Cult Retro’s “Lies and Allies” (Season 3 Finale)

Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"Cult Retro’s Season 3 finale Lies and Allies picks up right where we left off at the end of the previous episode. Stormy Tempest is down and out and Velocity Blaze and Clayton the Sleeper are facing off. Clayton fires several shots that are deflected by Velocity’s personal shielding and she rather easily shrugs off Clayton’s taser attack.

Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"

Velocity lays into Clayton with several punches which are strong enough to take a large chunk out of a tree. Things look bad for the bounty hunter until he reveals that he was just a distraction. Stormy is back up and now and has her hands on a cloaking device. Blaze quickly knocks out Clayton but Stormy is able to short circuit Blaze’s power supply which neutralizes her weapons and shields.

Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"

What follows is almost the reverse of the last episode as Stormy just decimates Velocity Blaze. She lands kicks and punches to the stomach and face, and slaps on a choke hold. I think Blaze lands one blow the entire fight and after landing dozens of her own shots, Stormy eventually ends things with a huge right cross. Oh, and after she knocks Blaze out, she de-masks her for those of you who like a good de-masking.

Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"

With Blaze dispatched, it is hinted heavily that Stormy and Clayton have a little off-camera space-sex, and the episode ends with Stormy claiming Velocity Blaze’s ship. This is a rather short episode with a running time of about ten minutes, so there isn’t an “extended edition” that feature more peril. There is a blooper reel and something extra that I’m going to discuss here in a minute. As I wrote earlier, Lies and Allies is almost the reverse of the previous episode. There is peril; it’s just the villain in peril as Velocity Blaze gets stomped on by Stormy for the majority of the episode.

Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"

I don’t know if I’ve done a good job in the past of explaining just how good Cult Retro is. I think the fact that they don’t release things quickly one after another has an out of sight out of mind effect on our visitors here. But if you peril fans were ever on the fence about buying, I’m telling you this is the season to do it. In my opinion, it’s been flat out some of the best film-making I’ve covered, and I thought the third episode was one of the best peril films I’ve seen.

Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"Cult Retro's "Lies and Allies"

Now, the something extra I wrote about earlier: Have you ever met one of those losers that watches a movie trailer and tries to figure out every plot detail based on a short mash up of footage? Well, I am one of those losers, and the season 4 trailer that runs at the end of Lies and Allies is simply amazing. A couple thoughts on what we can expect from season 4.

1. How do you like your women?

Do you like the tall and busty Amazon type? Well I have Nicola Rae for you. How about a petite blonde that looks like she does sit-ups for a living? That would be Angel Avenger Heather Brinkley. How about a dark haired beauty that can rock a cat suit with the best of them. Hello, Angel Avenger Ashley Wilson. Basically I’m saying that there is no shortage of babes in season 4.

2. What is the plot?

Sorry, I’m not sure and I can’t figure it out. I’m a fan of the Cult Retro website so some information is readily available there. I don’t know what brings Stormy into the action but Heather plays the villain Dutchess Sadstica and Ashley plays the heroine, Astra.

3. Who fights who?

Well, judging from the footage, everyone fights everyone. Almost. The trailer features snippets of Stormy vs Astra, Stormy vs Sadistica, Astra versus Sadistica’s goon, Stormy versus Sadistica’s goon, and Astra versus Stormy. I also have to imagine that Astra and Sadistica get it on at some point although I didn’t see it in the trailer.

I have to say the fight I am looking forward to the most is the Astra versus Stormy fight. Now they are both good guys so I have to guess there is initially some kind of misunderstanding between the two that causes them to throw down. But I have no idea how Stormy is going to handle this fight. What little Cult Retro has revealed about Astra points to her having Supergirl like powers of strength and invulnerability and in the trailer there is a scene that makes it look like Stormy is retreating from Astra. Maybe that’s because at one point Astra brandishes an axe. Time will tell.

4. Any fetishy material?

Yep. In the trailer there are three throat lifts, an over the shoulder carry, Astra’s arms are tied over her head to a tree, there is a test of strength, and a back breaker. That’s all in a one minute preview. I told you this was looking good.

5. What’s the big mystery?

There are these small silver tubes that keep on showing up on the different girls hips in the movie. They seem to change hands a lot but I don’t know what they are. There seem to be at least two of them. I suppose they could be weapons. They are kind of shaped like little rockets so they might let the wearer fly. My final theory is they grant the wearer powers. I really don’t know. Anyway, it all looks fantastic. Cult Retro set the bar incredibly high with season three and early indications are that they are going to clear it with season 4.

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