“Cosmic Girl” from Secret Heroine Films

A new video from Secret Heroine Films is now available — check out a trailer and images below for Cosmic Girl: Heroines of FURY – Part 2.

The newly powered super heroine Cosmic Girl is eager to prove herself. So eager, she foolishly rushes into a trap and is forced to battle in an illegal underground fight club, called Meta Brawl. In her first match, she is pitted against another heroine, Silver Scorpion, but she refuses to fight back. Silver scorpion wins but withdraws her victory when the audience demands blood. Her punishment is death at the hands of El Diablo and Cosmic Girl is forced to watch. The following day Cosmic Girl is forced to fight against the ruthless El Diablo and he out matches her in every way. Putting her in painful, humiliating wrestling holds. He sexually humiliates and unmasks her in front of the camera. Cosmic Girl uses all her power in one last-ditch effort to defeat him but it is no use. El Diablo is too powerful and makes Cosmic Girl succumb to the ultimate humiliation.

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