Custom Videos Available from Damien Wagner

UPDATED! Custom Videos Available from Damien Wagner

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  1. Jacques says:

    Damien has made five customs for me and a fifth film will be shot very soon. Some of them have stories which lead to a confrontation and resulting violence. While my customs feature various water tortures, his AOH sequences are awesome. They include belly and face punches, actual use of a knife to draw a tasteful amount of blood to add reality and burning with a heated knife, strangling etc.
    In one film, In an interrogation scene I asked him to hammer nails into the thighs of the heroine ( investigative journalist) to force her to reveal the identity of her sources, Perhaps I need counselling, :). Anyway he has been flexible in respecting my requirements. Oops I forgot to mention that the actresses are stunning.

    • Jacques says:

      Sorry, I need to learn how to count. The 6th film will be filmed this weekend. It will be part 2 of film that has yet to be released .