Crimson Clash from UltraHeroix

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  1. Da Jinx says:

    Thanks for the great review, I’m glad everyone is enjoying this video and storyline. I am currently working on the next parts of the storyline and we are having a lot of fun. I always look forward to hearing feedback!

    We are planning to revamp the site in the next few months to make it more viewer friendly and to make it look cooler.
    Thanks again to HM, Sidekick and all the fans, we are looking forward to making 2012 an awesome year for

    Da Jinx

  2. Sidekick says:


    Not sure exactly what you’re looking for in the scene so I’ll try and describe it the best I can. He has her tied to the tree, taunts her a bit, and peels it off rather quickly. Not much more to it. Hope that helps.

  3. deathcake says:

    It looks pretty ace!

  4. yak says:

    “dark embrace” was very good, and this looks pretty nice, too. love the original heroines. question: is the unmasking any good? (seems like all i ask about… it’s kind of a thing of mine)