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Crimson Clash from UltraHeroix

Crimson Clash from UltraHeroixUltraHeroix is quickly becoming one of my favorite producers, and the company has just released its latest video, Crimson Clash, which features the return of the sexy Asian ninja, Crimson Cat, who is on a quest to find Lady Ultra.


Crimson Clash is the followup to previous UltraHeroix video, Dark Embrace, in which the world’s most powerful heroine, Lady Ultra, was defeated and turned evil. Also, a powerful criminal organization that controls many of the villains previously seen in the UltraHeroix storyline was introduced. It was the best UltraHeroix film ever produced (and was reviewed here).

Crimson Clash from UltraHeroixCrimson Clash from UltraHeroixCrimson Clash from UltraHeroix

Crimson Clash begins with the heroine Crimson Cat searching for Lady Ultra, who has been missing for weeks. The first thing you’ll notice is the actress who plays Crimson Cat is stunning and continues to show that nobody does casting diversity better than UltraHeroix. Crimson Cat takes out what appears to be a scientist, before being confronted by a large villain known as X-Diablo.

Crimson Clash from UltraHeroixCrimson Clash from UltraHeroixCrimson Clash from UltraHeroix

The two foes engage in a brutal fight that takes place in several outdoor locations. The characters take turns having the advantage, but X-Diablo definitely has control more often. He locks Crimson Cat in two bearhugs, snaps her over his knee, ties her to a tree, and demasks her. Later on, in what I believe is a first for the superheroine genre, he attempts to finish her off with a heavy construction vehicle! Yes, you read that correctly.

Crimson Clash from UltraHeroixCrimson Clash from UltraHeroixCrimson Clash from UltraHeroix

All of this leads up to an incredible three-minute conclusion that I don’t want to spoil. Just know there is blood, the introduction of a new character, and a cliffhanger ending.

Crimson Clash is a fun heroine film. I can’t quite says it’s better than Dark Embrace, but I believe it is every bit as good. I think Dark Embrace was a little more story-centric while Crimson Clash is more action-oriented. The fact that the producers are able to make both kinds of films with equal skill says a lot about their talents. The UltraHeroix producers are evolving into great storytellers and the Crimson Clash ending opens several avenues they can go down story-wise. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Crimson Clash from UltraHeroixCrimson Clash from UltraHeroixCrimson Clash from UltraHeroix

I really don’t have any negatives to mention except one thing: the music. Not the music choices, just the music levels. There are times where I feel the music is just too loud and completely takes over the scene. I could be alone on this, I just think it would make for a better movie if the music was generally kept at background levels, if that makes sense.

Speaking of sound, I would recommend that when you do watch this film, it may be best to use VLC Media Player if you have it. I watched it on both VLC and Windows Media Player. You’ll be fine in you watch it on WMP, I just thought the sound was crisper on VLC.

Crimson Clash from UltraHeroixCrimson Clash from UltraHeroixCrimson Clash from UltraHeroix

Lastly, and this has nothing to do with the film, but I think it’s worth mentioning. I believe UltraHeroix has a chance to be an “A-list” producer along the likes of Next Global Crisis and Cult Retro if they continue down their current path. They are growing with every episode and seem to be in touch with their audience. A simple thing I think they may want to consider to help them get to that “A-list” level is a site redesign. It’s just a little cumbersome to navigate and things are kind of all over the place. Just a thought from somebody with absolutely no skills as a web designer, so the producers should consider the source before they take any action on that. Other than that, there aren’t many videos I look forward too more than those made by UltraHeroix.

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4 Responses

  1. Da Jinx says:

    Thanks for the great review, I’m glad everyone is enjoying this video and storyline. I am currently working on the next parts of the storyline and we are having a lot of fun. I always look forward to hearing feedback!

    We are planning to revamp the site in the next few months to make it more viewer friendly and to make it look cooler.
    Thanks again to HM, Sidekick and all the fans, we are looking forward to making 2012 an awesome year for Ultraheroix.com.

    Da Jinx

  2. Sidekick says:


    Not sure exactly what you’re looking for in the scene so I’ll try and describe it the best I can. He has her tied to the tree, taunts her a bit, and peels it off rather quickly. Not much more to it. Hope that helps.

  3. deathcake says:

    It looks pretty ace!

  4. yak says:

    “dark embrace” was very good, and this looks pretty nice, too. love the original heroines. question: is the unmasking any good? (seems like all i ask about… it’s kind of a thing of mine)