“Dagger: Resurrections” from Secret Heroine Films

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  1. F says:

    Alright, I purchased it, and I like it. She beats up a bunch of guys, before getting to the final foe, and even there, the fight is pretty even for a while. Then, for the rest (and most of the movie), her humiliation, ok, don’t care that much about that, but alright. So, indeed, something for everyone here. Good.

  2. thevoice says:


  3. Mr. Hero says:

    @ thevoice
    Part three will be out in November!

  4. thevoice says:

    is the final battle on the horizon? heroines of F.U.R.Y needs a conclusion. xD

  5. Mr. Hero says:

    Dagger 2 will be for sale within a few hours. Until then, enjoy this new trailer


  6. Jerry says:

    Pretty ridiculous if people had you take down your old videos because of name coincidences. They are different characters so who cares : /

  7. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Mr. Hero: I also learn a lot from other posters around here. Great that we share a similar taste in comics. Indy books are rocking it at the moment. Just saw preview pages for Millar/Quitely’s “Jupiter’s Legacy” Vol. 2 / issue 1, for 2016. Almost made me cry. So beautiful. Quitely is so good and Millar is good on that series.

    Do yourself a favor, unless you have already done so: check out the single shot issue by Morrison / Quitely – which came out as a part of the Multiversity series from DC. The issue is called “Pax Americana”, IMHO the best comic book published in 2014, head and shoulders above the rest and THAT is saying a lot. Had to read it twice back to back to fully appreciate the pure beauty and genius. It is Morrison’s version of Watchmen done with original Charlton characters, how Moore had wanted 🙂

  8. Mr. Hero says:


    I think for the most part we have the same taste and knowledge in comics. Well, You at least know what I know. Half the time you post something about comics, I learn something 🙂

  9. Rover says:

    Go ahead and beat those slackers to the punch. Haha.

  10. HorseWithNoName says:

    Mr. Hero: hah, had hoped you had heard of the comic book series 🙂

    Release date thing: makes total sense! Looking forward to the movie nevertheless.
    Bring it!

    BTW: just picked up the first issue of Gail’s new series from DC / Vertigo. It is getting stellar reviews.

  11. Mr. Hero says:

    Im very familiar with that series. I had to make a simple change to the title, thats all. Birds of prey is the title, not a characters name so there is more wiggle room.

    Dagger: Resurrections will be out soon. Just waiting for some slackers to get other releases out so we are all not releasing at the exact same time. That would be madness I tell you!

  12. HorseWithNoName says:

    Mr. Hero: “Birds of Prey”, really? You may want to check that one. And while you are at it, do check out the long running series Gail Simone wrote, featuring, yes you guessed it, Huntress, all for DC 🙂

    Any word on a release date for Da… whatever it will be called?

  13. Mr. Hero says:

    @ Jerry

    They had to be taken down for a little bit.But they will be back up in a day or two. Some names will have been changed. Huntress will be now called “Birds of Prey”, ect

  14. Jerry says:

    Hey Mr. Hero what happened to some of the older secret heroine films? The Huntress?

  15. Rover says:

    Cool. Thanks.

  16. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Mr. Hero: Thanks for the update. Very much looking forward to this one 🙂

  17. Mr. Hero says:

    @ Rover
    For sure! Coming out within the next couple days or so. Plus there will be a new trailer and new vid caps too!

  18. Rover says:

    Can I ask for an update on this one?

    Starting to get lost in the shuffle a bit!

  19. Rover says:

    @dbud: it wasn’t that way until recently, and it seems like it was for legal reasons.

  20. dbud says:

    Out of curiosity, why are all the vids at the site labeled ‘parody’? is this for legal purposes (so you don’t get sued) or just the category you decided to put them in?

  21. LordSnot says:

    This is coming soon so I get that there would be no link to the videos page but why no link to the site itself? Would like to look around for other vids to get. Should include sites link at all times.

  22. Rover says:

    at a glance, it seems like there’s usually about a 10 day gap between when a movie is announced early and when it’s released.

    However, this weekend would be a nice slow time to release this! lol

  23. ron says:

    @F ” She soon realizes that Trevor, the last one on her list, has changed as well. Her powers dont work on him and he is far stronger then before.”

  24. Jon says:

    Any estimated release date?

  25. F says:

    Ok … so this movie is about a cute girl in a superheroine outfit, getting beaten up badly by two villains, one of them female —- and the background story is that she has somehow trained and gotten much stronger? I guess, they could have said she has been in a coma for three months and her muscles atrophied, would that be just as good for the story? What’s the difference? I mean, if she has trained so much, couldn’t she just beat up a bunch of dudes to start off with, at least?

  26. Señor Descartes says:

    This looks like a goldmine of peril. Instant purchase for me.

  27. Mr. Hero says:

    @ ximi
    The female isnt really the main villain. She shares equal evil’ness with the male villain lead. And there are other male badguys too. Something for everyone!

  28. Rover says:

    Well hello. Hope it is out soon.

  29. Steve says:

    With all due respect to Ximi, No! Keep the female villainess’ coming! We have enough male villains already! As for this upcoming Daggar sequel, am very much looking forward to it.

  30. HorseWithNoName says:

    Looks good. Will get it when it comes out. Still like the first one a great deal.

    I very much like that we see new interesting bits, like here when they write stuff on her costume and body to demean her. Finally we see a bit more innovation all around in these vids.

  31. ximi says:

    sigh. still looks interesting, but for the sake of a change, can we get even one video without a female villain (like the original Dagger)?

  32. LordSnot says:

    Return of Dagger? I did miss that fine lil minx!

  33. DKM says:

    Hope they kill off Dagger in this one. Looks like a good place to do so story-wise.