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Custom Videos Available from Damien Wagner

UPDATED! Custom Videos Available from Damien Wagner

UPDATE: Elisa will be a part of the team too! Order your custom video now…

Hello everybody,

My name is Damien Wagner, I’m a french director and producer; maybe you’ve bought/seen some of my movies already (Pentacle, Acherontia, Fanny Eder, Jade Hunt, Claire Stone, Final Offer etc).

I’m specialized in “girl in peril” type of movies, which includes belly punches, bondage, interrogatories, dangerous and perilous situations for a beautiful heroine having some hard time… I accept custom, of course, and I’ve made a lot so far (Final Offer 1 & 2, Jade Hunt 4, Monica Drake, Abdomonde 1 & 2 and more).

Each time, the customer is really happy, and satisfaction is my FIRST priority.

I’m OK with violence, fights and punches, bondage and tortures, blood and death. No full nudity, though.

This is what this announcement is all about!

In June/July 2018, I’ll be in the USA with Elisa, Désirée and Chloé (see pictures) to shoot some peril/fetish movies.

I’ll have access to many different locations (studio, house, bedroom, attic, forest etc), and also to other actors/actresses/models who will be able to shoot with me.

Please contact me if you want to know more about other casting possibilities. You can contact me at damienwagner88@gmail.com if you want to tell me your story, or if you want to know about the possibilities and the prices!

If you like my style, THIS IS THE TIME to make a custom with me… 😉

If you want to see more:




Best regards to all of you,









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2 Responses

  1. Jacques says:

    Damien has made five customs for me and a fifth film will be shot very soon. Some of them have stories which lead to a confrontation and resulting violence. While my customs feature various water tortures, his AOH sequences are awesome. They include belly and face punches, actual use of a knife to draw a tasteful amount of blood to add reality and burning with a heated knife, strangling etc.
    In one film, In an interrogation scene I asked him to hammer nails into the thighs of the heroine ( investigative journalist) to force her to reveal the identity of her sources, Perhaps I need counselling, :). Anyway he has been flexible in respecting my requirements. Oops I forgot to mention that the actresses are stunning.

    • Jacques says:

      Sorry, I need to learn how to count. The 6th film will be filmed this weekend. It will be part 2 of film that has yet to be released .