Cross the Line from The Battle for Earth

Cross the Line from The Battle for EarthSo, The Battle For Earth has released another episode. What? Season 2 already? Not exactly. Cross the Line is a new short video that is independent from the company’s main storyline and features fan favorite Hollie in a dual role (and multiple costumes).  Check out the review below. 

I’m guessing the producers wanted to keep providing their audience content in the down-time between seasons.  However, this content does not play a role in the normal TBFE story canon.  Just think of this as a short film with an emphasis on fighting and some of the normal fetishy/peril elements you usually get in TBFE films.  I’ll let the synopsis over at the official site explain in detail:

Since we’re between seasons, the TBFE crew has a chance to again release “Short Stories”. This release features Hollie playing twins. While she normally plays Tempest in the series, she and a host of regulars are all cast in different roles. It’s a chance for TBFE to branch out beyond the confines of the series! With an eye on next season, we’re already starting to make changes. We’re already breaking in the new gear, new editing equipment, and playing around with stylistic changes in filming. Hollie was awesome to work with as usual, and we’re pretty excited as we prep for next season! Check out the trailer, the review, and enjoy!

Alexa is a pretty young girl living a normal life in the suburbs. Her twin sister Natasha is the polar opposite. While Alexa works a normal job and has just started dating Blake, her sister has just gone rogue from a black ops government agency. Genetically enhanced with super strength, she is extremely dangerous and very much a loose canon. With vengeance driving her, she is tracking the man who murdered Jack, her husband. Knowing this, this black assassin is in turn tracking Natasha. In a last ditch effort to force the assassin out of the shadows, Natasha plants her twin sister as bait. The assassin is now inadvertently tracking the wrong twin, while Natasha waits on the sidelines ready to strike. Alexa knows she’s being stalked. Just how tough is she when the assassin catches up to her. Does Natasha reach her twin sister in time? Is anyone brave enough, or even strong enough to stand up to Natasha before she goes too far? More importantly, can Natasha stop before she loses control of her own powers? Revenge can be consuming. Find out in “Cross The Line”.

There are a lot of good things in this film, but the best thing has to be Hollie, a.k.a. Tempest, in a dual role. I think the producers put her real-life superpower of being incredibly hot to good use here. They dressed her in various outfits throughout the film, and she looked great in each. Among others, she wears Daisy Dukes, a bikini top and a shiny red jumpsuit.

Cross the Line from The Battle for EarthCross the Line from The Battle for EarthCross the Line from The Battle for Earth

The video takes a few minutes to get rolling, but once it does you are treated to three well choreographed fights. Alexa fights a losing battle against a guy in a mask that had me thinking about the Gimp from Pulp Fiction. Natasha eventually takes out the masked man then fights Blake, who most of you will probably recognize as Kade, the evil playboy genius from The Battle for Earth’s canonical storyline.

Cross the Line from The Battle for EarthCross the Line from The Battle for EarthCross the Line from The Battle for Earth

Hollie/Alexa/Natasha is on the receiving end for most of the first and third fights, which feature some effective use of slow motion. She is pinned against a wall, punched in the stomach several times, reverse bearhugged, given a backbreaker and is finally choked out.

Cross the Line from The Battle for EarthCross the Line from The Battle for EarthCross the Line from The Battle for Earth

I thought this was a fun little action short. As far as negatives, we really don’t learn much about any of the characters in the film itself. Most of that is explained in the synopsis. With this being a short film, I guess I really can’t complain. I imagine most fans are more interested in the fighting and peril anyway. Also, I’ve gone on record in saying that my instincts are horrible for deciding if a costume will have mass appeal. As I mentioned, Hollie looked great in everything, I just think the red jumpsuit could have fit her better. It hung a little loose, and when a girl has a body like Hollie, it’s probably best that her clothing be snug as possible. Feel free to correct me if I am seeing this wrong.

Cross the Line from The Battle for EarthCross the Line from The Battle for EarthCross the Line from The Battle for Earth

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, so I guess we will be seeing more. I like that TBFE is dipping their toe into the “spy girl” game. Personally, it’s a genre I enjoy even more than the superheroine one and for a first attempt I think they did rather well.

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