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“Dagger” from Secret Heroine Films

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  1. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ kingles: you are right! Still an odd choice of words. If it is in fact this (and a perfectly worded explaination from you, sir), it may very well be a problem for SHG-Media more than it is for fans. Rye says he is working on his own site, TBFE have their own site and there is always C4S.

    Stuff like this never helps to strengthen the relationships with fans or producers I suspect, and while it is completely their business and they are free to do as they please (at least where I – as a fan – am concerned) it would not have been a bad thing to make a statement on their site or – dare I say – announce it upfront to give people a chance to get some of the movies before they would take them down. You know, smart business and all 🙂 But as I have stated above, in the end the market will sort it out and SHG-Media might fall by the wayside, because people will find ways to sell certain types of content to those willing to pay for it. And all perfectly legal. Simple as that!

    And while on the subject of “acceptable content”, do yourself a favor and check out Airboy # 2. It features the writer of the book (yes) and Airboy getting a blow job from pre-op transsexuals. And this comic book can be legally purchased at your LCS or online on Comixology. Sorry for my little rant, but companies that make “big changes” without taking their customers (or partners) along, drive me up the wall. And to clearify: I do not hold it against them if they pull back on copyrighted characters because of stuff they have heard or advise they received (if this is the case), but announce it and be open about it. This way you will get support from your customers and not speculation.

  2. kingles says:

    @Horse: Not “the service”…The “terms of service”. So they apparently intend to be more strict regarding what they’ll allow producers to post on their site. The use of certain characters seems paramount in this, but Rye mentions a that there’s a “types of content” component as well. It would appear that the removed videos(or at least some of the removed videos as there may be some cautious overreaction involved) run afoul of these new SHG standards.

  3. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ kingles: thanks for the link. So, “to strengthen the service”, selective vids get taken down (which happen to feature versions of “branded” characters). You learn something new every day 🙂

    Not sure if I buy anything that has been stated so far from outside the fan community (no pun intended), but in any case it might have been a smart move by SHG-Media to get ahead of this thing and release at statement or some kind of info, to avoid most of the speculation.

  4. kingles says:

    @Sugarcoater: I’m not sure we’ll see those videos for sale at SHG ever again. Not all of them anyway, since it was SHG’s idea to get them taken down in the first place. Hopefully they wind up for sale somewhere, because there’s some good stuff that’s not available right now(including the video this thread is for).

    I’d consider this a sad, but not nearly as bad as it could’ve been…type of day. Hopefully things turn out well for everybody involved.

  5. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Sugercoater: where did you read that? If this is no rights issue (of course a good thing) it stil feels fishy that certain (and very select) vids got pulled.

  6. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Decendingskulls: I fully understand that some fans want to see the same characters over and over, ideally with no change to the incarnation (of the character) they like best or “grew up with”. And of course producers are eager to deliver. Makes sense. And it is “an easy set-up” for any peril movie since the characters are already established.

    And while this is (or possibly was) the way this genre rolls, people keep asking for a jungle girl (plenty of those in the public domain) or different versions or new characters.

    For example: why have Batgirl in the purple bondage suit in a peril movie at all? I can watch the old series any day in HD and use my imagination. You can’t top the original, why not give us a character who is a variation (at least) of this character and make it “your own”? TBFE for example did this so well last year. Their more recent fare has not been that interesting to me frankly, because it is same old, same old (in my opinion).

    If indeed this genre is facing a “rights situation” of some sorts, this mights as well be a blessing in disguise (for some of the fans).

  7. Sugarcoater says:

    From what I read elsewhere, this isn’t a copyright issue (thankfully). From the tone of the information, it sounds as though this will work itself out and the videos will still be available to purchase.

  8. Decendingskulls says:

    @Horse, I’ve been saying this for years, but I’m clearly biased because I prefer original characters. I’m sure for many, part of the appeal lies in seeing their favorite mainstream characters in adult situations.

  9. HorseWithNoName says:

    Yes, it appears there is some legal issue going on. Honestly, I am not surprised. Some of these characters are worth almost billions of dollars in the movie, TV and gaming industries right now. With the Supergirl TV show, aimed at female viewers, WW soon on the big screen, a Batgirl Arkham game in development, the last thing you want as holder of the rights to have fans coming from these to “get confused” by a peril movie.

    The parody arguement carries only so much weight if the interests of billion dollar media companies are involved.

    Going forward it might be a good idea to create (and copyright) original characters or to focus on public domain characters like some of the independent comic book publishers have been doing for years. Which might not, be a bad thing.

  10. brad777 says:

    This is a time of total devastation for superheroine peril fans, all those removed movies were classics… Hope things can be sorted out some how.

  11. ron says:

    Not only Marvel/DC characters, Black Scorpion has gone off as well…

  12. thevoice says:

    probably worth mentioning that all the vids that had a supergirl esc character had the S symbol blurred out or the thumbnail changed to hide it. I’m looking forward to valor 2 aswell, but I’m more interested in this superheroine trilogy that was in the works with lady victory etc

  13. mrxstacy says:

    let me guess: dc and marvel lawyers have served shg-media with takedown and dmca letters on all those vidz that bear too close a resemblance to their properties. the one i most care is valor. does this mean valor 2 is a no go? i have been really truly waiting so long for valor 2.

  14. Andy says:

    This video had been taken down! Any idea how I might be able to find it?

  15. LBF522 says:

    A superheroine who is used to fighting supervillians being dominated by a common street gang is a great plot.

  16. LBF522 says:

    I was kind of expecting them to break her and make her their sex slave after they had their fun. It was very goo though.

  17. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Möre Dägger plz!?!?

  18. Netoide says:

    Does anyone know if there is anyone that can be contacted to purchase HD pictures of this product? It could be either from a photo session. I would love to have some nice quality pictures of Dagger in costume…

  19. Ziggy says:

    This was very good. The actress could play a number of interesting superheroines. Emma Frost and Shanna the She Devil come to mind instead of the usual supergirl or wonder woman

  20. ron says:

    @F Agree, I also prefer films with longer fight scenes

  21. Angel Dust says:

    Best heroine film I’ve seen in a bit. Great sexual peril. Very attractive actress. well thought out plot. It’s in the top 3 for my collection. Bravo SHF!!!!!!

  22. F says:

    Ok, the actress and the costume look really great. But — and, yes, tastes there differ — she doesn’t put up much of a fight. Ok, there is an initial short fight against one big dude, to establish that she is a superheroine. Then when the fanboys visit here, she resist a bit, but is very ineffective. If one is generous, she puts up a fight until about 5:30 into the movie. After that, she is just helpless, weak, out-of-it and gets abused in all sorts of ways. I found that too boring, too one-sided. Just a bunch of thugs beating up a girl for 25 minutes, rather than her standing toe-to-toe with them, at least for quite a bit longer. That’s too bad.

  23. MAV says:

    my first SHF movie and thought it was pretty good. I liked that the tone was generally dark like in Rye’s movies instead of tongue-in-cheek

  24. superfreak says:

    Bought, watched and love this movie… After spending thousands, this is one of the best! Love the take with getting the heroine drunk! Very nice and refreshing! I just wish you guys pushed it further and had her completely intoxicated! Maybe another film 🙂

    And congrats to the guys playing the “nerds”… Very good acting work for what it is as this fetish… And I don’t give male models much credit in these films! lol… But seriously, with the dialogue and hot new super chick in context of “nerds” having their way with her.

    I must say this is a hot video!

  25. blx666 says:

    my review:

    Saw it, excellent work by Ashley. Well done video with plenty of fetish elements. Three chloro’s so that’s always a great thing in my book. Liked the costume, liked the choice for an original heroine (which other studio’s have begun to do also) and the model was well chosen and did great.

    Negatives were the stiff acting from the bad guys and the sound was a bit lacking. The scene at Dagger’s house was completely silent except for the actors and the steps on the floor, which gave it a bit of a feel like an old amateur heroine video. A bit of music or atleast something to fill it up (without losing the moans of course) would’ve made it feel better for me.

    My favorite studio. I’d give this video an 8 out of 10.

  26. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Bogie: this girl does for sure. Hope she sticks around. I am sure she had a few drama classes at college. Her performance is really on a high-level.

  27. Bogie says:

    @Horse. Yes, I happen to think that good acting adds immeasurably to the quality of a movie. We will probably never see a Jennifer Lawrence in one of our beloved fetish videos, more is the pity, but someone who can speak a few lines convincingly and take and deliver a punch realistically is a big plus Thankfully, there a a few actors around these days who have some talent in this regard.

  28. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ ximi: this happens during the third sexual peril scene near the end of the movie after she has been through a lot of punishment and is tricked by one of the nerds. But she is also clearly enjoying it and does climax. This is my “read” of what is going on. Others might view it differently.

    In any case she is very defiant through out most of the movie (very much so), but the guys keep wearing her down both physically and mentally. I should also stress again that her “consenting” is brought about by trickery. But in any case, either this is a plus or a negative: the sexual peril scenes are very long.

  29. ximi says:

    The “consent and enjoying” piece is worrisome to me. Is she like that just in the last part, or is that her attitude throughout the video?

  30. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ bogie: thanks, mate. Hope you will not be disappointed, but I am fairly certain that you won’t. I should however have made one thing clearer in my review: the actress who plays Dagger is very, very good. The cast is good overall, but she shines especially 🙂

  31. Bogie says:

    Thanks Horse. I don’t always avoid a movie you bag, but I sure as shootin’ buy those you praise!

  32. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Spectromanx, @ Decendingskulls: thanks. Very glad I could be very positive about this one.

  33. Decendingskulls says:

    Thanks Horse. Very detailed and compelling!

  34. Spectromanx says:


    Thank you for the review.

  35. HorseWithNoName says:

    So, Dagger, huh?

    Here is my review, as always my personal opinion, and mild spoilers ahead.

    If there are three things I am not fond of in these peril movies, these are: pantyhose (especially flesh-toned ones), too much voice-over and co-ed (teen) heroines.

    This movie has all three of these elements and still it is in my all time top ten (maybe even top five). It is that good and the three elements that might prove a big turn-off in a different movie don’t matter much. Dagger has a high re-watchability whereas with some other movie I do have to force myself to watch them once or fast forward to the good parts. It clearly shows that Mr. Hero has been reading this forum and has picked out a lot of the stuff that keeps getting requested by some (myself included).

    Considering all this and having watched it a couple of times, I rate it 4.5 out of 5.

    Why so high and why not 5 out of 5?

    The good stuff first: It is the best written peril movie I have seen in a long time. It feels like a “real” movie. Every scene leads to the next and is not just there to include a round of perils taken from a check lists. No, this movie hangs well together and every story beat not only makes sense, but leads to the next one. Excellent work whoever wrote this one. And since I am one of those who constantly ask for new things, it indeed does so on the storytelling level since it has four acts. Where other movies end with the heroine beaten and fully humiliated, the forth act takes it even further.

    There is a sense of “realism” to this movie as far as the violence is concerend (it is not the usual over the top and almost cartoony stuff where the heroines takes ten hits to the crotch and is seen standing right up in the next scene. This movie shows violence that is more personal. It is severe, yet not to over the top (for a movie of this kind) and very psychological at the same time. You almost experience the pain she is in. And realism is also increased by the meta comments of the characters. This is a world in which heroes exist and hence people have expectations. Also meant as direct wink to the audience are lines like “Aren’t superheroines supposed to be sweet and innocent?”. Very clever!

    As far as the actors and the acting is concerned, this one works as well. A very pretty heroine with a killer bod in an outfit that shouldn’t work, but does. Very much white on a light skin-type, yet since her leotard has a nice shine to it, she looks very hot in it. The three guys are also good to different levels, not just good enough, but good. And with the lines all four players are given it all works out perfectly.

    I was very much reminded of the movie “Chronicle” while watching Dagger. Not my favorite movie by along shot, but this goes to show on what a high level this production is. Very well done indeed.

    And it really pays to watch a movie several times, because you do not (or I did not) pick up on all the goodies first time around. For example: fans will often comment that when the sexual peril happens the leotard of the heroin is still in place so the “simulation” does not work as well as it should. They take care of that in this movie in a clever way.

    So, where did the 0.5 in my rating go? The first sexual peril scene (there are three) does not work that well for two reasons. One: the face of the guy who is holding her down is too often in the frame (and not in a good way). And to make matters worse, he never looks up at the heroine who is right in front of him, even worse, he almost appears like he is taking a nap or praying. I fully get it that with these kind of movies there is no time for a second or third take, so I still find this acceptable in the greater context of a really good movie. However when our main villain has his way with her, he is silent the whole time while she moans nicely. There is no comment about her body or her lady parts while he is supposedly inside her, he even looks almost bored while he is ravishing her. Now you could say “perhaps he is not the talkative guy”, but he is very vocal in other scenes and brings a lot of presence to them. That is perhaps why his lack of energy is so obvious during this first sexual peril scene. The other two scenes work much better. This is something that could easily be improved on in future movies. Let the villain taunt the heroine more while he has his way with her. Let us know how “tight she is” and so forth. It is “simulated”, but with words you can achieve a lot!

    And two things that might be “controversial” for some (I liked them a lot): this heroine does curse a lot and she is anything but sweet. And: she consents to the third sexual peril (under false pretenses) and is enjoying the sex a lot (with a little bit of Stockholm Syndrome going on I imagine). But still, while I liked that (a heroine who is into sex) it might prove to be a turn-off for some. Also the fact that she laughs at the villains while tied up. To me that was great. Might not be for everybody.

    And for those who are into unmasking (like I am): the mask stays on for the first three acts (when she is in her Dagger identity of course which she is for the most part). The unmasking itself is done very well in front of a live camera with the guys knowing who she is (it makes sense in the context of the movie which is great). We even get one of the best elements in that respect (had only seen this in a render comic years before): the villains show her driver’s license to the “audience” in a video montage, to not only reveal her name, but also her address and so forth. Very, very inventive!

    So, if you up for a movie that is a bit more challenging in the way it is put together and do not mind the “harder, more realistic” take on violence (admittedly seeing a young girl / young woman beaten, cut and ravished is very borderline) this comes highly praised and recommended. Anyway: for unmasking fans: you do need to get this one 🙂

    PS: don’t ask me how many low-blows are in this. I never care. There is a very mean back-breaker though. And in case you are wondering: it stays at the level of topless nudity and yes, there could be a sequel, which I hope there will be. Horse out!

  36. jenkins says:

    non lethal chloro

  37. jrknicks says:

    can anyone share if the ending is lethal and how? thanks a bunch!

  38. HorseWithNoName says:

    decendingskulls: will do. It will be a very positive one. Have just watched it for the second time, still picking up new stuff I missed when I watched it for the first time.

  39. decendingskulls says:

    This looks great but for some reason I’m on the fence with this one for the time being. @Horse, I hope you do decide to write a review at some point. I’d very much like to read it.

  40. HorseWithNoName says:

    Need to watch it a couple more times before I post a review, but I can say this: thank you very much, Mr. Hero, you have knocked this one out of the park! Fantastic stuff!

  41. Mr. Hero says:

    Oh and total run time is 34 min at $27.99

  42. Mr. Hero says:

    Hey guys!

    Dagger is up and available for purchase on shg-media.com.

    Some highlights:
    Lots of sexual peril! Lots and lots
    3x KO’s
    A scene where the bad guys force the heroine to get drunk
    Unmasking on national TV
    Mental Peril and humiliation/trickery
    and more!

    Hope you guys enjoy it

  43. HorseWithNoName says:

    It’s live. Downloading right now 🙂

  44. Tazirai says:

    This looks awesome, and agree on her and the costume.

  45. bpfempro says:

    Great updates!
    Can’t wait to see the results!

  46. Rover says:

    Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated!
    Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

  47. Mr. Hero says:


    Hey guys, Im desperately trying to get this film done asap. Its looking like late Sunday or mid afternoon Monday. More like Monday at this point. Special effects always take me so long :p

    Once I have it finished and its up, Ill def make an announcement.

    It will be worth the wait, Im sure!

  48. Rover says:

    Haha I have checked this every twelve hours or so this week.

  49. HorseWithNoName says:

    Here is hoping for a weekend release as well 🙂

  50. jenkins says:

    first time discovering this studio, preview looks pretty good and the actress is really in a league of her own like everyone is saying. really hoping they pull through on the weekend release!

  51. Crocpot says:

    Crossing my fingers for a release sometime today. I don’t often comment, but this is one video I am eagerly anticipating.

  52. Rover says:

    If this doesn’t come out this weekend, I will be so upset I will buy it for full price.

  53. BadMilk says:

    Oh my, is that a shock collar?!? That is just too awesome! I can’t wait to see this!

  54. Rover says:

    I’m already ready for Dagger 3.

  55. ron says:

    I hope not

    She has to come back!

  56. Johny Dia says:

    She is looks so hot. I have to ask though, does she die in the end?

  57. ron says:

    will there be Dagger 2? I certainly hope so!

  58. BadMilk says:

    I am too excited for this one. I’ve loved all the videos from SHF and this one looks to be another pleasing addition to that list. The actress is absolutely gorgeous, and the costume looks perfect on her. The plot seems great as well. I hope it plays out to be as good as it looks. Oh and pls pls pls sign this actress on for more films, Its kind of a rare event to have an actress of her level of beauty that is willing to show the goods for this genre of movie. I hope to see more of her in the future and will support any endeavors that include her as the leading heroine.
    @ Bogie – I agree w you about the guy in the beanie. He’s in like almost every video I buy. I would quit my 9 to 5 to have a job like his!

  59. Mr. Hero says:

    Sorry that the video was deleted. Someone flagged this video, which is a little annoying since I only post on this site and one other. And the video is unlisted from youtube search. Anyway…

    Ill get the trailer posted on another site.

    Eta for this video is within 7 days. Hopefully this weekend, but no promises 🙂

  60. Krishnam Jhunjhunwala says:

    This looks good. The video is deleted though. Can’t wait to see the new link of the trailer video.

  61. Señor Descartes says:

    From the actress to the tone to the content, this looks like an INSTANT PURCHASE for me. Any idea on an ETA??

    Sure hope they milk the unmasking/humiliation in this one.


  62. bpfempro says:

    This really looks good.

    The trailer’s gritty and the hits and emotions look real. From the trailer, there looks to be a good amount of beatdown of the heroine. Even the implied sexual scenes don’t look out of place.

    Surely a must follow for me.

  63. Holymolydude123 says:

    Yeah, after the last one and the looks of this actress I’m pretty excited.

  64. MAV says:

    nice casting, costume, and action upcoming!

  65. Bogie says:

    Looks good. That guy in the beanie and earring makes a tidy living.

  66. BatgirlLover says:

    Enough with the thugs beating on the heroine!! Bring in female villains instead please please please. I love the work but the men are making the show disturbing at times with their look and the dirty tricks they do.

  67. Kyndle says:

    Now all she needs is a Cloak. I could be her Cloak.

  68. Rover says:

    Wow. Expecting big things after the last vid, which was a stand out.

  69. ron says:

    omg this looks fantastic

  70. nerveexplosion says:

    New girl looks absolutely amazing. Can’t wait for this.

  71. HorseWithNoName says:

    This looks very good. It has a grimy grindhouse feel to it, as far as I can tell.

    And I like that we more and more see the bad guys putting video cameras to good use.

  72. LordSnot says:

    I hope that newcomer Ashley Lane becomes a regular. She looks stunning. This can’t come soon enough.