submission as the wrestling part isn’t really my thing.

      • clutchking says:

        This is a great episode, but I will say that if you’re thinking of purchasing just for the leash scene it might not be worth it. It is really short (maybe about 90 seconds long), though the actress plays the scene beautifully. There is no getting on her knees or crawling, she is simply led out by the leash.

        Watching her have to make a brief walk of shame is great, but again, probably not worth it if you’re primarily looking for a leash scene.

        Hope this helps!

    • Dr_Mabuse says:

      Follow-up to my quick comment above, since I didn’t even mention the developments in the ongoing story!

      I’d been thinking that Malicia Divine was a wild card in the constellation of forces at play since the end of Season 4, but it seems like she’s in league (or at least on good terms) with the 7th Dimension, who also appear to be employing the Dominator now. Malicia refers to Dominator’s “bosses” having declared Comet Girl and Miss Freedom off-limits and the 7th Dimension owing her a “sacrifice”.

      Very interesting to hear that the 7D (if that’s who Dominator’s bosses are) want Comet Girl and Miss Freedom left alone. Could it be because one or both of them are *secretly working for the 7th Dimension*? Crazier things have happened, I guess.

      Lots to chew over, but let’s recap how screwed Elite Force appears to be. Virtue is now Vice, a bloodthirsty villainess working for Malicia Divine; the 7th Dimension are trying to pick them off one-by-one and are working with former Dark Superiors; the neo-Darkhearts are also in the heroine-collecting game, with Wonderstrike in their clutches already; Deja Vu and Comet Girl both got their heads handed to them in their last adventures; the Deceptress just got a serious beating from Sister Fate as well, even though she came out victorious; and Miss Freedom appears to be back to her old trick of making bad leadership decisions. Oh, and one of them may be a double agent for the 7th Dimension.

      I can’t fail to mention that the name “John Roman” came up in this episode as well. We haven’t heard that name in awhile. Sounds like he revealed Virtue’s unsavory past to Malicia to get back at her for abandoning his “Liberty Alliance”, but who knows if that’s all he’s been up to?

      • Darkwrath016 says:

        Interesting theories. The bad(?) thing about NGC is that these cannon releases are once a month so they can, and do take a tortuously long period of time just teasing out information. Come to think about it, ever since the Dark Superiors defeat exactly one year ago, nearly every cannon release (and even a few non-cannon ones) has left us with more questions and given us zero definitive answers on anything. Of course that’s just leaving me eager for future releases but the suspense is killing me.

  6. Next Global Crisis says:

    Not long to wait now Members…

  7. Kyndle says:

    Can’t get enough of Virtue. The more of her the better. And turning evil? I’m SO there. Wish I knew the actress who plays her name though.

  8. Ztc says:

    Hopefully this new version of virtue can get a series like fail safe sisters and the bluebird series

  9. Wrecker says:

    This looks amazing! I loved the first one and can’t wait to see the continuation. Virtue has been one of my favorites ever since her arrival and I’m pretty sure that I have every video she’s been in. Really looking forward to this one and still hoping for a similar continuation for A Game of Two Halves.

  10. Rob_Hinx says:

    Really looking forward to this, and the member’s gift looks great too!

  11. Ztc says:

    Damn that’s hot

  12. Ro Botfly says:

    I never really liked Virtue, but she looks really good in her dark costume. Oh yeah, and debooting – gotta buy it.

  13. Dr_Mabuse says:

    This is an object lesson in what makes NGC my favorite. On the face of it, watching a villainess beat up a heroine for the length of a video sounds “ho-hum” to me. It is the Dominator, so some of the punishment is bound to be interesting and look great, and I do appreciate a heroine being humiliated/(wo)manhandled with ease, but still I can only get so excited about that content alone.

    Now, add in the twist that the villainess tries to turn the heroine… and the heroine is Virtue! Virtue’s a “middle of the pack” heroine for me (in NGC’s current stellar lineup), but this sounds like the payoff for a detail that’s been in Virtue’s backstory since she first appeared way back in Season 3. She’s supposed to have a dark past, and the “Virtue” moniker has always seemed like a “cover” for that, a way for her to say that she’s turned a corner and left all of that behind. I’ve been waiting for her checkered history to catch up with her, either in the form of someone she’d screwed over coming for revenge or for her old habits to return. Now, under a bit of coercion, it seems like the second might be on the table. Put all this together, and I’m very excited for this one.

    I hope this isn’t a one-off. Making Virtue a more complex character would probably vault her into my (short) favorites list.

    Oh yeah, is that Malicia Divine I see!?! Yeah, I’m really excited for this one.

  14. Jeff says:

    Vice would actually be a good name in my opinion as well. And the actress really does look great in black!

  15. thevoice says:

    wow a nega-Virtue. thats cool. will she have a different name should she go evil? maybe Vice?